tagChain StoriesUniversity of Life Ch. 03

University of Life Ch. 03


Meanwhile, back across the snow covered fields, things were really starting to take off in the girl's dormitory. After Robin's breath-taking description of her first sexual encounter, the other girls didn't want to be left out. They decided that they would each tell about their own first times. Next up with Liz, the campus' resident Goth chick. The others huddled around, eager to hear. While everyone knew that she was kind of freaky, they really weren't prepared for her story.

Liz stood out, even in a crowd of other beautiful young women. Part of it was due to her loud wardrobe and appearance. She was dressed in a pair of black pleather pants, a torn Mastodon shirt that was a couple sizes too big (a hand-me-down from her boyfriend), and a pleather jacket. Black and white striped arm warmers completed the ensemble. As always, she was wearing an excessive amount of jewelry, including a nose ring and multiple rows of piercings in her ears. And her short, naturally black hair was dyed a bright shade of pink.

Despite her rather hardcore appearance, Liz was relatively petite, standing only a little under five feet tall without her platform boots. She was rail thin too, with small but very perky breasts. Pixie-like might be the best word to describe Liz, albeit more of a Goth pixie-girl look. However her best asset was her firm little ass, which she knew drove men wild, especially when she wore her form-fitting pleather pants. In fact, she really knew how to dress to accentuate her sex appeal in general.

"Not bad, Robin, not bad," said Liz, "But I've got an even better one if you girls want to hear it."

Most of the other girls had long suspected Liz of sleeping around, given her rather bold choice in wardrobe, so they eagerly looked over her in direction. They knew it had to be good. Liz sat on the floor next to the couch, a black quilt with silver and white spider patterns wrapped around her petite frame to keep her warm. Even her bedding was très Gothic! A small black wax candle was lit in front of her, adding to the spooky vibe she tried to hard to give off. Some of the girls whispered that she was a witch, but then there were a lot of rumors about Liz anyway.

"Sure," replied Jenna, the Resident Advisor who had secretly been a little aroused by hearing Robin's first time story.

"All right," the slender Goth girl started, "So you probably know that I'm originally from Nevada, and that we don't really get wild weather like this down there. But sex... that's something else. We know that quite well. Since Robin over there told you about her first time, I'm going to tell you about mine. Try not to get too freaked out by it, because it was pretty wild."

"So this happened the Summer right after I graduated from high school. I had only eighteen back then, and was living with my mom in a tiny apartment just outside of Vegas. My dad was long out of the picture by that point. He left when I was only like six or seven, and I'd never seen the asshole since. But given that I had grown up and spent most of my life without knowing him, it didn't really bother me that much. In fact, I liked it just being me and my mom. It was comfortable; familiar. I kept myself busy while my mom worked as a waitress at a local bar."

"All of that changed that Summer when my mom's latest boyfriend Scott came to live with us. I honestly don't know how long they had been seeing each other. My mom never really told me about those sorts of things. I just remember waking up one day and having a strange man in the house. Like many only children, I was furious. I felt like he was trying to take away my mother, and so I started acting out. Even more so than usual. I was out late every night, drinking or getting high with my friends. The breaking point came when my mom had to come pick me up after I got caught shoplifting."

"She swore up and down that she didn't know what was wrong with me and that she was going to get me some professional help. A whole string of psychologists and therapists later, and I'm still just as fucked up as ever."

Liz chuckled as she said that, and then continued on with her story.

"Not that Scott was a bad guy. In fact, he kind of stood up to my mom and spoke up on my behalf. 'Kids will be kids,' he told her. He was also quite good looking too. He was a big guy, with long brown hair and a nice beard. He was a biker and wore a lot of leather and denim. Hell, he even offered to teach me how to ride a Harley some time, which was pretty cool of him. He also let me sneak a beer now and then, so eventually I started to warm up to him. But I was always a little jealous, and mad at my mom for trying to change things so soon."

"Anyway, one day I woke up and my mom was nowhere to be found. I asked Scott if he had seen her, and he told me that my grandmother had an accident. Apparently she fell and broke her hip. She was okay, but my mom had gotten the call in the middle of the night and driven out to Tucson to see her. She had left Scott in charge of the house. It was going to be just the two of us for the rest of the week. Right about then I realized a perfect way to get what I wanted, and to get back at my mom too."

"Quickly going back up to my room, I looked through my wardrobe for the sexiest, trashiest, sluttiest outfit that I could find. Now, you have to keep in mind that I'd never had sex up until this point. Yeah, I was still dressing really provocatively, but all of my knowledge on the subject came from the sex ed class I had to take and a couple of skin flicks I'd secretly gotten my hands on. Still, I wasn't that naive, and I really knew how to turn guys on. Eventually I wound up settling on a pair of fishnets, a tight pleather mini-skirt and a corset that pushed my tiny little boobs together. No man could resist that combo."

"When I came back down, Scott immediately took notice of me, just as I had planned."

"'Where are you going dressed like that,' he asked me."

"'Just out,' I told him."

"Scott said that my mom probably wouldn't approve of me going out dressed like that, so I asked him if there was anything that we could do in the apartment instead. When he didn't answer right away, I walked over and sat down on his lap, and told him that I had a couple ideas that we could work on. I could feel his rock hard cock through his jeans. He didn't make any effort to fight me as I unzipped his pants and whipped out his erection. It was huge too, even bigger than the ones they have in porno movies. Trying to copy the girls from those movies, I went down between his legs and knelt."

"I had a little trouble getting all of his cock into my mouth at first. It was just so big. Eventually I was able to get a good part of it in, so I closed my eyes and started to bob my head up and down as I sucked him off. It was surprisingly difficult given that it was my first time and all. Scott seemed to be enjoying it, though. I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against the back of my throat. It took everything I had to try and suppress my gag reflex. And even then I was still coughing form it."

"Eventually Scott tapped me on the head and looked down. I stopped and he pulled his rigid cock out of my young mouth."

"'It's your first time, isn't it,' he asked me."

"I shook my head, hoping that I could convince him I wasn't a virgin. He didn't fall for it though."

"'It's okay,' said Scott, 'I'll be gentle. I just think we should probably go in the other room.'"

"He led me into the bedroom... the same bedroom where he made love to my mother each night. For some reason, the thought of making love to her new boyfriend on her own bed was really starting to get me wet. I undid my corset, exposing my perky young breasts and laid down on the bed, spreading out my legs. I had made sure not to wear any panties, when I hiked up my little skirt, he could see everything. Scott quickly got undressed and was immediately on top of me."

"It was so hot to feel him over me, kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. I was already pretty wet when I felt his hand slide down over my belly and go down to my cunt. He slid one finger in, and then the next, and then another. He got three fingers in me and started to go at it. Now I'd masturbated before, but this was so much better. I could feel him just... stretching me out..."

Liz was obviously excited by her memories, and it took her a moment to regain her composure.

"Anyway," she continued, "Scott kissed me on the forehead, then I knew he was going to penetrate me. I waited for it with my eyes closed tight. I could feel him spreading my legs apart, and then gently pressing the tip of his cock into my eighteen year old pussy. I breathed deeply, waiting for it to come. Every second seemed to stretch on for an eternity. Gradually I could feel his rock hard manhood filling me up, stretching my young pussy beyond its limits."

"Yeah, it hurt at first. A lot, in fact, but as I lay there silently he just kept going. Soon it started to feel pretty good. I wrapped my slender legs around him, trying to enjoy my first time. Scott just kept going at it, until suddenly, he went motionless for a moment and pulled out of me. I didn't know what was going on, until I looked up and saw him starting to shoot jizz across my belly and tiny tits. I remember being a little pissed at him for staining my skirt, but that didn't stop us from fucking like little sex bunnies for the rest of the weekend."

"When my mom finally came home, we had to keep our little thing a secret. We still found time to fuck now and then whenever she was out of the house, but eventually she wound up figuring it out. My mom was furious. I'd never seen her that pissed. She broke things off with Scott and kicked him out of the house right away. Then she gave me the choice of either getting kicked out with Scott, or going to college far, far away from her. I chose college."

The other girls were shocked at Liz's confession. They knew that she was freaky and had some serious issues, but nobody knew just how far gone she really was.

"So," interrupted Melissa, a busty brunette from the Midwest, "You had sex with your mom's boyfriend? Ewww... that's kinda gross."

"Hey," exclaimed Liz, "He was pretty good looking, and besides he couldn't resist these!"

Liz lifted her top and flashed the other girls her perky young breasts. To nobody's surprise, both of her nipples were pierced with tiny silver barbells.

"And I was the one that seduced him," she said as she pulled her top back down.

There was a brief moment of silence and a notable tension in the air as none of the other girls quite knew what to say after that... interesting display. After a while Jenna finally spoke up.

"Well," she said, "Who wants to go next? Any takers?"

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