tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUniversity Student House Ch. 03

University Student House Ch. 03


The lazy lads' weekend I had expected to spend with Johan was unfortunately interrupted by Anna's early return to university later that day, but the memory of being naked in the kitchen wanking with a mate continued to play in my mind. Despite knowing I was straight, the freedom and arousal of sharing what was usually a private experience with a likeminded lad was incredibly horny, and the image of Johan naked and erect fuelled a number of my subsequent wank sessions alone in my room.

Although no opportunity had presented itself for any more mutual horniness, in the days that followed Johan and I enjoyed a much closer friendship. While Johan made no reference to what had happened, he obviously didn't regret anything and greeted me most mornings in the kitchen with a friendly slap on the arse or pat on the back.

I'd settled back into a rhythm of study alleviated by long, intense wanks in my room. Joanne had stayed at her parents to complete some research so I was denied the opportunity for any more peeping into her room, but reading some of my favourite stories online and browsing horny pics and vids kept me entertained. Despite my regular ball draining however I continued to feel constantly horny, taking any opportunity I could for some dirty pleasure.

Johan was spending the next weekend back in Holland with his family so, with Joanne away, it was just Anna and me in the house. Anna still pretty much kept herself to herself, friendly enough when we bumped into each other around the house but spending most of her time in her room when she wasn't at the library.

On the Friday night it was pissing it down outside so instead of heading to the pub I decided to open a bottle of wine and watch a film - a non-rude film that is! The porn would come on later when I went to my room.

I was about half an hour into an old 80s classic I'd seen a million times, and through about a third of a bottle of red, when the front door crashed open.

"Fuck!" I heard Anna hiss as she slammed the door before appearing in the living room looking as if she'd jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed. She grinned at me as she pulled her soaked hair out of her face. "It's a little damp out!"

I laughed and ran to the bathroom at the back of the house to grab her a towel. When I returned she'd managed to peel off her jumper and slipped off her boots which all lay in a puddle in the hall.

"I'd better go and sort myself out," she said, heading to the bathroom. I scooped up her things in the hall and distributed them around the kitchen to drip. A few minutes later she emerged with a towel wrapped round herself, her hair tied up in a bun. She disappeared into the laundry room with a bundle of more damp clothes, then headed back through the living room and disappeared into her bedroom at the front of the house.

I was surprised when, a few minutes later, she reappeared in a baggy white t-shirt, bare footed and bare legged. Her scraggly damp black hair was still tied back and her glasses were perched on her nose.

"Thanks for your help, I wasn't expecting you to be in," she said, hovering at the living room door. "Sorry, almost everything else is in the laundry," she said looking down at the t-shirt. "I wasn't planning on getting drenched and was just going to have a lazy evening."

"No probs," I said. "Just a lazy one for me tonight too, sounds grim outside."

"It is. Any chance I could scrounge a glass of wine?"

"Yeah of course, help yourself."

Anna padded through the living room to the kitchen to grab a glass. I watched as she reached up to the top cupboard, and the white t-shirt she was wearing rode up her thigh. As I watched, the t-shirt climbed higher. I'd always known Anna was attractive but had never really given it much thought. Her pale legs were slim and shapely, and the back of the t-shirt hung over a pair of finely rounded firm arse cheeks.

She stretched even further to reach a glass at the back of the shelf and I caught my breath as her t-shirt rode up several inches further, revealing the bottom half of each arse cheek. For an unbelievable moment I thought she was naked underneath, but then I noticed a sliver of sporty grey cotton wedged between the cheeks and realised she was wearing a plain thong.

I still experienced a thrill as I realised I was looking at most of Anna's bare arse. The firm, petite cheeks looked almost white, and the grey cotton was slightly rumpled just above where it disappeared from view between the cheeks.

Feeling a familiar rush of blood between my legs I began to regret the decision to go commando in my jeans (I'd been unable to find a clean pair of undies) and my inconveniently large penis made a clumsy wet lurch across my thigh. I quickly rearranged my position before Anna returned with a glass and helped herself from the bottle.

Flopping onto the sofa opposite mine she coiled her legs underneath herself. I had to make a conscious effort not to stare at the top of her thighs to see if I could see any more of her underwear. My growing involuntary erection was not helped by the fact that by the appearance of her two firm breasts and clearly visible nipples it was evident that she wasn't wearing a bra under her t-shirt.

"Sorry for interrupting your evening," she said sipping her wine.

"You're not interrupting anything, I wasn't sure what to do with myself this evening," I replied.

"Yeah same here, I thought the house would be empty. Nice to have a bit of company though." She sipped her wine, glancing at me. "I suppose I should put some laundry on."

"Yeah I really should too at some point."

"Well I think I'm going to put some whites in if you've got anything you want to add?"

"Oh erm yeah sure, if you don't mind."

"No problem, we can stick it on now and the stuff will be dry by the beginning of the week."

"Great, I'll grab some things."

I jumped up and went up to my room. Thankfully my erection had subsided to a flaccid but thick dormant state, but a trickle of now cold fluid was inching down my thigh.

I walked around the room plucking white items of clothing and soon had a pile which included a couple of t-shirts but mostly my well worn collection of briefs, tangas and trunks. I knelt to scoop them all together but as I did so I noticed an embarrassingly powerful scent of lad musk emanating from my used underwear. The pile smelt thickly of semen and groin sweat.

Embarrassed and unsure, I considered going back empty handed and saying I didn't have any whites. But then I did really need some clean pants. After a moment's thought I grabbed an empty plastic bag and filled it with the pile of clothes. I'd take it down and load the washing machine myself, avoiding any embarrassment.

I pottered through the empty living room and through the kitchen to the laundry room at the back. There was no sign of Anna but there was a cloth bag open by the half filled washing machine. Kneeling, I was about throw my undies in the machine when I noticed a pair of red women's briefs hanging half out of the open bag. Peering in I realised it was Anna's laundry bag, and she'd obviously been sorting through it and separating her whites.

I tried to shake off my growing arousal and was about to start emptying my bag, but I couldn't get that fantastic image of Anna's almost bare arse in the kitchen out of my head. I glanced at the laundry bag again. Sometime in the last few days those red cotton briefs, decorated with little white hearts, had been wrapped round Anna's gorgeous bum. The crotch had been hugging her most intimate area while she'd been sitting in lectures or working at the library. I listened carefully for a moment but couldn't hear any movement in the living room.

Reaching down I hooked a finger into the knickers and lifted them up. Holding them by the waistband I looked down into the crotch. Around the seams of the knickers some darker patches indicated the slight intimate discharges of a day's wear. Heart pounding, cock thickening, I slowly lifted them to my face. Placing my nose inside, an inch from the crotch, I inhaled.

The surprisingly strong odour of female musk was intoxicating. The rich scent of pussy was familiar but different, more intimate and private. A slight edge of urine and sweat added to the voyeuristic pleasure and, breathing deeply, I instinctively cupped the fat bulge in my jeans. Closing my eyes I pushed the knickers onto my face, imagining that perfect arse but naked, legs slightly apart, envisioning what the mound of Anna's pussy was like.

I was brought back to earth with a jolt by the flushing of the toilet. The bathroom door was less than a metre from where I was kneeling, and I could hear the tap running as Anna washed her hands. Panicking I pulled the knickers off my face, but with shaky hands I dropped them between my legs. It was too late, the door burst open and Anna nearly tripped over me.

"Oh, hello!"

She glanced at my plastic bag. I couldn't tell if she'd seen her knickers on the floor, but I could sense my face was blazing beetroot red nonetheless.

"Oh don't worry," she said. "I'll sling your stuff in. I'm still sorting some bits out."

"No, it's ok," I stammered.

"Don't worry about it. Go and pour us more wine while I finish this up."

Awkwardly, still blushing, I rose, not daring to look at the dirty knickers on the floor. With a further jolt of embarrassment I realised I'd forgotten about the sizeable semi now tenting down the leg of my jeans. I turned away from Anna and, red-faced and slightly hunched, stumbled into the kitchen without daring to look at her.

Obediently I poured a couple of glasses of wine and sat, somewhat guiltily, on the sofa waiting, my thick penis slowly subsiding. I waited for what seems like ages, feeling increasingly awkward and embarrassed, not only about what Anna would think of what she'd seen, but also about the fact that she was having to rifle through a pile of my seriously smelly underwear.

Eventually I heard the sound of the washing machine filling with water, and Anna walked back into the living room. Thankfully there didn't seem to be anything too unusual about her behaviour, although her cheeks seemed a bit flushed and rosier than usual. Standing, she picked up her wine and took a sip, glancing at me over the rim of the glass, then settled into the corner of my sofa next to me, drawing her her legs up under her again.

"Funny, isn't it," she said, "living with people who a few months ago you didn't know at all. But we've kind of become a home, I guess, haven't we?"

"Yeah I guess we have," I answered.

"I mean, the way you get on with Johan, and me and Joanne are really good friends. And we're all pretty happy."

"Yeah," I said absentmindedly. In my mind I was reliving the sight of Anna's bum in glorious detail, a renewed stirring in my jeans.

"It's nice, I like it. Getting to know people like that. So, did you have much planned for this evening?"

"Erm, no not really," I mumbled, not really paying attention, lost in some private and explicit thoughts. "Like I said, just a film at home. You?"

"Well, I kind of thought I had the place to myself tonight, so was pretty much planning to just masturbate all evening."

It took a few seconds for the words to sink in, and even then I was pretty sure I hadn't heard her properly. I glanced at her face. She was blushing, but looking me evenly in the eye.

"That's not, erm, embarrassing for you is it?" She asked tentatively.

"Erm." I was actually speechless for a moment.

"I just thought that's probably the kind of stuff guys talk about with their mates and, well, we live together, we're mates."

"Yeah. Sure. Yeah, we are."

"So it's ok talking about it? With you?"

"Yes. Yeah, it's cool. Totally."

"Great," she breathed. She seemed a bit relieved. "I don't have loads of mates, and get on with guys better anyway. Think it's because I have brothers. Apart from Joanne of course, she's great."

"Yeah she is." Slowly getting over the shock, I was now curious to get back onto the subject Anna had started. "And yeah, to be honest, I was probably going to have a bit of a wank later."

She smiled. "Yep, gotta be done sometimes."

She blushed again and had another sip of her wine, shifting her legs almost restlessly. Emptying my glass I put it down and was about to reach over the table for the bottle.

"Want a refill?" Anna asked, and leant forward for the bottle. She had to raise herself off the sofa and hunch over the coffee table to reach it, and as she did so her t-shirt rode up the small of her back instantly revealing a full view of her pert bottom less that a foot from my face.

The thin waistband of her thong hung at the top of her hips, a narrow strip of grey cotton making a line down the centre of the top of her arse before plunging between the two soft, firm, pale cheeks. A few inches further down the string reemerged from the cleft between her arse cheeks, widening to envelop the mound between her legs. The grey cotton was stretched taught over her mound and, as I stared in disbelief, I saw the unmistakable evidence of the beginning of a damp stain.

She hovered in a hunched position while she slowly poured a full glass of wine, then returned to the sofa passing it to me. Her cheeks seemed even more flushed. Back on the sofa, she drew her knees up to her chest, inadvertently exposed the grey cotton bulge of her mound between her thighs.

"Do you wank a lot Billy? I mean I know you've been seeing someone, but do you still wank?"

The proximity of Anna's exposed underwear-clad nether regions combined with the unexpected line of conversation was slowly reducing me to a fevered wreck. My heart was pounding and there was a thick wet swelling in my jeans that soon would be undeniable.

"Erm if I'm honest yeah, I do wank a lot. A hell of a lot to be totally truthful."

"Yeah I do too if I'm honest," she confessed. "I mean I love sex too, but masturbation is a different kind of thing. Less pressure sometimes I guess."

As she chatted, Anna's thighs swayed opened and closed slightly, each time revealing an intimate stretch of pinker skin between the top of her thigh and the seam of her knickers.

"Plus," she continued, "you can be really dirty and no one judges you." She giggled. "Billy, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah sure," I croaked.

"Were you sniffing my dirty knickers earlier? In the laundry room?"

My face instantly flushed bright red. Considering the brutally honest nature of our conversation it seemed pointless to deny it.

"Yes," I said simply.

"I thought you were," she giggled. "Does it turn you on?"

"Yes," I answered meekly.

"Wow," she giggled. "That's kind of hot. Why does it turn you on? If you don't mind saying. Is it the smell? Of my fanny?"

"Yes. And the fact that you've been wearing them, that they're private. It's kind of voyeuristic I think. Like, something intimate."

"Your pants mostly smelt of cum and sweat," she laughed. "But yeah you're right, it was really horny investigating them secretly. Stuff that's normally hidden I guess. Normally."

Slowly she let her knees part but this time deliberately and much wider. Propped against the corner of the sofa, feet planted on the seat, she gradually parted her thighs until the full sight of her knicker-clad crotch was exposed. What had been a hint of dampness on the grey cotton earlier was now an unmistakable dark, spreading stain.

"You can look if you want," she whispered.

The blood rushed to my head as turned my face. There was only a few inches between us on the sofa, and there was Anna's pussy tightly clad in stretched grey cotton, her bare feet placed on either side, heels nearly touching her rounded arse cheeks. The bulge in the knickers was plump now and wet, and in the air I caught the faint hint of female musk, fresher than the scent of her knickers earlier in the laundry room.

"Is that good," she asked somewhat anxiously.

"Yeah," I croaked, mesmerised.

"If you'd like to you could get closer. Have a sniff. You don't have to be embarrassed."

"Id really like to."

"Ok. But you have to do something for me too. Will you take your clothes off?"

"Erm," I stammered. "I'm, er, quite aroused."

"I know. I just want to see. If that's ok?"

"Yeah sure," I answered, confused but now horny as hell.

"Stand up," she ordered.

I stood up next to the sofa. Anna looked up at me, legs still parted, hands resting lightly on her knees. I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. The enormous tent down the leg of my jeans was now unmistakable.

"Don't be shy Billy," she encouraged. We're just mates. If you want to."

"Yeah I do," I breathed.

Slowly I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zip. Pushing them slightly I let them slide to the floor. The length of my penis flopped obscenely into the air, the wrinkled hood glistening with juices that drooled in a long string from my bellend as my cock swung horizontally in from of me, an angry red from root to tip.

"Fucking hell," whispered Anna. "Its bigger than my dildo. Give me a spin?" She asked smiling.

Blushing I revolved slowly on the spot, by ridiculous erection bobbing and dripping with every movement. As I completed a twirl, Anna nodded with approval.

"Nice arse. So would you like to find out what my knickers smell like while I'm wearing them?"

I nodded meekly.

"Come on then big boy," she whispered huskily, lifting her feet further apart on the sofa. I knelt on the carpet, bare arse in the air, and slowly lowered my head between her thighs.

With my face just an inch from her knickers I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Hovering with my nose just above the soaked patch in the centre of her crotch I slowly inhaled.

My mind reeled with the intimate scent of her arousal, mixed with a hint of sweat and something more personal and acrid. My cock lurched, depositing a puddle of juices onto the carpet between my legs. The thick musk of my penis mingled in the air with the scent of Anna, and just being in that moment was sheer bliss.

Anna sighed and lay further back on the sofa, spreading her legs and lifting her knees.

"Having fun?" She breathed.

"Fuck yes," I moaned between her legs.

"Good. Tell my what you like about my body."

"Everything, you're so fit! Your legs are beautiful, your pussy is so perfect. And your arse is gorgeous."

"Mmmm," she purred, "you like my arse? Bet you'd like to see more of it."

I had to pull my face away as she turned on the sofa, getting onto her knees. She lifted up the hem of her t-shirt giving me a brilliant view of her lower back and her perfect arse, beautifully framing the skimpy grey thong.

Slowly she bent forward, resting on her hands and knees while arching her back. I was touching myself now, long, slow, wet strokes. As I watched her bend her pert arse cheeks slowly parted revealing the soft, pink crack of her arse. The thin string of her thong barely concealed her arsehole, the very edges of which I could see on either side of the small bulge that marked its location.

The grey cotton stretched over her mound now barely contained her, and the hint of soft, wet, pink lips and a slight fuzz of dark hair were creeping from under the seams. I was in heaven. Leaning forward I edged my nose between her cheeks and sniffed.

"Like the smell of that too do you, you dirty lad?" She giggled. "Fancy a close inspection?"

"Reaching back with both hands she hooked them around the waistband on either side of her knickers. Then she paused.

"No touching naughty boy," she said over her shoulder. "Not tonight."

I nodded, mesmerised. Inches from my face she slowly began to peel down her knickers. Slowly the waistband passed down her arse cheeks, gently pulling the string out of her crack. I held my breath as her softly pink arsehole was revealed, a whiff of musk hanging in the air.

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