Unknown Man


Joe woke up suddenly, his alarm showing five in the morning. He rolled over and turned it off, and then slowly rose up. Rubbing his eyes slowly, he glanced over at his wife.

Her long blond hair flowed over the pillows, as her chest rose back and forth in a deep sleep. His gaze traveled to her big tits, which were hidden behind a tight shirt.

He instinctively reached out and grabbed the closest one, softly, caressing it slowly. He could feel her big nipple hardening under his scrutiny, his finger tracing circular patterns around it. Joe smiled to himself.

All of a sudden, her hand smacked his hand away. "What do you think you're doing?" she mumbled sleepily.

"You know what I want baby, come on!" he whispered hotly, as he grabbed at her chest.

"Let me sleep, Joe!" she said, as he tried to pull her shirt up over her big tits, another hand searching for her pussy lips down below.

"STOP, Joe...I'm tired!" she yelled, as she slapped his head while his mouth searched for one of her nipples.

Joe was pissed off. "Fine bitch!" he shouted. He got up and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Joe went into the kitchen and turned the lights on. He started the coffee maker, and noticed his trashcan was full. "Fucking bitch!" he thought to himself. He was extremely horny, and his wife was too tired to fuck in the mornings lately it seemed.

He pulled his cigarette pack out and grabbed one, then went to take the garbage outside.

Joe opened his backdoor, and stepped outside. It was a warm morning, but still very dark. He lit his cigarette with a lighter, and proceeded to walk to his backyard behind his garage, where the trashcans were kept.

He cursed his swollen cock as he walked along the way, it painfully stuck out like a flag pole against his boxers. "Wish she would at least suck me off or something." he thought to himself as he walked along the beaten path.

It was at that particular moment that an unknown man was jogging along the street. His pace was slow, but steady, his feet hitting the pavement with firm footfalls.

This man happened to be approaching the house that Joe had just taken that trash out of.

Now this man was no jogger, or even into fitness at all. No, he liked to watch houses as he ran slowly along. He would pick which house would be good to rob. And usually, was was good at it.

He would jog around neighborhoods, dressed up as a jogger, usually early mornings, and rob people when they went to work, or were getting ready to go to work. Sometimes he wouldn't even have to break in, the house would have an unlocked door, or window.

He could be in and out of a house, finding the easiest to carry valuables, in five minutes flat. Many times, the occupants of these houses were home, usually sleeping, and totally oblivious to him silently sliding in and out.

He was that good.

His eyes even now watched greedily, as he was approaching a man, who was totally oblivious to him. The man was evidently taking out his garbage.

The jogging man slowed his pace and stopped suddenly, hiding in the shadows of a tree. He watched intently as the man smoking the cigarette walked slowly away, trash in hand.

"Time to go to work!" he thought to himself. The man drew his hood over his face, as he quickly and silently slipped up to the door that Joe had just previously exited.

He reached the backdoor and slid inside without a sound. He was inside in 5 seconds flat, it was that easy.

The man quickly made his way through the kitchen, and into the living room. His adrenaline was pumping now, as he quickly calculated where the bedrooms might be. He knew that the wife was home as well, but should be sleeping still. Even though, the unknown man was cautious.

He silently made his way through the dark interior of the large house. His sense of direction was uncanny, as he was quickly outside of the master bedroom door. He quietly opened the door and entered, shutting it behind him.

His eyes, having already adjusted to the dark, instantly noticed Amanda laying still in the bed. He immediately froze in fear, but swallowed in relief, as he realized she was sleeping deeply.

Amanda was snoring a little in fact, having no idea this stranger was in her room. Her ass was sticking out of the covers, as she had kicked them away.

The stranger crept slowly over to her sleeping form, a strange feeling entering him. He usually never bothered with people sleeping, just taking their valuables, whilst they slept. But this woman had such a delicious looking ass, he had to have a closer look!

He was now at her side, his movements were still cautious, but swift as he lowered his face slowly to her ass. He took a deep sniff, savoring the smell of her woman hood. He reached out with one of his shaking hands, and gently caressed her ass. It was warm and soft to the touch. Softer then he imagined!

His breathing became more rapid as he continued to caress her ass, gently tracing his fingers along the curves, to the bottom of the cheek, where he grabbed it softly but firmly.

Amanda groaned slightly as she lay there, her ass being fondled.

The man was getting excited now, his cock was getting hard. He spread her legs a little wider as he tried to get at her pussy.

Amanda woke up slowly at first, as she felt someone moving her legs. "Joe, stop, cut it out!" she said groggily.

When he didn't stop, she reached up and flipped her bed side light on. She looked up in horror and realized the man wasn't Joe!

The man quickly grabbed her arm and threw her face down on the bed. She cried out as he twisted her arm behind her back, he face buried in the covers.

"Shut the fuck up!" he growled, "Or else I'll stab you bitch!"

Amanda's mind went blank as her body went limp. She had never felt pain in her arm like that before!

This whole time her husband Joe was smoking a cigarette and was just now returning to the house.

He shut the back door behind him and locked it, and then made his way back to the living room with a cup of coffee. He sat down and started watching the morning news on the television.

Amanda lay there stunned, as she felt the man stick a sharp object to her back, of what she thought, could only be a knife. She dropped all resistance at that moment.

She then felt her underwear being ripped off, and her legs being spread apart. She fought back a feeling of revulsion as rough fingers parted her pussy lips and thrust inside of her. She started kicking again.

"Spread your legs bitch, and stop fighting!" she heard the man hiss, as he pressed the knife again into her back.

Amanda went limp again and slowly pushed her ass out, and spread her legs. "Spread them wider!" the man whispered again, his hot breath in her ear.

She sobbed into the blanket as she spread her legs even further. She felt his fingers dive towards her pussy, and then plunge into it once again, causing her to moan and sob in her pillow even more.

He continued this for a few moments, then she felt his hot breath on her ass.

"Don't you fucking move an inch!" he threatened, as he parted her ass cheeks from behind with his hands and started licking her pussy.

She felt his hot tongue reach her pussy, her legs spread apart as this man continued to violate her.

"Where was Joe?" she thought wildly, as the man continued to hold a knife to her back, slurping loudly on her pussy.

His tongue wetly and hungrily explored her hole, his tongue flicked from side to side, making it wet with saliva. She squirmed and moaned, as it repeatedly flicked at her inner folds.

Amanda felt the man getting more excited, as he now grabbed her tits, while slobbering all over her vaginal area. She felt her body responding to his tongue, and shame filled her. She closed her eyes and lay there, face down, as this man ravaged her most private areas.

He stopped suddenly, his breath coming in excited gasps. He was holding her down with one hand, and unzipping his pants with the other.

Panic filled Amanda as the worst was coming true! She turned her head to protest, maybe she could reason with him!

But as she started to get up, his hands slammed her back face down into the bed. She felt his power. There was no way she could physically fight him!

"Bitch, try that again I dare you!" He whispered fiercely.

She lay there as she heard him fumble around with his pants, wild thoughts continued flying through her mind. "This can't be happening to me!" she thought to herself.

Suddenly she felt his cock on her ass cheek. He was slapping it against her ass cheeks! It felt so hot against her skin. Tears were streaming down her face.

He stopped slapping his cock on her ass as she felt him position it at the entrance of her pussy. Amanda felt his thickness slowly slide in her, and could not help but whimper out.

He grunted in pleasure, as his cock slipped all the way in to the hilt. His saliva providing easy access. He stayed there, not moving. Both bodies were one, as he impaled her, she was impaled.

Slowly, he withdrew his rigid cock, enjoying every sensation. When the head was about to come out of her pussy, he slid it slowly back in, repeating the process over and over.

Amanda lay there, and felt her body being pumped by this large, thick cock, tears streaming down her face.

Now it was no coincidence that this man was taking his time. He actually had scoped out this house for weeks, getting Joe and Amanda's routine down.

He knew that everyday Joe drank coffee and watched the news for an hour or so, letting his wife sleep longer. Like clockwork.

The unknown man having thrown all inhibitions to the wind, grabbed Amanda by the hair and started to fuck her harder, slamming her doggy style. He looked down and saw her ass cheeks rippling with the force of his thrust. He grunted and moaned in pleasure.

Joe was watching the news, when he thought he heard a noise. It was coming from the bedroom! He muted the television. Sensing something amiss, Joe got up and went to investigate. He walked down his hallway, and heard his bed creaking!

Usually the bed is only creaking if someone is getting out of it, or if they are having sex, he thought, so he was a little confused at the continual creaking.

He crept slowly over to his bedroom, and noticed a glimmer of light, one of the bed side lights must be on!

Confused, Joe reached the door, the creaking was quite loud by now. As he peeked into the room, Joe saw something that confused him.

A man was fucking his wife doggy style, her long blond hair being pulled back, in the man's left hand, his right hand gripping her hip tightly.

The man was dressed in a joggers outfit, and had pulled his pants down to his ankles. His thick hairy legs were powering the rape, as he continued his upward thrust, penetrating deep into Amanda's pussy.

Joe continued to watch in shock, finding himself unable to react. He sat there, ten feet away, watching the scene unfold. The bed was creaking away, as the two bodies melded together, over and over.

He heard the man tell his wife he was going to come inside of her sweet pussy.

Joe watched his wife kick and struggle, but to no avail. The man raised his head up and sighed, Joe knew the man was starting to come.

He watched,as the man thrust deep into his wife a few more times, the man seemingly making sure he drained his balls into her.

Unaware of it, Joe had a raging hard on again. He could not help it! His wife was being raped, and it was turning him on! He grabbed his pulsing cock from his shorts, and started stroking away.

He was already close to blowing his load. He watched as the man slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy.

The strange man was catching his breath. Joe watched as the man grabbed the base of his cock and was now painting his dribbling cock head all over her pussy lips.

Joe couldn't take it. He moaned silently and shot load after load out, coating the hallway carpet.

The unknown stranger, had already put his pants back on, and was rifling through the drawers.

Joe, having caught his breath, crept slowly away. He was terrified the man might have a gun. He called the police.

The police came swiftly, but when they investigated the bedroom, all they found was his wife, naked and curled up in bed crying softly The covers wrapped tightly around her body.

The police took evidence, and Amanda to the hospital.

Joe cursing himself for not stopping the rape, lost his wallet and some money. His wife lost some jewelry, and her body.

But they gained something, as Amanda became pregnant.

The perpetrator was never caught by the police, maybe he would strike again.

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