tagToys & MasturbationUnlocking Tally Ch. 02

Unlocking Tally Ch. 02


"That's odd," my mom said from the kitchen. "I could have sworn we'd picked up three zucchini instead of just two."

Luckily, being in the living room meant she wouldn't be able to see the large blush moving swiftly across my face. I yelled back a reply. "Weird. They must not have bagged it or something."

"I guess," my mom replied. "Ah, well. Salad's gonna be a bit light tonight."

Before the matter could be investigated any further, I'd already ducked away into the bathroom, quietly shutting the door behind me. I turned and looked at my reflection in the mirror, and it was beet red. Unavoidable, perhaps, given the situation. Although, the bumpiness of the country road we had to drive down to get home probably didn't help the situation. Well, it had helped in some ways.

Still, call me Nancy Drew, because I was about to solve the mystery of the disappearing zucchini. I hiked up my knee length skirt as far as it would go, and, with one hand steadying myself against the sink, began to feel around my sopping crotch area.

There it was.

The more hardened, rough end of the vegetable still stuck a few inches out of my dripping hole. My biggest worry on the ride home was that one stray bump would send the phallic green produce all the way in, and it would end up stuck. Fortunately, that hadn't happened. That would be an embarrassing ER visit, to be sure.

Mostly it would be tough to explain to anyone who heard the story how I, Tally, the shy, naive girl from a very religious household, wound up with a side dish stuck up her cooch. Taking another glance at my reflection, I could hardly believe it myself. There are people in the world who are the very definition of "sex." Tiny girls with suspiciously huge boobs and butts who walked around in skimpy clothing. Someone could look at those girls and believe that they were sexual beings. Me? Not so much.

No one looked at the chubby, freakishly tall girl and thought about sex. Not the girl with the unkempt, cropped blonde hair who was never seen in a shirt that didn't have some sort of comic book or video game logo on the front. Sure, I had the big breasts that all the boys were into these days, but my large stature meant they were fairly proportional to the rest of me, so they weren't really noticeable.

But that toy I got at Marie's bachelorette party had changed something in me. What was once just an occasional dalliance with self fondling turned into a full-on obsession, and ever since that first eventful night with me, my purple vibrating friend, and a stolen bottle of vegetable oil, I'd had what one might call an insatiable craving.

That's why, when grocery shopping with my mom, the zucchini had caught my eye. It was terrible, I know. I'm sure I was living up to all sorts of stereotyping about lonely women and the produce section, but I had to know how it felt. So, at the first opportunity, I tucked one of the vegetables meant for tonight's dinner into my purse, excused myself, and went to the grocery store bathroom to engage in a little experiment.

Turns out, the experiment was a huge success.

The zucchini, while not much bigger than the sex toy I'd been given, was still a step up in terms of size. Not only that, but the dirtiness, the naughtiness of shoving something very much not intended for the purpose up my pussy was just too much of a turn-on to ignore. I ended up diddling myself right there in the grocery store bathroom, trying to stay quiet as I got myself nice and lubed up for my new vegetable friend. Once I was ready, I passed the smooth, round head of the zucchini through my lips, shoving it into my quivering cunt.

I knew I didn't have too much time in the bathroom there. My mom would be wondering what was taking me so long, and I didn't want to risk someone coming in and overhearing my fun little session. As such, I made a point of frantically rubbing my clit while working the toy in and out, giving my pink nub the intermittent slap I'd come to enjoy in my journey of self-discovery. I came, but it was a quick burst of pleasure. It left me shivering, sure, but wasn't the full ecstasy exploration I wanted. For that, I needed more time with my new, improvised toy.

That's when a devilish idea crossed my mind.

This was the beginning of my foray into sex. Outside of a few fiery fan-fic sessions, I'd only ever given the briefest of thoughts and touches to the idea of intimacy. So, when it came time to figure out how I was going to smuggle out my produce paramore, the idea of secrecy only added to the thrill.

I'd just...leave it in.

And, so, I did it. With a push, I slowly pushed all but the last few inches of the zucchini inside my pussy. Knowing I'd be walking around, I tried my best to squeeze down on it as best I could with my inner walls. I wasn't a black belt in kegels or anything, but it seemed to hold alright as I stood up, and the full sensation it gave me was simply incredible. As I made my way back through the store, I could feel the rough texture rubbing up against my inner walls, making me breathless and coating my panties. It was an incredible feeling, knowing that I had this sexual secret that no one around me was privy to. Plus, I was technically shoplifting, which was a new thing. Very exciting. To an incredibly sheltered girl like me, anyway. I knew that it would be tough to hold it together as I finished this shopping excursion.

But, hold it together I did, and, now, here I was. Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, looking myself right in the eyes with a wanton expression on my face as I prepared to remove my vegetable intruder. I gripped the toy and slowly drew it out of my dripping pussy, having to hold back what would have surely been an intense moan of pleasure. The friction of the toy inside me felt amazing, like sparks going off in my brain. When just the tip of the zucchini was left, I thrust it back into me, fucking myself with wreckless abandon. Eventually, I knelt down further, supporting myself on the edge of the sink with my elbow as my other hand worked the vegetable in and out. I could almost taste blood on my lip as I bit down on it, trying not to make a sound. But no amount of lip biting could hide the squelching sound of the toy making its way in and out of my cunt. I could only hope that the bathroom vent blocked the noise somewhat.

The pleasure coursed through me as I continued to fuck myself, my breathing becoming rapid and sharp. It felt so damn incredible each time the improvised toy thrust inside me. Tiny gasps and moans escaped. I couldn't help myself. I could feel myself on the verge. My climax was almost coming. I just needed one more thing.

With my left hand still controlling the zucchini, I took my right index finger and stuck it in my mouth, wetting it with my saliva. I played with the digit with my tongue, as though it were an extremely thin cock. Regardless of size, my goal right now was moisture. Once I had thoroughly lubricated the finger, I took it out of my mouth, maneuvering my hand toward my backside.

There was a problem. Try as I might, this skirt wouldn't hike up quite enough to get the result I wanted. I let out a frustrated sigh. Oh well. Pause.

Both hands would be required for this task. As such, I flexed my vaginal muscles as much as possible, holding the green phallus in place. That taken care of, I quickly unbuttoned my denim skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

Now we were talking. A moan escaped my lips as I started pistoning the zucchini in and out of myself again. One quick re-wetting of my index finger later, I was back to my previous task. Running my hand down my back, I found my puckered rosebud.

Just the tiniest bit of pressure. That's how I'd found I liked to start. After the first night of anal play with the toy, it had become a frequent ingredient in my sexual self-pleasure. It was like oregano or something. It went well with everything. I started making slow circles around my anus with my finger, gradually applying pressure while still shoving the artificial emerald cock into my wanting cunt. A little teasing was all I needed, though, and I started gradually pressing the digit into my back ring.

"Mrrmmmmm..." I let out, as quietly as possible. There we go. It was in. I could feel the zucchini in between the thin membrane that separated my two holes. God, how I wanted the feeling of someone else's touch in that area right now. But my own work would have to do for the moment. I started alternating my thrusts, pushing in with the vegetable as I pulled out with my finger, and vice versa. Each time, waves of pleasure washed over my body. I was getting closer. This felt so damn good. And so wrong. But so, fucking good. So...fucking... I could feel it coming. My climax. Spotting a nearby hand towel, I moved toward it, biting down on it hard.

"Aaaaaaaahhrrrnnnnn!" I screamed into the terry cloth fabric as my orgasm hit. My finger was squeezed tight by my ass, with the zucchini held in place by my spasming pussy. As my climax washed over me, I gave my clit a quick pinch, sending a quick sting of pain and pleasure through me, extending the rush of ecstasy. The initial rush finished, and I collapsed to my knees the floor, my breath coming in heavy, ragged gasps. I laid back against the wall, sighing with contentment. It wasn't until a few moments had passed that I looked down at the zucchini sticking out of me, slick with my juices.

What was I supposed to do with it now?

I supposed that I should just...eat it? Eat the zucchini that was inside me? Was that weird? It seemed weird. But I needed to hide it away somehow. With a shrug, I took a bite.

Blegh. Turned out, my taste was actually the best part. Raw zucchini: not that tasty.

For lack of any better ideas, I shoved my vegetable lover back inside me, giving me another quick shudder of pleasure. A quick flush of the toilet was in order, to make it seem like I was just using the facilities, and I exited the bathroom, my secret sex toy tucked safely away in my cunt. Fortunately, there was no line of questioning awaiting me as I made my way back into my bedroom.

My parents were going to be suspicious if I kept spending every waking hour with the door shut, so, after giving a quick look to make sure nobody was watching, I quickly pulled the zucchini out with a wet squelch, and threw it into the trash can next to my computer desk. For good measure, I covered it in the trash with a chip bag and a few soda cans, just to make it all the more undetectable. Regardless, I could still feel where my hole had stretched to make room for the veggie, and ached for more. But I'd had my fun. Now was not the time. I had the rest of the night to keep up with my insatiable urges. Now was the time for Facebook checking!

Unlike most other days, I actually had a message this time. It was from Rei, the more boisterous big beautiful woman of the bachelorette party.

"Hey, Tal," it read. "I'm going to see this concert later tonight. Not even a concert. Barely a thing. It's this two-person group playing at a coffee shop. But the singer girl is unbelievably hot, so I want to go. Thought you might want to come with. If you're down, here a link to their page. You in?"

I clicked the link. Judging by the picture, I could see what Rei saw in the female singer. She was a curvy redhead with the sort of mischievous look in her eyes I knew Rei liked in a girl. Definitely attractive. Even I could see that. While it's true I'd never really considered myself a lesbian or bisexual before, I'd never really considered myself a sexual anything until recently. Looking at this girl (and remembering how much I'd enjoyed the taste of my own arousal after my first self-play session), maybe that was an angle I should explore.

It didn't hurt that the guy was also cute. There was only the one picture of him. Obviously, he wasn't the one bringing in the crowds. Still, he had a nice little five-o-clock show, kinda scrawny, and those thick-framed glasses that were all the rage with boys these days yet still incredibly hot.


I began typing my reply to Rei. "Yeah, I'm down. Let me know the time." With a click my message was away.

Let Rei make her passes at the ginger cutie. Maybe I would too. But, either way, I knew I was ready to level up in the RPG of my sexual awakening.

It was time for a flesh and blood lover.

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