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University Discoveries


This is the story of a young man's awakening to another side of his sexuality. If a depiction of sex between two males offends you in any way please do not read.

In the fall of my twentieth year I finally left home for the first time. My father left my mother when I was young and then had the audacity to get himself killed a couple of years later. He had no life insurance and without child support my mom barely managed to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. There was no way I was going to go off to a university. So I stayed home and worked after high school while attending the local community college part-time. Fortunately I got lucky. A professor at the small school took a liking to me and helped me get a full-ride scholarship to an out of state university after two years of good grades at the community college. My scholarship included housing as long as I lived in the dorms.

When I arrived I quickly discovered I would be one of the oldest guys in my dorm. Most of the older students left dorm life for the local apartment dives. I couldn't afford to do that and besides I liked the idea of living in the dorms after having never been away from home. Truth was I had led a pretty sheltered life. I was popular in high school and had my share of girl friends along the way, but after graduation things slowed way down in the romance department. School and work and helping mom with the house didn't leave much time or money to date. I had what they call these days a "friends with benefits" relationship with a girl that lived down the street. She was two years older than me and also had never left home. Basically, we got together to fuck whenever one or both of us got so horny we couldn't stand it anymore. Both of us knew it would never be more than a physical thing. At the beginning of that summer she fell for some guy from her work, so I was left with masturbation as my only relief. I was hoping to fix that problem soon at college.

Unfortunately, the first few of weeks of living in a coed dorm just magnified my horniness without offering up any companionship to relieve the need. I was amazed at how freely the females in our dorm walked around with almost no clothes. My roommate was a nice guy and we got along well but he was just around too much. So much so that even my masturbating had to be limited. We shared the shower with three other rooms in a cluster arrangement. It was a big tile room with three shower heads so there would be no long waits. With constant possibility of being interrupted I was usually too nervous to stroke one off, though I did indulge once in the shower. That was before I accidentally walked in on a guy from the room next door on his knees sucking another guy's dick. I dashed back out so fast I didn't even see the other guy's face. To this day I have no idea who was getting blown in the shower.

Before that I had never given more than a passing thought to homosexual sex. After that I couldn't get the image of that guy's long fat cock sliding past my neighbor's lips out of my head. Worse in my opinion back then I was starting to imagine a cock in my mouth. At first it was just in a dream, but later while awake I would think about being the guy on my knees. Of course with the living arrangement we had it was impossible not to see other guy's cocks. Most of the time there was at least one other guy in the shower and my room mate was not the least bit modest in our room. If I was there and he was changing he would strip bare without turning away. Not that seeing his bare ass would have been any less confusing to me then.

Greg, my room mate was 19 and almost two years younger than me. He was about my height, six foot and in good shape. I began to realize he was a pretty good looking guy. Something I hadn't really noticed one way or the other about guys in the past. He worked out like I did and had well defined but not gross muscles. I also began to notice his cock more and more. Though I had not seen it hard it was certainly longer than mine when it was soft. It hung down lower than his rather large heavy looking ball sack. My cock tended to grow a lot in size when I was aroused and I wondered if his grew in the same proportion as mine did. Another thing different about him was his hair color. He was blond and his pubic hair was very light colored and sparse unlike mine which was dark and much thicker. I had previously noticed his amazing blue eyes. You couldn't meet the guy and not notice those azure pools. The guy could probably have been a model but he hardly seemed to know how good looking he was.

One day after a shower he came into the room and began searching for something in his stuff. The bending and twisting caused his towel to fall off and he didn't bother to pick it up. Instead he continued his search, parading around and bending over naked in front of me. For the first time in my life I got an erection from looking at another guy naked. I managed to hide it from him and he was so busy searching he didn't notice how much I was looking at him. Once he found what he needed he dressed quickly and left. He wasn't gone a minute before my pants were around my ankles and I was beating my meat like a wild man. As I did so Greg was starring in a little fantasy that filled my mind. Instead of dressing and leaving he had come over to my bed in the fantasy. I was sucking his cock and he was stroking mine. In my fantasy he came in my mouth just as I came all over my t-shirt in reality.

I could barely speak to him for days after that I was so embarrassed. What made it worse was I couldn't get the idea of sucking his cock out of my mind. I kept telling myself that these thoughts were coming because I hadn't had any pussy in so long. But I didn't really believe that since I began finding reasons to see Greg naked. If he went to the shower I would end up joining him if I could. If I knew he would be changing clothes I wouldn't leave the room even if I had somewhere to be. The more I thought about sucking him and him sucking me the more embarrassed I got. Though I didn't realize it at first my not talking to him was being noticed. It was Greg that finally confronted me.

"Damn, man, what the fuck did I do to piss you off?" He asked one afternoon while we were both hanging out in the room.

"Huh, I am not pissed at you," I responded completely oblivious as to why he asked the question.

His response felt like a punch in the gut, because I immediately knew he knew more than I wanted him to know.

"Well shit, you barely fucking speak to me anymore, but, er fuck..the thing is you seem to want to be around me all the fucking time. Shit we took four fucking showers together this week. Weird coincidence."

I know my jaw must have dropped wide open because he got a look in his eye like the characters in cartoons get when the light bulb appears over their heads. At that point I figured he was going to beat me up because I was having queer thoughts about him. To my surprise he walked over and sat next to me on my bed.

"Man, why didn't you say something? Nothing wrong with having thoughts about stuff," He said in a sincere concerned tone.

"I am not having any thoughts," I protested.

He reached over and squeezed my cock through the gym shorts I was wearing and said, "Your cock begs to differ, buddy."

I didn't know if I should punch him, cry, feel his cock, or just scream and run away. So I did nothing and he kept feeling my hardening cock through the cotton fabric.

"You've never experimented before?" He asked smiling at me.

I managed to stammer that before coming to college I had never even thought about another cock. He stopped fondling me and asked what changed. I told him about the incident in the shower and how ever since I had been thinking about stuff. His response was to ask what stuff. Since I had already gone that far I told him mostly sucking his cock. Then I quickly added so as not to sound too gay him sucking my cock.

"So you wanna try?" He asked very casually.

Still not sure I asked if he had done that before. He told me that he had a little experience and that it was fun. He told me that he mostly liked pussy but enjoyed sex with guys too. He said it so casually it seemed like the most natural thing in the world coming from him.

"Could we maybe just touch each other first and see?" I asked in voice that was barely above a whisper.

He nodded and walked over to the door and turned the lock. When he turned back around he striped off his clothes and reveled that he was already half-erect. I stood and nervously took off my t-shirt and shorts revealing my completely erect cock. I soon learned that he did not grow in proportion to our flaccid difference. When we were both erect his cock didn't appear to be any more than a half-inch longer than my seven-incher. In addition my cock was thicker than his. For some reason knowing that made me feel more comfortable. Even though I already knew I was bigger than the only other hard cock I had ever seen, the one in the shower, I guess I was a bit embarrassed that I might be a lot smaller than Greg.

He walked back over to me and took my rigid pole in his hand. At first he just held it gently while smiling at me. I was nearly immobilized and just stood there staring into his amazing blue eyes. He wrapped his fingers around my cock started slowly sliding his hand up and down.

"How's that feel?" He asked as he increased the pace a bit.

If I told the truth I would have to have said it was the most exciting thing I had ever done. Sure there was the first time a girl touched my dick and that was exciting but in a different way. She was not nearly as gentle and had no idea how to stroke a cock and it was rushed behind some bushes. Greg was clearly an expert at handling a cock and the added taboo of letting another naked guy touch me like that was thrilling.

"Er, um, damn it feels good," I managed to stammer between gasps of breath.

Then he really surprised me. He let go of my cock and moved his hands to my ass. He cupped my ass cheeks as he moved his body next to mine. Since we were almost the exact same height our cock matched up perfectly. He rubbed his against mine.

"Mmmmmmm, I have always wanted to try that standing," He moaned as he continued softly humping his cock against mine.

I exhaled and managed to say, "Jesus it feels good Greg."

"Yeah, I have done it laying down before, but I have never been with a guy whose cock matched up well enough to do it like this," He said as his fingers gripped my ass harder.

I moved my hands to his ass and tentatively caressed his hard round buns as we continued to rub our cocks together.

"Um, do you want to get in bed?" I asked in a hesitant shy way.

"In a minute. I want to do something first," He replied.

The next thing I knew he was kissing his way down my body. He started with light kisses on my neck and quickly moved to my chest. My nipples were already hard from the excitement and slight chill in the room.

"Man you have great pecs," He sighed as he licked my left nipple.

I nearly jumped from the sensation. No one had ever kissed my nipples before. My fuck buddy sometimes teased them with her fingers but she never thought to but her lips on my chest and I never thought to ask her to lick my nips. Greg obviously felt the excitement he was causing and clamped his lips around the dark circle on my chest. He sucked my breast muscle as if he was sucking a girl's tit, all the while flicking his tongue over my nipple. He moved from one side to the other causing my entire body to tingle. All I could do was caress him wherever my hands fell and moan my appreciation.

After a few minutes he moved his lips lower. As he dropped to his knees his lips and tongue traced the trail made by the line of hair that ran between my defined abs. He began to deftly tease my ball sack with his fingertips as he nuzzled my thick pubic bush. I had had girls suck me before that, but this seemed very different. I already knew at that point that Greg was a far more sensual and erotic lover than any female I had ever been with before. When his tongue touched my cock head I gasped. As he continued to fondle my sack he swirled his tongue all over my fat mushroom head. He paid particular attention to the edge of the flared ridge before he did another thing I had not experienced before. My whole body jerked when he began teasing my little opening with the tip of his tongue. I knew I usually leaked a lot of precum so I was sure he was licking up the sticky liquid. I wanted to continue receiving the pleasure but I had always been curious about something.

"How does it taste?" I managed to ask despite my difficulty breathing.

He looked up and smiled as he answered, "Your cock is delicious, buddy."

"Um, no I mean the goo," I added.

He laughed and told me that mine was sweeter than any he had tasted before. Then he squeezed my cock and got a drop on the end of his finger. He raised his hand up to offer me a taste. I had thought about tasting both that and my own cum many times when I had jerked off. But somehow I had never managed to get it to my lips. It always ended up in a tissue flushed away. Now I was faced with an offering from a guy who had just tasted it directly from my cock, I didn't see how I could refuse. I bent and sucked the tip of his offered finger. It didn't really have all that much taste. It certainly wasn't unpleasant. I found it more of a salty taste than sweet, but decided he was the expert or a nice liar.

He pulled his finger from my mouth and returned his attention to my cock. He took me into his mouth for the first time, slowly sliding his lips along my veined rigid shaft while pressing his tongue to the underside of my cock. I was in heaven. But I knew if I let him continue I would cum soon. I wasn't sure if I would be able to continue after cumming. I had barely done anything; I hadn't even touched his cock yet. I did not want the experience to end with me blowing my wad down his throat and then being too ashamed to do anything after.

"Wait," I said as I pulled back.

He looked up confused. Though he did not say it his eyes definitely were asking what was wrong.

"Can we slow down a little? Maybe get in bed and give me a chance to touch you and stuff." I asked.

He smiled and nodded and then stood up and put his arms around me. As our bodies came together our cocks were rubbing against each other. He pressed closer and I felt his muscular chest against my own heaving pecs. I was stunned when his lips touched mine. In all my male sex fantasies I had never thought about kissing. My lips parted as if on autopilot and his tongue was in my mouth. My tongue touched his. Suddenly our tongues were intertwined snakelike, moving from one mouth to the other. He licked my tongue, I licked his. It was like some wild dance or perhaps a battle of gladiators. The kiss was amazing. I felt as if I was breaking some great taboo. I could feel the soft stubble of two days without shaving on his face as we deepened our connection. Though in reality the kiss lasted only minutes, it seemed far longer and yet not long enough.

"Mmmmmmm, you are a great kisser," He said as he stepped back and took my hand in his.

I couldn't manage more than a whimpered moan and bright red blushing cheeks in response to his complement. He moved his hand to my twitching cock and I eagerly wrapped my fingers around his warm hard shaft. As I began to stroke him, I expressed my doubts about knowing what to do.

"That feels good..no worries, just do what feels right," He panted.

I tried to stroke him slowly and gently as he had done with my cock earlier. Looking back, I know in my enthusiasm I was rougher and faster then him. I continued jacking his dick as I moved my other hand to his large balls. Before that I had always though I had a good size set of nuts on me. Greg's were at least half-again as big as mine. As I fondled them I wondered if I could even get one of them in my mouth. I continued stroking and fondling him as I bent and began to suckle his chest, trying my best to do for him what he did for me. I took his whimpers and sighs as a sign of approval. When I tried to kiss lower he stopped me.

"Come on lets get in bed. It will be more comfortable for your first time sucking cock if I am on my back," He said as if he was my teacher explaining some new concept.

He walked to the bed and laid on his back with his legs parted and his cock proudly pointing to the ceiling. He instructed me to get on my hands and knees with my face by his cock. Again I told him I didn't know what to do as I knelt over his twitching cock. He suggested I start by kissing and licking him. I enthusiastically began licking his shaft from head to balls. He encouraged me by telling me how good it felt. I again took his heavy balls in my hand and fondled him as I began to concentrate on his cock head with my tongue and lips. I did the things he had done to me. I swirled my tongue all around his spongy glans and then licked his little slit. I tasted his precum and knew I wanted more. I put his cock head in my mouth and sucked just the top of his cock for a bit.

Then I kissed my way down his shaft to his balls. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted to do and helped me into a new position. He lifted my leg so that I could straddle his face and my head was between his legs.

He pulled his legs up exposing his big eggs and moaned, "Yes, go for it, babe!"

I tentatively began licking his hairless sack. He later told me that he had to shave it to keep it smooth. I soon adopted that same practice. As I kissed and licked his balls he began to lick and kiss my cock as it bobbed above his head. The room was soon filled with both our muffled moans. His being stifled by my cock when he managed to get it in his mouth, mine stifle by a mouthful of his balls. As I suspected I could barely get one of them all the way in my mouth.

After awhile he moaned, "Oh fuck, you are an incredible cock sucker. Please suck my dick again; I really need to cum, baby!"

I hadn't given much thought to the end as I was enjoying the doing so much. Greg's pleas were exciting and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to make him cum. I slipped my leg back over and him and once again knelt beside him on the bed. I took hold of the base of his shaft and took the top half into my mouth. I did my best to suck and use my tongue while trying not to scrape him with my teeth. He began to give me instructions and encouragement. My saliva ran down his shaft making it slick. Each time I pulled my lips up I moved my hand. I was giving him a combination blow job and hand job. After a few minutes I was rewarded with my first mouthful of cum. It was muskier and thicker than the precum and I loved the feeling of having been the reason he came. His cries and moans as well as his writhing body told me I had made him feel very good. I did not let his cock out of my mouth until it was halfway back to being flaccid. Even then I only stopped because he insisted he was too sensitive to take any more.

After another minute for him to recover we switched position. I was on my back and he was on his knees. Being far more experienced at cock sucking he used a different technique on me. I was deep throated for the first time in my life. Each time he went down he took every bit of my cock in; his nose tickled my balls and his lips kissed my thick bush. I was amazed that he could actually take me in his throat without gagging. I was also determined to learn how to do it for him. However, I did not have long to contemplate the situation. My balls tightened and my hips flexed upward meeting his descending mouth. I practically ripped the sheet from the mattress I gripped it so hard. I cried out as cum gushed from my cock, down his throat and into his belly. As I had done to him, he sucked me until I pulled him off. I was still shaking when he turned and crawled up to me. We cuddled for a while before either of us spoke.

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