tagIncest/TabooUnlawful Acts of Debauchery

Unlawful Acts of Debauchery


Tony Green was 18 years old and he worked for a law firm in the City of London. He was basically a go-for and although his tasks were menial he loved his work.

The firm was mainly male dominated but there was one woman barrister there, Julia Powers. Julia was an extremely attractive widow of 54, her husband had been head of chambers before he died of a heart attack three years earlier. Julia only worked three days a week for certain special clients.

She certainly dressed up for work. Suits with pencil skirts, stockings and high heels. Most of the other men in the office knew that Julia was untouchable. She very rarely dated.

Tony was in awe of her, he would stare at her legs whenever he had the opportunity. Julia was aware of this but pretended not to notice.

It was the week before Christmas when the firm got in caterers and lots of alcohol and the afternoon drinks party seemed to be going well. Tony hadn't had too many beers just in case he made a fool of himself like some people at office parties do.

Julia was just feeling mellow having drank four glasses of red wine..

The party was winding down and Tony made to leave.

'Where are you going Tony?' asked Julia.

'Oh I need to get my bus Mrs Powers,' replied Toby.

'Where do you live?' Julia inquired.

'Holloway,' he told her..

'In that case you can come in my car with me. I live in Islington, and the driver can drop you off. I won't be long.'

It was more of an order thought Tony so he waited.

Just after six o'clock Mrs Powers found Tony and told him she was going and to follow her. In the car she established he lived with his single mother who had become pregnant when she was sixteen and had never married.

Julia looked closely at Tony and thought he had a handsome face. He was slim and at five feet eight was still a couple of inches shorter than her without her high heels.

The car pulled up outside a large imposing townhouse in Islington. 'Come in for a drink Tony, it's early and I'd like to have a chat with you.'

This time it was an order so Tony followed her out of the car and into the house. She took Tony straight to the sitting room where she poured two glasses of red wine and gave one to him. She beckoned him to sit on a large white sofa while she sat on a similar one opposite.

Julia crossed her sexy long legs very slowly so as to let Tony get a good view up her skirt. He could see the tops of her stockings and the black suspenders that were holding them up. Tony looked away nervously.

'Don't you like my legs, Tony? You seem to spend a lot of time in the office ogling them,'

Tony's face went bright red.

'Don't think I hadn't noticed. It's quite unnerving for a lone female in an office to be stared at like that,' she said. 'That is sexual harassment you know, I could have you fired.'

'Oh no, please don't do that. I really need this job,' pleaded Tony. He explained how his mother only had a part time job as a waitress and that they needed both wages to pay the rent on the flat they lived in.

Julia's plan was coming on well. 'So you need your job do you?' she asked. Tony just nodded his head. 'But you do need to be punished, you do understand don't you,'

Again Tony just nodded and wondered what was going to happen to him.

'Stand up and take off all your clothes. Do it now or get out!' ordered Julia. Slowly Tony removed his clothes until he was stark naked. His cock was still flacid due to his nervousness.

'It looks like you don't like me anymore?' she teased

'I know you like my legs so how about I show them to you?' She stood up, unzipped her tight pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor followed by her suit jacket. All she was standing in was her cream silk blouse, high heels and stockings and a black satin girdle.

She walked over to Tony and took his now hardening cock in her manicured fingers and gently teased it. 'Mmmm, that is so much better,' she said as it grew to it's full eight inches. 'I had no idea you were so well endowed.'

She pulled Tony by his cock to her sofa where she sat down. 'Kneel and remove my panties,' Tony took hold of her tiny black silk knickers and drew them down over her thighs, then eased them along her long stocking covered legs and over her black high heels. Julia opened her thighs to reveal a completely shaven pussy that was glistening with her juices.

'Do you have a girlfriend Tony?' Julia asked.

'No Mrs Powers,' he answered.

'Have you ever had a girlfriend?'

Tony just shook his head.

'Well let's see what you can do here then,' she said as she pulled his head between her thighs and pushed his face into her wet pussy.

He lazily licked her pussy lips causing Julia to shudder. Next he tongued her hole before sucking on her clitoris. He alternated this until she was moaning and groaning with pure pleasure. 'Bloody hell,' she thought. 'I wonder were he learned to do that?'

Soon she had his head pushed hard into her, her pussy fucking his face with wild abandonment as his tongue worked wonders.

'Oh God, oh God,' she cried as she came hard all over his face.

'My goodness, I thought you said you'd never had a girlfriend?' Julia asked.

'I haven't,' blushed Tony.

'So where did you learn to do that?' inquired Julia.

Tony was silent and just looked down at his knees. She reached down and wrapped her fingers in his hair causing him to yelp. She forcibly pulled his face up and said, 'tell me or on Monday you will out of a job!'

I..I can't,' he stammered.

'Then you'd better get dressed and go. I don't want to see you ever again!'

Tony stayed on his knees. 'M..my mo..mother,' he said softly.

'Your own mother?' exclaimed Julia. She thought quickly.

'Come with me,' she ordered taking him by the arm. She led him upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms and pushed him down on the bed, tying his wrists and ankles to the netal frame with some old nylons. She then went downstairs and searched through his suit pockets until she found his phone.

'What are you doing with that?' he asked as she came back to the room. Julia ignored him and continued to search though his photo gallery.

'Is this a picture of your mother?' asked Julia as she showed him a snap of an attractive woman in her mid thirties. The woman had long blonde hair and what seemed to be a good figure hidden inside her waitress uniform. Tony nodded.

Julia then found a telephone number with Mum on it.

'I think it's about time we had a little fun, don't you?' she said unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off. Next she undid the cream silk bra that caused her large breasts to fall forward slightly. She was standing in only her black satin girdle, stockings and high heels. She took hold of Tony's cock and started to stroke it. When it was fully erect she bent down and took it deep in her mouth. Tony groaned as she teasingly sucked him, making sure he didn't cum too quickly. She then got up on the bed, straddled the naked boy and sank down hard on his cock. She picked up his phone and asked, 'what is your mother's name?'

'Er...Sharon,' he replied nervously as she pressed the green button.

'Hello darling, why are you calling me on my mo..'

'Hello Ms Green, do you mind if I call you Sharon? My name is Julia Powers and I work at the same law firm as your son, Tony,'

'Oh..hello Mrs Powers. What can I do for you?' said Sharon hesitantly remembering who Julia was from what Tony had told her about his work.

'I have your son with me at the moment, Sharon, He's actually naked and tied to my bed, Such a nice boy and extremely talented with his tongue, but of course you already know that. Did you also know that incest is illegal in this country and punishable by up to seven years in jail?'

'I..I..I..,' stammered Sharon.

'Oh please don't deny it Sharon. At worst you could be locked up if I reported you, at best you would be forced to leave your job, possibly move away and most likely you would have a restraining order placed upon you.'

'W..what do you want?' asked Tony's mother.

'That's better. I want you to do whatever I say. Is that clear,' ordered Julia

'Y..yes,' answered a defeated Sharon.

'Then go to your bedroom and select the sexiest underwear you have, freshen yourself up and be ready to leave in nothing but your underwear and high heels in thirty minutes. I'll send a taxi for you. Oh, and you'd better wear a long coat!' said Julia. 'I'll continue to fuck your son until you arrive.' Just then she tightened her pussy muscles causing Tony to moan out loud.

'Oh my God,' exclaimed his mother.

Forty minutes later the doorbell rang. Julia was already downstairs in anticipation wearing a long silver silk robe over her underwear.

Tony was still tied to the bed and was feeling the effect of the Viagra tablet that Julia had forced him to swallow fifteen minutes earlier. He heard the doorbell and his mother's voice. He thought that they would both be headed up the stairs but he was wrong. Julia led Sharon into the sitting room.

'Why don't you take off your coat and put it over there?' Julia said, pointing to a high back chair.

When Sharon slipped off her coat Julia could see she was wearing a black satin basque that held up black stockings and that she was wearing black shiny high heels. 'Well, I didn't expect that,' announced Julia as she took it all in.

'It's something an old boyfriend bought me a good few years ago. I'm just pleased I could squeeze into it,' said Sharon nervously. Julia looked at the attractive, slim woman with her large breasts that were straining to spill out of the top of her basque.

Tony could hear voices but had no idea what was being said.

Julia sat down on one of the sofas and bade Sharon to sit down beside her. She moved close and began rubbing her hands over Sharon's thighs.

'There's something I need you to do. I have your son's cum deep inside my pussy and I want you to clean me up. Don't stop until I tell you to!'

Sharon had never been with another woman before and she began to to explain this to Julia. 'You're not in a position to argue. The only position you should be in is on your knees,' demanded Julia as she opened her thighs.

Hesitantly Sharon got on to her knees between Julia's thighs and proceeded to lick her pussy.

Tony could hear moans and thought they sounded as if they came from Julia.

Once Julia had cum she ordered Sharon to bend over the sofa with her hands on the seat cushions and her legs opened wide. She then proceeded to lick and tongue the younger woman's rosebud as she used her fingers on her pussy. Soon Sharon was crying with pleasure and when Julia pushed her thumb up her arse she exploded all over Julia's hand.

Tony heard his mother groaning and then a scream as he wondered what Julia was doing or having his mother do to her. When both women were satisfied Julia took Sharon up the stairs to her son.

When Sharon saw her son lying naked with his cock at full mast she gasped. 'Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?' commented Julia. Why don't you taste it for yourself?'

'N..no, I can't,' protested his mother. Julia went over to a cupboard and pulled out an old riding crop. Without saying a word she forced Sharon down over the bed and started to whip her bare backside. Sharon screamed and begged as the blows fell.

Her bottom was bright red when Julia had finished. 'You will never question me again. Do you understand?'

Sharon between sobs said she was sorry and took hold of her son's throbbing dick. Tentatively she lowered her head and took her son's cock deep into her mouth and started to suck. 'Oh God mum,' Tony moaned.

While Sharon was sucking her son's cock Julia began rubbing cooling cream into her bottom. Her fingers started to explore her wet pussy and Sharon moaned around her son's prick. With her middle finger playing with Sharon's clitoris Julia once again pushed her thumb past her sphincter, teasing both holes at once. This pushed Sharon over the edge and she came for the second time that evening.

Tony hearing his mother cum at the hands of his mature boss groaned then pumped his seed down her throat. 'Swallow it!' demanded Julia.

Julia then tied Sharon face up next to her son on the bed with some more old stockings.

'Why don't you two get your breath back and I'll be back in half an hour.'

Julia went downstairs and poured herself a gin and tonic and thought through her plans as to what to do with the mother and son upstairs. Tony and his mother were also wondering what she was going to do to them as they whispered between themselves.

They could hear Julia's footsteps on the stairs as she came to join them. Tony was again hard and his mother had already noticed, she was feeling extremely horny herself.

'I think it's time you fucked your little boy Sharon,' said Julia as she was untying her from the bed. 'Why don't you just straddle your son and sink down on that lovely big cock of his?' For once Sharon didn't argue because she knew it wouldn't have made any difference and if she was honest she really did want to fuck him.

Sharon took hold of her son's cock and whispered, 'I love you,' as she felt it fill her pussy for the first time. 'Ride him slowly and don't let him cum too early,' instructed Julia as she tied Sharon's wrists next to her son's on the bedhead. Her breasts were inches from her son's face and he couldn't resist slipping one of his mother's hard nipples into his mouth and sucking it.

They were so caught up in what they were doing they hadn't realised that Julia had slipped into the en-suite bathroom until she came out and opened one of the bedside drawers to reach for a tube of lube. It was only then that they both noticed she'd taken off her dressing gown and was wearing a lifelike black strap on cock and long black PVC gloves.

Julia knelt between Tony's spread legs and pushed his mother further onto him so that her breasts were flat to his chest. She then lubed up three fingers of her right hand and inserted them one by one into Sharon's arse. Sharon had never been so turned on.

Julia then placed the head of the fake cock at the entrance of her arse and slowly pushed it home. Tony could feel the rubber cock through the walls of his mother's pussy as she groaned long and loud.

'Oh God yesss, fuck me,' Sharon hissed as Julia slowly fucked her before she sank her lips down onto her son's and greedily French kissed him.

Soon Julia was fucking the younger woman hard, her own clitoris rubbing against the base of the cock. It was driving Tony wild too as his cock started to expand. This pushed Sharon over the top and as she climaxed she milked her son's cock as he filled her with his sperm. It wasn't long before Julia had joined them as she let out a long wail and had one of the best orgasms ever.

An hour later after they had freshened up and were sitting in Julia's sitting room she told them she had a proposition for them both. They were to give notice on their flat and move into Julia's house rent free. Sharon would be the housekeeper and would be paid the same wages as her present job and Julia would find Tony employment in another law firm. The only thing was they had to remain as Julia's sex slaves.

Both mother and son looked at each other and readily agreed.

That night Julia lay in bed thinking about the deviant opportunities she could plan, especially when Tony was working.

She thought about all the things that she could do to Sharon and her son.

Julia wondered what she could wear to dominate the pair of them. She would need to Google specialist female domination attire. Leather, latex and PVC she thought.

She would convert the basement of the house into a dungeon where she would have a bed with rubber sheets, a spanking horse that she could tie them to and ropes and pulleys to suspend them by.

Sharon would be naked and hanging by her wrists wearing nipple clamps and a bright red ball gag to muffle her screams when Julia used the flogger on her bare bottom.

Tony wouldn't go unpunished either. Ball clamps and an anal vibrator in his arse while she teased his hard cock. If he came without her permission he would get fucked up his arse with her strap-on.

Julia was now frigging her clitoris wildly as her imagination ran riot and she came hard at the thought of herself standing over them as she pissed all over their naked bodies tied to the bed.

She couldn't wait until Monday morning came around so she could get everything organised.

There was certainly going to be some unlawful acts committed.

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As usual you found the right words and scenarios to tease your readers, please keep going curious to read more about Julia's Dominance over the couple.

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Please do more

Great story, hope there is more to cum.

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You have to do a part 2

that was a exciting story Looking fwd to another adventure.....

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nice start

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Looking forward to the next chapter in a very hot story

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