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Unlimited Passion


There was a call from the hotel desk that gave me the warning that you had indeed arrived. It was the only thing I had asked them to do. I had already taken care of everything else. I hung up the phone and stared at my reflection.

My eyes were wide and full of excitement as well as apprehension. What if I was not what you were expecting? What if you were disappointed and simply turned around and walked out? How would I feel if my worst fears came true? I swallowed the fear in my throat, watched by lips become moistened by the quick touch of my tongue and turned toward the balcony of my room.

That's how you found me.

I heard the knowing click of the door's lock being released by the key card. The sound of the door being opened and the seal of its frame, sucking free of the steel, made me shiver. I took a deep breath and waited.

The air in the room was warm; the air outside was cool. It was a contrast of temperatures, just as I was a contrast of emotions. I had left the door to the balcony open and knew with each second that passed you were staring at my figure.

I had allowed my hair to remain loose; the waves were lifted and tossed against my shoulders and danced softly in the gentle evening breeze. I stared out into the night, watching the city lights flicker as various objects interrupted their brilliance.

The sound of traffic was comforting because it calmed the beat of my heart. The urge to turn around and face you was intense. My fingers gripped the metal railing that I leaned upon and still you did not come to me.

Were you too entranced by the revealing dress that dipped low and showed flesh? The glimmering cream fabric caught beams of light and when the wind flowed across the material it shimmered softly. It pooled at the small of my back, where if one were to stand directly over me, they could see the lace and silk that was tucked between the round cheeks of my butt.

The dress hung over my hips, to fall and glide over my thighs, down past my knees and rested just a breath away from my stilettos' heels. They were silver, a blending color to the rest of my carefully picked ensemble. There was a slit up the back of the dress, that revealed my legs, stocking clad by a thin, sheer layer of ivory. A seam, somewhat darker than the fabric, skated up the back of each thigh, and the tops were secured by garters that bit into the lace-covered elastic.

I heard it then - - - the first knowing sound that you were staying.

The door shut and the lock slid home.

My eyes fluttered closed; my palms began to sweat and I blushed at my own physical reaction to what was to come. I rolled my fingers into fists and tried to force my hands to stop their trembling. I moved my palms over the railing and cooled the flesh while wiping what I could of the sweat away.

Your footsteps seemed to echo on the carpet, though I knew the sound was less than audible. It was again my heart; its pulse pounded in my head, poured through my veins, dug at my soul. Another sound told me you were removing your jacket, and placing it somewhere in the room. I took another breath and waited. Time seemed to move in slow motion, but yet, this is what I wanted – want I had desired since you first mentioned wanting me.

I felt you and yet we had not yet touched.

I knew without a doubt you stood behind me, just inches away and all I had to do was turn around. I remained still. The view before me – the city, the cars, the lights – all of these blurred as your fingers stroked my hair.

A soft whimper slipped past my lips.

The touch of your hand as it slid to my shoulders made my toes curl in trepidation. You pushed my red hair to one side, exposed my neck to your hungry gaze and made my body melt. A soft chuckle rumbled from your chest as I leaned back into you. You held me for a moment, one hand sliding around my waist, the other around my throat.

There was no sense of restriction to my person. I knew you were simply holding me; you were allowing me the comfort of your body and the strength in it was just as I had imagined. Your lips found my shoulder as your hand moved from my neck to the edge of the gown.

The moan from your throat, as you tasted my skin for the first time, caused my stomach to flip. I pressed a palm to my abdomen, only to come in contact with your hand.

You moved it away and covered my fingers with yours; our hands were together; your fingers linked with mine and your lips still continued to assault my senses. The air moved around us, stirring in us both a shiver. You turned me then and for the first time I was able to look into your eyes and breathe the same air that skated into your lungs.

Words were lost to me as I drank you in. Your eyes - your smile - your masculine presence that emanated from the very core of you – all of it is there – all of it is in the flesh.

I reached out and touched your face; my fingers traced the shape of your lips, the curve of your smile, the laugh lines that surrounded your mouth. I grinned; you chuckled. My finger glided down and felt the pulse under your skin, caressed your throat.

Your pulse beats almost as rapidly as mine. I smirked, grateful that you were just as nervous as I.

It was almost dreamlike, the way we moved into each other. I stepped closer, just as you did. Our arms moved in sync; you reached down and pulled me in. I reached up, came willingly.

Our kiss only took a second to begin and soon we were hungry for more. The passion to have, to breathe, to consume each other was almost too much.

We pulled apart, or at least you did. I leaned in, almost wishing that I were the stronger player in this game of seduction. You turned me back to the city and the lights. I gripped the railing and felt your lips slowly glide down my back.

Tiny kisses began to cover my exposed flesh. You manipulated the material of the gown, allowing more skin, and more places to blanket with your touch. My body responded to each strategically placed caress. I sighed, gasped, moaned. My feet could not stay still and several times I was forced to shift my weight from one side to the other.

My fingers opened and closed around the slim welded steel of the balcony's railing I held it tight within my grasp, leaned on it for support and it took care of me, just as you did.

Your mouth rested for a moment at the small of my back. My lips shook; my breath was heavy; my sex was slick and both breasts were weighed down with need. I could barely stand and yet, I did. We were far from over – you were far from over.

I felt your hands glide down the sides of my legs; the material caught every so often on your fingers, but neither of us were concerned with the fabric. Once again I was forced to wait, to feel and not see.

Your palms reached my ankles, and then began a slow tantalizing dance up the inside of the dress. I groaned and opened my legs just enough so that you were able to continue running your fingers up my legs.

The stockings were a weak barrier to your touch. The firmness of your hands massaging the flesh under the sheer nylon, made my legs quiver as you continued your exploration. Your nails skimmed the edge of the stockings as I felt one garter being released, then another. The other leg was soon free and all four straps lay weak against my thighs, dangling little fingers that danced when you brush at them with your own.

I felt the knowing touch of a pair of strong hands and nimble fingers tease my thong and roll the lace across the crack of my ass cheeks. A hiss of pleasure and a soft stomp of my feet made you chuckle. I grinned, looked back, and caught you staring up at me.

Our eyes locked.

As I gazed upon your upturned face, I felt your fingers slip around and glide under the thong's front panel of fabric. The contact of your thick digits and my smooth pussy made all thoughts transcend and disappear. My lids fluttered shut; I turned away, opened my legs more so you could slowly trace the edges of my labia before slipping one then two fingers against the slit.

You spread me open, slowly at first, just the two fingers opening into a 'V'. I gasped and purred softly; my hips rolled as you began to slide your fingers up and down. You paused at my clit, turned your wrist slightly and massaged it – teasing it to a hardened point that would be suckled sometime during the night.

The tingling sensation in my sex traveled along several nerve paths. They singled responses buried deep within. My muscles tightened and contracted. Juices slipped free and gathered just inside the opening of my sex. I knew that when you dipped your finger inside and begin to coax them free I would be lost.

Instinctively my jaw slackened and my lungs drew in the air they craved.

The first thrust of two fingers penetrated the tight core of my pussy and stars danced behind my lids. My legs spread further apart. Your hand began to push upward; your fingers took over to piston in and out. Fast and then slow. Slow and then fast. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to your actions, but I knew there was. You knew where to touch, how to touch and when to touch.

Waves of lust rolled over me as one climax threatened to erupt and spill into another. I held tight on the feel of your fingertips sliding along the sides of my inner walls and gathering nectar. The scrapping of your nails running paths of sin against the ridged flesh of my pussy, made my mind grow blank. I cried out; your words told me to wait – to hold on – to just...

I couldn't.

The eruption was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Darkness seemed to descend in varying shades of black. Sparks exploded behind every goose bump and every vessel expanded to embrace the shuttering that rolled through me.

I screamed as you continued to pummel me with your fingers. I couldn't breathe and yet somehow I did. You drove in and out, over and over, until I begged for you to stop. You pressed your face against my ass; the gown rested under your cheek. Slowly I began to descend from the natural high you had given me.

When the stars cleared from my eyes and the pounding of my heart no longer echoed in my head, I turned to face you.

You looked up.

My hand cupped your chin; slowly you rose and our lips merged. Once more our tongues moved together, dancing an old tune that has been played out by many. We pulled apart, again left breathless and hungry for more.

This time I took your hand and turned you around. You leaned against the balcony and as I began the tedious, but necessary task of freeing shirt buttons, you toyed with my hair and whispered words of adoration on my head.

Mentally I waved them off, forever doubting my appeal. Refusing to show you my lack of self-confidence, I pulled your shirt from your pants and pushed it off your shoulders. You finished the job, removing it completely. My knees bent easily as I glide to the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw you wad the shirt up and toss it back into the room. I smirked, but said nothing. My mind was too focused on releasing your belt and freeing the swollen appendage that was pushing against the cotton of your slacks.

When you were free, your pants were pulled down along with your boxers. I sat back on my legs and stared at the thick tool that had captured my imagination for so long. You were here – a reality now, one that I would seek to enjoy several times.

You stepped out of your shoes, pushed them away and helped me to remove your pants. Naked you stood before me. There was no shyness in your nudity, nor did you care that my clothes still covered prying eyes – your prying eyes.

You expected nothing, and for that I found myself drawn closer to you.

There was no worry or fretting as I lifted my hands and began to embrace your cock and balls with my soft and gentle palms. Your testicles were massaged, teased and treated to a slow rolling and tumbling sensation. My other hand held your cock and strokes were delivered with a hold that felt as if it were made for your shaft and yours alone.

The first kiss captured a bead of pre cum that had escaped. I licked, savored the fluid. The second kiss was placed at the base of the head, followed by a long lick, then another kiss. The third was a long press of lips gliding knowingly down the full length of your cock, where my tongue snaked out to ease across the base.

Your fingers moved into my hair and pulled me against your crotch. You were not demanding, though I knew you wished to be. I grinned against your musky scent and traveled the full length back up to the tip of your member and began to lick at it with long swipes.

A groan and a muttered curse told me I was doing something right, as did the gentle tug on my hair. I opened my mouth and took in your cock head. I rolled it back and forth with my tongue, all the while stroking your dick and not once ignoring the soft marbles encased in velvet.

At the knowing sounds of desire that spilled from your lips, I began to move you more deeply into the recesses of my mouth. I coaxed your cock back further, accepting your length and girth without difficulty. When your fullness threatened to steal my breath, I angled my head, opened my jaw more and consumed you.

The loud grunt; the thrust of your hips; and the vulgar word that left your lips made my pussy tighten. I swallowed and breathed through my nose, accepting what you offered as you began to glide my mouth up and down your cock.

Your movements were slow and steady until you felt my nails digging into your hips. I glanced up, giving you the opportunity needed to read my desire. The moment you comprehended my wants, you began to fuck my mouth and do so without any fear of retaliation on my part.

We both knew this is what I craved, what I desired, why I drew breath – I simply lived for the feel of your cock driving down my throat. The blood of your arousal flowed thick over my tongue; the feeling, one I savored, is quickly lost as you pushed me down fully and my lips rested hungrily against the base of your shaft.

I felt the erupting fluids and greedily worked to swallow every drop. The soft gag was the only warning you had that I was struggling. You eased up on your hold, allowing me to take a breath and begin welcoming more of your seed. As ropes of fluid jettisoned out, I was there to drink it up. The thick salty liquid was a balm to my parched throat.

The grip of your fingers and the relaxing of your crotch against my face were one of a few signs I had that you were ready for the next stage of our night. I pulled away from your cock, and rose up to face you. Seconds before your lips met mine I tasted you on my tongue, and then shared that taste with you.

You grinned against my lips, pulled away and my fingers reached out for yours; we walked across the threshold of the balcony and backed into the room. The bed waited for us. The chair sat idly by beckoning us to use it. A desk was an opening for another fantastical journey as was the table. There were walls a plenty that would support our passion and a shower where we could cleanse one another, play together, and be cleansed again.

I turned in your arms, lifted my lips to yours and whispered, "Where do we begin?"

~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank-you to BradBigBrain for help with editing.

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