Unfullfilled Desires


Covered in body wash, Karan's sun and farm blessed body was covered in a soft foamy white cream, wet hair hanging down her back and pointing at her trim tight ass. Fingers stroked between her thighs as she masturbated. Not hard and urgent like a guy. But smoother, more paced. Gentle, but very determined.

Grabbing the shower head for support Karan's fingers sped up, faster and faster until they were a blur. Stroking her aroused clit.

She bent the shower head.

Her eyes squeezed shut.

"Damn it!!!!" She moaned.

Whimpering as her orgasm washed through her.

And she cried.

Clark had been watching her as she showered. He loved how the water cascaded off her perfect body. He so wanted to be in there right now, standing behind her. And when she slid her fingers between her legs and began to play with her kitty he couldn't help but reach down and begin to play with his cock.

He kept pace with her fingers, imagining that he was sliding his dick into her and that he was making her moan that way. "Fuck!!!" he moaned as he sped up his hands keeping pace with her fingers. He wanted to close his eyes, but then he couldn't keep watching. Harder and faster he stroked until she came. He saw as she whimpered through her orgasm, and then when she started to cry he just stopped. He didn't care that he had been so close to another cum himself. He only cared about the pain that Karan was in. A pain he understood better than anyone else. It was at that point that he was determined to make this a night she'd remember. And then he began to get dressed, putting the black silk boxers on. Of course the hardon he was sporting made a huge tent in them, but he had to admit that he liked the feel of them against his skin. He then went and put on his new black dress slacks, and blue silk shirt that he had bought for special occasions.

Water cascaded across her body as she curled up on the bottom of the tub. She didn't notice the water turn cold. So cold a normal human would have been shrieking. So cold a normal person would have been disgusted by it.

Eventually she managed to stand up and rinse off. Wiping tears from her eyes she dried off. It took her awhile to finish dressing and primping, but well Clark wanted to do this. So the least she could do was make herself look nice for him.

Dressing carefully she made sure everything was in place, even her shoes, before she stepped out and looked at him. Even the redness in her eyes from crying was gone.

Leaning against the door jamb she looked into the room. Watching him put his shoes on. "You like nice, for a farmer."

"You sound surprised." Clark said as he adjusted the tie he added at the last minute. "Us farmers can clean up nicely when we are inspired by a beautiful woman."

"I'll find you a beautiful woman than."

"I'm already looking at one." He replied. "Are you ready to go Ms. Kent?" he asked as he picked up his wallet from the dresser.

"How about KAra... Like when we were smaller and you couldn't say my whole name. Not.. that word.. or Ms Kent. Nothing to make me remember that we're.."

Clark smiled when he heard her say that abbreviation of her name that he used to refer to her by as a kid. "Kara, it is then." He said as he slid an arm around her waist and walked her to the door. He opened it for her let her go through first.

A few minutes later Clark and... Kara were at the restaurant and were being seated by the hostess. It wasn't an extremely fancy place, but it was a nice little cozy and romantic place to eat at. Something Clark hadn't expected from the menu that was in their room.

Taking a seat Karan.. Kara.. smoothed her skirt under her legs, She wasn't sure she wanted Clark spending even more money. Especially in a place like this. They'd already spent sooo much. And this place was.. well. Expensive looking.

Leaning forward she looked at him, not noticing the way her blouse opened up, teasing EVERYONE. Almost, not quite, BUT ALMOST baring her nipples to anyone looking.

"Can we afford this," she asked.

Clark's eyes couldn't help but look down her open blouse and the treasures it barely concealed. He had been walking around with an erection since they left their room and that view just made his shaft twitch even more. And who could blame him after all, Kara was dressed to the impress this evening. He looked quickly at the menu to see if it was like the one in their room, and it was. He looked up at her and smiled "Not a problem." He replied.

"Ok," she said, leaning back into her seat again. The cool room had chilled her top slightly as she'd leaned forward, and now the cold material was pressing against her breasts. The effect instantly noticeable.

Of course Clark didn't tell her about the chunk of his savings this was taking. But he wanted her to be happy, and he would move Heaven and Earth to do that for her. Besides it wasn't like he was saving for anything specific. He kept looking around, a bit nervous, but also because his eyes kept going back to Kara's top and her hardening nipples. Even the waiter that came by and asked them if they wanted anything to drink had problems taking his eyes off of her.

"Just water, thanks." Kara said, moistening her lips. An innocent mover for her. But with what she was wearing, the cold room, the feel of Clark semen still in her stomach from the changing room earlier - well the lip moistening move did things to people in the room.

Even the waiters cock twitched. And he was gay.

Clark hesitated for awhile, and then agreed with Kara that all he wanted was some water for now. "So see anything you want to eat yet?" he asked. His eyes more on her then on the menu he was supposed to be looking at.

Debating how to answer that Kara look up at Clark. Her eyes looked like they might have been smoldering with lust. The look you'd see in a movie from the hottie cheerleader after the hunky football player. The rich heroine gazing at the mountain climber. But this was Kara looking at Clark.

"Yes," she said simply. Before she looked back down at her menu.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" he asked as he all continued to watch her. "And I'm not the only one that has noticed. Several guys got hit by their girl friends when we walked in, and even that waiter couldn't take his eyes off of you." He said with a smile.

"I think he was looking at you. Or he wanted fashion tips."

"Well he'd be going to the right person." He said trying to compliment her. He felt his cock twitch again as he looked at her, it was once again beginning to get uncomfortable so he had to readjust himself, he did his best to do it nonchalantly. Then when he was done he decided he needed to look at the menu for real before the waiter came back.

Shifting her feet Kara realized her error in choices of footwear, since she couldn't slip these off and tease Clark with a foot along his thigh, or calf. "I'm think of having the steak. The big 12 ouncer. It looks nice and juicy. Really thick too."

Clark looked up a bit surprised, after all she didn't eat anything that big at home. She must have been really hungry. Then he saw the look in her eyes. "Oh?! How do you want it?" he asked her.

"Raw. Pulsing. Dripping down my chin." Then she smiled. "Clark. I don't eat that stuff. I just want a salad. Maybe a chicken Salad, Grilled of course. No dressing."

"Yeah I had a feeling you were just BSing." He replied and then with a twinkle in his eye. "I don't think you could handle a 12 ounce... steak." He teased. "I'm torn between the veal or their fish of the day." He added.

"Fish is healthier. Veal is just little cows stuck in tiny pens and force fed. That's gross. Besides. I heard you like eating Fish. Chloe said so anyway."

"That's funny she said the same thing about you." He replied and then continued looking through the menu. "I think the fish it is, and then some pie for dessert." He said, not noticing that the waiter had returned with their water.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes I want the fish special, with a baked potato. For dessert some of that cherry pie." Clark replied, however when he said the last part he was staring right at Kara. "And the lady will have?" he asked leaving it open for her to say what she wanted and wondering how'd she continue their little game.

"Well.. I was thinking of having the big juicy twelve ounce steak. The really thick one? Extra rare with a baked potato and a lot of sour cream. Like a lot. Cause I think I love eating that stuff. But... I changed my mind and want the grilled Tilapia, I really like fish. And could I get a salad instead of all those sides? Maybe a piece of chicken on top? I might manage to get my brothers phone number for you.." she added at the end, not hinting that her brother was sitting across from her, but that he was probably at him.. and maybe even liked a little juicy beef steak himself.

The waiter had written down her order, and then was shocked when she had mentioned her brother. He couldn't help but wonder if he was blonde like she was, he loved blondes after all. But then he reminded himself he was in a relationship and decided to ignore her offer. "And what would you like to drink?" he asked.

"I'll have a Pepsi." Clark quickly replied although the look on his face was definitely one of shock at what his sister had said.

"Still just want water. Maybe with some ice? I think my date might need some extra ice in his as well. He seems to be sweating a little."

The waiter nodded, took their menus and then left.

Clark looked at his sister "I can't believe you said that to him." He finally said as he took the napkin and quickly wiped it over his face, since he felt like he was sweating, but realized that he was just flushed with embarrassment.

"Said what?" Kara asked innocently.

"Offering that waiter my... your brother's number." He replied keeping the illusion that they weren't siblings.

"I hear Whitney likes the boys. Heard he even thinks you got a cute butt."

"I never heard that." Clark replied. "Especially the way he and Lana when they dated. But I guess that could be why she broke up with him." then a chill ran up his spine as he thought about Whitney looking at him in the shower at gym class, or even during summer football practices since Clark had joined the team.

"Well, from what I've heard he wanted to do her in the ass, and she won't give it up. Since he also bought a strap-on for her to wear. So she could pound him royally. She said it was kind of funny watching him bend over the bed. But after doing that every night for a month she just called it quits."

"Damn you girls really do talk about everything. I better be careful with what I say and do from now on." He said with a wink.

"Yeah.. you'd better." Kara warned. Any word of their..date.. and he'd be lucky if she didn't stretch HIS ass with Whitney's strap-on.

"What else have you ladies discussed?" he asked now that he was curious. He also wondered about how to get Kara back for the waiter thing. He managed to remove his right show after some shuffling around and then he stretched it out and placed the soft cotton covered foot on her left and began to move It up and down her calf. He wasn't as limber as his sister or even Lana for that matter, but he wondered if he could get his foot up high enough to tease...

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Kara smirked, her hand sliding under the table on resting on his foot. Running a finger along the underside she wondered how long he could take being tickled...

"Actually yes I would." He said trying to hold back the laughter from being tickled. He ran the top of his foot alongside her inner knee to her thigh as best as he could. But with her hand on the bottom of his foot he was definitely having problems. And yet he didn't want to stop, he liked the idea of playing with her like this, as well as the possibility of someone catching them playing.

"Well.. most of the girls don't.. a lot of the guys do... and some of the girls wears guys.." she said cryptically.

"Huh?" he asked and then he felt her hand touch a nerve that caused a reflex reaction in his leg to straighten even more and he could have sworn his foot was now up her skirt.

"If the foot goes any higher.. you won't like the rest of the night.." she warned, looking over his shoulder.

"That was an accident." he replied defensively. "After all you are tickling it." he said as he began to move his foot back and away.

"You were putting your foot, where it didn't belong." Kara replied. "Underwear."

Before Clark had a chance to reply the waiter had returned with their food. And was placing it in front of them. Clark did his best to remove his foot completely without being noticed. "Wow has it been that long since we ordered. Guess time flies when your with a beautiful woman." He told her, doing his best to dig himself out of the hole he had created.

Snorting Kara ignored Clarks incessant attempts to compliment her. Once in a while was ok, but damn it was like twenty times today.

The food looked and smelled wonderful, and like most guys his age, Clark's attention had shifted to it.

Quietly Kara ate, occasionally watching Clark. And like usual he ate like a starving child.

Clark was starved, maybe he should have eaten lunch today after all. It wasn't until he was half way done that he slowed down finally. Some of the hunger had been sastiated and he was able to look up and see Kara eating quietly and slowly. "What are you thinking about?" he asked her.

"Not much really. Wondering how long it's gonna take to rebuild. How many are gonna just give up and move away? Will any jobs be permanently lost? Will banks foreclose on mortgages during all this?"

"Well lot of that already has happened. Whitney's family was leaving this morning. As for the banks foreclosing, they say that there aren't any plans to do so, since the insurance companies are paying to have stuff rebuilt. Plus you have Bruce and Lex offsetting some of the reconstruction costs. But with banks you never know. As for how long it'll take, parts of the school need to be completely rebuilt. But supposedly they're talking about reopening the parts that can still be used in a week or two. They're also talking about bringing in trailers that can be used as classrooms so that we won't lose too much school time." He replied. "The football team has to report to the field tomorrow afternoon for practice, since it was decided not to cancel the season. To many people felt that it would be a good distraction from everything else."

Yeah, gotta keep the cheerleaders occupied.. and everyone else too."

"I'm actually nervous about it. I have less than a week to get familiar with receivers. Since Whitney left the Coach said I'm the starting QB. I spent the last few years as the running back and backup QB. Was supposed to be the same thing this year, now I'm going to be the QB. It'll be an interesting adjustment." He said. "But fun I guess."

"Well, Lana is staying from the last I heard. So you'll get to see her around. Still head cheerleader as well. I'll see if she'll flash you when you make a touchdown."

"Now why would she do that? Doesn't she have a crush on Lex? Or is it Bruce? I'm just a farm boy I can't compete with them." He said feeling a bit sorry for himself. "And who says I'll make a touchdown. I'll probably single handedly lose us the game."

"Lex has a thing for her. Or he has a thing for Bruce. Not sure with Lex. As for Bruce, that won't happen. She's never even been to his mansion. And she wears one piece swimsuits. No bikini's.. nothing skimpy at all. She'll never get him to notice her."

Clark looked at her but then decided she was just trying to cheer him up. He would notice her or Lana in anything the wore no matter how many pieces it was. But he doubted the same was true for Lana. "Anyway I'll be out of the room for about 4 hours tomorrow. Practice will be 2 hours long, and then coach wants me to look at film for another 2."

"Porn?" Kara asked with a smile.

"Not unless it's of you." Clark said with a wink. "No, film on Midvale from last year. most of their team is returning so he wants me to study their tendencies."

"I see." she said, placing a crouton between her lips and gently nibbling at its edges.

Clark went back to eating his food and drinking some of his Pepsi.

Smiling Kara's fingers brushed against her fork as she reached for it. Accidentally knocking it to the floor.. closer to Clark than her though "Could you grab that for me?" she asked.

Clark swallowed some of his potato, wiped the access from his mouth. "Sure." he said and tried to reach down to get it, but then realized that he still couldn't reach it so he got out of his seat and went under the table to pick it up. Once he did he started to get back up, trying to be careful so he didn't bang his head on the table.

Unseen by him Kara grinned evilly, and parted her thigh's allowing him a glimpse. Just a glimpse of her treasure.

And since he was slowly getting up he had found himself in the perfect position to see directly up her parted thighs. He froze for what felt like an eternity then... then he grinned and leaned forward. He opened his mouth and let his tongue out and began to lick her inner thigh and straight up to her glistening slit. ...

At least that what happened in his mind. But what really happened was he forgot where he was and end up hitting the table with his head. Fortunately he had just barely hit it or else he might have broken it. However as he got up again he placed his hand on his head pretending to have hurt himself with the bump. But it wasn't his head that was hurting at that time.

"Get lost down there?" Kara asked.

"Yeah, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel." he replied. His mind kept going back to what he had seen, and he felt his shaft threatening to rip through his pants. "I'll be right back. Need to use the washroom." he said as he stood up, hoping his erection wasn't showing through the tight pants he was wearing as he made his way to the washroom.

"Don't be too long. Hope it's not too hard to use the bathroom here." she said, plucking a mushroom from her salad and stuffing it in her mouth.

"I'll show you hard one of these days." Clark grumbled as he quickly made his way to the rest room. Once inside he stood at the basin and looked at the mirror as he tried to calm himself. Maybe a little time away from her teasing would help him.

"Hey dude. Saw the chick with you.. She got a sister? I'd bend her over the table and do her there." some guy at the sink commented.

"Nope no sister, but she does have an over protective brother." Clark replied.

"To bad for you then. Fuck her behind the bleachers. Or in a corn field. those hicks in the smaller towns never seem to care. She looks like she loves it on her face. Just remember to wear a condom. Probably spread for the whole football team back home."

Clark snapped and grabbed the man by the throat. "That's my girlfriend you're talking about." Clark said as he squeezed just a little bit. He saw the man's face turning blue and then let go. He calmed down "The only one her legs spread for are me." Clark said as he began to leave the washroom. He then looked back at the man. "By the way I'm the Captain of the football team."

"Hick.." the guy said, alcohol on his breath.

"Damn straight!" Clark thought as he heard the man even through the door. He returned to the table, his mind no longer completely on his sister's treasure. But physically he was still suffering from his physical affliction. "By any chance are you done?" he asked. He really didn't want to stay in case that drunk tried something else and he wouldn't be able to control himself.

"Sure," she said, slipping long luscious legs from under the table and straightening as she stood. Her small silver purse in hand.

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