tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUniversity Stud... Ch. 01

University Stud... Ch. 01


I was shooting some baskets at school earlier than when most people would be up. It was the first day of fall semester and I figured I'd get some extra practice time and be able to shower before my first class. I had access to the gym since I was a member of our university's basketball team. I was the number one point guard but I knew I had to work hard. Being 5'7" I had to work twice as hard as most people in order to keep up with the demands of running this team. I was just shooting some baskets when I noticed a black girl walk in to the gym.

I had never seen her before but she looked very familiar. She came over to my basket and asked if she could shoot around with me. The company was nice so I obliged. I watched her and she had a pretty decent jump shot. But her shoot wasn't what kept me watching her. For a girl her size and for this sport, she was sporting one of the most amazing racks I had ever seen on a basketball player. Even with her sports bra on, her tits were flopping everywhere with each movement she made. We got to some small talk and she told me her name was Nikki. That's when it hit me. She was the new freshman recruit that had gotten a lot of press talk for choosing to come to our university. When I pointed it out, she said she figured that I would probably have recognized her from a picture in the school paper or something. That's why she looked so familiar. She hadn't checked in with anyone but she thought maybe she could come into the gym and try to get a little court time before her class. I was impressed. Another gym rat like me

After we had warmed up a little she asked me if I wanted to play a game of one-on-one. I was up for a game so we decided to play a game of 11. During one of her possessions, I tried to swipe the ball away from her but all I ended up with was a nice handful of tit. I quickly apologized to her but she laughed it off and said, "no harm, no foul." That brought a smile to my face. After the incident, my cock was starting to get hard and every now and then, I'd take a swipe to feel her up some more. I got bolder and I could tell that halfway through the game she was getting a little irritated because I kept swiping away at her tits and there were times I wasn't even close to the ball. At that point she decided that she didn't want to face me up front so she switched her playing style.

Having the height advantage that she did over me, she started to post me up. Thinking that she had found the strategy to beat me she started talking a little smack. I'm not much of a talker and I know that action speak louder than words so I told her to just play. She laughed and started to back down on me again. I played her up this time and tried to force her out of the key. That's when I realized that my cock was nestled in between her ass cheeks. I pushed my cock against her slightly and I know I bothered her shot a little because after she put up the shot she gave me a glare. I just smiled at her with a knowing smile that I might have found my winning strategy.

The next time she posted me up I was ready for her. As soon as she turned her back to me, I pushed my cock between her ass cheeks and started to push back at her. She tried to move left and right to avoid me but I matched her every step of the way. As soon as she had a little breathing room between us I would quickly close the gap and force my cock up against her cheeks. She was getting flustered and I was able to knock the ball away from her. She ran after it with me in close pursuit. Our legs got tangled and we both went crashing to the floor. She fell face down and next thing I knew I was on top of her on the floor. Without skipping a beat, I started grinding my cock against her juicy ass. She struggled to get up and I made like I was having trouble too but I just faking it just so I could get a couple more grinds for my cock against her ass. I finally let off and got up and she sprang to her feet. I knew she was getting frustrated after that little dry fuck and that I was ahead in the game. I told her next point wins and she jumped on the offer.

I gave her possession because I knew I was going to win and the prize was going to be priceless. She started backing down on me again and I didn't bother to play defense. I just grabbed her hips and started to full on grind my cock into her ass. This pissed her off so she turned around into me for a straight up jump shot. As she was landing back on to the court I grabbed her in a bear hug and we went crashing to the floor. This time she was on her back and I was on top of her. "I think I'm going to win," I told her as my hands went straight to those big tits. I started to squeeze them right through her jersey and she finally started to come out of the shock of what was happening and started to fight back and started screaming at me. I knew exactly how to shut her up.

"Do you want to lose your scholarship?" I asked her. She stopped screaming and looked at me as if I was bluffing. "A few choice rumors to the right people and it could happen." I thought that if I could just get her to trust me a little I could go a lot further. "Look. Ever since I saw you come into the gym I thought you were really cute. Honestly, I think you have an awesome body. You have such a nice ass and your tits are fucking unbelievable."

The anger in her eyes softened and she asked stupidly, "you...you really think so?" she asked. I couldn't believe this girl was buying into it.

"Yes. I do. Look. All I really wanted to do is kiss you and maybe be able to feel up those luscious tits of yours. Besides, I know you want it. I've been grinding myself this whole time and you've been moving your hips to accommodate me." When I said this she started to blush and I knew I had her. I leaned down on top of her and started to kiss her. She was tentative at first but soon got into it as I felt her tongue try to push into me. I reached for her jersey and I only broke our kiss to lift it over her head. I didn't take her jersey completely off. I stopped it around her wrists and proceeded to tie her wrists together with her jersey over her head. I've done this many times throughout high school and college so this was a technique that I'd perfected.

With her hands tied I knew there was no way that she could stop me so I started maul her tits through her sports bra. Her nipples poked through and I started pinching and pulling at them. She started to moan into my mouth and I moved in for the kill. I grabbed her sports bra and with one quick tug, I ripped it right down the middle and enjoyed seeing her tits flop out in every direction. She was a bit surprised and said that was a new sports bra. She then remembered that she thought I only wanted to do was touch them.

"Sorry babe...change of plans," I said as I slowly started to kiss my way to her fat titties. They were in no way fat but on her athletic body, it was totally out of proportion because they were so big on her frame and I soon found out that they were all natural. She started to complain that I was getting a little rough and I looked at her with lust in my eyes and told her to enjoy it because I was just getting started. With that said, I pushed her shorts down to her ankles and started massaging her pussy through her panties while my lips were latched onto her nipple. I pushed my cock out of my shorts and asked her to tell me what she wanted.

I'm not so sure if she said it out of fear because she knew it was going to happen or if she really wanted it. She softly said, "I want you to...fuck me." There was a mixture of fear and anticipation in her eyes. I slid her panties off to the side as I lined my cock head with her pussy lips. I slowly teased her stroking my cock up and down her slit.

"How badly do you want this Nikki?" I asked her. She was about to answer but I didn't let her finish. As soon as she opened her mouth to answer, I slammed myself into her and all that escaped from her lips was a scream that echoed in the gym. For the first time, I realized that we were in the middle of the gym and that anyone could walk in on us at any moment but the whimper that followed the scream brought me back to the action at hand. And I realized how tight this girl was. I looked down to see that I had hit her limit and I had just a little more of half of my 8 inches in her.

"You've got one hell of a tight pussy there Nikki." She just whimpered as I started to pick up the pace of fucking her. Trying to get more of myself into her. She was starting to loosen up as I saw more of my cock disappear into her. The whole time this was happening she just whimpered and kept whispering something. I leaned in closer to her and I heard what she was saying.

"You're raping me," she whispered. I was a little shocked but what she said. I got a little scared but at the same time to have that power over her felt good and I started to fuck her harder. As I developed into a nice rhythm, she started to meet me with each thrust. Soon, she was fucking back at me and her whimpers turned into moans of pleasure.

"You can't rape the willing," I said to her and she started to cry. I knew that would take her down a peg. That brought her back to reality but she was soon moaning and groaning with pleasure. I felt her flex her pussy walls around my cock as if trying to grab more of me as I fucked into her now loose pussy. I lifted her ankles on to my shoulder and held on to her shoulders and fucked deeper into her. She about lost it when I did that. I fit my entire length into her and she was just a blubbering mess.

"Fuck me...oh please...fuck me...just fuck me...rape me." She just kept going on. She tried to grab on to her tits that were just flopping around but it was easy to push her hands back over her head since they were still tied with her jersey. I told her that I wanted to see her fat titties flopping around. I just fucked into her pussy for what seemed like hours. Then I felt her pussy grip me.

"Don't cum you little slut. I'll tell you when you can cum. Beg for it bitch." She looked at me with pleading eyes and I slapped her tit. "I mean it. You cum only when I tell you to. Now, beg for it." As if to emphasize what I was saying I slapped her other tit even harder.

"Please...let me cum," she whispered.

"Louder," I said as I gave her tit's a harder slap and started fucking her a little harder.

"Let me cum," she spoke up.

"I don't think you want to cum because I can't her you, you slut," I teased as I slapped her tits even harder. I picked up my pace and fucked her even faster.

"I need to cum...please," she started to beg. I knew she was about to break.

"I think I'm just going to leave you here because I don't think you want this as much as I thought you did." I gave her tits one last hard squeeze and stopped thrusting into her as if I was going to get up and leave.

"PLEASE...I need to cum so badly. Don't stop fucking me. Don't ever stop. I'll be your slut. I'll be your fuck slave. I'll do anything. Just please...PLEASE...don't leave me. Let me cum," she begged. She was blathering incoherently and I knew she was mine. Another fuck toy here at the university for me.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE???" someone yelled from across the gym. Nikki was suddenly self conscious of the situation and tried to escape from me but I wasn't about to let this girl get away from me. I slammed my cock back into her and she let out a moan escape her lips. As the person walked closer to us we both realized that it was Mrs. Wheeler, the women's basketball coach at the university.

"Mrs. Wheeler...he's raping me. Please, get him off of me," she cried out. Seeing Mrs. Wheeler, I knew what Nikki was trying to do. There was no way this bitch was going to do this to me. This angered me so I buried my cock to the hilt and Nikki let out a painful scream. Mrs. Wheeler quickened her pace, or at least as fast as she could with her dress suit, skirt, and high heels. She crossed over to us as her heels clicked and echoed in the gym

"She was asking for it. She was practically begging for it," I half said half yelled between grunts and thrusts into Nikki to Mrs. Wheeler as I kept my cock buried deep in Nikki. I was fully aware knowing that there was no way that I could hide what I was doing. Mrs. Wheeler walked to us with purposeful strides and I saw a glimmer of a smile across Nikki's face as she saw she was going to be helped. I hated her for this so I thrust into her a little harder and her smile turned into a whimper and I smiled a little.

"Stupid bitch," I cursed as Mrs. Wheeler walked towards us and stepped over Nikki and started to push at my shoulders to separate us...

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