Power of balance. Good versus evil. That was the last thing I was thinking of when my car broke down on the dusty dark road. My mind was racing with all the thoughts that go through your head when you know that you have not made the right decisions. My cell phone was on the table in the front hallway. My purse was locked in the glove compartment and the key for said compartment was on the key chain next to my cell phone.

My car died quickly and without effort or pain. If this was a pet I would have been happy that it did not suffer. I'm not sure if cars have feelings but either way my car was dead. The innards of the engine seized up and it went from cruising at a nice eighty kilometres an hour to nothing.

I sat in my car and waited until the clicking and humming stopped. It was silent. My car was dead and I actually had no idea where I was. Well I did a bit. I had just dropped off my best friend at the airport so knew I was in the north end of town. Instead of hopping back on the highway that stretched east to west I had chosen instead to take a side road that went south. It was on this road that my car decided it was no more.

As I got out of the car I realized how hot it was outside. Even though it was almost the end of October the air was hot and dry. It was the type of dryness that would require a lot of water if I were running in it. I wasn't though and I was happy my brain reminded myself of this fact. I was a runner. I could run fast and far for long periods.

My heart leapt out of my chest as I saw a figure sitting on the side of the road in front of me. My brain knew that running away was best but I made another bad decision. I didn't run.

"Your car is dead. You should listen to your mechanic when he says to get regular oil chances."

His voice was quiet and deep. Even though he was scolding me like a child I felt comfortable with what he was saying. I stood still which gave him an indication to continue talking.

"You're blonde. I bet you don't have a cell phone right?"

I nodded in agreement. I was ashamed that he was telling the truth. I didn't even notice that he had insulted me. I was proud of my blonde locks and vowed that if there ever came a time that my hair turned grey or white; I'd pay a small fortune to have the same golden shade.

"I'm selling something that will help you with your situation. You might not want it but you'd be foolish to say no. Considering your current list of bad decisions, I'd say you should accept my offer."

I looked at him and squinted my eyes. The sun was setting at an angle where the glare was intense. Although at first I thought he was an older gentleman he now looked much younger. His clothing was dark and dignified. Part of my brain was grasping to remind me how odd it was that a man was randomly standing on the side of a dirt road dressed as if he was a high-class businessman. As always I ignored my conscience.

"What are you offering?"

He smiled as he heard my voice. It was almost like a light went off in his head and his assumptions were correct. He smiled wide and showed off his dark yellow teeth. There were none missing but clearly those teeth were that of an older gentleman.

"A compromise of sorts. We all want something in life. Sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we only get what we need. Sheryl Crow sang a song about that. I think the line said 'It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.' In any case you've wanted something for a long time and in return for something I've wanted for a long time I am here to make a deal."

"Excuse me?"

I didn't mean to sound so snotty but when I'm caught off guard my true colours show.

"I can get your car fixed and you can go along your merry way. In return you do something for me."


He smiled such an innocent smile that he looked to be a little boy asking for some more candy. I shivered but let him answer. I had forgotten about everything weird and creepy going on at the moment. I just wanted to know what I had to give him.

"Quit your job. You've been spoiled for way too long Elly. You need to feel what it's like to be at the end of your rope and so desperate you'd do anything."

The neurons in my brain were at lightening speed and my brain flashed with different scenes. Every scene reminded me of one thing -- he was right. I was spoiled. I did get what I wanted. I had worked hard for my job although no one needed to know it was by being on my knees as opposed to my intelligence. I was never going to be desperate and he had no control over me.

"Fuck off!'

I spun around and rushed to my car. The heat was sweltering and my thin blouse was sticking to my back. I opened my car door but he slammed it shut just as fast. He was so close to me and I could smell the decay around him. I tried not to breath through my nose but when I took a deep breath the dry air make me hack and cough.

"You don't need to run away. It was a simple statement. I am right, aren't I? You have always been the spoiled little brat?"

"How do you know that about me?"

"You probably don't really want to know the answer to that Elly. I mean I could see it in your eyes. You have always been materialistic and I know you thought I was going to ask for money. I don't need money. You do though. You need a lot."

I tried to pull open the car door again but his hand slid up to grip my wrist. His skin was cold and sticky. I shivered and was repulsed by him. When he opened his mouth teeth were missing and those still in there were almost black. He looked so old, so decrepit. My mind was racing and really there was no solution. I could see it now. The front page of the newspaper tomorrow would have a title such as "up and coming journalist found dead on side of the road."

Wait. That was assuming someone would find me tonight. The sun had set almost completely. It was dark now and in the time since my car had died no other car had driven by. I wouldn't be found tonight. It would be days. My body would probably look like his by the time I was found.

"Let me go. Please."


And with that he let go of my wrist and stepped back. He stood up straight and suddenly I realized he must be at least six feet tall. I was only five feet so almost everyone felt taller then me. I opened the car door and stood between it and the car. My hands fumbled with the keys, ready to put it in the ignition. My brain was clearly not working well as I had forgotten why I was stopped on the side of the road to begin with.

"You have once again made a bad decision. Typical isn't it?"

I glared at him and got into the car. The moment the door was closed I locked them all. The car started and I pushed my foot hard down on the gas. My wheels spun as I drove down the dark dusty road.

It wasn't until I got to the first intersection with streetlights that I started to calm down. My hands were clammy and my breathing was ragged. I turned into a small convenience store and decided I needed some water. My throat was parched.

I got out of the car and rushed inside. I barely paid attention to anyone around me. The video cameras in the store would have seen a blonde woman rush in and go straight to the drink area. Her skirt was black and her blouse was a sheer white. The kid at the counter would assume she was a lawyer or something late for a dinner date.

I opened the door and reached in to get a bottle of water. Just as I reached in a hand touched mine. I screamed.

"Yikes. Sorry."

I gasped and saw that a young man around my age had at the same moment opened the door and had reached for the same bottle.

"I am so sorry. I'm just nervous. Stressed."

I smiled as I tried to show him that I was normal.

"It's fine. You look like you've seen a ghost or something."

"Close. I'm Elly."


I bite my lip and looked down and then up. I knew all the right things to do to make guys pay attention to me. I ran my fingers along his arm then giggled.

"That feels nice."

In the few minutes that we stood there an instant attraction occurred. I knew only a few things about him but that was all I needed to know. He was taller then me and around my same age. His name was Chase and that meant he came from a rich family, as trailer trash parents do not name their children Chase. As my fingers touched his skin the connection strengthened.

"Are you from around here Elly?"

I nodded and parted my lips. I watched his mouth open as he spoke and I saw his even white teeth. My tongue flicked out, wanting desperately to feel his teeth, his mouth, and his tongue.

He grinned as he watched my tongue move and when he grabbed my hand and led me along the back wall towards the washroom, I did not hesitate. His grip was firm and when we entered the bathroom I knew that our lust and attraction was going to take over.

The door closed and I watched him lock it. I had already lifted up my skirt to reveal my black panties. He growled and pushed me hard against the wall. His hands were all over me and soon his thick fingers were sinking into my wet pussy.

"You like my fingers in your pussy baby? You like a stranger making you cum?"

His fingers pushed up hard against my g-spot and I gripped his broad shoulders.

"Yes. Push up harder. Rub my spot in circles. I need to cum!"

He did as he was told and soon my juices were dripping down his hand. The tile wall felt cool and I forgot how hot and sweaty I had felt outside just a few short minutes before. I was slowing forgetting everything as he pushed in a third finger and began to stretch my opening.

"Cum on my fingers baby. You need this like the slut you are. Cum."

I wasn't close yet but this was feeling so good. I felt his other hand reach up my body and squeeze my left breast. I cried out and looked into his eyes. It was only then I saw how dark they were.

"Kiss me."

Chase nodded and kissed me hard. I tasted his saliva and was finally able to feel his mouth and tongue. It was a wet kiss that was turning me on even more. His fingers continued to bang into me and he was finally pushing me over the edge.

He spun me around and bent me over the sink. In one quick motion he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. He tapped it against my round butt then shoved it into my pussy. The angle was perfect and soon his cock was giving my g-spot the friction it needed.

"Oh fuck Chase. That's it. Make me cum!'

He slammed into me three more times and then I was there. I gripped the sink as my legs shook. My pussy tightened and I moaned. My orgasm felt so damn good but I knew he couldn't cum in me.

I spun around and looked at him. His face was full of lust.

"Jerk off for me. You can't cum in me but I want you to cum."

Chase grinned and it almost looked like he had some missing teeth. I wasn't really paying attention as I loved watching him stroke his thick cock. It was bulging at the top and the tip was purple and swollen. I could see my juices covering his cock and his hand was slick with his precum and my juices.

"I want to cum on your face."

"No. that's gross."

"Fine. In your mouth. You have a sexy little tongue piercing I'd love to coat."

"Totally not going to happen Chase."

I was being a bitch but I had my standards. I reached down and rubbed my clit. It was sensitive from my first orgasm and I teased myself as he continued to jerk.

"Oh yeah baby!"

I watched as he jerked and yanked his cock until cum spurted out of the tip. The first landed on the ground and then he aimed the rest into the sink. I stepped back to give him room and then I laughed. I couldn't help it. There he was milking his cock into the gross dirty sink at a convenience store.


"Don't' sweat it Elly. You going to let me cum on your big titties later on?"


I winked at him and fixed my panties and skirt. Once he tucked his cock back into his jeans we unlocked the door.

We exited the bathroom and were thankful that the clerk was still reading some trashy magazine. Her head was turned down and she probably didn't even notice us enter the store. I was giddy with excitement as I grabbed my bottle of water and went to go pay. Chase pressed himself against me and whispered in my ear.

"I just need to go get something, if you know what I mean."

I grinned. He was getting condoms.

I paid for my water and then walked out to my car. I turned the car on and waited for Chase. I had forgotten everything that had happened earlier in the evening and all I was interested in was bringing him back home and enjoying him even more then I did in the bathroom.

As I sat and waited I knew that I was being shallow. I wouldn't be dating him for long. I never dated guys for long. I got tired of them and then let them go. I was happy at least that tonight's fucking had been pleasurable. Most times I end up rubbing myself with my finger or my vibe the moment I get home.

Chase exited the store and rushed into the car. I smiled and pulled away. I was so caught up with the sexy guy that I didn't notice the clerk stumble out of the store or the fact that the bulge in his jacket pocket wasn't condoms but a gun. I was completely unaware of the fact that he had just robbed the store and shot the female clerk.

We drove for a bit and then when I heard sirens behind me I slowed down. It wasn't the first time I had been stopped for speeding and I knew the routine. I'd pull my shirt down so the edge of my bra would show. I'd smile and bite my lip while digging my nails into the palm of my hand so tears would appear at the corner of my eyes. I was that good.

"Don't stop."

Chase gripped the wheel and made sure that I didn't pull off to the side. He pushed my right knee down so that I sped up. I glanced at him quickly then looked back at the road.

My heart was racing and suddenly I knew that things were not going to turn out well. The road was dark and the red and blue lights of the cruiser behind me created muted colours along the edge of the road.

"What did you do?"

I glanced over at Chase but he was looking straight ahead. I needed an answer from him even though I know what he was going to say.

"Chase. What did you do!"

A sharp curve threw me off and the car skidded and fishtailed. Dust blew up forcefully against the windshield and I tried to slow down.

"You know what I did. Drive."

Tears were forming in my eyes and I tried to blink them away. The police car was still behind me and ahead there was a bridge. I knew that there was a line of police cars blocking the road on the other side of the bridge. The bridge was a two-lane suspension bridge that went over the fast moving Mississippi River. The water was ice cold and shallow. Even with the shallow water it had a strong current. The bridge had been the location of many suicides. I knew this because I had written news articles on the last three deaths.

The lights from the police cars blinded my sight. I slowed down and then stopped in the middle of the bridge. Removing my seatbelt I looked at Chase.

"This isn't fair! I did nothing. They're going to fucking shoot us! Chase!"

I didn't even recognize my voice. It was ragged and shallow. I was practically panting as I spoke.

"You really are shallow. You always have been. When you were talking to that man on the side of the road you even thought up what the newspaper article would say if he killed you. You had an image in your head that it would be front page news."

I blinked. Had I told him about my creepy encounter? I hadn't. How did he know? Outside I could hear the police officers yelling and ordering us to do something. I could not even move.

"No one will miss you. No one ever misses you. You've been materialistic and bitchy for most of your life. You'd think you'd change."

"It's not my fault!"

"Yes it is. You've always blamed your parents, or your brother, or someone on your problems. Every bad decision you make you have an escape route. Even tonight as you thought your car was dead you were blaming your best friend. Don't deny it Elly. You were thinking that if she hadn't lost her husband to cancer he could have driven her to the airport and not you. Even though she's visiting her dying mother and has to tell her she had a miscarriage. You were blaming her on your car breaking down!"

I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't. There was no one to talk to. Chase was gone. The money and gun were on the passenger seat. It was only a few hundred dollars.

I grabbed the gun and exited the car. If nothing else this was going to be my last bad decision. I stepped out of my red sports car with the stolen gun held out in front of me. At least it was over quickly.


Mountain Times

November 1st, 2011

It was a tragic day at this newspaper today as we lost a wonderful writer and friend. Twenty-five year old Elaine Anderson was killed in a robbery at the convenience store where she worked nights. A crazed woman brandishing a gun entered the store and apparently took a few hundred dollars before fatally shooting Elaine.

The woman, who has not been identified yet, was fatally shot by police after stopping her car at a barricade and approaching the police officers with a gun. She had no identification on her nor could the police trace the ownership of the red sports car. It is this writer's hope that someone will notice who this woman is so she can be properly identified.

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