tagGroup SexUniversity Sex Ch. 02

University Sex Ch. 02


My sweet dreams were interrupted when I heard my bedroom door quietly open and close. As I turned over to look at who had the audacity to disturb me on a Saturday morning, I noticed the alarm said 6 AM! Jeez! Shit! I was ready to go off. My roommate, Billy, had better have one hell of a reason...

You can image my shock when I saw a beautiful, completely naked, young girl (Wendy), on the side of my bed, looking down at me with steel-blue eyes. She was as pretty as a picture.

At about 5'9", Wendy had shoulder length, dishwater blonde hair and carried a hard, firm body. Her ripe, medium-sized, round breasts were topped with puffy, bubble gum colored nipples and symmetrical areolae. Somehow, I managed to tear my eyes away from those puppies and made them move lower.

I quickly decided Wendy must be an athlete. She had a flat stomach, tapered waist, tight, strong thighs, and shapely legs. Her height, weight, and long arms and legs made her a natural for almost any sport.

Saving the best for last, my eyes went back to her completely bald pussy. Surprisingly, her pussy lips were still neatly folded inward.

My mouth watered as Wendy continued to stand in front of me; hands on her hips, letting me take her all in. She did not seem to be in a hurry or have any concerns about exposing her naked body to a complete stranger.

Sensing my examination time was up; I focused back to the blue eyes that had not left me. When my eyes were locked back into hers, she patiently asked, "Can you help me please?"

"Help you what," I croaked.

"I have an itch!"


Although Wendy did not point her left hand, which was resting on her hip, she gestured toward her pussy. It was less than two feet away from my face. Knowing it was okay to look, again, I shifted my eyes to her well-defined cunt slit.

Upon swallowing the saliva that quickly filled my mouth water, I asked, "What about Billy?"

"He's busy...snoring. Too bad, he has a really big, fat, juicy cock." Wendy then gestured with her hands the size of his cock. "I love to suck on thick cocks like that. I can suck'em all day long."

I am sure you could I thought, instantly jealous that she was so enamored with my roommate's cock. Desperate to change the subject, I asked, "You came here with him?" I knew she had, but I just could not believe he could get this girl here, pass out, and still have her wanting his cock on top of that.

"Yes, he offered to take me home...and... Here I am."

"You still got that itch."


Wendy then shifted her eyes to my morning erection, which was covered by the sheet. My hips slowly squirmed as she stared at my swollen member.

"You always wake-up like that?" Before I could say anything, Wendy whispered, "Nice!" reached down, and gripped my hard-on through the sheet. "Feels like you have a really big itch!"

As we both smirked, I reached around behind her and dragged the palm of my hand across her smooth cheeks. Her buns were soft and warm.

"I know what you're thinkin'..."

I smiled and then gently scratched her lower back. "That's close, but down a little further," Wendy instructed. I moved my hand to the top of her ass cheeks. "Lower!"

I then slowly inched my hand down between Wendy's silky cheeks. When my thumb slowly passed over her anus, she flexed her checks hard and then relaxed them as I continued to her pussy.

Moments later, the long legged beauty, wordlessly and without hesitation crawled onto my bed, over my legs, and assumed the position - ass up and head down, more or less in the center of MY bed! Her body screamed "FUCK ME!"

I rose up and maneuvered behind Wendy. I parted her soft butt cheeks, took a hard look at her pink, button-shaped anus, and then placed my face between them.

Wendy's cheeks felt like warm pillows as I began to wet her pussy with my tongue. Whenever I came up for air, I would treat her puckered anus to some swabs, too.

When Wendy's snatch was sufficiently slick with my saliva, I pushed my tongue deep into her now juicy pussy. Almost immediately, I felt precum run out my hard cock.

Wendy moaned under her breath as I licked, slurped, and swallowed - feasting on my wet, sweet breakfast. No doubt, my nose, buried in her anus had something to do with her moaning, too.

When I had had enough, I turned Wendy over, and spread her long legs. I rewarded her decision to be with me, by going down on her clit.

Wendy gasped with pleasure as I began sucking on her little bead. It hardened and grew tall in no time.

Minutes later, Wendy's wonderful pussy was spasming against my face as her arms and legs thrashed on my bed. It took all my strength not to get bucked off her.

After Wendy came a few times, I rose up, grasped her waist, and pulled her groin against my erect cock. I wanted her to feel my hardness.

Without hesitation Wendy began grinding against me, she wanted to do more than feel. She wanted my hard cock to batter her glistening vaginal walls. She wanted to be fucked to exhaustion.

As I began to mount her, I suddenly changed my mind. I decided she should taste me, too.

I carefully climbed over chest, purposely dragging my smooth nut sack and cock over breasts. The feeling was so gloriously sensual I paused and just glided my sack over her hard nipples a few times before moving forward.

Wendy looked down as down as my hard cock bounced toward her face. She knew that I was going to dock it in her mouth, so she licked her lips, and opened her mouth for the arrival of my white, one-eyed monster.

As comfortable as Wendy was with her nakedness, I should have known that there were not going to be any coy, demur tongue licks. Wendy quickly and eagerly engulfed my cockhead in her mouth and greedily sucked and licked the precum that was oozing out my swollen cock head.

When Wendy's hot mouth began to take me deep, I knew I would not be able to take much more. Although I would have loved to fill her flat belly with my warm cum, I gently disengaged my cock from her mouth, and eased my face up so that I could finally kiss her.

My attempt at a romantic kiss bombed. I puckered my lips, but Wendy began wildly feasting on my face - sucking and licking her pussy juice off it. (I later learned that overtly, sexual women love the taste of pussy, even their own.)

After Wendy satiated herself, I let my hands glide down her smooth back, until they came to her soft, round globes. I pushed upwards, cupping a cheek in both hands, until I hoisted her up into the air.

Wendy instinctively wrapped her legs around me, locking her feet together in the small of my back as I maneuvered my cock, until I felt the entrance to her warm, wet cunt.

A couple of seconds later, Wendy's tight pussy began easing down my stiff cock. The feeling was glorious, for both of us.

I had only penetrated Wendy a few inches when her legs tightened and she threw her head back and groaned. "Oh, yes. Oh, that feels so good!"

The deeper I impaled Wendy, the more she grunted and gasped. I certainly could understand why. I felt so big right now.

When I satisfyingly bottomed in Wendy, I realized this was my second piece of strange pussy in about 24 hours. When it rains, it pours.

Two nights ago, I had gone to a local bar for a nightcap. After a couple of drinks, I began flirting with the comely, female bartender. She was equally as flirtatious.

It was close to closing and there were only three other guys in the place and they were sitting at the bar - together. They appeared to know the bartender and teased her about her interest in me. She teased them right back. We had many good-natured laughs as they joshed each other.

When I got up to go to the restroom, one of the guys followed me into the can. As we stood pissing into our urinals, the guy asked me what I thought of our bartender. I said, "She looks pretty sexy." He chuckled and agreed.

When he was done pissing, he turned to me. I looked at him and then down. He had cupped his large balls with both hands. His cock was semi-hard and pretty thick.

I was stunned and did not hear the question he had asked me. When he asked me, again, I realized he was asking me what I thought of his cock.

Caught completely off-guard, I told him it looked "okay." Then he asked to see mine! Although I was still peeing, I figured what the heck and carefully stepped back from the urinal, so the guy could see it.

Despite glancing into the guy's eyes only for a second, that was all the time I needed to see the lust in his eyes. I think the guy knew what I saw, because he immediately said Lucy would like it and then began telling me how Lucy liked it from behind and that she liked young guys -because they had stamina.

As he continued to tell me about Lucy's sexual preferences, he reached out, gently took my free hand, and placed it on his cock. When I pulled my hand back, he reassured me Lucy would not mind.

Seeing no further resistance, he reached out, again, took my hand, and placed it around his hardening cock. He did not stop at that. He began sliding my hand up and down it! I couldn't help but notice it was smooth and warm.

I had finished peeing by now and my own cock was beginning to harden. The longer I stroked his cock, the longer mine got.

Suddenly and without warning, the guy lowered his head and engulfed my cock in his hot mouth. Now, I've had plenty of blowjobs from many girls, but this BJ was something else! This guy knew how to suck cock! His feathery tongue immediately found my most pleasurable spot - underneath my cockhead.

I just leaned back against the urinal and enjoyed his juicy mouth sliding back and forth, over my hardening my cock. In no time, my big cock was as hard as granite, oozing huge amounts of precum, and thicker than I had ever seen it.

Despite the fact, I had decided not to cum in his mouth, I let him go on for another couple of minutes because his BJ felt so exquisite. In addition, watching my swollen cock plow back and forth in his hot, stretched mouth was visually thrilling.

After a couple of more minutes, I said, "Ooohhh that felt so good. Why don't you stand up for a few minutes?" He smiled at me and stood up as I kneeled and licked my lips.

His throbbing, erect cock was now only inches from my mouth. I was excited and eager to return the favor.

I wrapped my lips around the fat cockhead and began nursing out his precum. It was plentiful and tasted both salty and sweet.

When I began deep throating him, he reached under my armpits and slowly pulled me up, until I was bent over in front him. Then he swung my hips around. I quickly discovered that he wanted access to my smooth, hairless bottom.

With his cock deep in my throat, I moaned loudly as he determinedly pushed his stubby thumb into my pink, dry anus. I continued to suck and groan from the burn, until his thumb found my magic button.

When he began massaging my prostate, my ass started squirming, which made my throat constrict even more around his thrusting cock. He was pushing his cock so deep, my eyes began to tear up, and drool began to leak out of my mouth.

Encouraging me to keep going, he said, "That's right, baby. Keep sucking it. I'm gonna feed you soon. I'm gonna fill your empty belly up with my baby gravy."

When I raised my eyes to his, he smiled, and somehow held my gaze as he continued thrusting his cock into my mouth and rubbing his thumb against my prostrate. Moments later, he began conversing with me, again.

"You like my thumb up your ass. I like how you can squeeze it. I bet you would love my big cock up your tight ass, too. Say, you wanna come over? We could drink some beers and watch some movies. My buddies would like to play with your ass, too. You could leave whenever you wanted. We'd even give you a ride home."

Then without warning, he grabbed my head with both hands pulled my face right into his chubby stomach and began grunting. Gag tears streamed down my face as I felt his beefy cock harden even more. I sucked in as much air as I could through my nose as I awaited his release.

Seconds later, gobs of hot sperm began pouring down my throat. Even to this very day, I don't recall ever swallowing so much warm, salty tasting cum.

When he finished unloading, he sighed, patted me on the head, and then dabbed my teary eyes with a tissue as I gently suckled his softening cockhead. Sperm was still oozing and out of his cockhead.

I felt like a little whore walking out of the men's room. Creamy ejaculate residue coated the inside of my mouth, my violated anus still burned somewhat, and my eyes were reddened. Not helping my uncomfortableness, his two buddies teased the heck out of us, asking what had taken so long, etc.

While the three guys were laughing about something, Lucy leaned over the bar and asked me if I was okay. Then she asked, "He didn't do anything to you did he?" Embarrassed, I laughed and said, "No!"

Eventually, the three men offered Lucy a hundred dollars if she would fuck me behind the bar. Lucy protested greatly, but after I readily agreed, Lucy, acting reluctant, announced that she would, but "only for the money."

Knowing that Lucy would not ask me to fuck her, I got up and walked behind the bar. As I approached her, she pulled her black skorts down to her knees, reached around, pulled her g-string aside, and then looked back at me.

The guys hooted it up as I unzipped. They laughed even more when Lucy glanced back at me and said, "Not in my ass, honey."

I smiled as I nodded agreement, and then began rubbing my semi-hard cock between her soft cheeks. My cock was rock hard in less than a minute.

Lucy's pussy was a little dry and it never got any wetter. It was not a great fuck. I managed to hold out a respectable five minutes before I flooded her vaginal cavity.

Right after I came, Lucy grabbed some drink napkins to wipe her oozing pussy lips. She gave me a blank look as she spread her legs, squatted, and began soaking up my leaking cum with the napkins.

Right before Lucy pulled her skorts back up, the guys begged us to turn around and wiggle our bare asses at them. There pleadings were successful and we entertained them.

Lucy finally smiled when the guys' jokes and laughter about our butts became downright hilarious. For some reason, I felt better. Although I did feel strange when I thought I heard one of the guys quietly remark under his breath that my "sweet" ass looked a whole tighter than Lucy's.

I willingly left with the trio to continue the party, but only after Lucy agreed to come over - after she closed. However, by the time Lucy got there, the guys had been taking turns banging my ass for some time.

When I finally noticed Lucy, she was smoking a cigarette, standing in the arch between the kitchen and living room. Although we did not make eye contact, she watched me masturbate as I bounced up and down on the fat cock I had just mounted.

Eventually, Lucy went over to the table where the guys had been snorting something. Whatever it was, it sure gave the guys staying power. They fucked me several hours and came in my ass and mouth several times. For a bunch of older farts, they had bigger than normal cocks and came alot.

Anyway, Lucy snorted a line of something herself and then went upstairs. I never saw her, again.

So here I was, in my own bed, sleeping my gangbang-hangover off when this young, naked woman walks into my room...

It took Wendy and me awhile to get a rhythm because our lust was almost uncontrollable. Our fucking was frenetic. She was trying to fuck me as I was trying to fuck her.

At some point, I managed to brace Wendy's back up against the headboard and push into her, as she bounced on my lap. Only then was she able to calm down and begin timing her humping with my thrusts.

As we began moving together, we began kissing - if you call sucking the hell out of each other's lips and tongues. The more we kissed the more ramped up I became. Soon, her lips were not enough. I grabbed her breasts and eagerly pulled them to mouth, so that I could passionately suck her erect, pink nipples. Wendy moaned and ran her fingers along the back of my neck. Her sensual touch gave me wicked goose bumps.

After only a few minutes of plunging in and out of Wendy's pussy, I heard and felt her pussy, begin gurgling and making squishy, suction like noises. Moments later, her hips quivered, raised, and then began bucking as her legs tightened. Feeling her pussy spasming around my cock only made me pound her harder.

I was determined that my hard charging cock was going to fuck this undulating body 'til it couldn't cum anymore. My goal was short-lived.

All too quickly the vice-like squeeze of Wendy's pussy became too much. I came like a beast.

I rose up and thrust as deep as I could and then started gasping, "Aaahhh," after every spurt.

Wendy equaled my exuberance. "I feel it shooting in me! Whoa! Aaahhh! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming, too!"

After our orgasms had subsided, we exchanged hot open mouth kisses, our tongues searching our mouths. Sweat was pouring off both of us.

After I climbed off Wendy, we cuddled for a while, before getting up. I still had a piss hard-on and went to relieve myself and Wendy went to check on her date.

When I returned from my bathroom, I heard muffled voices and then I hear him say "Wendy." At least I knew her name now!

I waited a few minutes for Wendy to come back, but when she didn't, I dejectedly laid back down on the bed. I went to sleep immediately.

About ninety minutes later, I began to wake up. The first thing I felt were warm breasts against my back and then someone's hot breath against my neck. I smiled, thankful that Wendy had come back.

When I turned over to look at Wendy, she opened one blue eye and mumbled that she had saved me breakfast. When I quizzically arched my eyebrow, Wendy smiled and said, "Eat me. I need my pussy sucked...really bad!"

Not about to eat Billy's cum, I asked Wendy what happened. Wendy said she gone back to Billy's room to get her clothes and that Billy wasn't very happy about the fact she had left him and was fucking me. She said when she came into my room, I was sleeping, so she got into bed with me and went back to sleep, too.

Wendy gave me a moment to think all that through, before she said, "Time's up!" She then spread her legs and said, "I need your tongue on my pussy. Now!"

Still drowsy, I slowly rose up and crawled between her legs. Before lowering my face, I looked down at Wendy's smiling face and mumbled, "Just know...I'm gonna eat you 'til you beg me to stop!"

Wendy did not say anything. She just patiently stared at me. Since her blue eyes would not blink, I had no choice but to break eye contact.

Before placing my hands on Wendy's inner thighs, I briefly let my eyes sweep across her exquisite curves and smooth skin. Her breasts were full and firm and her pink nipples were hard, again.

I pushed Wendy thighs, until her knees were more than shoulder-width. I then put my hands on her hips and leaned forward, resting my head on her right inner thigh as though I was preparing to take a nap.

Wendy's wet pussy was only inches from mouth. I flared by nostrils and deeply inhaled the heady aroma of stale sperm and fresh pussy juices.

I pushed my right arm up, until my hand could cup Wendy's right breast. I then took turns cupping both her breasts as I began fluttering my tongue around and over her swelling labia. I was careful not to touch her clit - just yet.

After a couple of minutes, I paused to ask, "How does that feel? Ok?"

Wendy sighed and simply said, "Yes!"

It was now time to get serious. I placed both my hands under Wendy's ass and held her cheeks firmly as I moved my mouth directly over her now drooling pussy. I then slowly wiggled my horny tongue into her warm, wet, pussy hole.

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