tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnlikely Breeder Ch. 04

Unlikely Breeder Ch. 04


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I never expected what happened that night. I had the queen's egg deep in me and when I arrived in the King's bedroom I found him not moving. Not breathing. He had passed. The autopsy showed that he had choked to death on a piece of meat. I had 16 hours before the egg in me would be wasted.

The death of the King had no effect on me, but for some reason Nuphies was distraught. As much as she hated him, they had been together for 150 human years. She disliked him, but they had once been lustful of each other.

I was being ignored by Nuphies and the guards. The only people that would talk to me was my doctor and the few Gork slaves we had. Most of the slaves were being replaced by human females upon my order. It was obvious they had no idea what would happen next. The doctor was an aged Gork.

"What happens now? Does the queen remarry?" I asked.

"No. The King's brother is dead, and none of her sons are old enough" Doc said lowly.

"Does she have a brother?" I asked. The doc looked at me like I was a Martian. I am a Martian to you!

"No, no has to be from his family." He said with disdain.

"Nephew?" I asked. The Doc dropped the instrument he was cleaning and pushed the red spot on the wall.

"Frask tell them what you just told me." He whispered.

"Find the kings nephew!" I said out loud.

"At once my Frask!"

"And get a hold of the Queen, let her know I need to speak with her!"

"Yes Frask!"

I tapped the flat spot.

"For a human you certainly seem to care about the kingdom." The doc said as he packed up his equipment.

"I'm Demoja Frask, of course I care, my son is the heir to the throne!"

Is there anything more uncomfortable then a rushed wedding? Very few guests, bad food, and a stressed priest. I didn't even know the new King's name when the first breeding happened between him and I. He wasn't gentle at all, as Nuphies was all over his case. It hurt very bad. It happened right there on the stage as the egg would go sour in less than an hour.

The few guests watched as I was fertilized.

I went back to the Queens bedroom and went to bed. It had been a very long day. The Queen went to the Kings bedroom to give him oral sex. Then I guess she was so content they had anal sex with each other. That is at least what the slaves were whispering.

When I woke I had steak and chicken eggs with salt and pepper. The Gork slaves ran from the room as the smell of salt repelled them like sulfur repels a human.

I had to drink slave piss, as the queen was still not back. I could not have salt in my mouth if I wanted to kiss her.

That morning the doc returned to make sure that the new Kings cum took and the egg had started to grow. I could tell him so verbally, but doctors are the same everywhere, they know what is going on better then you do when it comes to your own body.

He gave me an affirmation, and left. I was horny so I fucked a couple of my female humans, then had lunch. Nuphies still had not come back. I called for a sky sled and went to the auction barns. If my wife was going to spend all day with the young King, I might as well work.

In only 4 days since Bobby arrived back in the solar system in orbit around Earth, the slaves were improving. It was clear Bobby liked the younger girls, He sent every late teen American and Brit girl on Earth, at least it felt that way. He also had a thing for Japanese girls.

The future nannies he sent were perfect. Guys late teens to 30. with wider hips, and large asses. Some were chubby, but healthy. By the time they got to my inspection line they were hairless. Everyone of them was shocked to see me naked on a elaborately designed chair speaking perfect Gork.

I was bored, and humming Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" when I saw my high school best friend ushered in.

"Gregg?" The man looked up at me.

"Derek? What happened to your hair, and what are we doing here!?" He yelled. The guards all looked at me. I held up a hand. They backed down.

"That one is MINE!" I barked in Gork. One of the guards attached a leash and lead him to the platform where I was sitting. I took the leash, saying:

"Gregg just sit down next to my chair, and stop asking questions. I'll explain everything when I am done here."

"But Derek!" He stood in front of me. I nodded to my Guard, Gimbast, and the beast knocked Gregg to the floor at my feet.

"I am your FRASK" I said with wide eyes on the word "Frask". I said in Gork. Then whispered, "...call me Frask and sit down!" In English.

"Yes Frask!" Gregg sat down on the yellow platform and shot the guard a dirty look.

Two Gork biologists had been tutored by me in the last two sessions of ranking humans, soon they would teach others and I would no longer have to evaluate males. I quit for the day and walked to the sky sled with Gregg on my leash.

"So hard to breathe" Gregg commented.

"Silence!" I said in English.

As soon as we got to my marital bedroom, I explained everything to him. Gregg, an imposing man of 6-4 280 pounds, was reduced to tears upon learning what his best option was.

"That's it? A nanny or labor?" He asked.

"You can't work any other job Gregg. I have security 3 times larger than you." I said.

"You said you can eat human food, I'm a damned good grill man!"

"There is no fire here."

"I can do it on a flat grill!" Gregg pleaded.

"Done." I said. "But remember, I'm the Nantriarch. The third most powerful being in the Kingdom, so don't fuck me over." I said looking into his eyes with a smirk on my face.

"For saving me from taking dick, never my Frask." Gregg smiled back.

"There are steaks in the cold unit. Make us both one."

"Yes Frask..(you dick)" We shared a laugh.

I gave Gregg a couple women, and took a few more for my harem when I had not seen the Queen in days. He had his own room off of the harem room. He was disgusted by drinking piss, till he tried to drink water from a tap in the kitchen. I had to call my doc in to save his tongue and throat.

Nuphies finally showed up six days after the wedding.

"This love thing, I showed it to Ramah, we are in love." She sat on the bed. Daniel was laying on my chest. He hissed at his other mother.

"Glad to hear it." I said flatly.

"What is wrong my Demoja?" She tried to pick up Daniel, he hissed at her again and tried to bite her hand.

"Six long days with no word. Locked in the Kings bedroom, this is a marriage. I was NOT included in the bonding. And your son has not seen you." I yelled.

"Do not raise your voice! It hurts my ears!" She cowered.

"Then explain why I was not part of the after marriage sex games?" I asked in a normal but stern voice.

"You are already pregnant. And he doesn't like humans." She said. I nodded.

"You have hurt my feelings. I want my own room and harem room. I will be Frask, but I want to fuck whoever I want, while you and our Husband have your sex games! Oh and the man in the kitchen comes with me, have the human food sent to my PRIVATE KITCHEN and room!" I held the 40 pound Daniel in my arms as he cooed.

"Demoja! What did I do!?"

I asked for the equivalent of a Gork lawyer. She informed me that I could not be removed as Frask unless I committed treason, or could no longer breed. Thanks to the Queens new laws I could have as many human slaves as I wanted. The Queen assigned new quarters for me and a harem room for my slaves. I had a new kitchen built and one meeting room was turned into a dining room.

I laid with Dana, the blonde 20 year old as she rubbed my lower abdomen. There was still a little cum on her nose and in her hair. Her harems mates would clean it as soon as I went to bed. The wall square glowed white. I rolled my eyes in the dark bedroom.

"Demoja would you please come snuggle me?" Nuphies begged. I backhanded the wall turning it off. It went white almost immediately.

"Demoja I am sorry!"

I back handed it again.

She had three more days of suffering, so she knew how it felt. I invited two more women into bed. They were happy to be out of the harem room and be near a man.

As I ate breakfast the next morning, the queen barged in.

"This has to stop, I am your wife! You love me!" She walked right up to me even though I was eating ham.

"Yeah, and I should have been part of the honeymoon." I said as I took a bite of ham.

"What is Honeymoon?"

"The time a people spend together alone after marriage." I waited to speak till I had swallowed the meat. My manners were still intact.

"I should have asked for you, but you said love was two people." She said in English

"Well on this planet it should be three."

"When will you "fork-giving" me?" She asked.

"I will forgive you when you give me a honeymoon."

"Off of him slaves!" She banged the square on the wall "Scout ship now!"

My slaves slowly retreated afraid of the large dark blue Gork.

We took a sky sled to a spaceport. We boarded a shuttle. I was given clothes that almost fit. She put on a dress, which looked ridiculous on her.

"Where are we going Nuphies?" I asked.

"On a Honeymom...um honeymoon" She said in English.

The shuttle was worse then the sky sleds, the G-forces were even more intense. She refused to tell me where we were going, where ever it was, we needed to be clothed. We stepped off the shuttle when we got to the orbital station. We were then loaded into a small ship with 12 armed guards.

"This trip will take 4 days. The bedroom for your majesties is small, but clean. No human food on board, so the Frask will have to eat from the guards. The King wishes to speak to the Frask before we are aloud to depart." The pilot said as we boarded.

"Fine." I said with a sigh.

"My King?" I said into the wall.

"My Frask. I owe you an apology and a debt of gratitude. The slaves tell me that you are "jealous". The last word was English. The Gork didn't have a word for that.

"Yes King it means that I wanted affection from you and the Queen, and felt left out."

"After you have a vacation with the Queen, I want one with you alone, and then we will have a..."honeymoon"...He said the word in English. "...together, with this solve the jealous?" He asked.

"Yes My King, it will solve the jealousy."

"Pilot you are go for launch" The king ordered.

"Thank you My King."

"Have fun my Queen, and my Frask!" He said nicely.

I still didn't know where we were going.

Two days into the trip, and I was fucked out. Nuphies and I had had constant sex for near 48 hours. We snuggled and slept for nearly 24 hours then she ate most all the food and I had the guards pumping out more cum then they could handle. The guards were sore. I was still hungry.

"You can eat an egg?" Nuphies said when we were alone in the quarters.

"No it's against the tradition."

"Our baby is in your womb, and you need to eat." Her eyes had a very human pleading quality. She was learning to manipulate me by using facial expressions now.

She had pumped out an egg the day before and it sat on the shelf. I didn't want to eat it, they tasted bitter and sweet. It was not easy eating either.

"Only if you leave. Then I will eat." I said.

"Okay baby." Nuphies said in English

She was picking up our slang now too.

She left and I cut the egg up into manageable pieces. I didn't eat the bitter outer parts, just eating what might have been called a yolk. Having had three children inside of me, it was hard to do. We still had two days travel left. And the guards were tapped for cum, for at least 24 hours.. This was the last meal I could eat without massive heartburn

I hoped where we were going would have food I could eat.

The Gork actually have arts and music. The movies were hard to understand as the emotions are so different. The music was very good though. Reminded me of Arabic music. That is what we did for the next two days. I had some cum for dinner.

"Approaching destination, strap in for entry!" the pilot said. I stood up and reached to open the door. "No!" Nuphies shouted and grabbed me. She strapped us into the bed.

It got hot as I could see the walls turning hot, steaming. The condensation was evaporating. It was a very rough ride for almost 3 minutes. I was scared to death.

"Safe to unstrap, will be at coordinates in 12 minutes." The pilot said. Nuphies unstrapped me from the bed and handed me the clothes. She put on a white dress.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Someplace I will hate, but I think you will like." She said. "Do I look human?" She asked as the dress was adjusted.

"Not even close, your prick is showing and you are nearly 7 feet tall. Why?" I asked. She didn't answer. She left our quarters. I could feel the ship slowing. It was now landing. The gravity felt heavy. The door opened about 5 minutes later and a tanned white woman with massive muscles walked in.

"Do I looked humans now?" She started laughing..."Ketchup!" In English

"You brought me home didn't you?"

"Lets goes see?"

Now Nuphies did look JUST like Chyna from WWE, long black hair and all, but taller. The ship landed. The door opened. It was Calumet Drive in my home town. I walked around the scout ship.


Nuphies ate the broccoli cheese soup and some of the butter soaked baked beans as I ate burger after burger. She was struggling the whole two hours we were in there. The smell for her was appalling.

After I had gorged myself, she asked me in English, trying to blend in..."Where you want honeymoon Husband?" She said.

There were as many Gork soldiers on the street as there were humans. Blending in was for her safety.

"I know a place. I need to acquire some things before we go." I made the pilot drop me near the shopping centers of Sheboygan. I ordered a dozen Cousin's subs before we left.

-CO2 tank, and breathing mask



-20 pounds of salad

-bratwurst charcoal and grill

-fruits and veggies for me

-all the beer the scout ship could carry

I took her to Green Peter Reservoir Oregon.

She was fascinated by the fire and could breathe better near it. In the tent after sex, she could breathe the pure CO2 to recover. But mostly it was next to a fire and fucking. She started tasting the leaves around our camp site when the salad ran low. 20 lbs was nowhere near enough. Our water based plants, or water itself didn't bother her at all. In fact she said it tasted sweet.

Then I gave her a banana.

She almost put out the fire when she shot her hormones out. The banana made her cum! She ordered another ship to load up with earth fruits. I asked her to take off the fake skin after it began to crack.

"Thought you'd like me like this, I look like you!"

"No you look silly, I like your blue skin." I smiled. She parroted the smile and began removing it.

She ended up drinking 2 cases of beer the second night, and it was hilarious. She stumbled around and fell a lot, the heavier gravity wore her out. She tried to speak English while intoxicated and murdered the language. She passed out sitting next to the fire. I had to wake her and tell her to get into the tent.

I was almost thankful that we didn't have sex that second night, I was worn out. She seemed to be too. Her headache the next morning was something else our bodies had in common.

"Do you have this pain after you drink beer?" She asked in Gork, while sitting up in the tent. I handed her a jug of water.

"Only if we drink too much." I said. She took the gallon jug from my hands and drained half of it. It was going to be a warm day, even in the mountains. It had to be mid 70's already.

"Lay back down, the gravity is also wearing on you. Keep drinking the water." I said as I put on jeans, and a shirt. I opened the tent and put on shoes. The clothing felt weird, and I wasn't sure why I needed them as there wasn't a soul nearby. "Old habits die hard." I guessed.

"Wait going where?" Nuphies said panicked.

"Some place in the woods, to urinate."


I sipped the water. I could hear Demoja walking away from the tent. He was right, the gravity was heavy here. It was also quite warm. I was afraid I'd begin panting. That would be embarrassing. A queen panting!

The air in the tent was stagnant, and warmer then outside of it. I was about to climb out when I heard voices.

"Look! A campsite!" It was a female human voice, still quite far away. I looked out the screen window in the direction of the voice I heard, but could not see anything but the green plants and empty road. Possibly because I could not see past the rise. I needed Demoja back before they arrived.

"No car though, how did they get all the way up here?" A different female voice. Ugh, it was a high pitched shriek. I couldn't understand why human males tolerated that tone. I could see them now. Three women, dressed in clothes that matched the brush and trees. They carried weapons. The tall one matched the voice I had heard first.

If they found me, they would most likely kill me.

"That fire is still smoking, and there's a cooler. They are still here." The tall one said. She had long hair that was the color of the sun here. The other two were 10 percent smaller, and had hair of the night. "Black" Demoja had called it. Their skin was very dark compared to my Frask.

"Yeah, you think they are still sleeping?" The third asked quietly.

"Better safe than sorry." The tallest one said. "Lock and load." She seemed to be the leader of the trio. They moved their hands back and forth on a slide on the bottom side of the long weapons.

"Schick-schick" The weapons were now armed I guessed.

They were only 20 seconds from arriving, and Demoja had still not returned. I had not thought to bring a weapon as my guards were posted nearby. I shook my head to get rid of the fear and searched the tent for the com-link. It had been next to my pillow last night, but now it was missing! I began to thrash around in the small accommodation, moving everything looking for the hand sized devise.

"No, someone is awake." One of the women said.

I peered out of the open flap on the tent. The com-link was on Demoja's fabric chair with the solar panels up. I remembered that the battery was quite low, and I suggested charging it.

The humans stopped speaking. Yet I could hear footsteps. There were on the road next to our campsite. Now I was panting hard, yet trying to be quiet about it. They were nearly to the tent. I needed to yell for help. My English was horrid, yet I tried.

"DEREK! HELP!" I inhaled deeply, and tried again. "Derek!" In no way did my voice sound human. That caused the women to run to the tent. When the flap opened, a weapon was pointed at me.

"Huh, this one is blue. Never seen a blue one before! Get outta the tent, you are coming with us. Don't yell out anymore either. Stay quiet and we won't kill you!"

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