tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 12

University Life - First Ch. 12


Kainene did not think she had ever danced as hard or well as she danced that night. Maybe it was a result of the kiss she had shared with Rufus but she was certainly on fire. Siobhan said as much.

'Whoa, tiger! Where have you been hiding? You truly saved everything for the last day and by jove, is it all paying off.'

Kainene grinned at her as she wiped some sweat off her brow. She only had one more dance to go and there was an interlude now. Two other sets of dancers in which she was not a part of were going on after the break as well as some models, but she and her own set of dancers were ending the show whilst the models walked among them as they danced.

'I'm gonna pass out soon, I've been so nervous all day I didn't eat anything but I really need to do so now or someone's gonna make the wrong move when they hear my tummy growling.' Kainene said as she counted out some coins from her purse.

Siobhan let out a tinkling laugh, 'You do that, but remember what you lot are wearing for this dance. You don't want your tummy bloated.'

Kainene simply nodded. She did not want to say that she could eat a horse and her tummy would still be flat, concave even. Thanks to all the dancing she had been doing she had lost some weight. It would sound gloating.

She left Siobhan and walked out to mingle with the crowd.

'Nens, you gorgeous dancer, you!' A voice squealed.

Kainene turned round with a wide smile as Mykelos grabbed her in a bear hug.

'No, Mykelos, I'm all sweaty!' She giggled trying but failing to get him to drop her.

He dropped her with a large grin, 'Like I care. Everyone's looking at me with envy that I know you. You are by far the best dancer there, no contest.'

Kainene smiled, her face flushing ferociously, 'You're just saying that cuz you're my mate.'

Mykelos shook his head vigorously, 'Nope. Trust me, I wouldn't lie to you. You're definitely ultimate. Haha...Lornes is going to go mental when she realises that I saw you and she didn't teehee.'

Kainene shook her head as she collected the ham and cheese croissant that she had just paid for, 'You are such a big baby, Mykelos.'

Mykelos shrugged and swooped down to grab a large bite from her croissant.

Kainene shrieked in mock-anger but Mykelos evaded her quick swat and moved away. 'No need over eating and being sluggish, I'm doing you a favour. Anyway, I shall be seeing you later my dear one, off I go back to the hall to watch you and cheer till my lungs get sore.'

Kainene grinned and waved him away as she turned back to the hall. She stuffed the whole croissant in her mouth as the Perfect Bitches of Headington walked by.

'God, did she just shove that in her mouth? What a fat pig!' Kainene overheard Minty say loudly to Heather.

Kainene simply chomped away not caring in the least. At least she was skinnier than Minty who had been watching all she ate for the past three weeks. Apparently she had been on a diet she got from 'The Devil wears Prada.' Eating a cube of cheese only when she felt like fainting.

What a numpty!

Soon, it was time to get ready for the last dance. The concept of the dance was different from what they had all done before and it had not been performed on the previous day. It was a dance off between the girls and the guys and there was going to be some free styling involved. Kainene adjusted her itsy bitsy top which skimmed her mid-riff and tugged her bumper shorts down to cup her peach of a bottom. Her legs looked like they went on forever regardless of the fact that she was not wearing heels. She turned to the other dancers as they huddled together for a quick victory cheer before running unto the stage for the dance.

The first song that went on was the old Missy Elliot 'Work it' and the dance started. As it progressed, Kainene felt free as she twisted and turned and jumped in a somersault only she could do with the guys while the girls dropped to the floor. As the song for the dance off started and the dancers free-styled to Beyonce's 'Radio' she barely heard a tiny chant coming from a group of people in the audience going: 'Nens! Nens! Nens!' She did a little break thing before ending with a bump and grind worthy of Shakira amidst claps and whoops, positive that the ring leaders were Viola, Matt, Lorna and Mykelos.

When the song was over, both dancers and models bowed to a spectacular cheer and ovation and she bounced off the stage, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She heard someone shout her name and she whirled round and felt herself being swept off the floor and into tight, muscled arms. She breathed in the unique yet familiar smell of Rufus as he spun her round once, twice before dropping her to the floor.

'Bloody hell. Nens! You were fucking fantastic. I almost missed my walk watching you dance. Bloody, bloody hell.' He gasped in her ear. Both of them were breathless from the show.

Kainene just grinned up at him as she panted equally. She was so elated and pumped she felt she could jump off the building and soar.

'It was awesome. Oh my God, I could do it all over again, it was fucking wicked.' She replied waving as other dancers walked past her and patted her shoulder or punched her arm.

Rufus took her hand in his as they walked together backstage. 'So are you gonna be at the after-party?'

'Is the sky blood red? Hell yeah, I am. I even scored four VIP tickets for my mates and they were ecstatic. I think, for the first time I'm going to get mind numbingly drunk.' She smiled as she turned to plant a kiss on his cheek. She did not even care that she had just done so; she was so chuffed at everything.

Rufus smiled at her impulsive kiss. He wanted to grab her and take her to his room, sod the stupid after party. 'Fine, do you need a ride back to Stoke Bishop? I'm driving back once I'm dressed.'

Kainene shrugged still happy, 'I'm just gonna call Lornes' and make sure they're okay then, yeah sure.'

She dialled the number and asked a screaming Lorna what they were up to.

'We're on our way to Mbargo for a quick drink then we're off to Ponana. Hope you aren't upset that we left without you, we just thought you wanted to hang out with your dancer friends.'

'That's okay, mate. I just wanted to make sure you lot were alright. Rufus is giving me a ride back home to get dressed then we're off to Ponana. I'll see you there, and don't forget your VIP tickets.' Kainene replied.

'Not to worry there, the tickets are safe and sound in my purse. No way would we have forgotten them.'

Kainene heard Matt in the background holler, 'And sit out with the plebs, God no!' She laughed to herself at Matt's customary snobbish tone and cut off the phone.

'So, ready in five minutes?' Rufus asked and she nodded as she went over to her bag.


An hour later, Kainene stood watching Rufus give her a very heated gaze which caused a tingle of arousal to slither down her spine and straight to her nether regions.

'This is okay, right?' She asked, a tad uncertainly.

Rufus stared at her with hooded eyelids then quickly brushed a hand down his face before nodding, 'I have half a mind to say 'sod the stupid party' and just...stay here...with you.'

Kainene giggled nervously, her heart beating rapidly at the barely hidden lust on Rufus' face, 'We don't wanna spoil our friendship now, do we?'

Rufus muttered something which sounded like, 'Sod friendship.'

Then he said out loud, 'Fine. We're friends. Although I can't help but ogle this friend and dream of naughty things, but we're just friends. You look spectacular, Nens. Really.'

She flushed and gave a playful curtsy. She was wearing a new mustard coloured dress she had just bought from Topshop. It was one shouldered and skin tight, showcasing her thin yet lean and curvy body to the fullest. On her feet, she had on high blue heels she had had for a while but had never worn as she hated towering over her friends. With her hair straightened from the FUZE moment, and now wavy and tousled thanks to her washing it, she looked like a sexy sultry siren. She left her coat on its hangar and checked her black oversized purse to make sure that her keys were in them. Then she let out a gust of breath.

'Ready whenever you are.'

As they walked into the club, Kainene could hear stifled gasps. She looked a bit self-conscious and gripped Rufus' hand a tad tighter barely hearing his amused chuckled over the loud noise from the club. She had no idea how wonderfully they complemented each other. With her heels, she was almost his height, maybe an inch or two shorter and with her beautiful dark looks and his stunning fair looks, they looked like a celebrity couple.

They walked together into the VIP room and Kainene smiled as she saw Lorna rush towards them. Lorna jumped excitedly grabbing Kainene in a quick hug and Kainene laughed excitedly as they rocked each other in a hug. Rufus just stared on amused.

'Oh, this is Rufus, as I'm sure you know.' Kainene quickly introduced Lorna.

Rufus bent to kiss her on her cheek, 'Yeah, I remember, rather embarrassingly, how I followed you about the ball looking for Nens.'

Lorna giggled girlishly, 'Oh yeah...I'd forgotten all about that.'

Kainene hid a quick snort. Yeah right, Lorna was going to carry that memory to her grave more like.

'Anyway, I'm gonna go over to the bar and get something to drink. You want anything?'

Kainene shrugged, 'Whatever. A vodka coke, maybe?'

Rufus started then turned back with a sexy smile, 'We're celebrating your prowess on the dance floor, no vodka coke for you. I'm getting some champagne.'

Kainene nodded and just said, 'I'm gonna go sit over at the table with Lornes and the others.'

Rufus nodded and walked, or rather glided cat-like towards the bar.

Lorna faked a swoon as Kainene half-dragged her to look for their other friends.

'Forgotten all about that my arse.' Kainene said laughing.

Lorna punched her playfully, 'Yeah, like I was gonna make a fool out of myself and tell him that I'd remember that day till my dying breath.'

Kainene let out a giggle at that.

'So...still friends I take it?' Lorna asked slyly as they got to Viola and Matt. Mykelos was nowhere to be found.

Viola looked at them confused the smiled, 'Oh you mean Nens and Rufus?'

Kainene stared at two of them with barely restrained laughter, 'You guys are like the most jobless girls in the world. Have you lot been talking about us two? We're just mates.'

Viola rolled her eyes and retorted, 'Yeah, and I'm having Taylor Lautner's baby in nine months. I could practically bounce off the chemistry you two were emitting when you walked in. All, and I mean ALL eyes were on you two. You looked so freaking amazing.'

Kainene smiled softly to herself, 'You really think so? Oh, I mean...' She stuttered as the girls laughed and ribbed each other.

Matt just rolled his eyes, 'Okay, I'm outta here. Girl talk is just not for me.' He bent to plant a quick kiss on Lorna's nape then walked off.

Kainene just rolled her eyes and turned to them, 'I mean, we've been working so well at being friends and I don't wanna cross that line and ruin everything. I really like him, there! I've said it. But I'm scared that the moment we change things, it's going to go back to the way it was. Minty haranguing us, me being shy and silly and Rufus being...well he never really did anything did he?'

Lorna shook her head, her eyes on the lookout for Rufus so that he did not stumble on their conversation. 'Nah, I don't think so. I think you guys have gone past that whole rubbish and you guys really suit each other now. More so than before. And the way he was staring at you tonight, even before like whenever he came over to the flat just to say hello...that's not the look of just a 'friend'...'

Viola quickly cut in with, 'That's the look of someone who wants to hammer you senseless.'

'Viola!' Both girls gasped in unison.

'What? I'm not getting any, so I might as well live vicariously through Nens...or my fantasies of how it would be with Rufus and Nens.'

Kainene shook her head as her face flushed violently.

At that moment, Lorna quickly hissed, 'He's coming.'

Kainene whispered back just as quickly, 'Oh shit, is my face red? It feels really hot.'

'You're black, doofus, it's not showing. Now give us a quick pose.' Lorna replied just as Rufus came and stopped Kainene from giving a snarky response.

'So, they haven't got any Dom P...just Veuve. But they do have the Pink one, so I got three bottles of that. They're on the way soon.' Rufus said as he swung his arm around Kainene and buried his nose in her hair inhaling deeply.

Viola and Lorna stared at each other before giving Kainene a look that said, 'Friends hunh?'

Kainene rolled her eyes at them and leaned back into Rufus' arms. She was not going to think about tonight anymore. About being friends. She could not fight what was definitely building up between them. Tomorrow would deal with itself.

With that thought in her head, she turned round and planted a long, wet kiss on Rufus' lips, ignoring the excited gasps from the girls.

Rufus replied with as much fervour as Kainene. He kissed her top lip and sucked it in slowly, giving it a little nibble before releasing it and doing the same to the lower lip. Kainene gave a little whimper which caused her lips to part and Rufus used that opportunity to capture her tongue, sucking it slowly but deeply into his own mouth.

Kainene could not hold back the little moan that snaked out of her, deep from her stomach. She dropped her purse and clutched his wavy hair with both hands, holding on for dear life as he gave her the best kiss of her life.

When he released her, she stayed as she was, her eyes closed as she slowly came down from her lust-filled haze.

'Bloody Hell, I'm off to look for Matt. That's got me as horny as hell.' Lorna whistled as she turned off to seek her boyfriend.

Viola just laughed and shook her head, 'Remember to use protection is all I can say.'

Kainene blushed at that and turned to bury her head in Rufus' chest as the other girl walked off too.

'Are you okay with this? I mean, I know we're supposed to be just friends but I've wanted you for so long and I can't help it anymore. I'm sorry if you're upset but I...'

Kainene raised a finger and placed it on his lips effectively shutting him up. 'Hey, trust me when I say you don't have to explain yourself. I feel the same way too. I mean, I'm not saying I suddenly want to jump into a relationship with you. I don't even know how or what I'm gonna do tomorrow, but tonight...I really want this to happen.'

Rufus searched her eyes at this statement, 'I'm not gonna try to change your mind. But all I can say is that I really hope you want more than tonight. I'm not gonna say anymore so that I don't make you start getting second thoughts, all I'll say is this, I really really hope it's not just for tonight.'

Kainene nodded. She could hear what he was not saying. He was hinting at a relationship and as much as she liked him, she wanted to see if it was just lust. She was ready to let go of her virginity with him. But she wanted to see if she still fancied him after sex. Sex was good and well, but she didn't want to commit then find out she didn't like him as much afterwards. It had happened to a friend of hers before and it had not been pretty.

Rufus smiled down at her nod. 'Wanna dance then?'

She grinned back and picked her purse from where it had landed when she dropped it. 'You betcha!'

The two went to the dancefloor and, fortuitously, the DJ started playing 'Radio.'

Rufus let out a laugh at this as Kainene squealed and started dancing just as she did on the stage at the show.

Soon, they had attracted a lot of glances as people realised she was the same girl that had danced before. When the song was over, a burst of applause was given and Kainene gave a mock bow just as Rufus grabbed her by the hips and planted a kiss on her lips causing people to whoop lasciviously.

'Wanna get out of here?' He whispered in her ear.

Kainene began to nod then she remembered something, 'But what about all those bottles of champers?'

'Screw the fucking champagne and come home with me.' He growled sexily into her ear.

She shut her eyes as shivers went down her spine and placed her hand in his as they walked out of the club and into his car.

Soon, they were in his room and shrugging out of clothes frantically as they kissed passionately in between. Soon they were naked and Rufus was attacking her clit with his talented tongue. Kainene gripped the bed sheets as she tried to contain her moans, thinking about his flat mates. Then he put a long finger in her pussy and curled upwards...she let out a loud moan suddenly forgetting any flat mates he could possibly have, her eyes shut to the world.

Then she began to feel something tighten in her tummy as she arched her back higher and higher off the bed. She opened her eyes as stars burst in her head, gazing unseeingly at Rufus' moving head below. Her mouth hung open in a silent scream as Rufus slowly licked from her clit down to her arse hole. He rimmed there and her eyes screwed back shut as she climaxed once more. This time her scream was far from silent. It seemed she screamed the flat down, her neck straining with the force of her climax.

Rufus smiled as he raised his head and slowly slid back up her body. He gazed at the panting girl as she raised a weak hand to brush sweat dampened hair off her face. She opened dazed eyes and stared at a smiling Rufus.

'Oh my God, what have I been missing?' She gasped to herself.

Rufus stared at her confused for a second, then his eyes widened as he got the implications of what she was saying, 'You're a virgin?'

She nodded then quickly asked, 'That won't be a problem now would it?'

Rufus smiled so beatifically at her, that her pussy gave a quick lurch at that. 'I like the fact that I'm gonna be your first.'

Kainene smiled back albeit shyly, 'So do I.'

He nodded and grabbed a condom from his bedside drawer before sheathing himself. He bent his head to plant a tender kiss by the side of her lips.

'Tell me if it hurts and I swear I'll stop immediately.'

Kainene nodded her face tense as he slowly slid in. She grimaced a little as she felt something pop in her, but apart from feeling uncomfortably full she did not feel any pain.

Rufus looked down at her, his face red and arms straining as he struggled to not move at all. The feeling was exquisite; being inside her extremely tight hole.

'Are you okay?' He asked.

She nodded smiling up at him, 'Yeah. Don't worry. You can move now.'

He laughed at this and slid out before gently sliding back in.

Her breath caught at the fullness of him. He was so thick he was touching every nerve in her.

He slid in and out gently for a few seconds then grunted in pleasant surprise as Kainene shoved his arse down unto her as he slid back in.

'I'm not breakable Rufus. Now, fuck me hard.'

Rufus head spun at her words then he proceeded to do just as she asked.

He slid out torturously slow and smiled as she gazed at him frustrated.

Then he slammed into her so hard the bedpost slammed against the wall behind it.

Kainene's eyes rolled behind her head, the delicious pain making her toes curl.

He started slamming in and out of her at a breath-taking pace causing Kainene's mouth to stay open and emit torturous sounding moans.

Soon he was slamming into her jerkily, obvious that he was about to come. Kainene could feel her own peak building but it seemed it was just out of reach and she did not know what to do to get there.

Rufus saw the strained look on her face and he placed his hand hard on her tummy, stretching his thumb to circle her clit in an anti-clockwise motion as he jerked into her.

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