tagChain StoriesUniversity of Life Ch. 01

University of Life Ch. 01


It was never taken under consideration that building a large university in the middle of nowhere in the northeast United States might prove a bit stressful come winter time. What was considered was the large amount of undeveloped land on which the school could, it hoped, expand for future generations. As time went on, this proved to be true and the school, which ranked high on the annual best colleges in the US list, kept expanding and growing every year it seemed. It also was able to keep its costs low and its curriculum level high so that it had a surprising well-rounded and large student body.

But here it was, February, and another nor'easter was blowing through which meant two things: 1) the students would be developing cabin fever from being stuck not only on campus but basically in their dorms and 2) the power would be iffy. This was exactly the case on this cold evening, shortly before Valentine's Day, as the snow blew furiously across the campus and all but the hardy stayed safely indoors.

Robin had worked her way down to the break room as they called it, that sprawling room full of sofas covered in painfully itchy material that looked like something that belonged in someone's basement. Most of the dorm was already down there as it was the general hangout during storms like this, when the power shifted on and off like the flame of a match. She had dragged down her oversized pillows from her room, the ones her mom had helped her pick out at Home Goods. Most of the other girls were already there, sprawled across the floor and on the itchy couches but only after they had covered them with one of their own cotton throws or chenille blankets.

Jenna, the Resident Advisor, was holding center court and advising everyone they were to watch their own candle. Of course, each girl had managed to drag one of those from her dorm room too so that the break room had a romantic glow to it now, with dozens of candles of all different scents lit across the room. Thankfully none of the scented candles were overpowering like last time when Amber's Pumpkin candle, left over from Halloween, nearly had them all running for their rooms to avoid the nauseous fumes.

Apparently, Robin had just walked in on Jenna's idea of entertainment and the girls were going to take turn telling stories. Robin got her pillows settled on the floor and set her own unscented candle near her, with the box of kitchen matches a safe six inches away. She had brought down her can of diet cola which she place neatly next to the candle and then she turned her attention to the group.

The storytelling was not taking hold, as Jenna would say, and Robin, being overly fond of her RA and not wanting her to be embarrassed, wracked her brain for something, anything, she could tell this group that would not be boring. She had led a relatively uneventful life and was not very good at remembering jokes or funny stories. She was a bit out of sorts as it was, what with VD coming up. It was not one of her favorite holidays, especially after what happened last summer.

It was then she cleared her throat and began to speak, softly at first. It took a few minutes for the general din of the room to evaporate to quiet emptiness and by then everyone had turned to look at her, listening to her softly-spoken words.

"Last summer, I got a job at the country club by where I live, waiting tables. The money was good, the tips were better and we all need extra cash. My family didn't belong and never will as it isn't the type of place my parents would hang out. They would rather go bowling, if you get my meaning. Anyway, I was there working on a Saturday night in July when Doug walked in. Doug was this guy from high school, two years ahead of me. He is very hot and all the girls panted after him in school. He never paid me any mind, I was mousy and quiet. His father is rather well off, I don't know exactly what but he owns some huge company or whatnot. So Doug walks in alone and I blush, trying not to look at him. He notices me though and comes over, asks me to meet him in the bar after my shift to chat.

"I walk in the bar in my work clothes, knowing I probably stink of grease, but Doug doesn't seem to notice. We sit at a table and nurse our drinks, catching up. He tells me about his college, I tell him about mine. He told a few jokes and I laughed. He reached over and took my hand and I shivered. I couldn't stop myself from looking into those deep blue eyes of his.

"It didn't take much for him to coax me out of the bar and into his car. He drove too fast in his shiny midnight blue mustang back to his parent's house. It was dark and quiet and I never thought to ask where his parent's were. His hands were warm and soft as she peeled my clothing from my body. I was shy at first, but his hands wouldn't let me hide. He cupped my breasts and my pussy like they were a precious gift.

"Soon he eased me down onto my back on the plush carpeting, his fingers gently sliding between my thighs and finding the petals of my cunt, massaging them until they spread, along with my legs, lost in the sweet sensations he was causing to shoot through my body. My eyes locked onto his as he slipped into my body, his cock was so nice, hard and hot and just right as it filled me so fully, pushing deeper until he reached my hymen which he quickly and quietly broke. I gasped just for a moment then lost my self once more in the way he was stroking my body into an inferno.

"It was my first time but I could tell it wasn't his. I didn't care. His hands knew exactly how to touch, his breath knew how to caress, and his words knew how to ring true. It was heaven. I was glad to give this gift to him. He was a dream, a dream I never imagined would come true.

"The summer went on and we continued to see each other. He never introduced me to his parents nor did I think to introduce him to mine. I guess I thought there would be time. We spent most of our time together in the bar at the club or at the diner in town or, yes, in his parent's house making love. I couldn't get enough of him. He couldn't get enough of me either. Our bodies were literally burning up for each other.

"It came to be August and I knew soon, we would part. I didn't want to talk about it, I didn't want to sound clingy or look like I was asking for a commitment. I mean, his college is out west. And summer is a long ways away in August. We didn't speak of a future; I didn't think we needed to. I was enjoying our time together now.

"It was my last Saturday night working at the club. All summer long, when Doug came in, if he came into the dining area he was seated in my area so I could wait on him. Everyone knew we were seeing each other. I wasn't trying to keep it secret and it didn't appear that he was either. But this Saturday night was different.

"I saw Doug when he walked in and my eyes lit up. I began to walk towards him but he looked away quickly, avoiding my eyes. I continued on, not understanding, confused. Why was he looking away? I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking; I just wanted to talk to Doug. Suddenly my manager was standing in front of me.

"I asked him to move, I told him I wanted to go speak to Doug. He told me that Doug had requested a table in a different area from mine. I shrugged off the manager and tried to step around him. I said something like okay but I want to speak to Doug. My manager reached up and grabbed my shoulders. I looked up into his eyes and then I saw it, plain as day. It was pity.

"He told me Doug asked them to make sure I stayed away from him tonight. My boss said Doug told them he didn't want a scene. He knew I was leaving for college on Monday. And he didn't want me to leave on a bad note.

"I was so bewildered. I didn't know what to make of any of this. I looked into my boss's eyes and asked him why Doug wouldn't want me to see him, speak to him, when he knew I was leaving. My boss stepped aside then and told me to look over to Doug again. I did and that was when I noticed the girl. I don't think I had ever seen her before but she was very pretty, long blonde hair, fair complexion. Doug was holding her hand and she was leaning up against his arm. I blushed, embarrassed for her. What was she doing?

"I turned back to my boss and asked her what did she think she was doing, that girl with Doug. And I asked him who is she? I have never seen her before. Who is she? What is she doing with Doug?

"He told me. She is his fiancée. They came to the club to celebrate their engagement.

"I probably turned ten shades of red, I was so mortified. I felt so small in that room, so insignificant. I wanted to fade into the faded carpeting. But instead, I straightened my back and finished my shift. That is what I did this summer."

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