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Once again I owe a debt of gratitude to my team of wonderful men who clean up my mess and make it look like English is my native language. My wonderful editors, PapaKilo14, Hal, Olddave1951, Pixel the Cat, and GeorgeAnderson. Harddaysknight is my mentor and gives me critical review, as does SBrooks103x.


I was expecting to clean my fish, open a bottle of wine and spend a nice evening lying on the sofa with a good book. What I wasn't expecting was to see an old, beat-up Ford truck sitting in my driveway with a thirty day tag on it from Tennessee. I wasn't expecting to see a woman sitting in one of the deck chairs on my dock either. I pulled the boat into the slip and put my fish in a bucket. When I climbed down I raised the boat up out of the water and when I went outside she was standing up.

I had intended to ask her if she knew she was on private property but when I saw her standing there I discovered I was unable to speak. She was young, maybe a little older than twenty and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had long ash blonde hair that hung straight down past her butt. Her eyes were startling. They were a pale grey color and I wondered if she was wearing colored contacts. It seemed odd that they were the same color as mine except lighter. Those eyes were huge and very expressive and there was a look of apprehension on her face. What a face it was. Her nose was aquiline, straight and with a few cute little freckles. Her cheekbones were high and her cheeks were a little hollow. Her jawline was strong, tapering down to a little pointed chin and her lips were red, although she wasn't wearing anything but lip gloss. Her mouth was wide and shaped like a recurved bow and her lips were full and puffy, begging to be kissed. Again, it was the most beautiful face I had ever seen and it was hauntingly familiar. Where had I seen her before? She looked like she'd been in an accident. She had a black eye and the left side of her face was discolored with bruises. She also had a big fading purple bruise on her left arm.

My eyes drifted down, irresistibly drawn to her chest. There were two amazing breasts resting there, high and perfectly placed. They were very large, extremely well shaped pillows of femininity. I started getting hard just looking at them. Her waist was very narrow and her hips just exploded out. I couldn't see her ass but I knew I had to. If it fit the rest of the package this was the absolutely most sensuous woman I had ever imagined. She smiled and when she spoke her voice was low and husky, like old smoky whisky and smooth twenties jazz.

"Did I pass the inspection?" she asked. "Hello Random; you are Random Jordan, aren't you?"

"No," I lied. "He just lets me use his dock when he's not here. I'll give him a message if you tell me who you are."

She looked a little confused, and then she laughed. "Don't worry; I'm not here to bust your chops. Well, it may be unpleasant to you for a while, but I promise it's going to get better."

"Will it involve you helping me eat these fish and talking to me?" I asked.

"If you want me to," she said. "You may not after you find out about me."

"Oh no, I'm sure that isn't going to happen," I told her. "Why don't you have a seat and tell me why you're here while I clean the fish. I won't be five minutes. Would you like something to drink?"

"I think a dark lager beer would be nice," she said.

That's what I drink. "Over there in the refrigerator," I indicated the direction. "Bring me one."

She sauntered off to the refrigerator and my jaw dropped. She had on a little blue sun dress with orange flowers and her ass did match the rest of her. I could see it jiggling under that tight thin little dress and that sight would have given a dead man wood. It was spectacular, large, perfectly round, and you could have stacked cups on it. She looked over her shoulder, caught me watching and smiled.

My face burned and I flopped the fish on the cleaning table and turned on the water. I had them filleted by the time she got back with two Samuel Adams Bock beers and she stood by me and drank from hers while I rinsed them. I got some fresh veggies and some boudin sausage out of the icebox I had by the grill. I turned the grill on and gave her some skewers and a knife. She cut the veggies up into chunks, seasoned them, coated them with the olive oil I handed her and put them on the grill. "We're going to need a little more sausage," she said.

I got out another package, "You really hungry?" I asked.

"Yes, but there are two more of us," she said. I looked around but didn't see anyone. "They're in the truck, and I expect by now they're really hot and thirsty," she said. "Can I go get them?"

I nodded and watched that butt jiggle away. Damn, she was hot! This was going to be a great evening!

Then it all went to shit. When she came back she had two more absolutely gorgeous women with her. The problem was, I knew them. One of them came running and threw herself on me, babbling and weeping and trying to throttle the life out of me with her hug. The other one was older and she just looked around. I disengaged myself and turned the fish.

"Hello, Bailey, Silvia," I said. "Imagine seeing you here."

I hadn't seen Bailey for 22 years. It had been longer than that for Silvia. It hadn't been long enough. She looked even better than the last time I saw her except she looked like she had been fighting. Silvia was the same way. They were bruised and battered but the bruises looked a week or so old.

"Taken up boxing?" I enquired.

The girl laughed and I decided I was going to make her do that a lot. Now that I looked at the three of them together they were obviously related. Of course, I knew Silvia and Bailey were related. Silvia was Bailey's mother and Bailey was my ex-wife. Well, for all I knew she was still my wife. As I said, I hadn't seen her for more than 20 years.

"You should see the other guy," Bailey laughed.

I chuckled. "Well, ladies, it's been nice but I've got some packing to do," I told them, turning away toward the stairs. "Enjoy the house."

The girl grabbed my arm. "You're staying," she said. "I desperately need to talk to you."

"Are they part of the package?" I asked.

She nodded.

"No thanks," I said, trying to free my arm without hurting her.

"Help me," she said to the other two and they all three wrapped themselves around me like boa constrictors.

"Please, Random," Silvia begged. "Just have dinner with us and then if you want to go we won't try to stop you. If we wanted to harm you we'd have shown up with the police. Please, I'm begging you, just finish dinner, give us an hour and then we'll never bother you again." She dropped to her knees and hugged my legs. "Please, Random, I'm begging."

The other two knelt down there too and three women were hugging my knees. It was ridiculous. I pulled them up. "Dinner and an hour, right?"

They nodded and all three of them were all over me, kissing me all over the face and squeezing me like I was their favorite teddy bear.

"Let me cook," I tried to disengage. "You... what's your name?"

"Raney," she said.

"Raney, go up in the kitchen and bring back a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator. Better get two. There's a corkscrew in the top right drawer of the bar."

The other two wouldn't leave my side. It was like they were afraid I'd bolt if they weren't touching me. They were right. This was a bad situation for me. I'd been hiding from them for 22 years and now they had found me. I turned the sausage and the vegies, buying some time.

"You look good, Random," Bailey said. "You're just as big and beautiful as you always were. You're getting a little gray up there," she ran her fingers through my hair. I drew away instinctively and I could see the hurt in her eyes.

"You two haven't changed a bit," I said, trying to cover the awkwardness. "Still the best looking women in any room."

Raney came back with the wine, put it in the icebox and brought two more beers for the other two. She looked at them and they went and sat at the bar, drinking thirstily. She pressed herself up against me and put her arm around my waist, leaning her head against my shoulder.

"Thank you for staying, Daddy," she said.

"What?" I stared at her stupidly.

"I said, thanks for staying, Daddy," she repeated. "I really needed to talk to you. I need to get to know you so badly. I only found out about you three years ago and I hated you for a while. I know the truth now, and I really want you in my life."

I gawked at Bailey. "She is," she said. "I'm so sorry, Random."

She had a file folder in her hand I hadn't noticed. She waved it at me. "DNA tests," she said, "in case you don't believe us." The problem was, now that I saw her and things clicked, I did.

"The fish is done," Raney said.

I couldn't move and she laughed again and walked me over to a barstool beside Bailey. "I know it's a shock, Daddy. You'll get better in a minute." I took a swig of my beer and shook my head, trying to clear the cobwebs. She went back and took everything up on a big platter and brought it to the bar. "Where are the place settings and plates and glasses?" she asked.

I pointed to the sidebar and she opened the doors and got stuff out. Silvia got up and opened a bottle of wine, pouring four glasses and putting them in front of us. "I know this is overwhelming, Random," she said. "I'm very sorry, too. I know I played a big part in it. I'm going to spend a long time making it up to you. I'm so sorry. I badly misjudged you and I've never regretted anything more in my life." Bailey was putting napkins by our plates and doling out the silverware.

I looked at Raney. She was so beautiful it hurt. "Why... why didn't you tell me?" I croaked.

"We'll explain everything," she said. "Can we eat first? I'm starving. We haven't eaten since last night."

"Of course, I'm sorry," I said.

"No," Bailey said. "You don't ever get to say that to any of us. No matter what you do, you don't get to say that."

Raney took one of my hands and Silvia took the other, they both took one of Bailey's and they bowed their heads. "Thank you, God for this food," Raney said. "Thank you for bringing us here safe and thank you for letting us find Daddy. Please, God, let him love me, Amen."

Tears were running down my cheeks like rivers and they were all crying, too. "Look at us," I wiped four faces with a napkin. "Those allergies are awful this time of year."

We all laughed and they ate like wolves. Raney loved the boudin and we ate every scrap of the fish. I had a peach pie and some ice cream and we ate that, too. The mosquitoes were getting bad and we moved indoors. We were well into the second bottle of wine. The women all came and sat in a little circle on the floor in front of me. Raney reached and held one of my hands in hers.

"I didn't tell you because I couldn't find you," Bailey said. "You just disappeared. Why did you do that, Random?"

"Well, let's see," I pretended to think. "You served me with divorce papers and promised that you were going to rape me in the divorce," I said. "I'm not the kind of guy to just relax and enjoy the rape. I figured if you couldn't find me I would be hard to rape. You moved in with my asshole former best friend and business partner that set me up for the rape. Is that enough?"

Her eyes filled with tears again. "I'm so sorry," she said. "I was wrong. I thought I was right, but I wasn't. You have to know how it looked, Random. You saw the pictures. That's all I had to go on. You never even denied that it happened."

"No, it would have been a lie," I said. "I never lied to you, Bailey. I was in the wrong. I shouldn't have been there, but it wasn't what you thought it was."

"I know that now," she said. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You didn't want to hear anything I had to say," I told her. "You wouldn't have believed me anyway. Someone had been telling you stuff like that all along. 'He's a player. I knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time before he cheated on you. You're too good for him.' Don't you remember?"

I heard a sob from Silvia. "I'm so sorry, Random," she wept. "I was wrong about you. I was just a stuck up bitch and I've been regretting it ever since. I screwed up bad. I hope you forgive me someday. It's us that weren't good enough for you. How can I make it up to you?"

"Well, the apology was a good start," I said. "Do you know what the last twenty years have been like for me? I've basically been on the run. I live off the grid. I work for cash. I have throw-away cell phones. I look over my shoulder, thinking there is going to be a knock on the door every day and it would be the police, there to arrest me because I didn't want to be raped. The woman I loved more than life hated me. I felt like my heart had been cut out with a butter knife. I agree that it was my fault. I shouldn't have been in that bar. I shouldn't have been at that party. I got drunk and passed out and lay like a hog in a mud hole all night. But, I didn't take Christine to that party. I didn't undress her or make love to her. She and Jack set that up and took those pictures. They did it to get the business and he did it to get you, Bailey. They set me up and they set you up and you fell for it. Did you marry him? Are we divorced?"

"No, and no," she said. "I lived with him for fifteen years before I found out the truth, Random. You have no idea how that makes me feel. I fucked a lying, scheming bastard for fifteen years! I was such a fool. All the time, the only man I've ever loved was living like a fugitive." She broke down into helpless weeping.

Raney pulled her sobbing mother into her arms and Silvia held her too. Raney looked up at me. "I've known for two years," she said. "You see how we're beat up? Jack did that to us."

"Why? Why would he do that?"

"He found out we knew," Silvia said. "Bailey found out he was cheating on her. We'd been looting the company, getting ready to leave and he found out. He beat the hell out of us until Raney hit him over the head with a bowling trophy. She knocked him out and we did quite a number on him"

Bailey laughed. "We played patty cake with his nuts. I don't think he'll be okay. I'd be surprised if they stay attached."

"So why are you here and how did you find me?" I asked.

"We hired detectives," Silvia said. "Of course, they've been living with me since we found out. We didn't tell Jack why she left him, but we started looking for you. You were very hard to track. No one had heard of you for more than fifteen years. We started putting together your history until we figured out you were somewhere in southeast Texas. You made a mistake when you bought that lift for your boat. One of the secretaries that worked for that company recognized you. She went to college with Raney and Raney had told her she was looking for her father. She'd seen your picture. We had to find you, Random. I know you're probably too badly hurt to ever accept me or Baily back into your life, but Raney is innocent. She doesn't deserve any of this. We had to do it for her. We're here because we're afraid, Random. We're afraid of Jack and his crew. We're afraid he'll find us and kill us. We took over two million out of the business and without that money, they're history. We need your help. I know I don't deserve it, and maybe Bailey doesn't, but you can't turn Raney away. Please, we'll do anything. I'll be your personal maid for the rest of your life. I'll crawl. I'd die for my daughter and my granddaughter, Random. Just tell me what to do."

"I feel the same way," Bailey said. "I did a terrible wrong. I should have given you a chance. I never let you explain. I never told you I was pregnant. I've been a horrible person, Random, but I've changed. I'm so, so sorry. Please help us. We know you aren't married or permanently attached. You know how to stay hidden. It was just an accident we found you. Please, do it for Raney and I'll be your slave. Beat me, call me a whore, I'll take it. I deserve it, just help Raney."

I looked over at Raney. God, she was gorgeous. This was my little girl! What in hell was I going to do? "Of course I'll help," I said.

I couldn't get another word out because I was buried under three sobbing women that were thanking me and kissing me and just making it nearly impossible to breathe.

"Stop it!" I shouted. "Let me breathe, God damn it. Let me get a word in edgewise here. I'm still really upset with you, Bailey. You, too, Silvia. You just don't get to come waltzing back into my life and act like the last twenty-three years didn't happen. We have a lot of talking to do and a lot of thinking to do. I can't do that with you all over me like this. You can stay here for as long as you want. I need to get away and get my head around all this."

"Oh, no, you aren't leaving me," Raney said. "I've just found you and I'm going with you. I'm sorry Mom, Grandma, but you made this mess, not me. I'm going with him. I got cheated out of 22 years with my father and I'm not going to miss another minute."

There were a lot of tears and words and we finally got it sorted out. We sat around on the sofa and got caught up on our lives. There was a lot of catching up to do. They were all over me. There were two of them pressed up against me all the time and they traded places and it seemed like they couldn't believe I was real. They would reach out and caress my cheek or feel my hair or squeeze my arms or legs. It was very disturbing, especially when Raney did it. I've described her, but her mother and grandmother were two of the best looking women you'll ever see. At 63, Silvia looked forty and a hot forty at that. She had always been drop dead gorgeous and she had aged like a fine wine. She was slender and willowy and one of the sexiest women on earth. Bailey had all her looks except more plush and curvy and at 44 she was looking better than she ever had. Then there was Raney. She made the other two look plain and skinny. She had freckles like my Mom, but otherwise you could tell she was Bailey's daughter. She had a lot of her mother's mannerisms, down to pushing her hair behind her right ear when she was nervous. I couldn't believe she was mine!

We finally went down and got their luggage out of the truck.

"What's with the old truck?" I asked.

"We paid cash and there wasn't any record of the sale," Silvia said. "We didn't want any paperwork and the guy wanted the money. It runs good, so we bought it."

They had a million bags. We were all exhausted by the time we got them settled in. There were only three bedrooms in my house. I let Bailey have my room and I took the sofa. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a bed. She came out after a while and asked me to sleep with her.

"I know you probably don't believe me, but I've never stopped loving you," she said. "Please, I can't stand the thought of you being out here. Make love to me, Random. No strings attached. I won't expect you to love me or get back together with me. I promise, just come in here and pretend this is the night we made Raney. Isn't she gorgeous, Random?"

"She's amazing," I said. "I can't wait to get to know her, Bailey. Are you sure about this? You know it isn't going to change anything between us."

"I know," she said. "I just want to be happy for one night. I promise you won't regret it."

Against my better judgment I let her lead me to my bed. She just had on a long t-shirt and when she took it off I couldn't breathe. She was just as sensuous as I remembered. Her body was just as spectacular as the first time I saw it. Those breasts were just as big and firm and her nipples were just as sensitive as I remembered. Her right one was shaped a little different than the left and she could still cum by me sucking on it. I loved all over that body I remembered so well and when I went to work on that little pussy she went wild. She still had that little blonde landing strip and her clit was still as cute and sensitive as I remembered. I made her cum four times with my mouth before I slid up and sank into that moist tightness. She groaned.

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