tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 11

University Life - First Ch. 11


It had been more than three weeks since Kainene saw Rufus at the union shop. Since then they had become tentative friends. They rang or text each other almost every other day just talking about random inane stuff. She had just gotten her own BlackBerry phone on contract and she could now chat with him on the BlackBerry messenger. She felt quite cool, chatting as she walked to school or sat at the union shop.

Her mid-sessional results had come out also, and not surprisingly, she had gotten firsts in all of them, with the highest mark in the year in Tort at ninety one per cent. Lorna had called her a lucky swot of a bitch and Kainene had smiled good-naturedly. She had known she was going to pass, although not as good as she had done. Her parents had been so thrilled she had to remind them that the exams did not count.

As she walked to Sainsbury's from Uni during her lunch break, she saw a girl waving to her by the bus stop. She waved back uncertainly, wondering if she knew the girl. She did not have her glasses on and could not see properly but she walked over to the girl. On getting there she saw that she still did not recognise who she was.

She smiled confused and the girl smiled back with a quick friendly wave.

'Hey there. Obviously you haven't the slightest clue who I am so I'm going to put you out of your confused misery. Basically, have you heard about FUZE?' The girl asked with a large smile on her face.

Kainene shook her head slowly. She had not heard, no.

The girl widened her eyes at her, 'Oh wow. Okay, that's a bit odd, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, FUZE is all about a fashion show and dancing and stuff. Like girls and guys model really cool stuff by our sponsors, I'm on the committee as I'm sure you've figured out...anyway by our sponsors like Jack Wills, Reiss and Whistles to name a few and they also dance and stuff...anyway the point is; I saw you and you are stunning. Plus you're like uber-skinny and tall so I was wondering if you wanted to come for the modelling try-out?' The girl finished breathlessly.

Kainene stared at her, mouth agape, then said, 'Oh...wow, I mean. That's flattering, but I'm not much of a model, you see...I don't know...'

The girl cut in quickly, 'Don't worry. None of them are at first, but you should still come. It'll be awesome. And there are loads of fit guys too, so...'

Kainene laughed as the girl grinned. She was really friendly and nice, 'Did you say dancing as well? Cuz I don't mind doing that, I mean I'm not the greatest dancer but I do love it.'

The girl grinned and nodded excitedly, 'Sure. I mean, you'd make a great model with that physique, but if you'd rather dance that's cool. The dancers kinna model dresses too, just not whilst walking of course. Ha ha, anyway, here's a flier and if you have other friends who can model or dance or whatever then come down. It's this evening at Churchill by 7. Be on time. You know what, gimme your phone number so I'll ring you.' She brought out her phone then laughed as she saw the dazed look on Kainene's face, 'I'm not this gung-ho, don't worry. I'm just so excited cuz it's my first time on the committee and I've already found a potential dancer. Yay me...anyway, my name's Siobhan, and I'm gonna give you a missed call so you can save my number.' She whipped her shaggy blonde hair out of her kohl-rimmed eyes as she typed in Kainene's number and dialled.

'What's your name?' She asked, fingers poised to type.

Kianene replied, 'Kainene...but everyone calls me Nens.'

'Nens. Cool, perfect. So...7 p.m, don't forget!' Siobhan chirped as she waved then crossed the road.

Kainene waved back still a bit stunned. Wow, talk about full on enthusiasm.

She looked down as she saw her phone beep and smiled reading Rufus's forwarded joke about a woman, a rat and a motorcycle.

Then she bit her lip as she thought then sent him a message about FUZE.

A minute later, he replied with a 'Why not? Count me in.'

She grinned widely.


'So you're gonna dance then? Aren't you like scared?' Lorna asked as Kainene put on her comfy tracky bottoms and dragged on a red vest top.

Lorna grabbed the top's label and saw the 'size 6' written on it. 'Skinny cow, I hate you. And why aren't you modelling again, you lanky Peter Crouch?'

Kainene threw her discarded scarf at Lorna giggling, 'Hey! I resent that! Crouch is the unfittest man in the world. And I've told you a thousand times, I cannot model. You've seen me attempting to walk in heels before, it's disgraceful. I'd rather do something I can actually do, and that's dance. Anyway, I might not even make it. I spoke to one of the lawyers, Rita. She's in her second year, anyway, she auditioned last year for dancing and was like there were loads of different choreographies and she didn't go through. So there's a possibility I might not make it.'

Lorna laughed loudly and fell back on Kainene's bed, 'Hmm...there's also the possibility that you will make it! Anyway, it's such a shame that I can't come with to watch and laugh. Hahaha, imagine you falling flat on your bum in a complicated dance move.'

Kainene rolled her eyes as she bent to wear her trainers. 'Aren't you a lovely friend hoping for my downfall? Tosspot! Anyway, good thing too; I'd die of embarrassment if either you or Viola or even Mykelos were there. It's bad enough that Rufus is...' She trailed off feeling her face flush as she grabbed a bottle of water off her table and threw it into her bag.

Lorna sat up immediately, her eyes flashing excitedly, 'Ahhhh...methinks one failed to give me some vital information. Rufus is going to be there then? How do you know? I swear you guys are meant for each other. Everyone can see it except you two thick-headed numpties.'

Kainene shook her head in amazement as she rifled through her clothes for her massive Bristol hoodie. 'You are a legend, Lorna. How on earth are you able to deduce from a simple statement like he's gonna be there, that we're meant for each other? Detective Lorna at it again.'

'Mock all you like, you lot are gonna end up in a relationship. Mark my words.'

Kainene nodded mockingly, 'Yes Madame Lorna the great. Whatever you say. Anyway, I'm off now. Wish me luck.'

Lorna stood up and hugged the visibly excited/nervous girl. 'You don't need luck. You're the best dancer I know...not that I know a lot though.' She shrieked laughingly as Kainene shoved her to the bed.

'On that helpful note, I'm off. Shall text you of all the shenanigans going on.' Kainene blew Lorna a kiss and she left the flat.

About ten minutes later, she was outside Churchill watching Rufus saunter towards her. Her heart skipped a bit and she could not help the grin that spread on her face as she watched him walk towards her looking as gorgeous as ever.

'Hey matey.' She called as he reached her.

'Hey buddy ole' pal.' He replied laughing as she flicked his head at that.

'I can't believe you're doing this with me. I honestly thought you were going to tell me to take the longest hike ever.' She said as they walked into the Hall of Residence.

Rufus smiled at that, 'Why would I have done that? You said you were shy and needed someone there, especially as your friend Lorna 'can't dance to save her life' so I offered. I'm not gonna dance though. There's no way I won't blow my top listen to someone commandeer me bossily.'

Kainene turned immediately, 'No! Don't say that. You're an amazing dancer. What are you gonna do then?'

He shrugged, 'Model I guess.'

Kainene guffawed loudly then saw that he was serious. She quickly sobered up, 'Model? Oh, wow. That's uhm...cool I guess. Can you model though?'

He nodded, although not conceitedly, 'I kinna modelled a year ago for Abercrombie and Fitch when I took a year out in the States. Was fun. So why not do it again?'

Kainene looked at him impressed, 'Wow. I'm friends with a model. How awesome. You're my official claim to fame.'

Rufus laughed although his face turned a dull red, 'Yeah, whatever. We're here anyway.'

She smiled at his obvious change of topic then her smile wiped off as she spotted Araminta and Heather stretching and talking to some cute guys in a corner. 'Aw fuck!' She mumbled.

He turned at that as he had never heard her swear before. His gaze followed hers to Araminta then he looked back at her.

'Oh, you know Minty? Although I take it there's no love on your part.'

She shook her head but declined to talk any further. They were not going to ruin her day. She saw them look up and saw the dark look Minty threw her when she spotted Rufus standing next to her. She looked coolly back at her as she remembered the comments from her friends back home and Lornes here. She did not have to lash out to prove she was not a coward but that did not mean she was going to cower every time she spotted the tiny bully.

She heard her name being yelled and turned to see Siobhan making her way towards her. She grinned at the friendly face.

'Hey, wow. So glad you made it. And who's your friend?' Siobhan turned with an appreciative smile as she looked Rufus up and down.

Kainene hid a smile at her obvious stare and said, 'This is my friend Rufus. He's here to try out for the modelling.'

Rufus nodded and bent to kiss Siobhan on both sides of her cheeks, 'Hey. How do you do?'

Siobhan blushed as she tried to tuck her shaggy hair behind her ear, 'Very well, thank you! Wow, you'll definitely make an awesome model. Good work, Nens. So, it's quite full here and we're gonna be starting in a bit. Over there's Thomas and Leila, they're the choreographers and are gonna be showing you the moves you need to learn for the audition. And over there's Charles, well we all call him Paddy and Beatrice. They're the model tutors. So make your way over to Thomas, Nens and you Rufus over to Paddy.' She smiled at them once more and walked away turning to stare at Rufus again.

'Got yourself an admirer, Rufus.' Kainene nudged him slyly.

Rufus shook his head and tugged Kainene's corckscrew curls playfully, 'Whatever! Anyway, shall soon be seeing you bust your moves.'

Kainene retorted instantly, 'And you strutting your stuff.'

They both giggled at each other before waving and walking to their respective areas.

Kainene smiled to herself, Lorna was wrong. They could definitely work as normal friends.

Rufus smiled to himself, his friends were right. He definitely wanted to take their friendship to another level.


Kainene could barely stifle her shriek as she jumped up and down in the Union shop. She had just received an email which she read on her phone and it was to tell her that she had made the cut. She was gonna be a FUZE dancer. Hehehe.

She could not believe she was so thrilled about becoming a dancer. She was officially psycho. She looked up quickly to make sure no one saw her jumping, but apart from the tiny teddy bears hanging from the counter, she was all alone working. She quickly text Lorna to tell her the good news then she bit her lip wondering if she should text Rufus. Surely if she had been told that she was through, that meant Rufus too would be aware of whether he made it or not. She shook her head a bit irritated with herself. This was so not a life or death matter so why was she worried if telling Rufus her news was going to get him all surly?

She forwarded her text to Rufus's phone as well.

Almost immediately she got a voice note from Lorna screaming 'You lucky whore. I just knew it. You're gonna be grilled to death now, hahaha!'

Kainene laughed out loud at that. Lorna always brought a smile to her face with her little potty mouth so surprising as she had such a pretty girl next door look.

Rufus replied her some minutes later as Kainene had begun to pick at her cuticles nervously. Her heart skipped a bit as she read the text but she berated herself silently as she exhaled. She was acting like a big love-struck baby. Why was she making a fecking mountain out of a mole hill?

She read the text then exhaled once more, this time with a grin on her face.

Yes! He made it. They were going to be dancing and modelling as well.

Now if only God could be a wonderful prayer-answering being and ensure Heather or Minty did not make it too.


'Crap! At least, he should have broken their legs, hips or all the bones in their bodies.' Kainene muttered in the phone as she grumbled to Lorna.

She had just spotted Heather and Minty chattering away excitedly. She was at the gym ready for practice and half the people who had been in Churchill for the first try-outs were nowhere to be found.

She heard a soft 'Boo!' behind her and turned to smile at Rufus, whispering a quick 'bye' to Lorna and hanging up her phone.

'Why didn't you wait for me? I could have driven us here together.'

Kainene smiled apologetically, 'I had no idea. I came straight from uni. The union shop isn't too pleased with me, too. I had to ask for the next three weeks off and that means I'm spending Easter break here working. Crap!'

Rufus rubbed her shoulders and Kainene could not stifle the sigh that escaped from her lips. 'Poor you. Want me to go charm them with my good looks and friendly voice?'

Kainene laughed looking up at the stubble on his chin. She just about restrained herself from using the tip of her tongue to caress the little dent there. 'No need for that. I need an incentive to stay on here and study for exams anyway, so this is kind of a good thing.'

'Little swot! I mean, who aces their mid-sessionals?' Rufus chuckled giving her one last rub then kissing her forehead.

'Apparently I do!' She smirked back at him and he was cut off from giving a reply as Siobhan cleared her throat and said loudly.

'Hey you guys. Thanks for coming here on this arse-ily cold evening and congrats on making the dancing and modelling team.'

Everyone cheered at this statement.

Siobhan continued, 'Anyway, we have three weeks to get ready for this then it's the D-Day, or rather, D-Days as you guys very well know it's over two days. So you guys work your arses off and you all will be rewarded with envious looks and cheers on the proper days. Oh, and we get the VIP area of Ponana!'

This caused another raised cheer from the excited students.

'So you guys, break a leg while practising...well not literally as that will so not be good.'

Laughter broke out and Siobhan bowed blowing them a kiss before retreating to a make-shift corner for the organisers.

Rufus smiled at her, 'Well, go break that leg then.'

Kainene smiled back at him then walked off to the dancers' area.

I will not fancy Rufus; I will not fancy Rufus; I will not fancy Rufus.


Kainene looked at her phone and saw Lorna's number glinting. She picked it up and gave a quick breathless, 'Hunh?'

'Just wanted to wish you good luck...again! Can't wait to see you showing those people how it's done. See ya soon.' Lorna shrieked excitedly before cutting the phone off.

Kainene smiled to herself, albeit tiredly. The show last night had been intense but had been more of a practice than the real thing. Not many people had come to watch them dance and model and she had been a tad disheartened. Siobhan had reassured her that the first day was not the real day, and this was why the dancers had not modelled all the dresses they were supposed to. The last day, however was the real day and Kainene held back a nervous whimper as she looked through the backstage doors to the main hall and saw it rapidly filling up. And it was still an hour till the show started. She looked back and saw some other dancers smiling at her.

One of them, Neha a petite lithe pretty girl grinned at her, 'It's awesome, right? It's like so full and it hasn't even started yet. Yesterday was truly a test run, time for the real thing.'

'I think I'm gonna barf.' A Canadian beauty said, holding her tummy.

Neha laughed at that, 'Don't be such a baby, Marie. It's gonna be awesome. Once we start dancing, you're gonna forget all your nerves and worries.'

Kainene rolled her eyes at that as she walked away from them. Easy for Neha to say. She was an amazing dancer and had no fears of anything. Kainene did not think she had ever come across anyone as fearless and free as Neha. She bumped into a shirtless guy and mumbled a 'Sorry' ready to keep on walking. The guy grabbed her arm and asked in a familiar voice, 'Nens. You okay?'

Kainene turned and saw it was Rufus. He looked absolutely amazing and she forgot to breathe for a split second. 'Yeah, yeah I am.' She quickly said.

'I mean...wow. You look so...model-ly.'

Rufus chuckled, 'Yeah...well that's the idea. You look nice as well. I didn't get a chance to see you properly yesterday or watch you dance, but the few dances I saw were definitely amazing. You are an even better dancer than I thought.'

Kainene dropped her head shyly, 'Really? Do you think so? I mean, I'm not gonna be all stupid and coy and say that I can't dance, I can. It's just...there are so many other wonderful dancers, I don't think I can be compared to them.'

Rufus shook his head as he gently raised her chin up with one finger, 'You're amazing. More than. And I think you are definitely going to wow them so shake off this shy persona.'

They heard someone shouting out, 'Okay last minute make-up and dressing guys.'

Rufus looked over her head to nod and then back down at her.

'Good luck then.' Kainene smiled ready to hug him and move on but Rufus turned her head at the last minute and planted a quick yet soft kiss on her lips.

She stared up at him shocked, then she smiled so beatifically that he bent to kiss her once more. 'Break a leg.'

Kainene muttered back, 'Not literally.'

They both smiled to themselves then Kainene nodded once more before walking away, her heart beating a steady staccato of joy.

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