tagLesbian SexUnicorn Ch. 02

Unicorn Ch. 02


I had written this (and another alternative ending) after I finished the first chapter of Unicorn (months and months ago) but never intended to share it. It is short and sweet, so this is for those who asked for more.

There is at least one more chapter with much more drama left so let me know if you want to read that too!

Again, still very new at this so thank you all for your support!




I rested my head against Mandy's chest. Inside I felt light and warm. It really happened!

Mandy's hand lightly ran through my hair. I hummed with pleasure. My hand made its way to her tummy, which was covered by an old t-shirt she was using as PJs. My thumb ran back and forth.

Her hand stopped for a second. I felt her lightly kiss my head.

"From the moment I saw you in class, I was head over heels for you. Your gorgeous black hair, your tan complexion, full-kissable lips, and not to mention that beautiful brain of yours."

I giggled.

"In reality though, I didn't think I would have a chance with you. I did have hope though, somewhere deep inside." She yawned and then sighed. "And then after our first kiss you left and that hurt like hell."

I started to apologize but she shushed me.

"It was then that I realized even if we could not have anything romantic between us, I would rather be your best friend for the rest of my life than not having you in it at all."

I turned my head up and looked at her for the first time since we laid down. Her hazel eyes watched me intently, the way they did when we first kissed at her place. I felt my cheeks turn pink under her stare.

"I'm sorry about that. I was just so confused. Mandy, I have never felt this way about anyone, let alone another girl." I bit my lip. Her hand stopped running through my hair and came up to cup my face.

"I'm just glad you finally came to your senses." She smiled slightly. "To think, it took me going out with another girl to get your attention." She shook her head slightly.

I swatted her arm lightly and leaned into her touch. "I can't believe you kissed her."

She chuckled. "I did not kiss her!"

My eyebrows shot up at the revelation. "Then why would you say that?"

"It got you to kiss me didn't it?" She bit her lip to keep from laughing. I couldn't help it, I laughed too. Soon we were wrapped up in each other's arms laughing with no restraint. I felt her lips lightly cover mine. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.

"We have to go to sleep." She said against my lips. "I have a fun day planned for us tomorrow." She continued to kiss me until we were both breathing hard. "Oh Kim, I can't wait until you are ready for me."

That stopped me short. "I am ready." I said without hesitation. The wetness in my underwear should be more than enough proof.

She smiled at my eagerness but shook her head from side to side. "I mean, really ready for me. I know this is all new to you. So we'll take baby steps for now. A kiss will do for now."

I wanted to argue but decided against it. Mandy knew me better than anyone. She probably knew more about me than I did. I would trust her with this. We kissed and kissed until I fell happily asleep in her arms.


I was lying on a beach. I closed my eyes to and enjoyed the sound of the waves hitting up against the shore in the distance. The light wind rustled a couple of loose strands across my face. A seagull cried out in the distance. I ran my hands back and forth across the sand and created a sand angel. The sun kissed every inch of my skin. Literally every inch, I was naked. My thighs kept pressing together with every movement of my arms. I eventually arched my back and dug my toes into the sand. My hands dug their way into the sand until it turned cool. I clenched my thighs again and bit my lip. I felt a thin layer of sweat form across my forehead from the heat of the sun. I was starting to get hot and bothered. My nipples began to pucker as my thighs moved back and forth. My breathing began to pick up.

My thighs began to slowly open up. The light wind brushed against my center and made moan. All this time a nagging thought in the back of my head eventually made its way into my dream. The wind picked up and made its way across my body. My nipples became painfully erect. Again a different thought distracted me.

Why am I here alone?

Suddenly I felt soft hands run from my collarbone to my belly button. I gasped and arched even more. I wanted to open my eyes but my body was beyond taking orders from me.

Where was she? That thought alone made me awaken slowly.

"Is my Kimmy Bear waking up?" I heard her say.

My breathing, which was coming out in short gasps, began to slow down at the sound of her voice. I opened my eyes and looked to my left expecting to see hazel eyes staring at me. Except that she wasn't next to me like I expected. I turned my head towards her light chuckle and there she was.

Lying on her tummy in between my thighs. I bit back a moan. Her eyes had a mischievous twinkle in them. The sun hit them and made them look slightly greener. Her freckles looked more pronounced. Her lips pulled to one side, she knew that cute and sexy smile she gave me was an instant turned on. Her hair was all messy from last night. She was also gloriously naked.

It had been one month since Mandy and I officially got together.

During the first couple of weeks we spent every moment together. Mandy, sticking to her word did not push me to do anything sexual. Even when I sometimes begged she would just say it was better to take baby steps. By the third week I was going insane without her touch. By the end of the third week she started to give in and allowed me to feed into my curiosity by using her body as I pleased.

I mostly wanted to taste and touch her and figure out things she liked. She wanted to do the same with me but I was still slightly embarrassed to completely let go and give into all the pleasure. This is what she meant by I wasn't ready. Of course she couldn't help but give me anything I asked for though.

"Hi" I said timidly, looking down at her. My face began to turn a light shade of pink. We had spent almost every day together these last couple of weeks; a lot of that time was spent doing intimate things like this. I still didn't have the courage to let my body feel without overthinking. I had never been with a girl and I always worried that I would somehow mess it up. Mandy always reassured me but I was very critical of myself. The lesbian porn I watched gave me ideas but anytime I was with Mandy I could barely think.

Her small hand ran up my body until it cupped my breast. I bit my lip and watched as her thumb ran across my caramel colored nipple, back and forth. Eventually my breathing started to pick up again. Her other hand lightly ran up my ankle, inner thigh, and eventually landed where I wanted it the most. I continued to stare at her hand on my breast. The contrast between my tan skin color and her fair one always amazed me.

"Always ready for me" She chuckled again. I squirmed as her middle finger spread my juices up and down my opening. Her chuckle made her so damn sexy. Her regular laugh gave me butterflies, but this intimate chuckle made my stomach do a flip every single time.

Her face moved closer to my center and I waited in anticipation. My eyes rolled back when I felt the first lick.

She pulled away quickly and lightly bit the inside of my thigh. My eyes snapped open.

"Look at me, Kimmy Bear." she instructed.

I started dripping.

I would have never guessed that Mandy would be the dominant one in bed. At first I thought she would take the lead because she knew I had never been with a girl. She was vocal about what she wanted and always tried to get me to be vocal about my wants and needs. She would torture me for what felt like hours until I was begging to cum. I realized this was who she was in bed. Even though she was a sweet girl in public she turned into someone else when we were intimate. My body responded to that.

I lifted my upper body and rested my weight on my elbows. I moaned as she licked me again. Her pink tongue gathered up most of my juices.

There was a knock on my door. I jumped.

"Girls, breakfast is ready!" My mom called out.

Mandy giggled and I swatted her hand away from my breast. It didn't move.

"Coming!" I yelled back.

"Oh yes you are." Mandy said under her breath and licked me again.

I heard my mom's steps move away from the door and relaxed. Mandy chose that moment to insert her middle finger in as far as it would go.

I squeaked.

She removed her right hand from my breast and put her forefinger over my lips. She was trying to keep my quiet but I took her finger in my mouth instead. It was something I learned from her. She smiled, amused. Her tongue began massaging my hot center.

I sucked on her finger to avoid moaning out loud.

This caused her to hum and double her efforts. I could see the concentration in her eyes. Her eager tongue lapped against my clit. I wasn't going to last long.

Right before I fell off the edge I wondered: How did I get so lucky?


The next couple of weeks we were together Mandy brought her camera everywhere we went and took pictures of me anytime she could. Half the time I doubt she even paid attention at the beautiful scenery around us. We went into the city where I was less afraid of being open of our relationship. People in the city didn't care about you or your partner; they were more worried about getting to work on time. The museums we went to were my favorite part. Even after living here all of my life, I never got tired of revisiting them.

Mandy preferred to be out and about. She especially liked going to the lake near my place. She would lay a blanket down, pull her camera out, and snap pictures as I sat in the center of it. It took me awhile to get used to being the focal point of her pictures. Eventually I realized I could watch her as she concentrated behind her camera. I got to watch her for as long as I wanted and slowly slip into our little world.

So Mandy and I were official. Well, as official as we could be without my mom's knowledge. I was just getting to know this other side of me and I didn't know where I should start exploring. If I ever decided to tell my mom, I would first need to know who I was. Plus, I was raised to believe the only true relationship was between a man and a woman. My mom was uncomfortable with gay people and made it clear that she did not approve of their lifestyle. It honestly might be the main reason why I never explored this side of myself.

I remember from a very early age how I would find some girls to be much prettier than others. I would watch a girl named Sarah Barkley in sixth grade brush her hair during recesses as other girls sat around her. She was popular, pretty, and rich. She had beautiful long hair. I remember feeling butterflies in my belly whenever she would look at me with her bright blue eyes as she brushed her hair. I always thought my mini obsession was envy. I wanted what she had. It never crossed my mind that I might have had a crush on her.

Fast-forward eight years and here I was with Mandy. She was what I had been looking for without even knowing. And yet, she would be gone in two weeks. In two weeks she would be packing up her things and heading to college three hours away from here. I would remain here and go to the local university. I know three hours might not seem like much but any distance between us got my palms sweaty. I have always heard of horrible stories about long distance relationships that never lasted. No matter how much love, dedication, or effort was put into a relationship, people always ended things. After a couple of months, even weeks, the distance became unbearable.

"What's wrong, mija?" My mother asked. She put the coffee pot down and moved closer to the kitchen counter, where I sat. Her brown eyes looked concerned.

Even at the age of 46 my mother still looked beautiful. Her long, flowing, black hair was up in a bun, the way it always was when she headed to work. Her uniform outlined her shapely figure. She only wore a little bit of makeup but tan her skin was flawless without it. Her thick lips always caught the attention of men whenever we went out. People always told me I was the spitting image of my mother. I liked to believe it.

"Nothing, ma." I said absentmindedly. If Mandy was here she would become upset. Good thing she was running some errands with her mom. I was becoming more anxious as our days were coming to an end. Mandy had hope, I was cautious.

"You sure? I feel like you might be coming down with something." She placed her warm hand against my forehead.

I smiled at the motherly gesture and hopped off the counter.

"I am going to go get Luis ready for his sleepover." I left the kitchen and walked to my little brother's room.

"Okay, remember I won't be back from the diner till after midnight." I heard her say. "Oh, and tell Mandy I want to see Fran soon!" I shook my head, smiling at the thought of Mandy's mom and my mom in the same room. They always encouraged each other to get drunk on wine and act like little girls.

Luis has the smallest room in the apartment. Considering that it was already small we were just grateful that we both didn't have to share a room anymore. My extra income was coming in handy.

He was on the floor playing with his action figures when I walked in. He was still in his PJ's.

"You ready, bud?" I asked as I rustled his thick curly hair. Luis looked more like our father. His nose was more flat and his eyes were a lighter brown.

"Where is Mandy? She promised we were going to watch wrestling today." His tone was accusatory. As if I would ever be the reason Mandy wouldn't be with me every second of the day.

"She had to go somewhere with her mom. Now get ready and change. I'm taking you to Lucas' house." I grabbed him by the arms and he hung onto me like a spider monkey.


Mandy invited me to her place tonight. She was on a mission. As soon as we got into her room she began removing her clothes and mine as quickly as she could. She was wearing a yellow sundress that slipped off her shoulders and landed around her ankles. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, I gasped at the sight that greeted me. Her skin was lightly tanned from us being out in the sun most of the summer. Her true skin color peaked from between her legs and her perfect boobs. She tugged my shirt off and pulled my jeans down. I kicked off my shoes.

The whirlwind of emotions that I had been feeling all day ceased. I was no longer worried about Mandy leaving, excitement replaced anxiety. My body began to tremble at the feel of her breast against mine and her lips against my neck. Mandy usually took her time but after not seeing each other all day I was just as eager as she was. We touched each other, almost clumsy as we made our way to her bed.

The lamp next to her bed had a red cloth over it, which gave the room a nice glow. It made it feel more intimate.

I fell on top of her and sighed when I finally felt her lips on mine.

"I missed you Kimmy Bear," She whispered in my ear.

I moaned as she rested her thigh between my hot dripping center. I wanted to rub myself into her and just let go but I hesitated. I pulled back from our kiss.

Mandy's hands came up to either side of my face and removed any hair that got between us. She had a serious look on her face.

"I need you to let go, baby." She calmly instructed.

I almost melted at the endearment. She had never called me that before.

"I know we rushed into this, like I expected us to, but I also know you have been holding back. I need you to let go. Stop over thinking and give me yourself tonight."

I bit my lip but nodded. When she looked so damn hot with her dark pink lips and flushed cheeks I couldn't deny her anything.

She smiled at me and kissed me deeply. I moaned again.

"Get in the middle of the bed, on all fours." She instructed. Her tone was light but I could hear the authority in it. My toes curled in anticipation.

I tried not to overthink it. I slowly crawled to the middle and waited. I tried not to think about my tummy looking fat, or my breast hanging in front of me. How did I look to Mandy?

I suddenly felt her hand at the nape of my neck and she lightly pulled on my hair, which was being held up by a ponytail.

"Kimmy Bear, I need you to stop thinking. Just feel." Her other hand went down to my heated center, which was beyond dripping.

She purred.

"As soon as you let go, you will feel the world at your feet."

Again her fingers ran up and down my center. The bed shifted and I could feel Mandy sit behind me. I was fully exposed. She chuckled. "I have never seen such a beautiful sight." She cooed.

I squirmed. I could feel myself letting go. I just wanted to feel.

Her flat tongue lapped from my clit to my dripping center. She moaned and I echoed her. This was amazing. She repeated the motion but slurped at the end. I squealed and my body involuntarily pushed back against her tongue. She continued to lick me and then inserted two fingers inside me.

I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning too loud. It was past midnight and I knew Mandy's parents had just fallen asleep. But damn it if I didn't want the whole neighborhood to hear how great Mandy was making me feel.

I bent my elbows and rested my forearms on the bed. My face landed on top of them. My back arched almost painfully but my ass stayed in the air and just a couple of inches away from Mandy's tongue. My breath came out in little puffs as the orgasm started to build up. Mandy hummed in appreciation, I was getting wetter and she knew what was coming. I was coiled up so tight that when I finally came I couldn't help but moan her name into the mattress. She stopped licking directly at my center and just cleaned up the juices around it.

I felt her kiss my hip and then pulled me back so I landed on top of her. Our sweaty bodies slid against each other, as I got comfortable. I caught my breath for a second. I finally laid my head against her chest and wrapped my legs around hers.

"I love when you cum" I could hear the smile on her lips. Her hand made their way to my hair and slowly ran her fingers through it.

I turned my head to look up at her. I haven't felt this close to her since our first sleepover. Her hair clung to her forehead and her lips were bright red from the workout she just put them through. Her cheeks were bright pink and her eyes had the same mischievous glint they always had when we were in bed together. My heart skipped a beat. She was breathtaking.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She leaned in and kissed my forehead.

I snuggled into her and tried to hide the sudden rush of sadness that took over. I blinked back the tears that were ready to run down my cheeks. One week. She would leave for college in one week. The closer we got to the date, the more I worried about everything. Would we talk everyday? How often would she come up or would I go down? What if she meets someone else?

I bite my lip to bring me back to this moment. I had to stop letting these thoughts surface. No matter how many times Mandy reassured me that everything was going to work out and that she was personally going to make sure we got to talk everyday, I couldn't help but feel like my stomach was slowly turning into an empty hole. I think this is why I avoided getting close to anyone in the past.

"Kimmy Bear, it's only three hours." She said as she kissed the top of my head. Then I felt her thumb run across my cheek. "Don't cry, baby." I could hear the anguish in her voice. She called me baby again.

I wiped my tears away and quickly got on top of her. My legs straddled hers and my hands pinned her arms down. She looked mildly surprised but slowly smiled.

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