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Unplanned Revenge


I'm wett and I know that you know by the way you watch me from across the room. Its funny how I'm the one overly aroused yet you get all fidgety. You sip your Crown and Coke from across the room while I order my Cosmo. Later you will laugh at me for ordering a girlie drink. (Fuck you this shit it is delicious.) I make my way slowly to your side, trying not to be conspicuous, yet sure everyone in the room is watching. Leaning into your ear I whisper, "I need you. The insides of my thighs are wett." I'd be lying if I said I didn't think everyone in a five step radius didn't hear you hiss but made it a mental note to tell you otherwise when you ask about it later.

"What do you want me to do about it?" You ask before returning to your conversation with Rob from the financial section of your office, "Honestly I have no idea what he expects from you or me. There really isn't anything else we can do. Cutting the unnecessary spending and investing it in other parts of the company has increased pay, in turn boosting morale among employees which has increased the number of clientele, happy and returning clientele at the least."

Rob has just come to the realization that we are in fact a couple, and YES that makes us lesbians. Finally he clears his throat and responds, "Tell me about it, I see the numbers in money rolling across my desk every Friday and you see the numbers in the clientele that keep coming back, most of the time with associates...,"

Rob must think that I am too stupid to realize that he has been eye fucking me since I got here. I know that you are mad at me for being late but I was finishing a case and didn't want to leave. It was a silly mistake and I hope you will be making me make it up to you tonight. Wish I wasn't so excited.

"Kris?" The sound of your voice wakes me out of my daydream.

"Yes?" I respond taking a much needed swallow of my drink.

"Rob here was asking what case you were currently working on."

"It's confidential," I say.

"Oh come on, it's not like I have anyone to tell," Rob bargains

"It's confidential," I say again, "much like your books are confidential. You wouldn't let anyone else see your numbers. I wouldn't let anyone else in on a case."

"Of course but my books are detrimental to the company. I am a tax paying citizen I think that I have the right to know how the detectives in our precinct solve crimes."

"Well Robert," your grip on my arm in crushing, "that would be where you are mistaken. You have the right to know how the cases turn out. Not the process in which the cases are developed and how the charges if any are brought into light. Big difference."

Rob is staring at me like I just spit in his face, personally I wish that I had, "You seem to be under the impression that much of what you would class as confidential isn't available to the public...,"

"After, the case has been closed."

"Surely I could just watch a TV show and figure out how to be a cop."

"Surely I could add some numbers up on paper and actually be an..,"

"Kris I will see you at home," You've never cut me off in front of one of your colleagues, more importantly you have never dismissed me.

"Excuse me?"

"I said that I would see you at Home," you say again this time putting emphasis on HOME.

"I can't wait. Actually I'm three shades of excited." We both know my mouth has its own mind. How I managed to walk out of the room without an explosion of horrid words is beyond me.

When I get out of the shower I hear you slam the door shut, you must have left not too long after me.

"What the fuck was wrong with you?" You demand throwing your keys on the floor.

"Wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you? Since when do we dismiss each other, especially in front of other people? Are you fucking serious?"

"No Kris," You say as you yank your jacket off your shoulders, "You made an ass out of yourself and me. How could you? I work with those people." The jacket soon joins your keys on the floor.

"How could I?" I know where this is going and return to the bathroom to run your shower, "No Sara how could you stand there and let him attempt to belittle me? What the fuck did you expect me to do? Stand there and take it."

"Oh here you go again," You say stepping into the shower, sighing as the warm water hits your back, "Does everyone attack you or is it just all the people I know at work?" You stick your head out of the shower curtain to glare at me.

Glaring back I retort flippantly, "I don't know do people know you are a lesbian or do you wait until parties like that to pull the gay bunny out of your hat?"

Squinting your eyes accusingly you reply, "Wow. I'm sorry that I don't introduce myself as a lesbian. It's none of peoples business. I fuck women. It has nothing to do with how well I can type on a computer or talk to a person."

"I'm not saying that you have to," I say effectively talking to the ducks on the shower curtain, "All I want is to be able to go to one of your parties and be your woman. Not have every man in the room eye fuck me and you all night or have one approach either of us. Especially when I am at your side, it's disrespectful and downright rude." I leave the bathroom to let you dry off in peace.

By the time you get out of the bathroom I am laying on my side of the bed watching television.

Trying my hardest not to watch you get dressed because we both are still very mad at each other but it's impossible. I find myself licking my lips as you rub lotion into your skin, straining to look past the bed when you bend down to lotion your luscious legs; its torture.

"Do you want something to drink from the kitchen?" I ask pushing back the covers just trying to gather my thoughts.

"No." Your reply is terse.

Sipping my water from the glass in my right hand and carrying the bottle of water that I know you'll want in my left hand when I re-enter the bed room I am met with a sight that made my mind go blank. So forgive me.

The next thing I know I am standing behind you, your feet planted firmly on the floor, slowly pushing the head of the double sided dildo into your tight pussy, I know this because of your hiss, "Krisss..,"

Stunned that you are not attempting, to fight back, I exhale heavily on the back of your neck before I respond and feel the chills rolling up your spine, "Shh.., baby it's ok you can take it." When my hips are resting against your deliciously plump ass I stop moving, letting your body adjust to its current full state. Waiting for you to tell me that you are ready I let my fingers trail in opposite directions. One set to your hardened nipples and the other to your jeweled clit. Enticing your clit out of its hood is all too simple a task, and when I loving start stroking it your hips ram back into mine giving me all the signal I need.

Briefly I remember that I didn't use any lube, and attempt to start out slow, but your enticing groans urge me on making me plunge deep inside of you as if searching for something long forgotten. Grabbing a fist full of your honey spun hair I force your upper half completely down on the corner of the bed I set out a smooth concise rhythm. Well despite what I thought was a deep and hard rhythm you plead, "Harder."

"You like this don't you?" I bark out between thrusts, "You think that you can dismiss me in front of a room full of people without punishment?"

"Yes?" And when my hips slow their jogging, "Noo.., no baby no.., I'm sorry.., please."

I start to adjust your hips, dragging you back from the bed just you make your hips lean more suitable to my needs, as in a better angle to have the bulb part inside me hit my g-spot over and over again. My own orgasm is not far off. Yet apparently my selfishness isn't so selfish because you are screaming. Begging me for your release and I want us to cum together. Pulling you up to me I set a new pace deeper harder and faster, "I'm going to fuck you until you pass out," I whisper into your ear before forcing you back onto the mattress.


I'd be lying if I said that I started fucking you harder because I was cumming. Fireworks rang out from behind my closed eye lids as my orgasm pulled me under but I knew that I did something right because your hips were jerking underneath mine and your frantic moans did not fall on deaf ears.

When I woke my arms were tightly wrapped around your sleeping body.

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