tagInterracial LoveUnfulfilled? Not Anymore!

Unfulfilled? Not Anymore!


*~Hey this is my first time submitting anything. I felt the urge to write and this is what flew from my random finger tips. Just a quick little something to test the waters. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Leave a comment and a rating! I would really like the feedback. Let me know if I should stop hiding my writing in the back of my closet or not! Thank You :-)~*

Daniela pulled yet another item of clothing out of her closet, held it up to her body, frowned and then tossed it onto the bed. Nothing looked right and nothing seemed exciting. There was just a lot of NOTHING! 19 years old and living alone was supposed to be fun and excited. Then again sex was supposed to be fun and exciting too! It felt more like a Greek tragedy. There were cute guys, sweet guys, loveable guys and ALL BAD IN BED!!!! Danni was beginning to wonder if she should try a self help book or a class. Is one tiny orgasm with an actual human being truly so hard to find?

"Ugh!" Danni huffed before picking up the clothes on the bed, dumping them into an empty basket and kicked the basket across the wood floor and into the small walk in closet. Picking up her purse, she marched out of her small studio apartment determined to find something exciting to do with her Friday night. Three hours later she was back at home in front of her mirror, but this time she liked the reflection staring back at her. This girl was naughty and Danni the good girl seemed to evaporate into thin air. The woman looking back at her still had the same chocolate brown skin, and almond eyes. Her overly large 36DD breasts were still there filling her bra to max capacity. The thighs and ass that had given her so many problems while jean shopping was still there. The bright red lace covering the swell of her breast didn't seem like the same mounds that had been there for years. Those thighs that were too large growing up suddenly seemed just right with the red and black lace garters riding high on her thigh.

The ass that never fit a pair of pants correctly without a tailor suddenly didn't seem too big. It seemed just right, perhaps even sexy with the red lace covering the upper swell of each cheek snugly and leaving a bit of smooth brown skin uncovered.

Turning in a circle Danni glimpsed her body from different angles and was pleased with the result. Her shoulder length curly hair even seemed wild and vibrant today. She gave herself a small smile in the mirror before walking over to her desk and taking a quick picture. Days this sexy were meant to be remembered after all. As she finished saving the picture and opening her iTunes music player her instant messenger began to buzz.

Hunter726: Home on a Fri nite?

Ebony<3Stars: Sorta. Sick of bad dates. Figured I'd romance myself.

Hunter726: Romance yourself huh? That sounds interesting. . .

Ebony<3Stars: Lol. I took myself for a small dinner. Shopping. Pedicure. Now soft music, candles and a movie I suppose.

Hunter726: Sounds like u need a man.

Ebony<3Stars: They didn't do the job correctly so. . .

Hunter726: . . . u plan to take matters into ur own hands?

Ebony<3Stars: LOL!

Hunter726: pic?

Ebony<3Stars:? y would I do that? Mr. mysterious. . . Give me something first.

Hunter726: I like where this is goin! What exactly would u like me to give u?

Ebony<3Stars: Naughty NAUGHTY! A pic of ur FACE. A location. . . A real name. . . (HINT HINT!)

Hunter726: y? curious?

Ebony<3Stars: *yawn* r u fishin for compliments???

Hunter726: I'm near Minneapolis.

Danni sat forward in her seat as a small shiver ran down her spine. On the internet he could be in Belgium for all she knew. Yet, to have him name the city that she lived in was beyond weird! Shaking it off, she continued typing. There are so many thousands of people in Minneapolis. Why wouldn't she meet someone online in the general area?

Hunter726: U aren't going to start stalkin me now r u?

Ebony<3Stars: Lmao! Don't u wish!

Ebony<3Stars: red*n*black.jpg

Hunter726: HOT!!!!!!!!!! My place or yours?

Ebony<3Stars: lol, neva going to happen.

Hunter726: Never say never!

Ebony<3Stars: No name/location/age. I doubt u can catch me with one picture.

Hunter726: I catch. I keep.

Ebony<3Stars: . . . Good luck!

Ebony<3Stars is offline

Reaching over Danni turned up the volume on the music playlist. With the smooth, erotic sound of Avant whispering sweet nothings into her ear, Danni lay down on her bed. Reaching into the nightstand she pulled out a small pink vibrator and turned the dial on low. She took a deep breath trying to relax her body and enjoy the smell of the brown sugar and vanilla candle. ". . . legs spread all over the bed. Hands clenching the sheet. . ." As she widened her legs she pictured hands smoothing over her flat stomach and down her hips. Rather than remove the underwear she slowly moved the vibrator over the lace and slowly dipped lower until she could feel the gentle vibration in her clit. Arching her back slightly she let out a soft hiss at the sensation that swept through her belly. "When we make love all night. . . "

Moving the dial to medium Danni began circling her clit with the toy. Breathing heavier, Danni moved the lacey edge of the bra down just a little in order to free her nipple before turning the dial up to high. While tugging on her nipple she began to feel that warm tingling feeling spread all over her body. Taking a deep breath she pushed down hard, directly on her clit with the toy as she arched her back and cried out in ecstasy. For a moment Danni laid there breathing before the vibrating sound beside her roused her enough to turn it off. She had just finished cleaning and putting the toy back in the night stand when she heard a knock at the door.

"Uh, Just a minute!" she called out. Grabbing a fluffy pink bath robe from the closet and running a quick hand over her hair to ensure no random pieces were sticking up, she checked the door. She could see a tall, handsome. Caucasian man outside the door but he wasn't one of the neighbors she'd noticed picking up mail and he wasn't holding a package. Since his hands were clear she decided to open the door just wide enough to peek around the corner. "Is there something I can do for you?" she asked politely. Even though she was wearing the largest, fluffiest bathrobe that covered her from neck to ankle she felt convinced that he could somehow tell she was wearing the lace lingerie she'd purchased earlier. Perhaps she was sweating, or had JBF hair (just been fucked), or some sign of what she had been doing just 10 minutes before.

He smiled at her revealing a row of straight, white teeth. "Yes," he said slowly, his green eyes making contact with hers. "Actually, I'm looking for someone" he said while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded piece of paper. He held his hand out, but didn't move any closer to the door. Unwilling to step completely in front of the door, she checked the neck of her robe to ensure it wasn't open and revealing anything to this handsome stranger with the probing eyes. Eyes that seemed to know exactly what she looked like naked! But since no skin was showing she stepped out from behind the door and reached out to take the paper her offered. Glancing again at the man in front of her she released the door in order to open the folded paper. In her hand was the photo of her posing at her computer desk. Her smiling face tilted to the side with the red lace bra shoving her large breast forward.

The man stepped forward, and without thinking she stepped back. "How? Where did. . .? Are. . .?" she sputtered in broken sentences.

"Your profile picture is one of MY paintings in front of a coffee mug from the jazz café downstairs. Since my friend owns the café it wasn't hard to figure out you live up here." the man explained taking another step forward.

Danni was upset. She had basically let this unknown man into her home by running away from her secure place in front of the door. Danni took another step back unsure what to do or what to say. She shouldn't have sent him the picture. She couldn't believe how easy she made it for him to track her down by taking an innocent picture of a cup of coffee with dollop of whip cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top. And the sexual banter. . . Oh goodness! How in the world did she get herself into this awkward moment? Realizing he could guess exactly what was underneath her robe and what she was likely doing just before he knocked on the door, she closed her eyes in mortification. Just as quickly she realized she was taking her eyes off this man (Hunter?) she opened them to realize he had moved close enough to touch her!

"You should go!" she exclaimed her voice rising to almost a squeak in the small bedroom/living room area of her studio apartment. Reaching out quickly he grasped her arm and held her tightly to his body. She gasped part in alarm and part in excitement. She could feel her body pressed to his. She could feel the strong arms pressed to her and the hard abs pressed tight against her. She could smell the spicy scent of his cologne, and the body of hers that should be nicely satisfied was suddenly deciding it wanted more.

His hand on the center of her back was pressing her hard against him when he bent his head to her ear and asked her "Didn't I tell you what I catch, I keep?" his warm breath against her neck sent a tingle down her spine.

"You can't have me." she told him and pushed at his arms hoping he would step back.

Hunter stepped forward instead pinning he against the wall "You sure about that?" he asked softly.

Positive!" she said strongly and arched her body to the right. However that motion only further exposed her neck and she gasped when she felt teeth nibble on her ear and slide over her neck.

With his body pressed so closely to her, Hunter felt her body arch forward and press her hips firmly into his before pushing back toward the wall. "You don't sound so sure to me" he teased while he pushed open the two halves of the robe, showing her breast. Trapping her two wrists behind her back in his hands thrust her chest forward making it easy for him to lifted one of the round globes from the bra. Danni's nervous, reluctant, desire was obvious. Licking over her nipple he felt her body twitch again. She wasn't encouraging him but she was not fighting him anymore either. Taking her nipple into his mouth he swept over her a little more fully. Small moans escape her throat. Leaning over he released the other breast from its confines and bit down gently on the nipple before taking it fully into his mouth. Once again he felt her body arching into his, pressing her hips into his body. With her hands still trapped in his he lowered them and led her to the bed. Pinning her to the bed he pushed the halves of the robe fully open so that he could now see her panties and garter. Smiling he asked "Are you sure this isn't for me?" before kissing her neck and chest, testing her response.

Danni knew she should fight. She didn't really know this man. Yet, he just felt so delicious, and he seemed to be doing everything right. Just one time, she told herself. She just wanted to feel just a little bit more. When she sighed he moved over her lips, and feeling her submit to the kiss he released her hands and moved his hands down her body to her breast instead. She could feel that warm tingly feeling begin to spread through her limbs and she knew she was right on the verge of climax. Wiggling her body into his hard, she just needed a little bit more. Something more to push her from this torture into sweet oblivion. Realizing she was on the verge of climax he moved his body down hers swirling his tongue through her belly button. Rolling her hips and clutching his hair, she rocked harder still needing just something more! Then she felt his thumb move over the lace underwear finding the stiff little nub through the lace and pinching lightly. Danni's back arched on the bed as she was finally pushed over the edge. With her body moaning and trembling he continued to kiss her stomach softly. The trembling body relaxed and the gasping breaths began to slow down. With his eyes on hers he leaned back and slowly drew his shirt over his head and pushed his jeans past his hips before reaching down and pulling the red panties over her hips.

Through heavy lids she watched him slip the panties from her body. Her only motion the slight lifting of her hips and her chest still heaving. Smiling he kissed her stomach again and whispered "You sure you don't want this?" Danni didn't answer, and he swirled his tongue lower and lower. His lips kissed her inner thighs while his fingers dug into the flesh on her thighs. Moving his tongue in an ever shrinking circle over her lips and finally up and down over her crease before searching out the tiny bud hidden inside. Feeling the sparks of pleasure shoot down to her toes and up through her torso Danni began once again arching her back and moaning. It wasn't long before his gentle sucking and nibbling on her body had her moaning and twisting. Her hands clawed at the sheets and her toes clenched ready for another one of those earth shattering orgasms she was beginning to think were mythical!

"Do you want me?" he asked kissing her softly. She whispered "yes" but it must not have been loud enough because he moved his face over and nuzzled against her thigh instead. Gasping at the loss she began to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked her firmly. "No" she panted. "No. Please don't stop" she begged. Satisfied with her response he tongued her clit and roughly pushed two of his fingers inside of her and crooked his fingers pressing on some spot against her pelvic bone. One minute she was afraid of letting the intense pleasure he created stop, but now it felt so good it was as if her heart was ready to stop. This time when the exploding feeling happened it was as though it doubled in intensity. She screamed and her body bucked against his and her legs clamped tight on his hand as though to stop the overwhelming feeling.

For a moment she was lost inside the intense emotion. When she became aware of what was happening again he was wearing a condom and prying her legs apart. Seeing his size she wanted to moan again. He wasn't much larger than average, perhaps 6 or7 inches but he was thick. Her body was still clenching when she felt him try to thrust inside her. Unused to his size she felt pain and immediately pushed her thighs hard against him to block the forward motion. When he looked into her eyes she knew he thought she wanted to stop. Taking a deep breath she moved her legs up higher on his waist and moved her arms higher on his back. When he tried to press forward she once again clenched her thighs and pressed hard against him. This time rather than stop he pushed down on her leg and thrust hard. The sudden fullness and pain made her gasp loudly. The pain made her want to flinch away. The full feeling of him rubbing every pleasure feeling nerve inside her body made her want to hold tight and thrust back harder. So she did, harder and harder, meeting thrust after thrust as his body met hers. Until the feelings swirling inside her were so strong she didn't seem to know what to do with her body.

It felt so good she didn't want it to stop, but it felt so good it hurt. Shaking she tried to tell him to stop, to give her more but all that came out was "Ah. . . I . . . I. . . St" before she suddenly felt as though her body was breaking into tiny pieces. She screamed as her body trembled and she saw stars on the back of her eyelids. She vaguely noticed him cry out and a warm body tucked next to hers as she floated away into oblivion.

The sun was shining on her face. Sitting up in bed she glanced at the clock and realized it was 9:50am. The finger marks on her thighs and the sore feeling between her thighs were a testament to how she had spent the night even though she woke up in the sadly crumpled bed alone. Reaching over she noticed a small note tucked under the edge of the lamp. "Went for coffee. Hope you like cinnamon rolls"

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