tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 10

University Life - First Ch. 10


'Okay, is studying for exams boring or what?' Kainene heard Mykelos complaining as she closed the door to her flat. She sighed and shook her head, waving to the two guys in the dining area and going into her room. She had started her exams that day and had gone straight from the library to the Union shop to work then back to the library again. It was just past midnight and she had finally arrived back to her flat tired as hell. She knew it was not an assessed exam; it was just a way for the tutors and the university itself to see how far its students had progressed. Nevertheless she intended to treat it like a proper exam; she had never failed any before and she was not prepared to start now.

She dropped her massive tote to the floor by the side of her bed and contemplated getting something to eat. She had survived on two cans of Redbull, a pain au chocolat and a Danish pastry all day and her tummy was rumbling. But she was too tired to get off her bed and go to the kitchen. She had an exam by 9:30 a.m. the next day and going into the kitchen meant having to talk to Mykelos and Matt. Something she really was not in the mood to do at the moment. She sighed again and shrugged off her boots, coat and jumper dress, dropping them all on the floor. Her room was a tip. She needed to sort it out the moment her exams were over.

It had been two weeks since her much needed holiday back home in London. Two weeks since Mykelos had informed her about his potential STD. She grinned to herself at this; thankfully he had had the all clear from his GP. Haha, imagine Mykelos with Chlamydia, he'd never stick his candle in a wick without some form of protection after that.

She stretched across her bed as she tried to go to sleep. There was no way she was going to brush her teeth or wash her face. She was too tired to move. Plus she had not used any make up, so she could convince herself that it was not really necessary to wash her face.

She groaned and turned over. Now that she needed to sleep, she could not. She tried to think about something, anything. Then her mind flashed to Rufus and the last time she had seen him. Standing there, smiling down at her as she asked for marshmallows dipped in chocolate. She shook her head quickly to get him out of her mind and shut her eyes tightly. She did not need this. Not now anyway. She had to sleep.


'Exams are fecking over, thank the great Lord.' Mykelos sighed dropping his knapsack on the dining table and going over to hug the fridge.

'Psycho, not like you truly studied for it.' Lorna grumbled. She still had one last exam on Monday and it was over.

Kainene grinned at Mykelos over her mug of English Breakfast. 'I concur, Mykelos. Exams are indeed over. Poor Lornes here is obviously not too happy about it.'

Lorna stuck out her tongue at her, 'Bleargh. It's not fair. Everyone's finished. Matt's gone to the pub with his mates. Viola's at some silly flat party at her hall. Even you are relatively calm, well compared to how crazy you were over these stupid exams. And they don't even bloody count. Fuck it, I'm not studying anymore. It's Syndicate tonight and everyone but everyone is going. So am I.'

Kainene stared at her with widened eyes, 'You're joking right? You aren't through with exams but you're still gonna come out tonight? Are you bonkers?'

Lorna rolled her eyes, 'Chill out Nens, it's only the mid-sessionals. And it's not like I'll be able to concentrate at all tonight knowing that everyone's out partying. Besides, I'm not like you. I don't care if I fail the stupid exams. First year doesn't count anyway and we all know that. I'll be more serious next year. So,' She continued glaring at Kainene when she opened her mouth to argue, 'What are we wearing tonight? We have to wow people, don't really want them thinking we let ourselves go 'cuz of stupid exams.'

Kainene stared at her for a second with her mouth agape. Then she burst out laughing, 'You're priceless you know that? Amazing, you are.' She laughed some more.

Mykelos merely shrugged, 'I agree with Lorns. We should live a little, not like I shouldn't anyway, I'm through with this shit and I'm all clear. I'm gonna go celebrate! With a bucket load of condoms, though.'

Kainene snorted out her tea with a loud guffaw, 'You'd better. Don't know what you could get this time.'

Lorna added giggling, 'Yeah, I once heard that some guy shagged someone else without a condom and some days later, his willy was red with yellow pus oozing out of it.'

'Eww, that's just nasty.' Mykelos said shuddering. 'I'm going to leave you two with your disgusting stories and head out to the bar for some celebratory drinks. Nasty creatures, you two.' He shuddered again and went to his room, taking his knapsack with him.

Lorna waited till he was in his room then turned to Kainene with a twinkle in her eye, 'That guy actually got it from a girl, but no need telling Mykelos that.'

Kainene giggled. Definitely. Mykelos had to stop his whoring, or cut down anyway.


'Okay, the red dress or my skinny jeans and this ultimate slinky green top?' Lorna asked, raising both outfits above her head at Kainene.

Kainene spat in the bathroom sink and wiped her mouth, dropping her toothbrush back in its holder before turning back to Lorna. 'I'd say the jeans and top. It's just Syndicate. No need going all out and that red dress definitely qualifies as All Out.'

Lorna looked at the dress again, 'hmm, you're right. Jeans it is. What are you wearing?'

Kainene shrugged as she moved past her and back into her room. 'I haven't the faintest idea. The first alright thing I see in my wardrobe, I guess. I dunno, I don't care to be honest. I just wanna let loose a bit, you know. Dance, get a little tipsy...stuff like that.'

Lorna smiled at her shyly, 'So no hooking up with a hot random stranger tonight, then?'

Kainene giggled and threw a cushion at her, 'When have I ever hooked up with a stranger, hot or not?'

'You never can tell, Nens. Tonight might just be the night you do it. It's fun, trust me.'

Kainene giggled loudly, her face turning red a little, 'You whore! I can't believe it. You're so naughty.'

'Oh please.' Lorna rolled her eyes, shrugging out of her pyjama bottom and dragging her jeans on, 'like you haven't thought about it. Even once. We aren't virgins anymore, Nens.'

Kainene did not answer; instead she turned to her wardrobe to rifle through a few tops.

Lorna stopped tugging her jeans, gaping at Kainene, 'You're joking! You're a virgin?'

Kainene shrugged almost violently, blushing just as much, 'So? Since when was that a crime?'

Lorna shook her head in near wonder before turning back to her jeans, 'Wow. You're like the only virgin I know. We definitely have to do something about this. Wait till I tell...'

Kainen spun round so quickly her head hurt for a split second, 'You are not telling anybody, Lorna! It's not like I'm ashamed of being one, I mean I'm only eighteen. But I'd rather the whole world doesn't know about it.'

'I only meant Viola.'

'You aren't telling your stuffed animal, Lorna.' Kainene said firmly.

'Okay, sheesh. Keep your hat on.' Lorna said rolling her eyes and taking off her vest top. 'Anyway, this topic has officially gotten sour so unto new stuff like: a bra. To wear or not to wear?'

Kainene smiled almost in relief, 'To wear, you little tart. Your top is practically sheer, if you don't wear one, your nipples are gonna be all out.'



Both girls giggled.

Thirty minutes later, they were ready and waiting for a taxi. Viola had come to their flat and was looking rather pretty in a long cashmere jumper dress and leather boots. Kainene had opted for a lumberjack shirt dress, leggings and ankle boots with fringes. She looked boho chic, according to Lorna.

'So is Matt coming then?' Viola asked putting on some more lip gloss.

'Not with us he's not. He's getting a cab with his mates and I'm gonna see him there. Twat. He's not too happy I'm going out when exams aren't over for me.' Lorna scowled a bit at this.

Kainene looked at her surprised, 'That's odd. Since when did Matt get serious?'

'Since he became a 'grown up boyfriend' according to him. Tosser.' Lorna replied.

Kainene and Viola giggled. Matt being mature...yeah, right!

Kainene's phone suddenly tinkled 30 seconds to mars 'Kings and Queens'. 'That's our cab, then.' She said as she grabbed her purse and turned off her room light.

The girls piled out of the flat and half-ran, half-skipped to the taxi as they had all opted to go without their coats and the cold winter night was absolutely freezing.

'Remind me again why we aren't wearing jackets.' Kainene half-stuttered as she eyed the cab-driver expecting him to turn on the car heater.

'Cuz when we get all tiddly and drunk, we aren't really going to feel the cold. Oh, and it saves us a pound fifty each.' Viola answered.

Kainene grumbled. True. But the weather was definitely a bitch though.


Kainene smiled to herself as she turned on her light and dumped her purse on her table. The smile turned to a full on smirk as she heard a quickly stifled moan coming from Lorna's room. It seemed she and her boyfriend were having some good old lovin'. She giggled silently to herself as she tugged her boots off. Mykelos had gone off with some random guy he had met at the club and Viola was back home, alone but happy. Kainene sighed to herself as her smiled faded slowly. Was she happy though? She, Kainene? Her thoughts flew to her previous conversation with Lorna. Was it odd that she was still a virgin at eighteen? Especially as it did not seem like she would be getting rid of it anytime soon. Not at this university anyway. She visibly shook her head to rid herself off the thoughts running through her mind. It did not matter. She heard her father's voice saying loudly, 'God's time is the best.' Then she heard her mother saying just as loudly, 'He better hurry up then.' This brought a much needed grin to her face.

As she changed into her thick flannel nightgown, incredibly helpful for this silly weather, she thanked the Lord for the umpteenth time that Minty and her sidekick Heather had not been out that night. She had been surprised, pleasantly so, that both girls had been missing. Apparently, something had been going on at Lizard Lounge as well and that was the place for the 'Rahs'. Syndicate was definitely better in terms of music and company, but Lizard Lounge was for the people who acted all pretentious and whatnot. It seemed Rufus had been there as well since he had definitely not been at Syndicate. Well not that Kainene had seen him anyway.

She punched her pillow as she tried to fall asleep. Who cared anyway? Rufus was nice and being at the Lounge did not automatically deem him pretentious. Even if he was, it was not her business anymore. She had two and a bit more years to go through as a University student and she could definitely do without any more stress from Minty -- which meant staying away from Rufus. Call her cowardly, but her life was so much easier that way.


Kainene winced as her room door slammed. The flat was still quiet, Lorna and Matt still asleep, Mykelos probably not back from his rendezvous and their last flat mate whose name she could not for the life of her remember somewhere...definitely not in the flat though, she was sure. She walked to the kitchen, her footsteps silent in her warm bedroom moccasins. A quick foray in the fridge showed that she was out of milk, eggs and bacon. Crap! She really wanted a massive English breakfast. She went back to her room to quickly make a list of all the food stuff she would need. She changed into her tracky bottoms, massive jumper and dragged on her newly purchased Ugg boots. A large scarf wound its way round her neck and she grabbed her keys and purse ready for the reluctant journey to the union shop.

As she grabbed a basket, she heard a voice ask behind her, 'Nens?'

She whirled round startled and saw a surprised, yet amused Rufus staring down at her. Her face felt hot as blood rushed into it.

'Oh wow, hey! You startled me.' She smiled at him, inwardly berating herself for not attacking her teeth and tongue with some toothpaste before venturing to the union shop. Oh God, let my breath not be as funky as it feels, she prayed silently.

Rufus did not seem to mind her breath as he swooped down to kiss both cheeks. 'Sorry about that. I haven't seen you in a while, Nens. Not since the Christmas ball; happy New Year by the way.'

Kainene nodded as she walked into the shop side by side with him, 'Yeah, you too. And about the ball; look I'm really sorry about running out on you. Something...came up and I got a bit upset and didn't really think. If it's any consolation, I walked out on my friends too.'

Rufus nodded as he picked up a carton of orange juice and dropped it in his basket, 'Yeah, I kinna noticed that as well. Wanna talk about it?'

Kainene looked at him then turned to the bowl of mushrooms and dropped it in her basket too, 'You aren't upset?'

Rufus smiled and shook his head, 'Don't you think it'd be extremely childish of me to still be upset more than a month later? No, I'm not. But remember, clean slate and all, friends...all of that. As your friend, I'm just asking if you wanna talk about it. Explain what happened. Of course it's up to you, I'm not gonna force you if you don't want to.'

Kainene thought for a second if there was any point bringing it up again then decided that it was not necessary. If she spoke about the Minty thing, he would feel obliged to talk to Minty about it then it would become a silly merry-go-round affair. Her word against Minty's. Unnecessary arguments that she could truly live without.

'Just some family issues, nothing major. It was stupid of me to leave without saying goodbye but at that point I really wasn't thinking.' She stopped walking and put a hand on his arm without thinking, 'I truly am sorry, Rufus.'

He stopped and looked at her arm then looked up at her, 'That's okay. As long as you're alright now. Are you?'

Kainene nodded quickly and continued walking, looking at her list then bending to pick up what she required.

As they walked to the till with their full baskets, Rufus asked suddenly, 'Is it alright if I get your telephone number? I mean, just in case you disappear again I'd be able to call you not tag along after your friend hoping you re-appear.' He said this with a playful twinkle in his eye and Kainene grinned back cuffing him gently; the air of camaraderie between them nice and jolly.

'That's probably a good idea.' She replied as she typed out her number on his BlackBerry.

When they got to the till, he offered to pay for her grocery and she shook her head. That was sweet of him, but she declined. Rufus shrugged and waited as the student behind the till bagged all her stuff. When she bent her head to grab her money from her purse, he quickly handed over his card to the student. She looked up and saw his card being swiped. She gaped and turned to an unapologetic Rufus.


'Sorry.' He shrugged. 'It's just the way I was brought up; old-fashioned if you like. I can't let a lady pay for stuff herself. Seems 'not right'.'

Kainene mock-scowled although she felt her heart pitter-patter in her chest. 'Fine, I'll let you this time since I can't do anything about it. But it's the twenty first century, 'my good sir', so get with the programme. I owe you a drink by the way. You see, I was brought up to pay for my stuff, so except you want me to feel very awkward whenever I'm around you for the rest of our lives, you better accept my offer for a drink.'

Rufus nodded with a chuckle, 'Fine then. You owe me a drink. I'll hold you to that, you know?'

Kainene nodded with a smile on her face, 'That's fine by me.'

They left the shop together and stood outside for a second just staring at each other. Then Kainene quickly looked away and then back at him. 'I should get going now. If I know Lornes, my friend, correctly, she's probably growling the flat down screaming for some hangover food.'

Rufus laughed gently, 'Okay. Well, guess I'll see you around then.'

Kainene nodded, 'Yeah, you too.' She waved good bye at him then walked to her hall not looking back.

The moment she stepped into her flat, she heard Lornes whining to Matt, 'Dude, you need to get me food. Brain food slash hangover cure, I've got exams in two days you know.'

Matt's grumbling, yet playful voice snorted back, 'And who sent you to go 'partying' last night? I warned you, didn't I?'

Kainene rolled her eyes as she walked into the kitchen catching Lorna hit the back of Matt's head.

'Stop the noise, children.' Kainene said dumping her bag of groceries on the dining table.

Lorna half-gasped gratuitously, 'Food!'

Matt shook his head, 'Thank God you're back. I'm handing her over to you.' He said as he walked to his room, an unlit cigarette hanging from his lips.

Lorna stuck out her tongue as his door closed then looked back at Kainene, 'Full English brekkie?'

'Yup.' Kainene nodded as she started breaking eggs in a bowl to whisk.

Lorna smiled happily as she ran her fingers through her snarled hair. She scowled at what she felt then grabbed a textbook from the haphazard pile on the table and started flipping pages.

'By the way, I saw Rufus at the union shop.' Kainene said conversationally.

Lorna gasped and shut her textbook with a loud snap.

'No way! SO...what happened? What did you guys talk about?'

Kainene shrugged as she put the cooker on and dropped a slab of butter in the frying pan. 'Nothing really. Just random stuff. Although he paid for my groceries though. A bit traditional he called himself. Now I owe him a drink.'

Lorna giggled loudly like a young girl who'd been given a peck on the cheek by Rob Pattinson, 'Oooooh, you've got yourself a manly saviour.'

Kainene looked at her askance then groaned as she rolled her eyes, 'You need your head checked Lornes, honestly.'

Lorna smiled widely then asked with a wrinkled brow, 'So what did he say when you told him about that silly cow, Minty? Did he get all pissed and shit?'

Kainene shook her head, dropping bacon strips in the pan. 'Nope.'

Lorna looked confused, 'How come? I'm surprised I must say.'

'That's 'cuz I didn't tell him.'

Lorna looked at her uncomprehending for a second then shrieked, 'Why on earth didn't you tell him? He should know what a cow he has for a 'childhood friend'.'

Kainene shrugged, 'It wasn't necessary, Lorna. It happened last year. Let's just leave it at that. And anyway, telling him, then him yelling at Minty or whatever he would have done and stuff like that...it's all so childish and pointless. And it's me swooping down to her level.'

Lorna just stared, 'I don't understand you. This guy likes you I'm sure of it. And the more you push him away because of Minty, the more he thinks you're just a twat yourself. You need to put him right.'

'Lorna. Drop it.' Kainene said coldly as she started pouring the eggs into the pan.

'Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you though.' Lorna grumbled opening her textbook again.

Kainene nodded curtly. Inside she asked herself confusedly, was she really doing the right thing by keeping Minty's nastiness away from Rufus?

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