tagLesbian SexUnlocking Madeline Ch. 02

Unlocking Madeline Ch. 02


Sorry it has been a little while; I had to take a short Holiday break. This chapter is at least longer to compensate. Thanks so much for the support I have received!

Maddie began settling into life back into her hometown. It was easy to fit right back in following her move from the city. Once her routine had developed, she found herself fitting sex with Lynn in at every opportunity she could. Her text history consisted mostly of texts like, "What are you up to tonight? Just got home and I'm bored.", "You busy Sunday night? How about a movie and sex?", and "I'm naked on my couch and I need you to join." As much fun as she was having spending all of her free time focusing on giving and receiving this kind of pleasure, she knew Thanksgiving was coming up and her family would only serve as reminders that she would have to grow up and settle down soon. They wanted to know when she was gonna start bringing a boyfriend around to dinners.

Madeline just so happened to have a date with an old friend from school, Joshua, tonight. She had run into him when she had stopped for coffee on Monday morning on her way to work. He was grinning ear to ear when he asked her if she had any free time this weekend. Maddie hated letting people down, so she agreed to dinner. She felt a little guilty for not sharing this information with Lynn, but she was also strangely proud of herself for making an adult move and going on a normal date. The beauty of being friends with benefits meant she did not have to explain herself to Lynn.

Maddie was playing a video game and did not peel herself away from it to start getting ready for her evening until last minute. She brushed her hair, threw on a pair of jeans off of the floor, and grabbed whatever pair of sneakers was lying by the door. She paused for a second to think about how she looked, but decided she did not really care. It wasn't a fancy meal or anything. When Joshua arrived to pick her up, he was wearing jeans and a tee too and Maddie felt a little relieved.

Dinner was fun enough, Josh talked about his job as a video game programmer. Being an avid gamer, this genuinely fascinated Madeline. They both had similar favorites in their gaming library, and got talking about all kinds of geeky interests. Halfway through the meal, Maddie got a text. She peeked at it under the table.

Lynn had sent her a topless picture! She looked so sexy with wet hair and a pair of cute boy briefs on... Maddie had to force herself to remember her date and look up. She realized her jaw had dropped. "Is everything okay?" Josh asked. He looked concerned.

"Oh yeah. My, uh, sister just um..." Maddie blushed and trailed off.

"It's okay, just as long as nothing is wrong. So how do you like your work as a designer?" Josh smiled.

Maddie sighed with relief and replied that she enjoyed her job, and was excited to see where things would go, as she had only been at this firm a few weeks now. When they were done eating, Maddie joked about what nerds they were and Josh kindly got her coat for her. The drive home was quiet, Maddie kissed Josh on the cheek at her door, and thanked him for the meal.

As soon as she was back in her bedroom, Madeline pulled Lynn's photo back up. She oogled for a moment at how sexy those curves were, and texted back. "You are too sexy! When can I have some more of you?" She grabbed her favorite vibrator out of her nightstand and laid down on the bed. Her phone went off again.

"I had fun with you tonight! Are you down for a movie soon?" Maddie had enjoyed Josh's company, but she really wanted to worry about her own wet pussy that was a result of Lynn's teasing right now. Still, He was so nice to her, it was sweet. So she texted back that next Friday would be good and hoped he would not reply again for a while.

Madeline stripped down and curled up in her bed. She opened their messages and stared at Lynn's perfect breasts as she worked the tip of her vibrator into her pussy. "I'll be over Sunday at noon, but only if you are fair and I get something sent back." Her best friend's message came through. Maddie turned the vibration all the way up as she fell back onto her bed and thrust the toy in and out in a steady rhythm. She came fast and she collapsed back onto the bed.

She had never sent a nude picture before, but supposed that laying there all spent post orgasm might make for a sexy one. Maddie reached for her phone and snapped a few selfies of herself from overhead with her cum still glistening on her thighs. She hit send before drifting off to sleep.

Maddie had one of her more frequent sex dreams of late. She was tied up in a basement again, but this time rather than a stranger sitting in a chair watching her, it was Lynn. She got up and looking her lover up and down, gave a sneer before tightly pinching each nipple in her fingers. Maddie was squirming and yelping in her mind when she was woken up by a knock at the door.

She threw on a robe and glanced at the clock. It was 10 AM; she had really slept in clinging to her fantasies! Madeline peeked through the hole in her door and, seeing it was Lynn, she decided it was acceptable to answer in nothing but the robe. "Hey Lynn, I thought you were coming over tomorrow." She mumbled groggily.

"Well good morning sunshine! You got enough sleep. I got your picture and decided I couldn't possibly stand to wait to have that." Lynn stepped in and as soon as Maddie pushed the door shut, she pushed her down on the couch.

"Why did you bring a book bag?" Maddie asked as her friend took off the pack and tossed it into a chair.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." Lynn replied. "Shut up and kiss me. Madeline was still a little sleepy as she let her friend and part time lover lead. Lynn gently pried apart her lips with her tongue. She kissed deeply, slowly awakening all of Maddie's senses. She felt a familiar rush as her pussy grew hot a swollen.

Maddie wrapped her legs around Lynn as they kissed, causing her robe to fall to her sides. She pulled Lynn's tee and bra off with ease and took a perky little nipple into her mouth, sucking gently. Lynn tangled her hand in her lover's hair and held her head against her breast until her pussy was thoroughly soaked, then pulled to lead the lips to the other nipple, to give fair attention to each. When she grew tired of the teasing, Lynn pulled her pants off and sat next to Maddie.

"Go grab my bag." She instructed her friend. Maddie raised an eyebrow at the force in the words, but obliged anyway because she was very curious. Besides, the aggression sent a little chill through her spine. Lynn certainly noticed the little twinkle in Madeline's eye that came with receiving a command. She unzipped her backpack and pulled out a moderately sized black strap-on in a leather harness. Maddie's eyes widened at the sight as she bit hard into her own lip. This was venturing into very new territory for her.

Sensing her friend's anxiousness, Lynn quickly chimed in. "Would you like to give this a shot? I will start you off nice and slow and gentle. If you aren't ready for it yet, I might have a few other goodies in here."

"Other goodies!?" Maddie couldn't hide her inquisitive excitement.

"Oh, I'm not sharing what today unless you don't want to take a strap-on, dear." Lynn smirked. Maddie had a sudden visual of her friend standing over her wielding the dildo around her hips, and knew it was a fantasy she had to fulfill immediately.

"No, I would love to try that out with you!" Maddie said, chewing her lip again. It was a bad habit of hers. Lynn's eyes lit up at the prospect. She pulled a bottle of lube out of her bag as well.

"It will be easier the first time in a bed." She said, getting up and motioning for her lover to follow. Madeline laid in the middle of her bed and Lynn climbed up, kneeling over top her. She slathered her fingers in lubricant and sloppily rubbed her hand all about Maddie's labia. Her friend wiggled about, trying hard to achieve more contact to her clit, but Lynn kept it slow and messy. She never missed an opportunity to tease. Lynn then made sure the toy was nice and slippery before she positioned it at Maddie's entrance.

Madeline was so sexy looking up at Lynn with those big, trusting, but scared eyes. Lynn slowly worked in the tip and barely pushed a whole inch in and out a few times. Her lover was so tense. "Relax dear, I will make you feel so wonderful." Lynn soothed her sweetly. She was unaware that she was even capable of empathy and understanding. Where had that voice even come from?

Lynn's voice was so gentle and convincing, any inhibitions Maddie might have had were melting away. Without realizing it, she spread her legs wide and wrapped her arms tighter around her lover. With Lynn's chest pressed tightly against against hers, Maddie gasped as she felt the dildo sliding further into her hole.

"That's my girl." Lynn hummed into her friend's ear as she slowly pushed her pelvis down to fill the tight little cunt with the strap-on. Maddie let out a deep moan as their hips finally met and the toy was pressed firmly against the bottom of her pussy. Taking the cue, Lynn began to pull back until she was barely inside, and then moved forward to fully penetrate her again. She worked slowly into an increasing rhythm. With each thrust, Madeline brought her hips up to make sure it was as deep as possible.

The pair were working in perfect harmony. Maddie could not believe what she had been missing out on. This was amazing, and unlike any other sex she had ever had. Once the pair had developed a fairly quick pace, Maddie was in such ecstasy she could not think straight. She was moaning desperately. Amid her incoherent noises, she quietly murmured "Take me..." into Lynn's ear.

This little phrase stopped her lover dead in her tracks. A rush ran up Lynn's spine like an electric current. She pulled back and looked into the sparkling desperate eyes in front of her. She had an image of bending Maddie over and fucking mercilessly until she screamed that she could not take it. If she wanted to be taken, Lynn could show her the meaning of submission.

Lynn shook her head. She could not treat her friend in the way she had treated so many whores before. She had aggressive controlling sex with no regard for their feelings. Granted, they enjoyed submitting to her, but she knew she did not concern herself with the limits a girl she was fucking at a party might have.

"Don't say that to me." Lynn said sternly after a brief pause from her motions. She definitely noticed the way Maddie's eyes lit up with bold curiosity on hearing the new rule. Luckily, she was in far too much need of release to question why. In an effort to resist the temptation to fuck hard until her lover was screaming, Lynn decided to put her in control of her own pleasure.

Maddie felt Lynn wrap her hands around her back. "Cling to me close." She was instructed. Lynn sat up and Madeline held tight so she was positioned in her lap with her legs around her waist. She moaned with a little pain. The dildo felt so much further inside with her weight driving it harder against her cervix. Madeline brought herself up and down a few times slowly to adjust to the new position before she began to bounce more rapidly.

Lynn was mesmerized by the way her lover's tits were bouncing as she fucked the strap-on. This was so hot, she could not wait until she was crying out with release. She reached down so that her thumb rubbed against her clit with each rise and fall of her hips. Maddie did not lessen her speed for a moment as the burning began to rise up inside of her. She moved with increasing urgency until the sensations of Lynn's thumb rubbing and the dildo filling her took her over the edge. She cried out as she orgasmed, her cum flowing freely over the toy and onto Lynn's crotch and thighs.

Madeline collapsed back onto her bed and gasped for air while her pussy throbbed with a dull ache after she pulled off Lynn's strap-on so suddenly. She whimpered a little between breaths. This was, unsurprisingly, so sexy that Lynn really needed to cum as well now. Dominant Lynn would have demanded her slut quit whining and get back up to bury her face between her legs to thank her master for her pleasure. However, she forced herself to be softer in the present moment. Chuckling at Maddie's pain she remarked, "Next time, let me pull out slowly sweetheart."

As Madeline lay recovering, Lynn really wanted to tell her she better fuck herself more often to get used to handling more, because that was not even her largest strap-on, but she again squashed that desire from her mind. If she was not ready to move yet, Lynn would just make it easy for her lover to eat her out. She climbed over Maddie's face and felt nails dig into her ass cheeks as her lover pulled her down so that her face was smothered in pussy and cum.

"Mmmmm." Madeline moaned into her best friend's cunt. The taste was equally fantastic each time. She swirled her tongue around the swollen sweet spot, and was drowning in juices in moments. She loved having control of her lover's orgasm like this. Her expert mouth could decide if she would let go in as few or as many minutes as she felt like. She was craving a mouthful of cum, so she did not hesitate to make Lynn quickly climb to her climax.

Lynn's strong thighs held Maddie's head firmly in place as she grinded against her tongue to ride out the waves of her pleasure. She was maybe a bit rougher than she intended to be in her desperation, but her lover did not complain. When the orgasm finally subsided, they curled up to relax for a moment.

"Is there anything you aren't wonderful at?" Maddie asked giggling.

"Being submissive." Lynn answered without thinking. Her friend was not exactly sure what she meant by that, so she just laid there, basking in the afterglow.

After resting a few minutes, the pair got up and Maddie offered to make brunch. Her friend said sure, and they went to the kitchen. Lynn watched her making pancakes while she chatted. "I would love to show you what else I have, but I have to go after we eat. Can I comeback on Friday?"

"Oh I'm busy on Friday, sorry Lynn." Maddie tried to sound casual, but she was biting at her lip. She thought to herself that she would rather stay in and fuck all night than go out with Josh, but that was rude. He was a nice guy and maybe it could be more than that with him some day.

"That's the second Friday in a row. Geez Mads." A flash of jealous irritation flitted across her expression for a very brief moment. "How about Sunday then?"

"I will be waiting on Sunday with bated breath. Just don't show up a day early next time!" She wanted to keep it free in case thinks went too well and she had a boy staying the night.

Lynn couldn't hide her curiosity any longer. "Oh just tell me what you've been up to without me. You know I don't care." Maddie supposed it would be easier if she wasn't keeping secrets.

"I have a date with Josh Lee." She said very matter-of-factly.

"Oh? Well have fun then. He was nice back in school I guess." Lynn knew she had no right to be angered, so she tried to be nonchalant.There wasn't much conversation over their meal, and when they had finished up, Lynn grabbed her things and left. Maddie felt a little bad at the awkward departure.

When she got home, Lynn texted her favorite party host, Kathy. "Sorry it's been a while. Anything fun going on this weekend?" She was not ready to admit that she might be bitter or jealous, but she knew she was feeling something inside that she wanted to run from. Getting drunk and fucking some party girls always took everything off of her mind.

Kathy and Lynn had never considered each other as love interests. Kathy was a lover of drama and chaos and preferred to host parties to watch the madness that ensued. Lynn just loved sex and liquor and laughed at the mess she always left in her wake. Lynn's phone went off.

"I wondered when you would be back around. Of course there will be booze and sluts at my house. Could you come early and catch up a little?" Kathy never liked to just hang out. Lynn knew she just wanted to be nosy.

The rest of the week was uneasy for both friends, they did not text much and both spend their free time trying to convince themselves that they were going to have a fun weekend. When Friday rolled around Maddie tried to make herself take a second to look cute for her movie. She picked out a button up and skinny jeans and actually straightened her hair.

When Joshua arrived and knocked on the door, Maddie opened it and tried to take a second to appreciate his appearance. Most girls would adore his handsome smile and intentional 5-O-clock shadow. He had his hair neatly spiked and smelled sweetly of cologne. He had his usual cheesy ear-to-ear grin when he saw how cute his date looked. Maddie never gave his body or looks much thought. She just awkwardly smiled back and hugged him.

The movie was cute. Maddie was too busy giggling at the cartoon to really notice that Josh had put his arm around her. Afterwards, at dinner, Josh could barely break his gaze from the sparkling green eyes and adorable smile. It was a huge plus that Maddie never buttoned her shirt all the way and he had a nice glimpse of the cleavage on her round D breasts.

Maddie was more interested in talking about the movie than undressing her friend with her eyes. She didn't even pay any mind to his oogling. When they were done, Maddie offered to pay, but Josh insisted, and she asked if he wanted to come in for some Mario Kart when they got to her apartment. Josh was all to excited to take her up on the offer.

When the pair arrived in the driveway, Maddie laughed and said, "Are you sure you want to come in? I get really competitive!" Josh laughed back.

"I'm sure I can kick your ass. Don't be a sore loser."

Maddie turned on the game and lost by a narrow margin on the first round. She shouted at the TV and playfully shoved Josh. He smiled and said, "I guess you do get a little feisty, geez." He was mesmerized by how cute she was when she was mad, and began to lose all concentration on the game.

After he lost the next race, Maddie jumped up and did a little dance. Josh chuckled and pulled her down into his lap and embraced her, giving her a soft little kiss. Maddie smiled back, but when she realized his stiff dick was poking her in the thigh, she blushed deeply and backed off up to her feet. She helped Joshua up and he awkwardly shuffled back and forth.

"I had fun with you Maddie. I will see you soon, but I should get home." He kissed her on the head and she hugged him again, trying to avoid letting her body press into his groin. He sensed her discomfort and left quickly to head home and masturbate.

Maddie closed the door behind her date and leaned against it, taking a deep breath. Why did she cringe every time a guy got turned on by her? He was so nice and she was flattered he found her so appealing. He was a great guy and someone worthy of bringing home to mom. It was undeniable that she only daydreamed of Lynn, but that was just lust and she had to be realistic.

Lynn got to Kathy's house at 3:30PM and her friend was already sitting at her kitchen table with a drink and a rum and coke waiting for Lynn. "Hey, its everyone's favorite whore. Glad you came for once." She said snidely.

"Oh please, I'm sure things are lively as ever here." Lynn said, rolling her eyes.

"Rumor has it you have a real girlfriend. I have to admit, I find that hard to believe. I thought you must not be hanging around because you miss Emma." Kathy casually sipped her drink.

Lynn tried to look calm and internalize her panic. How could anyone know she had been spending so much time with Maddie? She drove 45 minutes to get to Kathy's house. Madeline did not need to see this scene, much less be a part of it, and Lynn knew how petty and dramatic some of these college girls could be. She began to blurt out in rage without thinking.

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