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University Flashback


Luke and I had been married for many years now and things between us had always been great. We made each other laugh with a wicked sense of humour that other people didn't seem to comprehend at times. Sexually we had always been very compatible. Urging each other to try new things in bed, not to get stuck in the rut that happens with most people after the initial honeymoon period has long since departed. I had always been open with him about my sexuality and he was always cool with my past.

During my University years I had been fairly promiscuous and had enjoyed staying single and in casual relationships to revel in the thrill of the chase. The feeling of getting dressed in the evening to go out, never knowing what the night may bring. Luke knew all about my experiences with both men and women and knew that I had enjoyed being intimate with a female friend of mine.

One September evening we had decide to take advantage of a free night together and with our son away at a friends house it was a rare opportunity to go out as a couple. Luke had booked a table at our favourite restaurant and we were then set to go on to a club for dancing later on. I readied myself with getting prepared for our night. Feeling like we were on our first date again. I had bathed and was going through my wardrobe. Dresses from my past hung in the wardrobe like ghosts of our former life, before our son came along. Many of the outfits had memories, of dates, dinners and fantastic sex in those early months of being together. I picked out at dress, which held particularly fond memories. A long red sexy dress with splits up the thighs, which I always knew Luke appreciated. I brushed my long golden hair and applied flawless make-up to finish my look. A spritz of the perfume that drove him crazy was the final touch.

Luke came out of the bathroom to see me slipping on my red strappy sandals, "Wow! Look at you." he uttered.

"Am I to assume you approve?" I answered with a coy wink

" You look gorgeous." Came the reply. Observing the bulge from beneath the towel of my dripping wet husband I could tell he meant it. Stepping in closer to me he whispered "I have half a mind not to go anywhere tonight. But I have a surprise for you later and can't wait to see your face."

"Well in that case we had better get going." I uttered, pausing to gently lick the side of Luke's neck "I'll look forward to that later." I breathed in his ear.

The evening was filled with expectation. I had no idea what this surprise may have been but my mind was on overload. After a wonderful meal we moved on to a new club where the innuendo and sexual chemistry continued to flow. While sitting at the bar having another cocktail I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Jude. She was the girl from University that I had had a brief affair with.

"Oh my God! Jude, what the hell are you doing here?" I exclaimed in a state of shock.

"Well I got a call from Luke," Jude announced "And he told me that he thought you wanted to see me again. How could I refuse?"

"Where are you staying?" I asked

"Well Luke said so long as I made it here then I could stay at yours?" she replied.

Luke was sitting on a bar stool rooted to the spot. Fixedly watching the two of us engaged in conversation that still held the same chemistry that it had all those years ago. I could tell what he was thinking. I always knew.

I was still attracted to Jude. She was amazing to look at. Full long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. A rare and unbelievably beautiful combination. Her translucent skin glowed and her body was stunning. She had never been a skinny girl (God knows neither of us had) but her figure was rounded and soft and made people look twice. She was captivating.

"So, you still know how to dance?" I asked with a cheeky grin

"You betcha!" came the reply

We belted to the dance floor like a couple of teenagers. Luke sat watching from the sidelines, enjoying the movement of the two women before him. I watched him from the corner of my eye. He began shifting uncomfortably in his seat and I knew he was itching to leave. He wanted to see what it was that I had witnessed with Jude almost a decade ago. From the way that Jude was dancing with me I knew she was up for it too. Provocative and sexy. Her swinging hips did all the talking.

"Let's go." I said taking her hand. She kindly obliged and followed me to where Luke was sitting.

"Are we off ladies?" Luke asked

"Yes. It's time to go home and catch up properly.A trip down memory lane I think!" Jude exclaimed

The arrogance of it shocked me, but on the other hand I felt a rush of blood straight to my clit, which made me catch my breath.

In the taxi on the way home not a single word was uttered. It was as if an entire 10-minute conversation had been uttered solely through the use of eye contact. We all knew what lay ahead but none of us could envisage how the evening would unfold. Jude stared into my eyes and gently held onto my knee whilst Luke stroked the back of my neck, still damp with sweat from the dancing.

When we arrived home none of the usual visitor etiquette seemed necessary. I didn't feel the need to offer coffee or show her to the guest room. We all knew she wouldn't be using it. We sat together on the sofa and again Jude's hand returned to my knee. Only this time it didn't stop there. She slid her delicate fingers up my thigh, my stomach and up to my shoulder with one swift flick she let the straps of the red dress fall and my bare breasts were freed. Luke sat still mesmerised as she leaned in to gently kiss me. My tongue tasted the familiar mouth and I emitted a slow and quiet moan. Her hands slid over the soft skin of my breasts and slowly encircled my nipples. Luke moved to sit the other side of her and undid the zip on the back of her top letting it fall to her waist. Reaching round he scooped her full breasts in his hands and kneaded her nipples making them stand out proud. She leaned back against him and rested her head back on his shoulder as he licked and kissed her neck. I leaned forward and began to lick her nipples, which were peeking out from between my husband's fingers. Hoisting up her short skirt I eased her out of her silk panties while Luke continued to kiss her neck ad shoulders. He reached round to feel her soft shaven pussy as she leaned fully against him now lying back across the sofa.

I was unable to hold back any more and followed my senses to dip down and lick her inner thighs as Luke probed deeper within her moist lips with his fingers. My fingers found his inside those lips and eventually my tongue licked her small clit. She was beginning to writhe a little as my husband and I teased her pussy. I could taste the liquid now seeping from her hole as I reached two fingers inside her. I began to gently fuck her never stopping with the rhythmic licking of her clit. She began to shiver as I carried on while Luke was pinching her nipples and kneading her full and gorgeous breasts. I could feel the orgasm start from within her as she let out a deep moan and came hard, her pussy squeezing my fingers.

"Mmm, now it's you're turn." Jude proclaimed. I didn't know which one of us she was talking to, and I didn't care. Luke stood up and she loosened his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor. His cock was straining to be released from his boxer shorts. He was solid as a rock. She unleashed his cock from it's restraint and hungrily took it in her mouth as deep as it could go. I watched as my friend sucked off my husband with none of the jealousy I would have expected. The sound of Luke groaning was amazing to hear as I could watch him clearly at the same time.

Luke pulled away and said, "Now I want to watch you lick my wife." Jude was all to eager to oblige as she laid me down on the edge of the sofa and eased her fingers into my tight cunt. Licking and nibbling gently on my clit she pumped her fingers in and out of me as Luke watched with his cock in his hand. Suddenly he knelt down and pushed his rock hard prick into the sopping lips of Jude's hole. She went to town feasting away on me as he fucked her harder and harder. With every thrust it banged Jude's face against me and soon I was crying out "I'm coming, oh fuck yes, I'm coming!" Luke let out a wail as he shot into Jude's spent pussy. All night it carried on. A whole night of lust and fucking left us exhausted. But by God it was worth it.

As I look back on this I remembered how amazing it was to be with Jude all those years ago. Now to experience it all again but with Luke makes me realise how lucky I am to have such a great friend and such a fantastic husband.

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