"In that case I'm also having curly fries." She folded her own menu and grinned at me.

"Curly fries come with the steak." I pointed out.

"Don't spoil my buzz." She lifted her fingers to tease her golden blonde curls before stretching out a few of the long strands and regarding them critically for a long moment.

"My bad." I conceded as I watched her, not quite knowing what to do next.

"Can I get you guys anything?" The waiter popped up from behind me, notepad in hand.

"I'll have the Hawaiian pizza please." I passed the menu over to him as I spoke.

"I'll have the mixed grill. No eggs." Jenny said after a slight pause.

The waiter paused and looked up from his notepad to the slender blonde girl. He seemed to be having a slightly awkward moment. I have to admit that I was pretty shocked myself.

"You know that's a meal meant for two?" The waiter ventured gently.

"Yup! And I'd like the steak as rare as you can cook it without sending the chef to prison." Jenny cheerfully handed the man her menu.

The waiter looked at me to see if he was being filmed for a prank TV show or something. I shrugged somewhat unhelpfully.

"Of course. I'm sorry it's just..." The man trailed off as he realised his tip might have been in jeopardy and quickly got back to business. "Drinks?"

"Double Jack Daniels on the rocks and a pint of whatever lager's on tap." I said.

The waiter nodded and rushed off to fulfil our orders.

"A double whiskey in a place like this? You have deep pockets don'cha?" Jenny crossed her arms and leaned forwards, I got a great view of her braless tits pressed up against the table, barely contained by her dress.

"Says the girl who just ordered almost twenty quids worth of meat." I laughed.

"Sorry about that. I just walked past someone on the way in who'd ordered one and I couldn't stop myself. I'll totally pay for it." She apologised.

"It's fine Jen. Although, that wasn't one guy who we walked past that ordered it. It was two truckers. But this is kind of our first date right? So it's on me. After this I figured you could just pay for everything we do anyway." I smirked.

"Oh well if that's the deal I'm getting ice cream too."

"I'm not rolling you out of here, you know."

"That's good, Larry, invite a girl to dinner and comment on her weight. I hear that always ends well for guys." She rolled her eyes at me.

"I think I've been doing pretty well so far." I hoped.

"Well that's true." Her expression turned from long-suffering to enticingly naughty in the blink of an eye.

"So. Since when do you eat meat medium rare?" I asked the question far too innocently.

"Since today." She said somewhat defensively.

"Hey, it's your steak." I smiled. "It's just..."

"That I'm getting a taste for blood?" She cut straight to the point.

"The thought had occurred. Especially with everything else." I said.

"You want me to get a salad instead?" She asked, an obvious edge in her voice.

"No, of course not. Don't be silly." I reached across the table and placed my hand on her forearm reassuringly.

"You know if you hadn't made me watch all those horror movies I'd be fine right now." She accused as she moved her arm to squeeze my hand with hers.

"Jenny, I made you watch those horror movies so you'd snuggle up with me when you got scared." I admitted.

The confession brought a pleased if somewhat surprised smile to her face.

"So what do we do if..." Her words trailed off, their meaning obvious.

"Right now? I have no idea. Worst comes to worst, we chain you up on the full moon."

"Can we chain me up a couple of times before then too?" Her eyes lit up with mischief. "I might need some practice."

"Hey guys!" The waiter reappeared carrying a tray with our drinks set upon it. "Here you go."

The man put the glass of whiskey and the pint of cool crisp lager in front of the opposite person.

"Thanks!" Jenny said shortly before swapping our drinks over when the man had turned his back.

I took up my glass of whiskey, hearing the pleasant clink of the ice as I swirled the dark liquid about. Then I raised the vessel to my lips and drank up that sharp burning taste. Jenny lifted up her pint and took a drink too, leaving a little fizzy foam moustache on her upper lip that she quickly licked away.

After that we talked about other things. Jenny told me more about her holiday and I told her about nearly giving myself a heart attack with my exercise regimen. We didn't stray into the topic of werewolves again. It wasn't like we didn't have time to worry about that later. For my part, I was thinking about possible rational solutions. I figured that the idea of vampirism came from people suffering from diseases that made people cough up blood and of misconceptions about the nature of decomposition. Oh yeah, this was great stuff to consider at the dinner table whilst trying to make a pretty girl keep laughing. The point of these morbid thoughts was that legends usually started from facts, and maybe there was some weird quirk of biology that let people regenerate cells much faster and gave them a heavier appetite. I'm not saying that I'd ever heard of anything like that but when the alternative is that your girlfriend's a werewolf you'll look for sanity anywhere you can take it.

Our food turned up pretty quickly considering Jenny must have asked them to grill half of the meat in their fridge. My pizza looked great. If you'd have put the mountain of sausage, bacon, pork, and the ten-ounce steak that the waiter put in front of Jenny in front of me, then I think I'd just have been demoralised.

"Will that be all?" The waiter asked in a tone that simply said I told you so to Jenny.

"'Nother one of these please." Jenny clinked her pint with the bottom of her knife whilst skewering a slice of bacon with her fork and munching on it happily.

The man looked uncertain and turned to me again for guidance.

"You heard the lady." I said as I started to cut up my pizza.

With a short nod, he left to go find her another beer.

What followed was a slightly disturbing master class in eating vast amounts of food very quickly. Jenny wolfed down the bacon and sausage first, followed by the pork chops and then she finished by devouring her still-bloody steak without a care. I noticed some of the staff were watching us in awe of her performance. Even I was beginning to wonder where in the hell she was putting all that food.

I finished my pizza at the same time Jenny was polishing off the last of her steak. Once she was finished, she looked up at me and licked her lips devilishly.

"Well that was yummy. Thanks." She picked up her napkin and dabbed her lips daintily.

"I'm taking you on the road with that act." I said with an oddly proud grin. "Have you eaten all summer?"

"Sure I have. I just have an appetite. Sue me. I want dessert too."

"I'll ask for the ice cream menu." I was about to turn and lift my hand to catch the waiter's attention when Jenny lunged across the table, grabbed my arm and shoved it back down to my side.

"Actually that wasn't what I had in mind." She confided as she sat back down.

"Oh? Then what?" I stopped as Jenny slouched down in her seat before smoothly and gracefully slipping beneath the table. My eyes nearly popped out of my skull when I realised what she had in mind.

I quickly looked around, no one had noticed her. The waiters had gone back to their work and the table cover hung low over the sides, hiding my insane friend beneath.

I felt her hands on my knees shortly before she pried them open. Fuck, she was strong. Plus, I didn't want to accidentally knee her in the face and I could hardly see what she was up to down there.

"Everything alright here?" The waiter popped up beside our booth again. Oh sweet fucking Jesus.

"Yeah, we're fine." I tried to sound casual.

"That was impressive." The man nodded to Jenny's empty plate as he picked it up along with mine. "I'm sorry for doubting her." He smiled cheerfully. "Where is she?"

"Needed the ladies room." I said as I felt Jenny's hands run down along the insides of my thighs.

"Ah, would you like the dessert menu?" He asked.

"No thanks, I'll wait until she gets back. We might just want the bill." I felt those hands smoothly stroke over the ever increasing bulge in my jeans. She was feeling the shape of my length as it grew out along my inner thigh. When her fingertips started lightly tickling the tip of my cock I almost groaned at the sudden sharp jolt that went through my body.

"Jenny, what the hell are you doing?" I said through gritted teeth as the waiter walked away out of ear shot.

I only heard an impish giggle from under the table in response. The sensation of her hand stroking along the sizable bulge in my pants was soon followed by another feeling of her lips gently kissing along the swollen member. The knowledge of what was happening to me alone was sending me crazy, it was a miracle I didn't mess up my jeans right there.

"Larry! How are you?" The sudden call of my name was the most terrifying sound I'd ever heard.

I looked up to see my next door neighbour, Miss Green, walking over to me with a man in tow. I suppose if I hadn't been so taken with Jenny then Miss Green might have been someone I'd refer to as a MILF. She was in her late thirties, a single working mother with two kids. She must have been on a dinner date because she had a dark haired man in her wake.

I was Laura Green's unofficial computer technician. Any time her laptop crashed, her software acted strangely, or one of her kids pressed a combination of buttons that flipped the monitor screen upside down? Well, I was her first call. She was wearing a form-fitting black suit with a blue shirt beneath. Her long black hair was tied up behind her head and she was smiling her usual friendly smile at me whilst my best friend continued to kiss my cock under the table.

It was one of the more surreal situations of my life up until that point.

"I'm good Miss Green, h-how are you?" I asked. Why the hell did I ask how she was!?

"I'm good, thanks, and for the billionth time, it's Laura," she gently chided before turning to the man that had followed along behind her. "This is Jason. Jason, this is Larry. He's my personal computer saint."

Jason reached out to shake my hand. I lifted my own hand and shook, trying to smile amiably. That was when I felt Jenny quietly begin to unfasten my jeans and slowly pull down my zipper. I nearly crushed Jason's hand at the sudden escalation of my girlfriend's antics.

"Wow, quite a strong handshake you've got there Larry." The man said as he put his hand back in his pocket.

My other hand was almost snapping the table in half at this point.

"Thanks." I said whilst Jenny's fingers peeled down my undershorts and I felt my bare cock spring up into the air beneath the table.

"So how are you doing?" Laura asked, noticing the two drinks on the table for the first time.

"Oh. Pretty good, I suppose." I felt Jen's teeth lightly nip the tip of my cock. "Great! I mean great."

The sudden outburst made the older woman look at me with a hint of confusion in her eyes. She knew I wasn't normally this strange.

I took a deep breath and forced my lips into a casual smile whilst I gritted my teeth behind them at the feeling of Jenny kissing her little nip better. Her lips against my swollen throbbing flesh felt like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

"Oh, well it's nice to see you. Are you here with someone?" She asked. The woman was beautiful, smart, capable and a wonderful mother. She could also chatter away for hours.

"Jenny. She's in the loo." Jenny chose that moment to prove she was definitely not in the loo by opening her mouth around my cock and engulfing me against her hot, wet tongue.

"Oh! Are you two finally...?" Laura was also quite nosey and not in the least bit ashamed of it.

"Yep! Yep we are." I assured her as the girl in question lovingly licked her way along the underside of my length whilst taking more of me into her mouth. She was obviously pleased by the enthusiasm in my tone as I told of our new relationship. Honestly, who couldn't sound enthusiastic given what she was up to?

"Well that's wonderful news! You two should stop by some time. You can show her off to me." Laura winked at me conspiratorially.

"S-sure." I heard the stammer in my voice. Jenny had started slowly bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked me inside her mouth again and again.

"Are you alright, Larry?" She seemed a little bit concerned.

"Laura come on, he's probably nervous you're going to interview his date or something." Jason joked. Thank God for Jason.

"Oh! Yes, of course. I'll see you later, Larry! You have fun!"

Now there was an imperative I could hardly avoid.

I didn't speak, not trusting my voice as the vixen between my legs expertly sucked on me.

Laura and Jason both turned to go and be seated at their own table; one which was thankfully on the other side of the restaurant.

Without the sheer terror of the moment, my body relaxed and it wasn't long after that before Jenny drove me over the edge. I slammed my open palm down on the table in an effort to warn her of my impending eruption. If she understood the warning, she didn't act upon it other than to slip my cock snugly against her tongue and wiggle her tongue under the sensitive head. That did it. I felt the pulse of cum bubbling up my shaft and spurting again and again into Jenny's waiting mouth.

It was a miracle no one saw me there with my eyes tightly shut, grasping onto the table for dear life as I filled Jenny's mouth with her chosen dessert. Once my climax passed I felt her slip my cock back inside my shorts and fasten up my jeans again. Shortly after that her head popped back up from beneath the table to check the coast was clear and she quickly took her seat. I looked at her in a kind of blissful trance. Shortly after that the waiter popped up again.

"Hey! I didn't see you get back. Did you guys want the dessert menu or...?" He left the question hanging.

I looked to Jenny who shook her head and patted her belly whilst making a little "mmmm-mmmm" noise.

"Just the bill, please." I barely managed not to sound out of breath.

"Gotcha, I'll be right back." The guy said.

Once he had left, Jenny looked at me with that sultry smile of hers and opened her mouth. My cum still sloshed around quite clearly and she let out a soft little moan whilst licking her cum-soaked tongue over her upper lip, obviously savouring my taste. Then her lips sealed tight and I heard an audible gulp before she opened her mouth again and my cream had gone.

"You. Are. Insane." My words were slightly off-set by the giant grin on my face.

"Yeah? Well you are tasty, so I'd get used to it if I were you." She winked saucily at me.

"Get used to that? Never." I leaned across the table and she matched my movement until our lips met. I could taste a hint of myself there, but mostly there was the silky feel of her lips and the appetising clash of her tongue against mine.

When the waiter returned we paid and left, heading toward the library with her arm interlinked in mine once again. We might have stopped occasionally for more quick kisses in any secluded spot we could see.

The city library was huge, but I already did a lot of homework there. I liked the quiet and the vast stacks of books. It was mostly empty during a weekday, with the exception of a few students from the local university. It wasn't Jenny's first time here either, and we both quickly zipped through the library's section of books on myths and legends. We both parted for a little while to find the books we'd chosen and settled down on one of the reading tables to start our research.

"I got this too," I said as I produced a medical encyclopaedia.

She looked up at me and nodded. "So what are you thinking? Some rare strain of... something?"

"I guess," I said rather lamely.

"I should go to the doctor, huh?"

"Probably, but let's see how we do here first. You don't feel dizzy or ill or anything, right?" If she did I was slinging her over my shoulder and running to the city hospital right there and then.

"No. Hell, I don't even have a stomach ache after eating all that." She smiled self consciously at me. "I feel pretty great. But that's mostly your doing."

I flicked her a supportive salute and we got down to work. Both Jenny and I had been doing our homework together since we'd first heard of homework. By that point we were a closely-knit researching machine. Not that it did us a great deal of good. It didn't exactly help Jenny's mindset much either. The books spoke of a werewolf having a low brow with knitted together eyebrows, long hooked fingernails, and a habit of digging up buried corpses to eat. Not to mention turning into a rabid monster every full moon.

Finally, Jenny angrily slammed one of her books shut. I could tell she was scared. Hell, who wouldn't be? She'd been bitten by a wolf and was now developing a taste for raw meat. I mentally kicked myself for bringing her here. I'd hoped to find an explanation but instead all I'd done was fill her head with thoughts of monsters.

"Well, you have any silver bullets on you?" She tried to joke in a strained little voice.

"Jenny, don't worry."

"Don't worry!?" She shouted before remembering she was in a library. A few people looked over to our table and Jenny lowered her voice to a panicked hiss as she held up the book. "Larry, if this is true then in less than a month I'm going to turn into a giant wolf with a habit of murdering everything in sight."

"Really? Because you know what I'm getting from these books? Almost sweet fuck all." My words obviously surprised her, we'd found a lot of books that addressed the subject. "I'm serious. There's a lot here, sure, but just look at it all. Every single book has a different take on lycanthropy. Some explain it as an early explanation for serial killers, some think that they're good protectors of the natural order and that one you're holding says they're cursed by God. Jenny, you're looking at the details too much. You know what I'm seeing here when we put all these books together?"

She looked uncertain.

"I'm seeing that no one knows anything about what's happening to you. There aren't any first-hand accounts that match it. Nothing at all we can go on. It all reads to me like a bunch of crap based on the superstitions of people who didn't even know why the sky stayed above their heads. You're sat there cherry picking all the worst parts of each story but you're not seeing that none of these books agree with each other, even a little bit," I said.

"So what do I do?" She seemed slightly reassured by my rousing put down of all the texts in front of me.

"Why don't you go home, take one of those long baths you like, and try to relax. You're driving yourself crazy sitting here looking through all this. I'll stay here and see if there's anything that sticks then I'll come by later." I suggested.

"I'm fine Larry. I can stay."

"I know you're fine, Jenny. This is me you're talking to here. You're one of the strongest people I know. Still, I don't think anyone should have to sit and fill their head with this, given whatever it is that's happening to you. After all you might just be a miracle of modern medicine."

She expelled air between her lips rudely at that idea.

"I'm not that lucky." She grumbled.

"Hey, you got me didn't you?" Please let that be a good thing.

"Oh, sure. The nicest guy I know tells me he likes me. I'm so lucky. It's not like it took him four years to tell me. Four years during which my douchebag radar failed me multiple times." Ouch, talk about a gut punch.

"Jenny, I'm sorry. I should have told you ages ago. I was just... terrified." I lamely tried to excuse myself.

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