tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 02

University Life - First Ch. 02


Kainene stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a snug red jumper as it was a bit nippy, if the breeze from the opened window was a good indicator. She paired this with tight blue skinny jeans and black pumps. Although she was not overly dressed, she thought she looked alright for the student's bar. Pink lipgloss, and thickly mascara'd eyelashes and she was set. She went to the kitchen and saw the others already waiting, apart from John.

'Oooh, you scrub up well, Miss Nens.' Mykelos grinned as Kainene blushed. Her golden hair was in a sloppy ponytail but a few curls found their way round her heart shaped face and high cheekbones. Her full lips shone and she actually looked very pretty. Matt thought this inwardly, but he pushed it out of his mind as he still wanted his Lorna back.

Lorna looked pretty as well. She had a short blue dress on and her wavy red hair was left flowing down her shoulders and back. Her large chocolate brown eyes looked larger and exotic with black eyeliner and she looked a bit taller thanks to her peep-toed heels.

'Oh wow, you look amazing, I feel so underdressed now. Do you think I should go change? Have we got time?' Kainene panicked as she stared at Lorna.

'Don't be silly. You're gorgeous. You could wear a burlap sack and still look gorgeous so quit fretting!' Lorna stated matter-of-factly. She looked at her gold wristwatch. 'Well, it's a few minutes past seven but who gets to these things early anyway? You guys ready?' She looked round at the others.

'But what about John?' Kainene asked as he obviously wasn't there.

'Oh he's not coming. Has a cold or some ridiculously similar excuse. It's for the best anyway. Don't wanna console him while he drunkenly bawls about missing Mummy.' Matt drawled stubbing his cigarette out on the kitchen table.

Kainene giggled at that. He was rather mean, but so funny at it that she couldn't help but laugh. She studied him covertly. He was actually quite cute and had an amazing body. Mykelos was hot too, but he was a bit too stocky, kind of like Wayne Rooney. Matt on the other hand was lean and wiry and she loved blondes anyway. He was the same height as she was, but she felt she could tackle this by wearing flat shoes. Anyway, she sighed to herself snapping out of her fantasy, he was an obvious snob and she didn't really think he could possibly fancy her, except if she stuck a hot potato down her throat and started talking like him and Lorna.

'Okay party people, off we go to the bar to get as drunk as we can on cheap alcohol and make loads of new friends.' Mykelos said.

'And forget them as quickly tomorrow,' Matt dryly added. Lorna and Kainene giggled as this was so true.

The foursome walked out of the flat and downstairs, going past other students who chattered excitedly to each other as they went towards the brightly lit student bar.

When they got there, they stopped to look around for an empty table to snag for themselves. They found one by the ping-pong machine and rushed there quickly as they had spotted two other people eyeing the table up.

'Phew, you go Lorna. Elbowing those unlucky, slow sods like that.' Mykelos said dropping on a sofa.

Lorna grinned at that, 'Didn't play hockey for five years for nothing, my dear boy. So, who's gonna guard the table whilst the others get the drinks?'

'I don't mind waiting.' Kainene softly said.

Mykelos nodded smiling slyly at Matt, 'Yeah me too. Get me a Bud will you dear? And you Nens?'

'Oh, some vodka and orange please. Thank you.' She smiled shyly at Lorna and Matt.

'One vodka orange and Budweiser coming right up.' Lorna chimed and went off with Matt tailing her.

'So why did you smile at Matt like that, Mykelos?' Kainene asked. She had noticed how Matt had blushed when Mykelos smiled at him.

Mykelos chuckled a bit, 'Oh Lorna and Matt had a bit of a thing back in their college. For two years actually.'

'Is it?' She gasped.

'Yup, it is.' Mykelos nodded happy to be spreading the gossip, 'And they broke up over something completely retarded, but Matt still fancies her eh, so I'm tryna help get them back together.'

'But does Lorna still fancy him?'

'Don't know. I think she does though. I've caught her staring at him a couple of times when she thought no one was looking. It'll be so cool, a couple in our flat, eh?' He giggled a bit at this.

Kainene smiled also. Well, Matt could definitely never fancy her then. She shook her head wryly to herself and looked around at the other students. There were already different groups being formed, obviously flatmates. She caught the eyes of someone staring at her direction rather intensely. She looked behind her at Mykelos who was staring back at the person. 'Why is that guy staring so much? Do you know him?' She asked confused.

'Nope, but I intend to.' He leered lasciviously and winked at the guy.

Kainene started at him astonished. Hunh? She thought. She looked back at the guy and saw him smiling now at Mykelos and the penny dropped. You're gay, she thought.

'Yup I am sweetie.' He nodded.

'Oh.' She blushed fiercely. She did not think she had said it out loud. 'Err, wow. You don't look gay. Not that I know how a gay person would look, or...oh crap!' She put her head in her hands. 'Shall shut up now before I dig a deeper hole, innit.' She groaned.

'Don't sweat it, babe. Same thing Matt and so many other people have said to me when they found out, or rather, when I told them about my gayness. Anyway, he is staring at me rather intensely isn't he? And he's quite cute, right?' Mykelos asked, running his hand through his hair and grinning at the guy in the corner.

Kainene giggled out loud. She had never met a gay person, or had a gay friend, and Mykelos just sounded so girly now. Bless him. She looked back at the guy who was grinning and mirroring Mykenos by running his hand through his own sandy brown hair.

'Oh he definitely thinks you're hot, mate. Better go talk to him. I'll keep your drink for you.'

'Oh you gorgeous, lanky doll. Ta!' He quickly stood up and strode rather purposefully towards the guy. Soon they were chatting away like old mates.

Kainene smiled to herself and looked around. Matt and Lorna were still at the bar as there was a bit of a queue there and she felt a bit awkward sitting by herself.

'Hey, are you okay?' A chirpy voice asked and Kainene turned round to see two girls smiling down at her.

'Oh hello, yeah, sure, just waiting for my mates to get some drinks at the bar.' She gestured towards the bar.

'Oh. Well. I'm Rachael. And this is Maude. We're from block A.' The same chirpy voiced girl said. She was a bit chubby and had scraggly brown hair and brown eyes. Maude was taller but not as tall as Kainene (She'd yet to see any girl as tall as her) and had dyed pink hair and piercings on her lower lip and both eyebrows.

'Oh wow, I'm block B and so are my mates. I'm Nens...oh look there they are. Got the drinks at last.' She smiled at Matt and Lorna who looked rather cosy together as they walked towards the table. Her smile was part relief as she was not really good at making new friends and ended up sounding a total dweeb.

Lorna smiled as she dropped the bottle of Bud and a large glass of vodka orange by Kainene. 'Hullo, hullo. I'm Lorna. You're clearly from University Hall too, right?' She asked the other two girls.

'Yeah.' Rachael's voice had become rather breathy as she stared at Matt with ill-disguised lust.

Matt smiled uncomfortably at her, thinking inwardly that he could never get with such a mousy looking chub. Kainene noticed Rachael's scrutiny of Matt and his uncomfortable demeanour and grinned to herself. She was having fun at these utterly different characters to the ones found in her previous college. If someone from her college fancied another person, they asked immediately if that person 'fancied a shag then?' She would never have had the courage to say so which was probably why she was still a virgin. But she had never come across such coyness as Rachael was displaying, although she was certain Matt would never look twice at Rachael, regardless of him still fancying Lorna.

'Err, where's Mykelos then?' Matt asked turning to Kainene as Lorna spoke to the other two girls. He didn't want to involve himself in a conversation with them as they looked incredibly unattractive and the pink haired one looked scary as hell. Although he would never have found himself in a situation where he would have crossed paths with someone who spoke the way Kainene did, she was actually really gorgeous and sweet. Pity about the accent, but there was clearly nothing she could do about it so he was determined to look past it and be friendlier.

'He's off chatting up some fit dude in the corner.' She replied looking over to where they were – or had been as they were nowhere to be found.

'Aaah, he's got himself a warm body for the night, I see.' Matt chuckled loudly.

'Oooh, who's got himself a warm body for the night?' Rachael asked a bit too excitedly. She edged Lorna closer to Kainene so that she could squeeze her ample arse into the space next to Matt. Maude looked so embarrassed. Probably to be associated with someone like Rachael, Kainene thought nastily and uncharacteristically, then quickly tried to push that thought out of her head, ashamed that she could be so spiteful.

Matt looked at Rachael in horror and tried to move farther away. Rachael seemed oblivious and edged even closer. Lorna caught Kainene's eyes and snorted, quickly changing it to a cough as Kainene turned red trying to stifle her laughter. Maude just rolled her eyes at Rachael, muttered something inaudible and walked away.

Rachael looked at Maude walking off and turned to the others saying cattily, 'Well, I simply can't think why I hung out with that grunger anyway. She's so anti social don't you think? Anyway, Matt what were you saying?'

'Absolutely nothing. Well not to you anyway.' He rudely stated, then added as Rachael widened her eyes at him in disbelief, 'And could you get your arse off my hand? You're crushing my fingers and I need them to row.'

She gasped at this and looked round at the other two girls who quickly averted their eyes. 'Well, how rude...anyway you can't be faulted. I mean you do row, and I mustn't ruin your hands. I apologise, are you okay now?' She gushed, ignoring Matt's rudeness.

The other three stared at her, agape. Was she serious? Was she really that thick-skinned that she couldn't tell Matt did not fancy her?

Matt gazed at her stunned, 'Talk about being bloody thick. I'm going to get some more drinks. Same for you girls, right?' And with that, he got up and walked quickly to the bar counter.

'Well,' Rachael said to fill the gap of silence, 'I simply can't imagine what he was talking about. He didn't even ask what I wanted to drink.'

Kainene couldn't stop herself. She had to save this girl from further humiliating herself. 'Look,' she gently began, 'Matt's my boyfriend and probably felt a bit uncomfortable with all the attention you were giving him. Please forgive his rudeness. That's the only way he can get himself out of tight situations.'

Lorna snorted again at this and quickly gulped her drink to stop herself from bursting with mirth. Rachael stared at Kainene coldly, 'You? Matt's girlfriend? You have got to be joking. Where on earth did you guys meet? In a down-trodden pub?'

Kainene gasped stunned. Lorna was too shocked to say anything as well.

'What...What do you mean by that?' Kainene whispered, trying not to cry.

'Exactly what I said. I mean, you are passably alright, but you two are so different, you're like night and day.' Racheal snapped.

'And you think you and Matt are similar?' Lorna asked cuttingly. She had recovered and Kianene clearly couldn't stick up for herself, plus who did this fat turd think she was? 'Well let's make a list shall we? You're fat, ugly, short and you basically look like my grandmother's dull, chipped teapot which mummy discarded as soon as she possibly could. Matt - I need not describe as we all know how fit he is. And you think that there's an inkling of similarity between you two? Please.'

Rachael's mouth opened and closed like a fish. Mykelos chose this time to bounce back to them like an overexcited puppy. 'Hello my little angels, how are thee?' His eyes alighted on the still speechless Rachael, 'Oh, a new friend, I see. And you are?' He put out a hand to shake hers.

'Leaving' Lorna bit out. 'We don't abide rude people here Mykelos and that's exactly what this creature is. Why, I couldn't possibly imagine as she has got to be the plainest looking person I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. Now if you can't apologise to Nens for that hideous comment, then I suggest you take yourself away from here.' Lorna ended glaring at Rachael.

Rachael shook her head angrily and flounced off.

'Oh, Lorna, you didn't have to stick up for me like that. But thanks, really. That was wicked. Wish I had some backbone, myself.' Kainene gushed with happiness at Lorna.

'Well I wish you did too. I mean if I heard someone speak like you, I'd be scared that I was gonna get a knife in my back, and then you end up being as meek as a lamb. Grow some spine, woman.' Lorna dryly said.

'Okay, I definitely missed a lot, so out with it people. What's been going on?' Mykelos asked with gossip glowing in his eyes.

Kainene zoned out as Lorna described what had happened to him. It had been a rather eventful day, it had. What with her parents crying, meeting new people, getting insulted and getting stood up for. What a day!

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