Unfullfilled Desires


"Either that or you could suck me off." He said, but figured she wouldn't do it so he went back into the booth. He lowered his pants and after thinking about it momentarily began to stroke his hard cock. Slowly at first, and soon a bit faster and faster.

Slipping her cell out Karan peeked it under the door and took a short film of Clark stroking it. Maybe she'd play with kitty tonight. AT least this was something new to look at.

Clark just happened to be looking down and saw the cell phone. He smiled and squeezed his cock harder, making the head bulge even more. He started wondering what her little kitty as she called it felt. He started imagining being the one to take her virginity, because it was obvious the hammers she had destroyed weren't working. That he knew of there had been at least 12. But he put that aside for now and continued to give his sister a show.

"Cum on my face Clark." Karan whispered. "Cum on my lips. Make me swallow your cum you nasty farmer. Shoot that thick load of cum all over my bush. Coat my pussy with your baby juice."

Smiling to herself Karan watched Clark stroking his hard cock. He looked about as big as Bruce. From what she'd seen of him in swim trunks anyway. And that one time in a Speedo. But Bruce had been checking out a topless girl at the time, and probably thinking about cumming on her tight titties and puffy nipples.

Clark picked up what she was whispering with his super hearing. He smiled and then stood up to give her cell another angle of him stroking his cock. He wondered what she'd think if she knew he was thinking about her naked, and him cumming all over her firm titties and hard nipples. He licked his lips and then opened the door with his other hand and pulled her into the small booth.

"Clark!" Karan squeaked. Shocked that he'd hauled her in here. She'd expected him to open the door so she could watch his little stroke session. But not to pull her in.

"Well you said you wanted some of my baby juice on you. Can't do that through the door." He said as he continued stroking his cock. His other hand reached out and he began to caress her breasts. He moaned almost instantly they seemed to fit perfectly into his hand.

"Yeah.. well you ain't cumming on me in a changing booth. Perv.." But she didn't leave. Instead she pulled back from the hand that made her nipples throb and her pussy ache.

Leaning back against the far wall she did pull her skirt up enough for him to see her kitty. The soft curls surrounding her moist lips. "Look.. but no touching.."

Clark licked his lips and smiled, but what she said just wasn't enough for him. "Are you sure about that?" he asked as he took her hand and placed it over his cock, and began to stroke it with her hand. After all she said he couldn't touch her, she didn't say anything about her touching him. The feel of her hand wrapped around his cock was beyond fantastic, finally he had a hand on it other than his own. It didn't matter that it was his sister's.

"Hmm.. I suppose I could do this.." Karan said, her slim fingers wrapping around her brothers hard throbbing cock, and stroking him. Slowly at first until she got used to the feel of a hard cock in her fingers. A real cock. A very hard cock. Stroking a little faster she watched as she started pumping her fist with his hips. Urging her faster.

"Mmmm that's it Karan squeeze it harder." he whispered with a partial moan and then let go of her hand and left it to do the stroking all by itself. HE could tell she was getting into this, almost as much as he was. In another move that would no doubt surprise her he slid his hand to her inner thigh and then up to her kitty which he cupped and squeezed.

Grabbing his questing hand with her free one, she stopped him. And pushed his fingers away from her golden haired kitty. "No touching.." she whispered. "or I stop touching.."

Just as she said the word touching for the second time, he leaned in and kissed her deeply. His tongue invading her mouth as he stepped closer to her. He moaned as he felt her hand squeeze him harder. "I'm going to cum." He whispered after finally breaking the kiss.

Still stroking him Karan wondered for just a moment. Then did the unthinkable. The forbidden. The unfathomable.

She dropped to her knees and took the head into her mouth. If he came in the changing room, even in his underwear it would make a certain smell. And well, that would lead to problems.

AS the head of her brothers cock entered her mouth, her tongue caressed it, tasting the salting flavor. It was amazing. And absolutely delicious.

"Oh God" Clark let out with a low moan as he let his head fall back. His hand found its way to her long blonde hair and he instinctively began to play with it, but not for long, because the feeling of her warm mouth was just too much for his virgin cock and after feeling her tongue a few more minutes he began to fill her mouth with his seed.

Gagging slightly at the sudden explosion in her mouth Karan swallowed as fast as she could. 'Damn there was a lot' she thought as she swallowed. Interestingly enough it kinda tasted like pineapple, or fruit. 'Must be all that damn orange juice he drank.'

Clark's head felt as if it had exploded and all he could see was stars. He didn't know how long he had his eyes closed, or for that matter how long he was coming. But when he finally opened them he wasn't coming anymore. He leaned forward and down to Karan's neck and began to kiss, lick, and suck on it as he moved his lips along her shoulder.

Finally releasing Clark's now empty cock Karan swallowed the last of his semen. his cum. Feeling it coating her tongue before it slid down her throat. But then he kissed her neck and shoulders and she jerked back. "Clark!. No." Insistently she pushed him away and looked down at his now softening cock. "I think it hangs to the left.."

"Bruce doesn't know what he's missing." Clark said as he removed the new pants and put on the old ones as well as the rest of his clothes. When he was done he grabbed all the jeans she had collected for him. "So where do you want to go now?" he asked her as he watched her chest rising and descending as she was still recovering her breath.

"Excuse me.. you need underwear." she said, standing up, her skirt falling back into place, her soft moist lips sliding from view once more. Opening the door she walked out. "Nice underwear. Something sexy for whomever you get as a girlfriend."

"You sure you want it for whomever I get as a girlfriend, or for yourself?" he teased as he followed her out. "Remember no thongs." He said as he walked to the counter and paid for the jeans.

"Maybe one.. for me to see you in.." Karan said. She kinda liked the way a thong looked on him. the way it molded to his cock and balls. But left his ass so visible. And well.. he had a really nice ass.. for her brother.

She had to be adopted. Just had to be. Otherwise the thoughts she was starting have about him... such wet thoughts.

Clark knew he was going to burn in hell for the things he was thinking about. But he didn't care. "Nice underwear for men? I don't think there is such a store." he told her as he collected his bags and began to walk out of the jean store with her.

"There is.. trust me.." She said. And she led him straight to Freddie's. Fredrick's of Hollywood for those not in the know. Underwear for men and women. some scandalous. Others..downright kinky as hell.

Especially when you want leather or latex.

"And just how do you know about this place?" he asked giving her a mischievous smile.

"I'm a girl... It's in my blood." She said. But she was thinking how much she'd like what was in his jeans inside her virgin snatch. To feel him inside her. His muscular body above hers, his sweat dripping onto her breasts as he pounded that hard cock inside her tight pussy. Not that she'd be tight after having that inside her.

Walking through the door she led him to the side of the store. Men's apparel. Mesh t-shirts. Mesh underwear. Latex. Leather. Silk. Satin. Spandex. Boxers, Boxer briefs, thongs. Everything.. except plain white BVD's. This wasn't that kind of a store.

This place even had starp-ons.. and butt plugs. Everything for the kinky, or romantic, couple.

Clark raised an eyebrow as he looked around at some of the underwear they had for men. He couldn't stop shaking his head. "So after we pick some out for me, I assume we're going to pick out some things for you as well." He said as he picked up this tiny thing that he had no idea how he or any man for that matter could fit into.

"If you want. Though I have plenty of thongs, bikini panties, boy shorts and what not already." Grabbing a spandex thong she held it up for him to see. Bright blue it had a silver "S" on the cock pouch. "Must mean supercock. Or superfucker. I like it.." she said winking.

Clark shook his head as something caught his eye on the woman's side. It was a leather bustiarie, however it had holes in the area that would normally cover the woman's breasts. He then looked at Karan. "You get that, and I'll get that." He told her.

"Better get the right size..." she dared him. Selecting a super thong that would handle his package.

He looked at her sizing her up and then went over to the outfit and picked the one that he thought was the right size for her. He then brought it back to where she was. "I think this will fit you nicely." he said and then leaned into her ear. "What if I said I want to fuck you while you wore this? That I want to take your virginity. That I want to hear you screaming my name at the top of your lungs as we both cum." he whispered as he looked at the silk boxers.

"I'd say you're a horny perv, but your my brother so it's expected. Would you like me to try it on for size?"

"Oh and you aren't a horny perv as well? But to answer your question, only as long as I get to see it on you." He said not denying it, he was a teenager after all.

"Maybe.. someday.." she said grinning. Taking it from him she wandered around the store. Shooing him away to search on his own for a little bit. "Underwear. Boxers and boxer briefs. No nut huggers though. I need to find a few things myself..."

Clark walked around looking at the various things they had. Some of it wasn't bad he had to admit to himself, and yet others were just downright... wild. He found himself looking of to where Karan had disappeared to and even though he shouldn't he found himself looking into the room.

Walking around Karan made her selections discretely. Clark was ALWAYS so nosey. Had to know everything.

After awhile he decided to just go on looking at some clothes, they weren't all risqué after all. He actually found some nice black leather pants and a black trench coat. The coat especially could be something nice to wear when he went out on a date or other special occasion.

After selecting several rather 'naughty' items Karan took them to the counter and had the clerk bag them up. Once her stuff was nicely hidden she went looking for Clark.

Clark saw his sister walking towards him and smiled. She had this look on her face that reminded him of the cat that swallowed the canary. "So what did you get?" he asked, although he doubted she'd tell him.

"Personal stuff." she said, reaching past him to grab some silk boxers from the wall display. "This look nice. Just imagine them sliding along your cock while you're dancing with Lana, and she's wearing a backless dress."

Clark chuckled "You sure are awfully interested in getting me together with Lana." He said as he showed her that he already had a couple of pairs in his hands. "Well I hate to disappoint you, but I don't think she's interested in me. In fact I think she has a crush on Lex." He pointed out.

"Well, I'm sure you'll slip her the monster choker one of these days. Her or Chloe. I know Chloe likes to watch you. Especially when she watches you walking away. Her eyes are always glued to your butt."

"Karan you almost sound envious." He teased.

"Nah, if I wanna see your butt all I have to d is walk into your room when you're sleeping. Naked boy..."

Clark laughed as he shook his head as he walked on still looking around.

Walking with him Karan took his hand in her own. Passing her packages to him, and allowing her to pick stuff for him to wear. But also, just holding his hand. "Sometimes I wish we weren't brother and sister.." she whispered.

"It would be easier if one of us were adopted, but we both know that mom and dad found us at the same time, and the same place. So I doubt that we aren't." he added in agreement. "Of course it's also possible that brother and sister relationships aren't taboo where we come from." He whispered back.

"But were from here Clark! We can't.. I know what I want.. but we can't."

"Well sometimes I like to think we're from another planet. Especially considering what we can do." he replied.

"Yeah.. freaky us.." Grabbing a pair of boxer briefs Karan thrust them into his hands. From the size they'd be tight to mold to his crotch, without binding him up.

"I mean why can't we do what we want." He said. "It's not like we'd be hurting anyone. Unlike if we tried to get close to anyone else that is."

"Clark," she said sighing. "Please don't.."

"Yeah depressing isn't it." He said as he looked at some boxer briefs and picked them up.

"Very.." As much as she wanted him to take her in the store. In front of everyone and fuck her silly. Pumping his cock inside her wet snatch until he exploded inside her .. she couldn't. He was her brother.

"Well I think I have everything I need here. How about you?" he asked as he held up all the items in the carrier.

Clark smiled as he took it from her and went to the counter and paid the clerk. The clerk looked over at Karan and then at Clark and gave him a smile and nod in approval. 'If only.' was Clark's thoughts, but he didn't correct the clerk on his wrong assumption either. Instead after he paid, he walked over and put his arm around her and kissed her hard.

When the kiss ended Karan looked even more depressed. Her eyes almost brimming with tears. To want that which was forbidden. It was so much like Bruce. She yearned for both of them. But she couldn't have either.

"Hey what do you want to eat? My treat." He said trying to cheer her up.

"A salad would be nice. I'm getting fat.." Karan said, shrugging.

Even though she'd rather be eating a cream filled hot dog, she wasn't allowed to do things like that.

"You are not fat, you have just as good a body, if not better than any of those skanks Bruce always has at his place. Now if he can't see the good thing he has in front of him then forget about him. Cause he doesn't deserve ya." Clark told her point blank.

"Yeah," she said, trying to be cheerful. She liked shopping especially for lingerie and stuff. And see Clark naked had, well, done things. And then when he'd exploded in her mouth. Well she'd realized just how badly she wanted him. But, forbidden fruit and all that.

"Damn right. The rest of the night is about you. I'll take you to get ya some food, and I mean a nice place, not the food court." Clark said trying to cheer his sister up. She was a pain sometimes, and yes his hormones at times drove him crazy around her. But he loved her deeply and hated to see her beating on herself.

Before Karan had the chance to answer Clark's cell rang. He had to stop and put some of the bags he was carrying on the floor and then answered it. A few minutes later he hung up and looked at his sister. "Well it looks like when we are going to have the motel room to ourselves, when we get to Smallville. Dad is surprising mom with an anniversary dinner and night, they're coming up here to Metropolis and won't be back in Smallville until tomorrow evening."

"Ok," Karan said. Not really caring. Lost in her thoughts and personal torments he could have told her, her face was melting and she wouldn't have noticed.

"Well since they're having a night for themselves, why don't we?" he asked her. "We can get some food like I said, maybe a movie, and if it's too late afterward we'll go to a motel and stay there the night and head home in the morning. Which will still get us home before mom and dad." He suggested.

"If you want. It really doesn't matter Clark. A salad from Micky D's is fine.."

"Not for my little sis." He said as he put the phone away and then picked up his bags. "But let's please put these bags away. Hey do you have anything nice to wear for dinner, or should we stop at one more place and get you a dress?"

"I have jeans and stuff. Nothing.. dress up."

"Ok, one more stop then." Clark said. "Come on let's dive back into your environment and find you something for dinner." he said and lightly nudged her.

"Yeah.." Taking Clark by the hand she walked the mall once more. Window shopping for the most part, until she saw something.

Stepping into the new store she wondered if Clark would stay, or wait outside.

Clark thought about going outside to wait, but decided he'd stay. Besides she might want his opinion on what she would buy. And he did love watching her model for him. So he waited inside for her.

Walking through the medium sized store Karan looked at several dresses. Leather, Spandex, silk, satin. But nothing really - well - sparkled. Well not until she saw a two piece number. A loose miniskirt that would let her cross her legs, and a top that wouldn't crush her tits into some designers idea of a good shape.

Grabbing several she stepped into a changing room to try them on. Finding a size and color combo she liked. It was rather more than she'd wanted to spend, and a bit dressier than she was looking for. But.. oh well.

It was probably the last time she'd get to do anything nice for herself. For a long time. Putting the one chosen ones back on the rack she took her stuff and paid. Adding a nice pair of high heels with gladiator straps to the outfit.

Clark was a bit disappointed that he hadn't gotten the chance to see her with the outfit on, but he knew he'd get his chance later on. "Well now that the princess has her dress, we'll need to find a motel or a inexpensive hotel room for the night. We can change there and then go eat. unless you want to go to the movie first?"

"Your choice.." She said. "But one thing.. don't call me sis. Call me anything else.. just not sis."

"Deal... sweetheart." he said with a smile as they walked out of the mall and made their way to the truck. About thirty minutes later they had a room at a Best Western, had to get a room with a single bed since the twin bed room would have been more expensive. And all though Clark did have a nice amount of savings on him, his resources weren't unlimited like Bruce's or Lex's.

Clark took his shower first, it was for him anyway a slow one. He wanted to make sure he was nice and clean as to not ruin this special day for Karan. Plus he needed some time to work down another hardon he had developed. When he came out with his towel was wrapped around his waist and his chest was bare. "It's all yours." He told her as he looked at the choice of nearby restaurants that the hotel recommended.

With bag of goodies in and Karan walked past Clark. Her free hand snagging his towel and pulling it off. Taking it with her. "To bad you masturbated..." she said. leaving the statement hanging in the air.

Closing the bathroom door she turned the shower on, stripping down and stepping in.

Clark stepped to the door. "But I'm sure you enjoyed the show." He said loud enough for her to hear him and then went back to the phone. He picked it up and made a reservation to one of the restaurants he had seen, after looking at the menu's they left for it. When he was done, he decided to take a quick peak on what his sister was doing before he got dressed.

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