tagMind ControlUnintended Attraction Ch. 07

Unintended Attraction Ch. 07


I woke up from a deep sleep, completely entwined with Alexis.

I hadn't stirred or woken the entire night, being absolutely wiped out from both the sex and the heavy use of my ability. It didn't look like Alexis had stirred either, being roughly in the same position that she had been in when I had fallen asleep; head nestled under my chin, one arm across my chest as she cuddled close to me, and a smooth thigh thrown over one of my legs.

I couldn't see her face, but I could tell from her steady breathing that she was still asleep. Her hair was soft, and I didn't want to move, for fear of waking her and ruining this moment. Because once she was awake I knew I would have to start facing the consequences of last night.

I had got what I wanted but there was a high price. I had purposely seduced and slept with my married housemate, my friend. There was no going back from that. She had barely kept it together when we had had that first encounter after all. And this was far past that. Even though she was peaceful and content asleep, I knew it wouldn't last.

The price that I paid for my decision was that we were no longer friends. I was now the embodiment of the greatest mistake of her life, no matter the fact that I had made sure that she had enjoyed it. The guilt would be real. I knew that she would feel this way, that on some level she would blame herself, knowing she was attracted to me. She wouldn't know that I had engineered everything.

It was the selfish decision I made, knowing this would happen. In possessing her, I would lose her.

In some ways I hadn't thought this far ahead. I had planned the night, and I had planned to move out. But I hadn't envisioned this. Waking up in bed with a woman whose life I had just shattered.

What scared me a little was that I didn't regret my actions at all. I knew that it would really mess up, or even ruin her life. But I had done it anyway. And I wouldn't change a thing.

I had gone in with an out planned - even if Alexis didn't know about it. I had organised to move out, so if all went well I wouldn't have to deal with the ramifications for very long. And if Alexis kept it together and hid it from Ben, I wouldn't have to face anything at all.

Even if everything went perfectly, completely to plan; I still didn't want to disturb this scene. But nothing lasts forever.

I felt it, when Alexis began to stir, to wake up. Her breathing changed, and she gave a long, luxurious stretch, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips. I could tell the exact moment when the full memory of the night before hit her, when she realised exactly where she was. She went rigid.

"Oh." She said in a small voice. Her head was still under my chin, and she didn't look up at me. I wasn't sure what to say to her; I mean, what would be the protocol in this situation? So we lay there in silence for a time; still pressed together and intertwined, but no longer cuddled. Rather, it was as though Alexis was afraid to move, because then she would have to start facing the ramifications of what we had done. In the end I broke the tension, if for no other reason than I was starting to get uncomfortable from not moving.

"Good morning." I said quietly.

"Is it?" She said after a moment, a touch of bitterness in her voice. Her hand, still resting on my chest, curled its fingers, digging into my skin. Not hard at all, but managing to convey how out of sorts she was.

"I guess it depends." I said.


"On whether you had as much fun as I did last night."

"What?" Alexis propped her head up and looked at me, shock on her face. "That's not the point! I told myself nothing would ever happen again. And the first opportunity I had we ended up in bed together!"

She buried her head back against my chest; not out of any sense of intimacy, rather she was trying to hide away from everything. I understood what she was doing, but the fact was a beautiful woman was pressing herself against me. I still enjoyed it.

"Hey now." I said soothingly. "It's not like we planned this to happen..."

A bald-faced lie.

"...but that doesn't mean it wasn't inevitable on some level." I continued. "I haven't been able to get you out of my head, ever since that first night."

Alexis made a small questioning sound, still not raising her head. This was interesting, she didn't seem to be reacting like I expected. I was expecting tears, expecting to be having to comfort her. I needed to explore this, to find out exactly what was going through her mind. I had distracted her from her sense of overwhelmed guilt far too easily.

"Why do you think my date didn't go well that time?" I said, playing to what she thought had happened when I tried online dating.

"That was because of me?"

"Yes." I said, leaning slightly so I was speaking right by her ear. "It was hard to concentrate on someone else when all I wanted to do was ... well, what we did last night."

Alexis gave a soft moan, a shiver running through her body at my words; clearly remembering last night as well. Apparently bringing up sex was enough to completely derail her from her self-recriminations. Even though I was bringing it up to find out what exactly was going on, I got caught up in the memories as well. I had no idea what time it was, no idea how long we had until her husband got home. I knew I should wrap this up, get moving, and get Alexis out of my bed; make sure she was functioning well enough to handle Ben. It was the smart thing to do.

But I could feel her cool smooth skin on mine. And I too remembered the pleasure of last night. And I got hard.

Alexis felt my cock harden against her thigh, and she turned to me with a look of shock, mixed with guilt and arousal. That's when I knew for sure what was happening. Like the aftermath of that first morning, she was horny; still affected by my ability. I remember the power I had felt then, realising that I could take her right there at the kitchen table if I wished. But this time I wasn't going to hesitate. This time she couldn't avoid the issue. She was naked, and in bed with me.

I gripped her shoulder with the arm that was still loosely wrapped around her, and pulled her into me. Alexis braced herself with the hand on my chest, the palm flat, as if to push herself away from me ... but then she froze again, tense and rigid. It was as if she was torn, wanting to get away from me, away from this situation, but also not.

I knew I could resolve this conflict within her in an instant. After so much last night, even a small usage of my ability would tip her in my favour. But I didn't.

It was perverse. It was wrong. And on some level, I felt ashamed. But I wanted this. I wanted to see her cave, to give in. I wanted to see how far she had gone, how far she would go with just the memory of last night and the residual effect of my power.

"What's the matter?" I asked her. I kept the pressure of my hand at her shoulder, not pulling her into me any tighter, but not letting her move away either.

"I'm sorry!" She said, her voice hoarse. "We just can't."

I stroked her skin softly with the hand holding her in place. She shivered.

"We need to stop." She said, a note of entreaty in her voice. "This shouldn't have happened. This can't happen."

"It did happen though." I said mildly. I wanted to see how this would go. On one hand she was holding herself away from me, and saying no. On the other, she hadn't moved her leg away - it was still draped over me. And my now erect cock was trapped under the silky skin of her thigh. I flexed it slightly, pressing it against her.

"I know." Alexis said, shuddering out a heavy breath. It was slight, but I felt the pressure from her palm ease some, and she shifted her leg minutely, rubbing it against me. "We should stop. After I leave the room, we pretend this never happened. Please."

This was perfect, exactly the best scenario for my plan.

But I wasn't exactly operating from the plan anymore.

Her usage of the word 'should' hadn't escaped my attention. She was on the cusp, barely able to think of doing the rational thing. I could say that I was seducing her, but that would be a lie. I was taking advantage of her, even if she didn't fully realise that.

I changed tactic, and rolled us both so that I was on top of her. I held myself off of her, using the distance of her palm against my chest as a measure. She wasn't using her hand to hold me off anymore, but she still kept her hand there as a token resistance. Her legs were closed, pressed together.

"We can do that." I said reasonably, looking down into her wide-eyed face. So many emotions were flickering across her visage, I had trouble identifying them all. Shock was there. Shame, arousal, a touch of fear. So many more. "Of course, if after you leave we never speak of it again, does it really matter what else happens in this room?"

Alexis gaped at me, mouth moving, trying to formulate a reply but nothing emerging. I guess it was hard to formulate a counter argument in these circumstances. I never looked away from her face, and she kept her eyes locked on mine.

"I remember you beneath me last night." I said softly.

Alexis' face flushed bright red, the colour running in an interesting way all the way down to her chest, the nipples on her breasts proudly erect. Her hand against my chest, holding me away from her softened. She moved both hands to my sides; holding me, instead of holding me off.

Her legs parted, letting me slide a knee in between them, signifying her surrender. Her thighs were so soft. The disbelieving expression on her face as she opened her legs fully, was the last thing I saw before she burrowed her face against my chest, wrapping her arms around me, and pulling me hard against her.

I grinned into her hair. It had worked, she had accepted it with barely any coaxing. Especially considering her husband could arrive home with her child at any moment. I had used so much of my ability on her last night that I didn't even have to slightly influence her with it this morning.

I was about to settle myself to thrust inside her, when I stopped. I remembered the look on her face as she gave in, and I got terribly aroused. I wanted to see her.

I rolled us over in one motion so that Alexis was on top, her legs loosely straddling my hips.

"... what?" She said, a strangled note of surprise in her voice. She had just accepted me taking her, giving in to letting me have my way with her body. And now she was the one above, looking down at me.

"Put me in." I said, my voice calm and deep. I wasn't demanding, I wasn't ordering her. I just spoke with the confidence that she would do as I said.

Alexis was blushing furiously. She reluctantly and slowly moved to do as I said, bracing herself with her hands on my chest. Her thighs were spread widely apart, giving me a clear view to how wet her pussy was. She rose to the balls of her feet, balancing carefully. I placed my hands lightly on her knees, helping keep her in place. Alexis reached down with one hand and grasped my cock, wrapping her elegant fingers around me.

I let out a small satisfied groan at the sensation. Alexis glanced down, flashing a brief smile at me, before biting her bottom lip with a guilty expression taking hold of her face. Her face flushed a deeper shade of red as she jacked me a few times, her hand running up and down my length, spreading pre-cum, getting me slick and ready. She positioned me at her entrance, pressing the head of my cock into the folds of her pussy. She then lowered herself, breathing in small gasps, sinking down on me.

When I was all the way inside her, she stopped, her head bowed and breathing heavily. She was tight and warm, and looked like a goddess perched above me, all smooth taught and rounded flesh, her porcelain skin only marred by the flushed red of her blushes.

"Ride me." I said.

Alexis looked down at me panting, her eyes unfocused. She stared down at me for the longest time before she started moving. She started slow, raising her hips up off mine, sliding up off my cock until she was almost off, before reversing and moving back down, burying me inside her depths. I watched her move, enjoying the sight almost as much as the sensation. I wasn't influencing her, this was all Alexis. Sure, it was because of last night, because of what I had done to her; but I hadn't even had to think of influencing her further with my power.

I moved my hands to her hips, helping Alexis with her movement as she rode me. As soon as my hands touched her she moaned softly, and pushed herself down onto my cock a bit more forcefully than she had before. I let her move for a bit, getting used to the sensation of my hands on her hips, before I moved them around to her ass.

I gripped the globes of her ass hard, digging my fingers into her flesh firmly. Alexis moaned again, louder and longer this time. I pulled her down onto me, and this time when I was fully sheathed inside her, Alexis started grinding her hips back and forth against me.

I raised my head up slightly, and captured a swaying breast in my mouth, sucking on it. Alexis cried out and flung her arms around my head, pulling me up and against her torso. When I gripped her hard nipple carefully in my teeth and gently chewed on it, she started grinding against me desperately, her breathing ragged.

I fell backwards onto the bed, Alexis falling with me; her hands still around my head, holding me to her breasts. She was unable to get the full length thrusts onto me in this angle, instead moving her hips in short and hard motions, humping me with greater speed. My hands were still on her rear, helping her to fuck me, alternating my mouth on both her breasts. It felt exquisite. Alexis was gasping for air, her exertions and the awkward position making it difficult to keep this up. She never wavered though, keeping up the pace all the while, her ragged moans splitting the air of the quiet morning.

Eventually I took pity on her, and pushed her up to an upright position. Also I had been getting pretty close to cumming from what she had been doing, and I wasn't ready for this to end. Not yet.

Alexis had her hands on my chest again, bracing herself to keep upright. She was breathing heavily, recuperating and gathering her strength. She was still making small thrusts up and down of her hips though, seemingly unwilling to stop fucking me.

"You look sexy riding me." I said to her, gripping a handful of her ass and pulling her down for a harder thrust.

Alexis looked down at me, mouth open as she panted, not saying anything. She licked her lips though, and dug her fingers into my chest. I could tell my words aroused her.

"You seem to be enjoying impaling yourself on my dick." I continued. "Are you?"

Alexis gulped noiselessly, but still said nothing. She started moving faster again though, riding up and down with more force.

"I thought you wanted to stop." I said. I spanked her lightly on her bum, making more noise than impact. I hadn't intended to spank her, losing myself in the moment. But the reaction she gave to it was electric, a long drawn out moan, the breath hissing out between her clenched teeth. "Do you want to stop?"

Alexis shook her head mutely in negative, avoiding my eyes and looking straight ahead, over my head.

I spanked her ass again, harder this time, drawing a high pitched yelp from her, before she started fucking herself onto me in earnest, moaning softly every time she completely lowered onto me.

"I didn't hear that." I said, my voice rough. "You want to keep going then?"

"Yeeeesss ..." Alexis moaned out, her voice soft.

"Just to be clear." I grunted, holding her by her hips and fucking up to her in time with her downstrokes, actively thrusting into her for the first time. "You want to keep fucking me?"

"Fuck yes, anything!" Alexis cried out, moving her hips so violently I was worried she was going to come right off me by accident.

"You want my cock inside you?"

"Yes!" She moaned.

"Deep inside your pussy?"

"Fuck yes!" Alexis was starting to flush red, panting from the exertion of fucking me, the muscles in the thighs and abdomen beginning to twitch. She was moaning almost constantly now, and I could tell she was getting close. And so was I.

"You fucking slut!" I groaned out. I don't know why I said it; I was deep in the throes of my own pleasure, completely caught up now in the spectacle of Alexis riding and fucking me with such abandon.

"Yes! I'm your slut!" Alexis shuddered, grinding her hips against mine now on every downstroke. I hadn't meant to say it, but she liked it. She suddenly threw her head back, and her body spasmed, her pussy gripping me tightly as she clenched all her muscles as she started her orgasm.

That was all I needed to tip me over the edge, and I started cumming as well, spurting the first burst of my seed inside her.

"Oh fuck, so good!" Alexis moaned out, as she felt the first load hit her insides. She raised her hips and thrust down again, hard.

"Fuck!" It was my turn to cry out, she felt so good.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her head down to mine. Our lips met in a violent and desperate exchange, tongues forcing their way into each other's mouths, dancing and wrestling with abandon. Our hips moved against each other all the while, small thrusts in the throes of our orgasms, milking the last spurts of my cum.

We ended up in a sweaty and tangled mess on the bed, both panting. Momentarily too spent to move or talk. We were close, foreheads pressed together, our breaths hot on our faces. Alexis smiled shakily at me, her lips twisted wryly. I smiled back, more widely than she had, and wrapped my arms around her. This time she cuddled tightly into me, snuggling as close as she could. My cock softened enough that it slipped out of her, and she made a small noise of loss.

I was spent once more, and completely content. I kissed her forehead and got a happy noise from her in return, completely at odds from how she reacted when she first awoke. I felt so lethargic and relaxed, I could have happily fallen asleep with her in my arms.

And we probably would have, if at that moment we didn't hear the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway.

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