tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnliving Lust Ch. 03

Unliving Lust Ch. 03


Snatch ran.

The thief had always seen himself as a level-headed sort—a coward, but a reasonable coward. He didn't risk his life unless he had a damn good reason.

Currently, he had two. And the reasons were pulling in opposite directions.

One of them he carried in both arms now: A five-year old dark-skinned girl named Rei. This child had been well-protected by her late father, but she'd seen enough to give Snatch a good idea of what they faced.

He and his druidess partner, Larya, had come to the quiet town of Carriope seeking to kill a cannibalistic undead monster before it managed to spread its taint.

They had been too late. And if Rei was to be believed, this was no ordinary undead.

A new type of ghoul. A type of ghoul that rotted on the inside and spread its taint by seducing and fucking its targets. This means had protected the children of the town of Carriope for a short time while the ghouls grew in numbers feasting upon the adults.

But these were still ghouls, and they still had needs. They had revealed their presence too quickly, and the local ranger—a brave Spirit Ranger named Vala—had killed dozens of the creatures. Along with quite a few infected townsfolk.

Unfortunately, the last three had caught her. And now the only survivor was the mayor's traumatized little daughter.

"Where are we going?" Rei asked.

"A safehaven," he muttered. "Sort of."

He really, really didn't want to do this. But drastic times called for drastic measures.

At last, they arrived at the town's edge, marked by a crumbling stone bridge over a shallow brook. Perfect. Snatch set Rei down and started rummaging through his many pockets.

Rei looked at him, then back at the town behind them. With the current weather, it was a dark, dour place, filled to the brim with pooling murk and menacing shadows. "What are you doing?"

Ignoring her, he drew out a single green oak leaf and raised it over the running water. "Uh..." he wracked his brain. "What's that stupid...right." He swallowed, feeling like he'd just taken a bite out of a dead skunk.

"The river is rising," he intoned, gritting his teeth, "and I'm getting so wet. Send a companion to settle the debt."

At first, nothing happened. Snatch crossed his arms, glaring at nobody in particular. After a moment's thought, he reached over and covered Rei's eyes.

"Hey!" she complained.

"Trust me," he muttered. "You don't wanna see this."

"Oh, please!" From below the bridge came a musical giggle. "We're all just girls here."

A pair of nude women swam out, coming to rest on the brook's bank. Their long, dark hair was tangled with seaweed (and one confused-looking hermit crab), and their breasts were covered with numerous starfish that seemed to be pulsating. Or sucking. Below their waists, instead of legs, long, sinewy fish tails wriggled and writhed.

One of the mermaids had orange starfish on her breasts. The other had blue ones. Otherwise, the two nubile beauties were completely identical.

The one with blue starfish giggled again. "'You're getting wet', huh?"

"Can it, merwench." Snatch glared. "I just want my favor. And I didn't ask for two of you."

The other mermaid pouted. "I thought this was gonna be Larya. Does our darling druidess know you're using up her one favor from the merfolk?"

Snatch rolled his eyes. "You can always make her more. We all know you will. You're real suckers for that girl."

"Ooh..." The mermaid's hand went to her left breast as the starfish seemed to speed up its ministrations. "Don't encourage the fish. Not in front of the little darling." She beamed at Rei, who was hiding partially behind Snatch.

Snatch scowled. He really hated fey, but they were generally fairly harmless. And they certainly would never harm children. "I need you to look after Rei."

"Hmph. Babysitting?" Blue Starfish Mermaid stifled a yawn. "Why can't you do it? Aside from you hating children and taking them to bars and stuff?"

"Larya's in trouble. Real trouble."

Immediately, the mermaid both went pale. "Our doting druidess?" one of them whispered.

From back in town, there came a loud scream. Snatch was pretty sure it wasn't of terror.

He drew his scythe. "I have to go. Rei, stay with the merwen—mermaids." The thief turned and started running. He'd wasted enough time already.

He knew Larya had been ravished by almost every sex-related creature imaginable. Her submissive nature made her easy prey for fey, succubi, incubi, and one very spoiled magic-using princess.

But Snatch also knew in his gut that this was a new kind of evil. And as much as he couldn't stand the troublesome druidess, she was sort of his friend.

And she was running out of time.


Larya moaned. "Nnnoo...please..."

These were definitely not normal women. Even in her post-orgasmic haze, she was quite certain of that now.

She was tied spreadeagled to the bed. A beautiful pale woman with platinum-blond hair and glowing, solid red eyes stared down at her. She got up and straddled Larya, rubbing her sex against Larya's midriff as she laughed with triumphant glee. The springs of the old mattress creaked and snapped from the ferocity of the blonde's efforts.

The dark-haired woman—otherwise identical to the blonde—had both hands kneading and stroking Larya's breasts, as her hot mouth traced kisses over Larya's neck.

And below, Larya felt the red-haired woman licking around her cunt. She moaned as a long, wet tongue flicked over her pussy lips repeatedly. There was to be no mercy. She couldn't even close her legs, thanks to the rope.

"Please..." she whimpered. She didn't know what she was begging for anymore. It all felt...oh...so nice...but she knew it was wrong. Very, very wrong. These ghouls had killed people.

Larya was a bit of a bimbo sometimes. She knew that. But she was a good person, and this...this...this.

"Oh...oh...oh...OH!" She wriggled helplessly as the redhead's tongue flicked in and out of her pussy, tickling her clit. "Yes! Yes, please fuck me, fuck me fuck me oh gods yessss..."

She was drooling, she knew. She didn't care. She had never felt such pleasure. She was so utterly helpless, and that turned her on so much.

She saw her druid's staff and brown cloak lying in a heap by the door. She was still wearing her little green skirt, but it was being forced up so high by her position that it was positively meaningless. The skirt was soaked with juices and sweat to the point that it was basically a rag anyways. She would have to burn it after this.

If she survived.

And she was pretty sure she wasn't going to. The blonde kept bouncing and rubbing against her midriff, smiling down at her with sadistic glee.

Larya locked eyes with her and, though the tortuous pleasure, moaned a single word.



Vala sat lazily in the shadows of an old elm tree. The attractive young woman wore a revealing yellow tunic, a dark cloak, and little else. Her long, shocking blue hair was done up in pigtails. She was extremely pale.

She rested one pale hand on the tree trunk, smiling widely.

"One day, mighty oak," she cooed, "you will die. Already the bark beetles carve you out from within."

She batted her thick lashes, showing off bright red eyes. "You'll be like me. Would you like that?"

The oak was silent. She gave it a knowing smile, stroking its rough bark. "Already you are dying."

The ghoul's head jerked up. She could hear loud footsteps. Heavy breathing. Smelled a man's sweat and fear. Sensed his powerful hunger for life.

Her eyes glinted. "So sweet. A coward." She got to her feet, beaming ear to ear. "I shall take him, I think."

She looked down. From her vantage point on the hill, she could see the whole miserable town of Carriope. Once a happy hamlet, her sisters had reduced it to a graveyard. She had foolishly fought them, but they had shown her the way. They had shown her the path to true pleasure—true life. They had shown her her place.

She spotted the man. He was running towards the den—doubtless seeking his young druidess friend.

He was handsome, in a way. Unkempt, but the sort of man who might be quite handsome with some effort. A few scars marred his features, but he had a compact, muscular build. This was a fighter.

But he didn't seem to be able to run especially fast. Vala tapped her chin, laughing. "Such easy prey. Will he find his friend?"

She leaped down and started sprinting downhill straight towards the man, laughing louder. "I think I shall find him first."


"More, mortal?" The blonde laughed. "More?"

"Well—" Larya gulped. "I, um—"

Larya cried out as the redhead's tongue started flitting in, moving faster and faster, teasing her clit with endless little sparks of pleasure.

She was going to come. "Oh, oh, nnnnnoOOOHH!" She writhed and jerked in her bindings, bucking her hips into the supple lips of the red-haired ghoul as she came. The ghoul laughed, wrapping her hands around Larya's pert ass and kissing her pussy lips passionately.

Larya was in heaven. She was in hell. She couldn't remember where she was. Smiling dazedly, she watched as the red-haired beauty rose from between her legs. The woman's red lips were dripping with Larya's own juices.

Larya came again at the sight.


Snatch came to a sudden halt, his head tilting. That sounds like a—

Too late.

The thief was tackled from the side. Howling, he went tumbling down the hill, over dry, dead grass, barely around a thorn bush, and onto the dusty streets below.

Snatch rolled clear of his attacker and tried to stand, but his dizziness made him almost fall over again.

Then the creature tackled him once more, knocking him to the ground and landing atop him.

A red-eyed, blue-haired, unnaturally pale and slender woman sat down on his chest, giving a sharp-toothed grin. "Hello," she whispered, voice curiously reverberating. "Join me in oblivion."

Snatch struggled, but the ghoul was too strong. "Not today," he snarled. His scythe had fallen out of reach, so he drew his dagger and plunged it into her gut.

She looked down at it. A little bit of dark red liquid slowly oozed out. She looked up at him, smile widening to horrific proportions. "No."

He wrenched the dagger out and tried to stab again, but she grabbed his wrist and gently plucked the knife away. "I don't think you need that silly thing," she murmured, fingers fiddling with his trousers. "You have far nicer things to stab me with."

With one smooth motion, she yanked his trousers down to his knees. She giggled, fondling his erect cock with one cold hand and holding him down with the other. "Hard. You are ready to please me, mortal."

"Yeah?" Snatch glared. "Well, you give me the knife back, and I...I..."

Her fingers had started running up and down his shaft with incredible skill. His eyes bugged out of his skull, and she smirked. "Good," she purred. "Please me. You are mine to toy with now."

She lifted up her cloak and ripped off her tunic. The beautiful young woman was now completely naked, exposing her soft, white skin to the dim sunlight. She slid back and started to impale herself on his cock, but stopped halfway to give him a knowing look. "When you cum inside me, you are mine. You are ours. The taint will merge with you."

"I'll...fight..." Snatch groaned. His rebellious manhood was rock hard and desperate to find a sheath.

"Good." The ghoul winked. "We'll see how you like the ride."

Snatch's eyes widened as she slowly sank down, then began to bounce, giggling, in his lap. "Oh! Oh, yes! Hee! Fight, mortal, fight!"

He lay back. He tried to issue a retort, but all that came out was a longing moan. It felt incredible, but so, so wrong. He was fucking an undead. No, he was being fucked by an undead. She just bounced up and down, and he was lost in her shimmering crimson eyes.

He could feel the orgasm building. He was going to...to...

"No!" he cried. "Fuck! Fuck you!"

The ghoul laughed, bouncing faster still. "What a clever boy!" she cooed, as if congratulating a child. "You do indeed."

"I won't go! I won't I won't I won't!" Snatch knew he sounded like a petulant teenager, but he didn't give a fuck. "I'm not—oh, gods...argh..." He let out a whimper as she gyrated her hips around his desperate shaft with expert grace. She wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling him close to lock lips with his. He knew that if his mouth touched hers, his last spark of resistance would fizzle and die like a candle's flame.

He leaned back, his last, futile act of defiance. She only laughed, wrapping her hand in his short, dark hair and forcing him closer. "Oh, my darling slave..."

"YEAAAARGH!" He reared back and butted her in the head with all his might.

Snatch had three assets he was especially proud of: His keen senses, his common sense, and his thick skull. The ghoul didn't stand a chance. He headbutted her again, feeling a bone in her skull crack. She cried out—more startled than hurt.

Taking advantage of her surprise, he grabbed the ghoul by the waist and pulled her off his still-throbbing cock, throwing her away.

She leaped up, snarling. The woman was gone, and only the ghoul remained. It lunged for him, teeth bared.

Head still ringing, he rolled to the side and grabbed his scythe. Lying on his back as the ghoul dove towards him, he swung the scythe up in a graceful, murderous arc.

Its head went flying noiselessly. Its corpse landed on him, and he quickly pushed it off as the pale flesh started transforming into maggots and beetles.

He shakily got to his feet, pulling his trousers up. He was still hard, but judging by how loud Larya's screams were getting, he was just about out of time.


"Okay," the scarlet-haired temptress whispered in Larya's ear, "we're done playing with you. Ready to really fuck?"

"Uh..." Larya thought, now. She thought hard. She had to...had to fight...

"You cannot concentrate on fighting," the redhead whispered. "Shhhh. It's okay. How can you concentrate with her," she gestured to the black-haired ghoul, whose head was buried between Larya's legs, "licking your pussy so very, VERY thoroughly?"

Larya whimpered.

"After all," the redhead hissed, giving Larya's lobe a little nibble, "with every lick, you fall further under our power. With every lick, you forget what you're thinking. With every lick, you forget. With every lick, you forget."

Larya tried to understand now. She knew she was being hypnotized, but...

"You're...unnhh...hypnotizing me..." she mumbled.

"We need not hypnotize you," the redhead said, smirking. She looked at the blonde and nodded.

The platinum-haired knockout descended upon Larya's right breast and started licking and suckling at it hungrily. The redhead listened to Larya moan louder before continuing, grinning like a cheshyrbeast. "You want this, and that's good, because you cannot stop it. You cannot fight. With every lick, you forget."

"With...oh...every lick...aah..." Larya closed her eyes to hold in the tears. She couldn't concentrate! The black-haired ghoul just kept licking, and with every lick, she...forgot...

"Shh." The redhead put a finger to Larya's lips, giving a fond smile. "Do not speak. Do not try to think. We will help you."

Larya looked up at the red-haired ghoul, vision bleary with tears. "Why do you do this?"

"Thinking is too hard," the ghoul said, as if she couldn't hear Larya. "Just close your eyes and give in to lust. With every lick..."

The white-haired woman gave Larya's breast a little nibble, just as the dark-haired woman licked again. Larya gave a gasp of pleasure.

"i forget," she said, smiling vacantly.


She blinked. For a moment, the licking stopped. "What's that?'


"Nothing," the red-haired ghoul said, smiling. The raven- and blond-haired women rose up and advanced towards the splintering door, eyes narrowed.

Larya frowned. "This...wait—oh!"

The red-haired woman had hooked two fingers in Larya's wet pussy. Giving a feral growl, she started working Larya's clit, as she leaned in and kissed Larya on the mouth.

The kiss tasted wonderful. It tasted like peaches, and apples, and mulled wine, and a fine harvest. Larya moaned, trying to reach up to pull the woman closer.

It was then that she realized her restraints had been removed. The redhead smiled, breaking the kiss momentarily. "That's right, pet...mm...now you must please me. You must—agh!"

In a heartbeat, Larya had leaped upon the redhead, who gave a surprised squeak as Larya returned her affections by sticking a finger in the red-eyed creature's cunt and thrusting violently. Larya smiled. Now she had the upper hand. Now she was free to...

...kiss her. Yes. That was what she wanted to do. She seized her disoriented seductress in a ravishing kiss. The redhead moaned, swooning in Larya's arms.


Larya gave a dazed—but mischievous—smile. She couldn't think about the banging on the door. Not when she was about to give this glorious creature the banging of her life.


Snatch rammed once more, and the door burst open. Two attractive ghouls stood before him, hissing at the sudden bright light. One had hair of ebony, while the other had hair of that thing Snatch was pretty sure narwhals had. The white thing. She had white hair, was the point.

Giving a snarl, he swung his scythe, cutting a shallow gash in the blonde's torso. She hissed, leaping outside towards him, but he forced her back with a punch aimed at her angelic face.

That was a mistake. Grinning, she swerved to the side and grabbed his arm, yanking him off-balance. When he stumbled, the other ghoul ran forward and hit him on the back.

He fell on his stomach, and they descended upon him, grabbing his arms and forcing the scythe from his fingers. The blonde laughed. "Stupid mortal. You can't fight us."

"And why would you wish to?" the dark-haired one purred in his ear.

"We can bring you an end of pure bliss," the other cooed.

"You aren't gonna turn me, then," he muttered, struggling in vain to get an arm free. The ghouls' fingers were slender and supple, but their grip was like iron.

"No..." one breathed.

"Only the women," the other moaned.

"What made you like this?" Snatch growled, ceasing his struggles. "What fucking insane necromancer..."

"We were once ordinary ghouls," the blonde murmured as she and the dark-haired ghoul rolled him on his back. "But then He chose us..."

The dark-haired one sighed with pleasure at the blonde's words, then turned her attention to pulling down Snatch's trousers. She smiled widely. "Oh, Vala has tasted you. You are ripe."

Her head slowly lowered towards his cock, and he felt her steamy breath as she gave his balls several long licks.

"She was inexperienced," the blonde hissed, kissing the arms she held immobile. "We will make you like this."

He could only moan with pleasure. Right now, he couldn't muster any dispute to the claim.


The red-haired seductress lay on her belly on the dirt floor as three fingers slammed into her cold, dripping cunt and gave her what she had earned.

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