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Unleashing The Older Woman


My name is Sandra Nelson and I've had a long and wonderful married life for the past 28 years. I am 51 years old, blonde curly hair and a little overweight but still attractive for my age. My husband has a very lucrative job and unfortunately, for the past six months, has been traveling for business more and sometimes twice a month. The separation has seemed to pull us apart romantically and socially and I did not anticipate all of his traveling when I decided to retire nine months ago with a nice pension and nest egg. My plans were spend more time with our grandchildren as our kids are grown with families of their own and while our son moved away from New York State, our daughter and her family live 30 minutes away.

I decided to do my grandma duty and agreed to watch my daughter's child three days a week while her mommy goes to work. Monday will be the first day as baby sitter for Jen who is four years old. I decided to rest up the weekend and enjoy my down time while I can. Although my son now resides in North Carolina, my husband has set up a program on the computer that allows us to talk and see one another whenever we want. It's almost like my son is still here, in a way.

It was Monday at noon time when I decided to make myself a drink. Looking into Paul's liquor cabinet I found the recipe for my favorite chocolate/raspberry martini which sounded perfect. It has been a while since my last martini and I decided to relax and let my hair down today because I was by myself and because I can do whatever the heck I want to make myself happy and this seemed like the perfect way to kill the afternoon. I took a sip and decided to chill out the remainder of the day sipping a martini or two.

As I relaxed with the martini I started thinking that lately I've been spending more and more time on line and I'm not sure why. I know there's an attraction to searching and emailing and I have seemingly been anticipating my online time more and more. I guess I never seem to talk with any adults with my husband away and baby sitting around the corner and the attraction to chatting with an adult was what I needed. I remember the time I clicked on an advertisement for some natural cosmetic product and the next thing I was looking at on the monitor was a woman engaging in oral sex with a man. I was quite shocked and I also found myself staying to long as I was more shocked at the size of the man's cock. I'm not sure what was more shocking, the fact that a woman took this entire huge cock inside her mouth or the fact that I watched it for a few minutes instead of shutting it down immediately. This was a first for me and because I am a very reserved woman, it took a long time to agree to give my husband Paul, oral sex.

When it first happened I used my lips and mouth in the manner in which he showed me. I sucked his soft cock head and licked his shaft up and down. I became more and more excited and was beginning to feel a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach each time I placed my mouth down on his cock. When I felt his hands on my head pushing his hard cock in and out of my mouth I was enjoying the thought of being forced to suck his cock because of his rough hands holding my head so tightly. Suddenly I felt a squirt of cum hit the back of my throat and I pulled his cock out of my mouth and screamed at him while he unloaded his orgasm all over my breasts. I guess I never realized that he would cum into my mouth and assumed he would pull out before having an orgasm. His cum was not very tasty and the horror of what happened turned me off very quickly. I got up from the table and made myself another martini.

Paul never came in my mouth again as he knew I did not like it at all. I do remember a talk we had a few months later when we both had too much wine to drink and were acting romantically silly and giggly. Paul asked me the question. "Sandy, would you ever consider a threesome?" I asked him exactly what a threesome was and he said it would be a second person to have sex with me. I pretended to make Paul think I was half drunk and didn't know what I was saying when I replied; "well it depends who the third person is?" Paul immediately said it would be his best friend Jimmy. Seeing the silent look on my face he then told me that I could also invite a woman friend if I chose and we could invite his best friend the next time. I took a big gulp of more wine and quietly told him no. There was no way I was going to allow a second man to have sex with me at the same time as my husband and there was no way I would allow my husband to have sex with another woman while he was having sex with me. The way Paul answered immediately led me to wonder if this threesome was previously discussed with his best friend.

It was after threesome conversation with Paul that I realized we were quite different when it came to our sexuality choices. Paul told me I was as straight as they come and was afraid to become sexually curious and I would never change. It was time for my third drink and I made another chocolate/raspberry martini.

Although I didn't click on any more advertisements again, I was becoming quite buzzed and was unable to nap or stay still and decided I needed to get out of the house and take in a daytime movie while the quiet and hard of hearing senior citizens were there instead of mobs of people.

I decided to go to a movie downtown and got into my car and took off to catch the 2pm show convincing myself that I was not too buzzed to drive a mile downtown but I was oblivious to the fact that I had on hip hugger shorts and a button down top that showed too much cleavage. I was so concerned about making the movie on time I raced out of the house without thinking about changing. I pulled up to the cinema house and parked in the back where parking was free, bought my ticket and walked inside.

It was completely black inside and I felt like I was drunk as I looked towards the back of the aisle and saw nothing as I moved into the next to last row. I came upon someone's leg and excused myself as I passed over this person and walked down a few more seats before I sat. After a few more minutes my eyes focused on an empty rows of seats and the only people watching this movie was the man whose legs I tripped over and a few elderly people in the front of the show a young man sitting in the seat after mine. I also heard some voices in the last row but did not want to turn to look.

Trying to watch the movie was nearly impossible as the young man next to me seemed to be leaning his elbow on the arm rest of my seat. Paying attention to the young man's elbow was a mistake because I became so nervous when it pressed against my arm that I turned and looked at him and saw a young man who seemed to straight out of college smiling at me as his elbow brushed against the side of my breast while he was looked down my cleavage but I had enough of his games and quickly pushed his hand away. I hoped this high school boy would stop after the stern look I gave him and was determined to not let him see me nervous so I sat back down comfortably and continued to watch the movie once again. I was livid at the nerve of such a young man even thinking of playing these type of games with a woman who could easily be his mother.

Sandy's mind was not on the movie even though her gaze was at the big screen. She knew it was wrong but her mind started to play games with her after drinking three martinis in the past hour or so. She started to think of Paul and his cutting remarks to her regarding how straight her sexuality was and wondered how Paul would react if he knew there was a young man in his early twenties who was attempting to cop a feel at the cinema? Sandy also decided not to notice any elbow or arm that may return from the seat next to her. After all, what harm is it for a high school boy to think he got away with copping a feel in the movie house to an older and attractive woman. After all, the smile on his face before told her that he had to be attracted to her and that made her feel good.

I waited patiently but the young man never made another move and as I relaxed and placed my head on the back of the seat, I felt a hand touch my neck. I realized that this young man had placed his arm across the back of my seat all along and I never knew it was there. I felt fingers slowly caress the back of my neck and thought to myself that this young man had some nerve doing what he was trying to do after the tongue lashing I gave him earlier. I was patient and did not react when suddenly his finger tips stroked the soft flesh on the back of my neck and sent a tingling feeling to the pit of my stomach. I decided to let him get by with the gentle caress of the back of my neck.

Something happened that had never happened to me before. Sitting comfortably in the seat, I could feel my nipples becoming very sensitive and hard from the gentle touches of his finger tips on the back of my neck. I was both embarrassed and upset this was happening to me and I froze still while sensing the young man's hand moving slowly down the front of my shirt into the cleavage area. My normal reaction at all of this was to close my eyes at the embarrassment and while my eyes were closed I felt his fingers unbuttoning the top button and then the next, until his hand found its way into my shirt and my nipples were very hard at this point. I continued to try and justify his actions as that of a high school kid and so what? So what if he copped a feel of my breasts? No one was near us except the person I climbed over at the far end of the row and once I leave the movie, no one will ever know this very private and dark moment for me and it felt so damn good!

Opening my eyes, I saw my shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and the young man was feeling my breasts and hard nipples through my bra. I let out a small moan hoping he didn't hear but I was wrong. The young man moved closer and lifted my bra to expose my naked breast as his mouth sucked my nipples, taking turn with each one. His lips felt divine and I was unable to make him stop as my hands pushed but he knew my pushes were mild. I moaned again as I could only see his head pressed against my naked breasts and his lips kissed and sucked on my breasts and nipples. It seemed like an eternity until he stopped mauling my breasts and sat back down in his seat.

He sat there and as I looked over I saw he had taken his cock out of his pants and was stroking it like he was putting on a show or me. I couldn't help but stare as his cock was very long but not really thick. It was the longest cock I had ever seen and nothing like the huge thick one on my monitor at home. I felt the young man take my hand and place it on his naked cock and I allowed him to do it. It felt so hot watching him make me do this that I easily let him push my head down into his lap from my seat. I thought I could get by with stroking the young man into an orgasm but after a minute of stroking he whispered into my ear, "suck my dick you old slut!" and his hand directed my head onto his long cock.

I begged him not to cum into my mouth or I would end his fun with me and he said that if I didn't allow him to cum down my throat he would cum on my face. I thought for a moment that cumming on my face would be the better fate than swallowing his ill tasting cum and I agreed to let him do so. He ordered me to kneel on the floor in front of him while I sucked his cock and I gagged several times as his long cock hit the back of my throat but I loved the taste of his cock and started to wonder if his cum would taste different than an older man's cum. Before I could wonder any more he pulled out of my mouth and held my head with both hands as he exploded on my face. I closed my eyes and could smell his seed that was all over my eyelids, my nose and cheeks and lips. I felt his finger wipe a load of sperm off of my cheek and he whispered to me that I need to lick his cum clean or he would report me to the manager of the cinema. I was frightened and shook my head yes as his cum laced finger slid between my lips and deposited his white cum on my tongue. His sperm tasted just fine and I did not choke or gag and he told me to clean his cum off of my own face and swallow it, which I did.

The young man got up and told me his name was Jerry and asked me my name. I told him my name was Angela and he said, "If you care to have some more fun on Wednesday, meet me at 2P same seats." I nodded but knew I wouldn't be returning any time soon.

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