tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 09

University Life - First Ch. 09



It was end of term and Kainene was beyond thrilled. It had been a very trying last week. Ever since the Christmas ball, Kainene had not gone for any lectures. She had not missed her seminars as those had been compulsory and she could not bear to do so. Of course, not having either Heather or Minty in any of her groups had been a deciding factor as well. So for one week it had been no lectures for her as she did not want to see them. Partly because she just needed sometime away from them after the dreadful thing they had done, and partly because she needed her space alone in the flat with all the others gone for their own lectures and seminars. Although she had been very grateful and touched by the actions of the others, Matt, Lorna and Mykenos always bringing hot, sweet cups of tea to her room and providing chocolates for her, she had needed some time to herself without the stifling presence of her overly sympathetic friends. Viola had been the most understanding, telling her not to worry about the gown as it did not matter especially when Kainene knew how much the dress meant to Viola's grandmother and Viola herself. She had also stayed away from the union shop that week, pleading a terrible illness. As she was the most hardworking and the nicest worker there, they had told her to take the week off in addition to her Christmas holiday and to come back at the start of next term. That had definitely been welcome news.

Now she was packing some clothes and stuff into a suitcase to take home for the Christmas holiday. She was taking the 3 p.m. train and it was already 12 p.m. Matt and Lorna had left for Switzerland that morning for a two week skiing trip then they were going to Lorna's parent's holiday home in Tuscany for the last two weeks of holiday for Christmas. Viola had left the night before for home then she was off to the south of France with her family for the whole four weeks and Mykelos had just been picked up by his parents back to Liverpool. He intended to spend Christmas with them before heading off to Blackpool with some of his college mates for the New Year celebration. She smiled to herself as she thought of her friends' exotic sounding Christmas plans. She was simply happy to be going back home to London for some tender loving care, and to catch up with her old college friends, Vicky and Anna. A brighter smile found its way across her face. It had been months since she saw them and even though they all spoke on the phone at least once a week, it was not the same as before when they spent every passing day together.

She closed her suitcase with a firm click and looked round her room making sure that anything she needed for her trip back home was not being left behind. Satisfied, she took off her clothes ready for a relaxed bout of showering and primping before setting for the station. Having the flat all to herself was indeed relaxing, she thought happily.

A few hours later, she grinned in pleasant surprise when she saw two familiar faces wave excitedly as walked out of Paddington station. Her best friends had come to get her.

'What on earth are you guys doing here? I thought Mum and Dad were gonna come pick me up? She asked, dropping her suitcase and grabbing her friends in a tight hug which involved lots of rocking and squealing.

Vicky, a red-haired with piercing green eyes and a Vita Don Teese body screamed in her cockney accent, 'We had to come get you, luv. Your ma said to surprise you and we were well up for it.'

Anna, a slim black girl with large brown eyes and a short pixie hair cut added dryly, 'Unh-hunh. Let's not forget that you brought up the idea of surprising her as you wanted to show off your brand new death trap.'

Kainene turned in excitement and shrieked, 'You've got a car?'

Vicky smiled proudly, 'Yup, yup. A lovely old Volkswagen, okay it's a bit noisy but I bought it with my prize money from winning the best Newcomer Fashion Award.'

Kainene widened her eyes, 'But I thought you told me you were gonna use it for you and Nick's trip to Miami in spring?'

Vicky shrugged, 'Ah well, I did. But Nicky's just got a good job as a real good salesman and he said he wanted to spoil me, then I saw my baby and fell in love and the rest, as they say, is history.'

Anna nodded and said in her dry drawl, 'And that heap o' junk's is deffo going to be history when it's towed or giving a parking ticket.'

Vicky let out a sharp squeal and started hurrying to where she parked her car, calling out over her shoulder, 'You wicked witch, why didn't you remind me sooner? You know how I get when I'm excited!'

Anna just rolled her eyes and grinned at Kainene. Kainene herself felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She definitely loved her Bristol friends but with her college friends, she felt like she was truly home.

'Come on, Nens. Let's go have some of your mum's wicked J rice and you can tell us all about life with the upper class.'

Kainene just shook her head and dragged her suitcase as she went arm-in-arm with her friend towards Vicky's car.


'No fuckin' way, mate!' Vicky gasped. The three girls were all stretched out cosily on Kainene's bed. They had had a lovely meal and had been listening to all the shenanigans that had occurred back in Bristol.

'I woulda ripped her face out and done the Spanish Tango on it in spiky heels.' Anna growled.

Kainene just shook her head. Anna had always been the hot head out of all of them; Vicky was the bubbly effervescent one and Kainene, the quiet one.

'Nah, s'alright. Lorna had a right go at her anyway, she told me. It really was no bother. She's a spoilt girl and likes attention and I'm just gonna stay well outta her way.'

Anna retorted angrily, 'You shouldn't stay outta her way, Nens. She should stay outta yours. I think it's high time I come pay you a visit at that uppity school of yours.'

Kainene got a bit irritated and said, 'Come on Anna, give over. You'll come over and then what? Yell at her? Beat her up? You'll just get both of us in trouble. I already have enough shit 'cuz of my accent, I don't need any more stress about being a ghetto street fighter as well.'

Anna stared at her in silence, then asked in a hurt voice, 'Is that what you think of me then? Being a ghetto street fighter? All 'cuz am rightly angry over the way you let people walk all over you? I can see you've really changed. I thought it was just the 'posh' accent but I see you are ashamed of your roots as well.'

'Anna!' Vicky gasped.

'Don't Anna me!' She retorted hotly, 'It's true. Look at you saying you get stressed 'cuz of your accent. Now that's something you shouldn't give a shit about 'cuz that's just who you are. But the important issue of being bullied? Noooo...that's not a problem. Let's just gloss over it and let the poshies win, I'm low class and deserve to be treated like cow dung...'

'Oh just shut the fuck up!' Kainene said, her voice trembling with fury. 'Where do you get off preaching to me about being soft? Do you know how intimidating you can be when you mouth off? Do you know how other people have spoken to me about the way you treat me sometimes? But I defend you 'cuz I know you're my friend and don't mean anything spiteful. Yet you come here preaching to me to grow some backbone. You think it's your God-given right to talk shit to me, but no one else can? Guess what, Anna I'm not your property, I'm your friend and you should respect my decision to drop this issue if I want you to. Just the same way, I'd do if you were in my shoes. If you can't do that, then I really don't want to speak to you right now.'

Anna stared at her darkly for a few seconds, then dropped her eyes, sighing loudly as she did so, 'I'm sorry. I was way outta line there. I guess I'm just a bit jealous that you're having so much fun and making loads of new friends in a strange place without me and Vicky to back you up like we always do. And I guess it's doubly worse because I don't want you to forget us when you're with your posh friends or get ashamed of us for reminding you about your 'ghetto' life.'

Kainene shifted to Anna's side and dragged her in a big hug, 'don't be silly, Anna. There's no way I'd ever forget you or Vicky. You guys will always be my closest and best friends. How do you know I wasn't a bit jealous that you guys will be so close since you guys are still together in the same school and I'd feel like the third wheel when I came back here on hols? But that's just stupid insecurities that friends normally have when they've been away from each other for a while. Lorna and the others have definitely made life so much easier for me there and have been rocks, but they can never take your place, okay?'

Anna nodded and Vicky gave a loud sniff. The other two girls turned to her in surprise and saw her pretending to wipe a tear off her face, 'I'm sorry, you guys are like a beautiful rom-com. It's all so happy and sad especially with the mature ending.'

Kainene rolled her eyes as Anna hit Vicky over the head with a cushion, 'Oh Naff off, you stupid old cow.' All three of them giggled together.

'Well, now that 'Days of our Lives' here is over, can we think of the appropriate welcome for our Nens, here? Like that mental new club in Shoreditch? What's it called again? Electrik?' Vicky asked, her eyes shining.

'Yeah.' Anna replied excitedly, 'It's mad cool, Nens. Kate Moss was there, two weeks ago. And I know someone who knows someone who could get us tickets for free.'

Kainene laughed again, 'You and your connections, Anna. Well, sod it. Why the hell not? I'm definitely up for it.'

Anna shrieked again and dived into her bag to get her phone as Kainene leaned back against the wall. She was truly glad to be back home with her friends, arguments or not.


It had been four weeks of pure bliss being home. Kainene had gone clubbing almost every other night with Vicky and Anna. Had eaten so much, she was surprised she could still fit into her clothes, and had had a snow ball fight with her neighbours when a surprisingly heavy bout of snow had fallen on New Year's Eve making it a grand one. Now it was time to get ready for the trip back to school.

Her Bristol friends had had as much fun if not more according to their Facebook messages and occasional telephone conversations. She had spoken to Lorna several times and had heard Matt yelling at the background all the time.

Apparently, Matt had tried to snowboard instead of ski like he normally did but he had ended up flat on his face eating snow...and in front of a gaggle of blonde girls that he had been trying to impress! Lorna had found it hilarious and had teased him for days after it happened.

Viola on the other hand, had brushed up on her already perfect French skills and, as it was relatively sunny in Nice, had ended up with a nice tan which she couldn't wait to show off.

Mykelos had had a quick fling in Blackpool with some random guy he met there (Wow, what a surprise, Kainene rolled her eyes laughingly) and was hoping he did not have any diseases as he had been so drunk he forgot about using condoms. He had checked himself and was anxiously waiting for the result. That would teach him about safe sex, Lorna had stated firmly when Kainene had shared the news with the two girls as they chatted on Windows Messenger.

Soon, Kainene was packed and ready to go. Vicky and Anna had come round to her house for last minute hugs and kisses. Vicky, the softer of the two was already blubbing that she would really miss her and stating the advantages of staying back home and switching to a London university. Anna had cuffed her over the head and told her to stop being a big baby.

As Kainene handed over her suitcase for her father to put in the boot of his car, she turned round and grabbed her friends in a fierce hug.

'Don't worry, I'll be back again before you know it, okay. Stop being such a cute baby, Vicky, it's just Bristol not Australia. Don't want Nicky ringing me up later and asking why I caused his bird to have puffy eyes and a stinging headache.'

Vicky let out a watery laugh, complete with hiccups.

Kainene continued, 'Anyway, I have to go now, so I'll ring you guys later this week okay?'

Vicky nodded as Anna replied, 'Yeah, mate. Take good care of yourself, and remember to grow some spine. I don't care if this gets you angry again but you can't let that girl with the candy name, Spearmint or whatever, walk all over you. If she sees she can get away with it, she'll continue it forever. And better fight for your man, girl. Although why you had to fall for a guy with a doggie name I'll never understand.'

Kainene opened her mouth to protest that she did not fancy Rufus but Anna rolled her eyes and said, 'Whatever, Nens. You can lie to your Bristol friends, but I've known you since we was five. You can't lie to me for shit. Now better get your behind in that car before Chike grabs me by the neck and shakes me to death for delaying you's lot.'

Kainene giggled as her father could be rather hot tempered when exasperated. She hugged her friends again and waved before jumping into the backseat. Soon the car was driving off towards the South West and she let her eyes drift off as she wandered what the new term had in store for her and trying not to panic about her midsessionals that were coming up in two weeks and which she had completely forgotten to prepare for.


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