tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 05-06

University Life - First Ch. 05-06



Kainene sighed to herself yet again. She had been staring at the same page for half an hour but could not understand a word that was written. She tried to focus but knew that it was hopeless. Who knew Criminal Law could be so boring?

Boring, a voice slyly replied. It's not boring; you just can't get Rufus, who's taken by the way, out of your scatty head.

Kainene groaned inwardly at that. Now she knew she was definitely going crazy. When the stupid voice inside her head was actually right for the first time. It had been days since the Panache episode and she still could not stop thinking about Rufus and what could have been if 'dahhhhhling Minty' had not interrupted. Lorna had tried to talk to her about it several times but she always cut her off. Lorna had finally gotten the message and had stopped pestering her about what had happened on the dance floor.

She sighed to herself once more. She could not pretend she understood the stupid objective and subjective tests anymore. Who cared about manslaughter and murder? Sod the OAPA 1861 Act. She was skiving the next lecture and heading home for some sleep before her shift at the union shop.

As she walked towards the bus stop, her phone beeped in her coat pocket. She slid it out and saw Lorna's number flashing. She shook her head slightly and slid the phone back into her pocket. As much as she loved Lorna, she was not in the mood to talk to anybody. As she looked up, she bumped into somebody and stumbled, crashing to the floor in an ungainly heap. She looked up and saw, her heart plummeting further, Minty and her shadow, Heather.

'Are you, like, blind or something?' Heather asked irritated.

'I'm the one on the floor. Shouldn't I be the one complaining?' Kainene muttered getting to her feet and dusting off the bottom of her coat.

'Oh dear, I really hope you did not smear anything on my tote. It's Hermes, you know. I was on the list for yonks before I got this Berkin. Fifteen thousand pounds you know.' Minty whined rolling her eyes and studying her bag carefully for any dirt.

Kainene nearly choked on her spit. Fifteen thousand pounds for one bag? That was beyond outrageous! She shook her head in disbelief, 'Wow, I really hope the bag's okay, then. I really do. I mean, forget about me, a human being with a possible bruise. That bag simply must be alright.'

Minty could not decide if Kainene was being sarcastic or not. She looked closely at Kainene and suddenly realised that this was the girl Rufus had been snogging on the dance floor at Panache. Well, well, well. She smiled sweetly at her, 'Oh don't worry about it. Mummy promised to get me another one for my birthday and that's like in a month's time so it really doesn't matter. You're studying law, yah? So am I. Minty.' She stuck out her hand to shake Kainene's.

Kainene regarded Minty with suspicion. Why was she suddenly being so friendly? 'Nens. Yes, I study law. And so do both of you. I've seen you around.'

'Really? Well, we haven't seen you around but, now that we know you, we'll be sure to look out for you.' Minty smiled prettily at her. She made to walk away then abruptly turned back to the startled Kainene. 'Oh, by the way, a quick heads up. Do keep away from Rufus, this is just friendly advice of course, because you see, he's my boyfriend, and you aren't a boyfriend stealer now, are you?'

Kainene shook her head in disbelief. She had figured there was something between Minty and Rufus when Minty had kissed him and he had not pushed her away. But, boyfriend? Had that happened before or after he kissed her, Kainene? And if so, why the hell did he refer to their kiss as 'one of the best' if he was going to ask someone else out just days after? And what the fuck did Minty mean by 'boyfriend stealer'? Who the fuck said that on leaving college, for Pete's sake?

'Err, right. Good for both of you. Have to go now, there's my bus.' She made to walk away.

'Oh dear, the bus. Ah well, not everyone has a car I suppose.' Minty cackled to Heather who giggled back.

Kainene simply shook her head and walked off. If those girls weren't so irritating, she would have felt sorry for them. Who on earth still acted so bitchy and 'mean girl-sy' in university? Seriously?

When she got back to her room, she noticed that John's room door was open. She went to his door and knocked on it. She heard a timid 'Come in.'

On poking her head in, she realised that he was finishing with packing up. She looked at him bemused, 'Er, are you travelling somewhere then?' she asked.

'Oh no. I'm moving. To Hawthorns. It's closer to school and it's not really a flat as such. More like different rooms in the hall...' he quickly stuttered to her.

She nodded as quickly as he stuttered to end the painful conversation. Seemed the poor boy was finally fed up with their antics then. Sad boy, how and when would he ever grow up?

'Well, good luck with your move then. Bya.' She quickly left his room to the sanity of hers. She truly hoped he found whatever he was looking for by moving, and the others would definitely be happier without him, plus that gave them a spare room till someone else moved in. Woo-hoo!

Two hours later, Kainene woke up feeling refreshed. She stared at herself in the mirror and chanted to herself, 'I do not care about Rufus. I do not care about Minty or her sidekick. I'm here to get a First, and a First is what I shall have.' She giggled to herself after her chant, it sounded like something that should have ended with an 'ooooommm'. She yawned happily and got her toothbrush out of its holder. Time to freshen up and head to the Union shop. She walked out and saw Matt and Lorna having a hushed conversation. She went into the kitchen and they clammed up immediately.

'Alright then, you lot aren't talking about me then, ainchya?' She jokingly said.

They laughed back almost forcefully, 'Talk about you, please.' Matt rolled his eyes.

'Hmmm, then I guess you lot are talking about how to get your relationship back on track then?' She slyly replied.

Lorna turned bright red, 'Hunh? Why, that's so silly. I mean...tell her Matt, we weren't.' She squeaked.

Kainene stopped her movement and turned to look at them properly. Lorna stared back wide-eyed and Matt looked steadily out of the window playing with his lighter furiously. Oh my God, they were talking about their relationship, or what they could make of it. She widened her eyes but did not say anything. They were clearly embarrassed and this was their business. If Lorna opted to talk about it later with her then that was okay but she was not going to meddle in their affairs.

'Well, guess what Johnnie Mouse was up to today,' She said changing the topic, 'Or should I say, where Johnnie Mouse is?'

The other two practically heaved their lungs out in relief at the obvious topic change.

'Where, in the warden's office looking for ways to get us heathens chucked out the flat?' Matt asked.

'Nope. Au contraire, he has found a way of getting rid of us...he got himself chucked out to the Hawthorns'.

'No!' Lorna gasped, 'He's gone?'

'Oui, oui. Le garcon is departe...or however the French say it. He's gone. I know I should feel a bit sad that we've lost a flatmate but, it's like the air is nicer. Not as uptight and stuffy.' Kainene said; a tad guiltily for feeling so pleased that John was going.

'Oh you are so right, wait till Mykelos hears about this. He's gonna do a victory dance on John's bed.' Lorna giggled.

'Ah well. Now that I've done my good deed for the day -- bringing such wonderful news to you's two, I'm off to the coal mine that is the Union shop. You two out tonight?' Kainene asked, making her way to the bathroom.

Lorna blushed immediately, and Matt cleared his throat.

'Well, we sort of are, you know, we are...'Lorna stammered.

'We have a date. Tonight.' Matt said, defiantly staring at Kainene to say something funny.

'Ah.' Kainene stated lost for words. She had a feeling this day would come. It was clear to anyone with working eyes that these two still had feeling for each other. She was actually pleased for them because she felt Lorna was the only one who could bring out Matt's more pleasant side on a regular basis.

'I'm so pleased for you both. Have fun. I'm gonna try get some more milk and eggs...oh and cereal for the flat.' She quickly said.

'Oh, that's lovely. I'll get some coins.' Lorna interjected.

'No...Let me.' Matt put in as well.

'Oh naff off you two. I'm using my discount card so it's going to be cheap as Lidl bread. And anyway, once you lot are back I've got gossip for you Lorna about the 'perfect bitches of Headington.' Lorna had told her what Viola said and they both found it hysterical.

'Ooooh, can't wait!' Lorna squealed excitedly.

As Kainene closed the bathroom door, she heard Matt ask in confusion 'The perfect bitches of Headington? What the fuck?'


'Can't believe it's been over a month since we moved in. I mean, wow. How the days fly.' Lorna said walking hand in hand with Kainene up the Clifton Downs. It was the last Sunday of the month and the two girls were on their way back from church to their flat.

'I know. I mean, so much has changed as well. Mykelos has a proper boyfriend, or so the poor *ahem* boyfriend claims. However, Mykelos does NOT want to be tied down as he keeps on clucking.' Kainene giggled.

'Oh yeah, and we have a new flatmate, as drippy as John, but at least she's hardly ever in the flat. Always with her equally drippy friends.' Lorna added as they reminisced about the past month.

'Ooh, and let's not forget, a certain Lorna is back together with a certain Matt.' Kainene said slyly.

Both girls giggled loudly, Lorna blushing as she did. 'Oh, lay off. It's been two weeks already. Let it go.'

'I know, but you're so easy to tease, I just can't help it.' Kainene replied laughing at the ever-blushing Lorna.

'Oh whatever. And you too, who thought you'd change from the quiet, never-talk-back Kainene to the feisty Nens that you are now?'

'Well, what can I say, University brings out the best, and the worst, in all of us. Mine being the latter of course. And I'm loving it.' Kainene exclaimed happily.

Lorna grinned back at her and they walked in companionable silence.

It truly had been a fast, yet surprising month. Apart from these changes, everything else had gone perfectly for the flatmates. Mykelos was loving his course and his 'boyfriend', Matt had finally figured out a perfect balance for his flat-friends, other friends and his girlfriend, Lorna was head over heels in love with Matt and it was clear the feeling was reciprocated, and Kianene? Well, life was as well as it could be. The bitchy duo had left her alone once they realised she was not going after Rufus, she was enjoying her job as much as she could as it gave her some pocket money, and her university work as fantastic, she had gotten high firsts on her practice tests in all her modules. The only fly in her bonnet was, as much as she felt she was over Rufus, a part of her was still hurt that he had made no effort to look for her. At least she had told him her name and her hall. Clearly, the kiss and dance was something he did a lot and he must truly be going out with Minty then. At first, she had consoled herself that Minty was lying and wanted her to back off. Clearly she had been living in la-la-land. She forcefully pushed her thoughts out of her head. It had been a glorious month and she wasn't going to taint it by thinking about past events.

Sadly, fate had different plans for her. A horn was honked loudly and both girls jumped, startled out of their respective reveries to stare at a black Maserati which was slowing towards them. A window was wound down and who should stare out, but Rufus himself.

Oh God, why? Kainene groaned to herself. The day she let herself think about him in past tense, finally, he decided to come out of his hiding hole.

'Hey, do you know the directions to Cribbs Causeway? Because I've be...Kainene? Is that you?' Rufus asked in disbelief as he stared at Kainene and Lorna.

Lorna looked at Kainene wildly. What was she going to say?

'Hey, Rufus. It's been yonks.' She sarcastically said hoping he'd realise that was exactly how Minty had cut into their conversation. He clearly did as his face turned a bright red, filling Kianene with some form of perverse satisfaction.

'Yeah, it has. Look, I've been looking all over for you. I wanted to...' He started.

'You clearly didn't look too well now did you? Seeing that I told you what hall I was in, my name...you know...both of us being in Stoke Bishop together.' Kainene cut in snarkily.

He started to say something, but she waved it away, 'It really doesn't matter. It was just a dance, so really, let's forget it. You don't owe me anything, and anyway you're with your perfect partner now, so Congratulations, I suppose.'

He looked utterly confused when she said this, 'Perfect partner? What on earth are you talking about? Look can you come into the car let's talk about this properly. I want to apologise properly, and I can drop your friend off...'

Lorna nodded vigorously at this and at the same time Kainene shook her head as vigorously, if not more than Lorna. 'Oh no, I don't think that's necessary at all. Look Rufus. Forget about all this. Minty said you two are going out and really, why should she lie? It's not like you fancy me or anything.' She blushed inwardly at this but rushed on, 'Anyway, the directions of Cribbs are easy. Just go straight on after the last roundabout for about ten minutes then you'll see another one. Take a right and drive on, Cribbs isn't too far. Good day, come on Lorna.' She practically frogmarched Lorna unto the field itself so that Rufus would not be able to continue the conversation. She looked on as she heard a very audible 'Oh fuck!' and engines furiously revving as he sped off.

'What the...Nens. Are you psycho?' Lorna all but screamed at Kainene once Rufus had taken off.

'No I'm not. I'm very sane actually. He's got a girlfriend, and he clearly saw our...actions at Panache as a normal student thing -- which it was, to be frank. So let's all stop making a big deal out of this for fuck's sake and just let it go.'

Lorna opened her mouth but Kainene glared at her, 'Seriously, Lorna. I don't want to hear it. Please.'

Lorna just sighed and shook her head. Kainene could be very pig-headed about stuff and this was definitely one of them so she was not going to say anything if Kainene wanted it that way.

Later on that evening, Rufus lay on his bed staring angrily up at the ceiling. He still could not get the events of the afternoon out of his head. He was bemused at what Kainene said, about him being in a relationship with Minty. Why would she say that? He was friends with Minty, granted, but that was because their families had known each other since forever. Plus, he could not go out with Minty even if he was paid. She was too spoilt. Where could Kianene have gotten that idea from? He thought to himself. Granted, he had not looked for her, but he had been hurt when she walked off the dance floor leaving him there, especially as he'd just asked her for her phone number. He'd felt very stupid just standing there, and he still could not understand why she had done so.

When he had gotten over his stupid anger and pride, it had been almost a week since it happened and he'd asked some friends he knew from University Hall if they knew her but none of them did. He now realised that it was because he had been asking for 'Kianene'. He had forgotten that she was called Nens. He had conveniently tried to forget about her, but now that he had seen her again, he knew that it was futile. He sighed and tried to forget about her yet again. What was the point when she clearly hated his guts? He punched his pillow in anger. There was nothing he could do, sod it. He was not going to try to engage her in any conversation again only to get his teeth firmly kicked. If they ever met up again, however unlikely this seemed as their parts had not crossed at all, then he'd try to talk to her but if she acted as snootily as she had just done then it was over. His pride could not handle another blatant rejection.

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