tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnplanned Vacation Ch. 03

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Facilitators

Sandra sat back for a moment, her head swimming from the events of the past hour. As her thoughts gradually became less dreamy and sexual, she heard the door behind the front desk open. She brought her legs up onto the sectional, so that she could turn, sitting little mermaid style, to observe who was responsible for the clicking of hard-soled shoes on marble that echoed throughout the spacious lobby. Two young women were approaching, wearing the same uniform that Carly and Zoe had on, except that these women wore black strappy sandals, much like the ones Sandra was wearing. The first woman to emerge was no more than five-feet tall. She was thin and petite, with curly, blonde hair and, as she walked from the door, holding hands with her partner, Sandra considered that her hair appeared to be in constant, vibrant motion. This perception was an illusion caused by the jaunty way that the little woman walked and the animated way that she chatted with her partner as they made their approach. The other woman was Sandra's height and, unlike her tiny partner, she was busty with a slim waist that widened into a firm, round, bootylicious, style rear end. Her hair was long, straight, and dark and she had, bronze-coloured skin. The two women chatted happily as they walked, occasionally punctuating their conversation with moments of sincere, affectionate laughter. Once they found their way across the carpet and around the furniture that separated them from the sectional Sandra was lounging on, they came around and approached Sandra from her left. The taller, darker girl was holding a plate with a croissant.

As she placed the plate on the tray that was partly occupied by Sandra's tea instruments, Sandra stood up to greet them. The dark-haired woman immediately hugged Sandra affectionately and said softly into her left ear, "Hi. I'm Clarissa." After releasing Sandra, Clarissa then stepped away and gestured to her little blonde companion and said, "This is Heidi". Heidi smiled and then collided into Sandra for an embrace.

Meanwhile, Sandra said, "It's very nice to meet you both. Thank-you for delivering a snack for me. I was starting to get a bit hungry."

Heidi loosened her hold of Sandra after a few moments and Sandra alternately regarded these two beauties beaming brightly at her. Clarissa said, "I love your dress. It's very pretty. Don't you think so, Heidi?" Heidi bit her lower lip and nodded emphatically in Sandra's direction.

Sandra said, "Well, thanks!", leaning forward to reach for the croissant. Retrieving it from the plate, she sat back down in the sectional and used her thumb and index finger to pinch off a piece of it. Eating a chunk, she responded, "Mmmmm...this is delicious!"

Sandra thought to herself that it tasted like a buttery piece of heaven. As she sat eating, Clarissa and Heidi sat down on either side of her, with Clarissa on the left and Heidi on the right. Leaving no room between themselves and Sandra, the two of them crossed their legs, such that Sandra had one of each girl's knees leaning against each of her thighs. Provoked by the coziness of their situation, Sandra chuckled and remarked to her croissant, "Folks here are very affectionate, no?"

Clarissa replied, "It is very important for us to make sure that the guests feel very welcome, but we aren't making you uncomfortable?"

Sandra reflected for a moment and then said, still looking mainly at the croissant in her hand, "Usually I don't prefer strangers to get too close, but it seems so natural in this context. It does feel very welcoming. You both smell very, very good and you feel...well...really nice. No, I can honestly say that I'm the opposite of uncomfortable, right now."

Heidi said, "Oh, good!", resting her head briefly on Sandra's shoulder.

Between bites, Sandra asked, "Now that you're here. Can you explain why this room is so empty besides the three of us? I would have thought there'd be more people this late in the morning."

Clarissa answered, "This room is just for checking guests in and we never check in different guest parties at the same time. Once you are finished, there will be another guest coming along. This resort accommodates about 200 guests at a time and we always operate very close to capacity."

"It seems like a very big room to use for people to check in one at a time, although I do appreciate the privacy," Sandra said, reflecting on the personal nature of the check-in documents.

Heidi said, "Yes, we need this space so that we can introduce you to the rest of the staff. That will happen pretty soon. Everyone is very excited to meet you."

Almost finished her croissant, Sandra thought about how impressive their commitment was to making the guests feel important. A reward for good behaviour, indeed! Once she swallowed the last piece of her snack, Heidi inquired, "Now, are you ready for us to go over your check-in documents with you?"

Sandra froze and could almost feel the colour draining from her face. Her heart started pounding uncomfortably. She shook her head and said, "No...I don't think so."

Heidi responded with one of the most adorable looks of confusion that Sandra had ever seen and asked, "But, why? Are you shy?"

Clarissa chimed in, grasping Sandra left knee, "Yes, what's the matter? Why don't you want us to look through them?"

Sandra responded in a good-natured, but exasperated, voice, "You'd both need to get naked, too, before I agree to that."

At that, the two girls stood up, almost in unison, and pulled their bikini tops over their head, provoking Sandra to shout and put a hand on each of their, well, rear ends, as it turned out. "Wait! I was joking! I mean, you don't have to do that!"

Standing their topless with Sandra's hand on their ass, they turned to face her and looked at her a bit blankly and then they looked at each other and then back at Sandra again. Sandra realized where she, in haste, had placed her hands and quickly pulled them back and pressed them into her lap. Heidi said, "Clarissa, she told us to get naked..."

Clarissa said, "Yes, but she said she was joking, so that means she does NOT want us to get naked."

Heidi persisted, "I know, but we are supposed to do precisely what she TELLS us, so we should get fully naked now."

Clarissa replied, "If we are confused, it's ok for us to check. Should we?"

After nodding to each other, the two girls turned to Sandra. Nervously, Clarissa sought clarification, "Sandra, we are so sorry, but we want to make sure we understand what you want. Please accept our sincere apology. Do you want us to be naked now?"

It occurred to Sandra that she had not been in a more unusual situation in her life. She was certain that nobody had ever asked her anything like this before. She sat there for a few moments not quite knowing how to respond. Then, finally, she said, "Wait. Before I answer that question, are you both required to do whatever I ask?"

Heidi replied, "Sort of. We WANT to do whatever you ask and we are also required to. It's our job and our purpose. Also, our current task is to look through your documents with you. In effect, that means we will do anything necessary for you to agree to do that with us. We know all about the documents and we do understand your reservations, but there really is no need to be shy with us."

Clarissa nodded her agreement. Sandra paused for another couple of moments with her brow furrowed in thought and puzzlement. She declared, with mild irritability, "I don't know why it's so important that you look at them with me. The details are quite personal. I thought they would be kept private."

Clarissa responded, "Oh, they will be! You can be confident of that. Well, except for us, that is."

Sandra laughed at this seeming contradiction. She put her head in her hands reflected on their request and mentally shrugged. She looked up and informed the girls, "Fine, we can look through them together."

The two girls clapped and happily jumped up and down shouting, "Yay!"

Watching them bounce made Sandra realize that she had technically made them take their tops of for her and, also, that she didn't answer their question about whether she wanted them to get naked. Consequently, she said, "Oh, and I was just joking about your needing to get naked, but I guess I might actually feel better about you both looking at my...umm...forms if you were a bit exposed, too. But, please don't take anything else off." The two girls grinned and sat back down beside Sandra, as before.

Sandra felt a bit like a younger, female Hugh Hefner, sitting as she was, squished in between two bare-breasted goddesses. Making the Playboy Mansion feel even stronger, the girls sat angled toward her with each outside leg crossed over the other, such that each of them had one foot resting against one of Sandra's shins. The more distracting consequence was that both of their breasts were in perpetual, jiggly contact with her arms. Sandra felt as though she had worked hard to regain a cool state of mind and body, after being extremely sexually bothered by completing the check-in documents. The closeness, warmth, and softness of Clarissa and Heidi's bodies were causing a renewed ache between her legs. She had never been so close to two beautiful, half-naked women. There were plenty of beautiful, completely naked women in the change room at her gym, but Sandra never had any prolonged physical contact with them.

Sandra reminded herself about what her companions had told her regarding their requirement to go over the check-in documents with her by any means necessary. She told them, "Ok, I will go over my documents with you, but you must first answer a couple of my questions."

Clarissa said, "Of course!"

Sandra continued, "I found the contents of the check-in documents to be very intimate. The technology involved is a separate issue, which I don't think there is any reason you would be able to explain. However, why would it be necessary for the resort to know such personal things about guests?"

Heidi responded, "Sandra, it is all part of our treatment. All of our guests find the check-in process uncomfortable, even though we try to make it as gentle as we possibly can. You have stayed longer than some of our guests, but almost all of them stick it out and are very glad that they did in the end. The system for choosing guests would not have selected you, unless you were the type of person that would most likely be up for it. Still, we expect guests to have some reservations, particularly a skilled, sceptical lawyer, like you. We hope it's enough just to say that we believe the process will be very good for you and Eric. We want to reassure you that we don't mean you any harm and we will not let anything harmful happen to you. You will be glad you visited here and, when you leave, you will be ready to take on the world. When you think about it, what has gone on so far is not even as intimate as a Brazilian wax that you might get at a beauty salon."

Sandra couldn't disagree with that last statement, although she much preferred to shave herself than to have hair ripped off her ass by a stranger. Heidi's mentioning Eric prompted the next question. She said, "Oh, yes, that reminds me. What about Eric?"

Apparently, it was Clarissa's turn to respond. "Members of close couples, like you and Eric, have many similarities, but also lots of differences. Our treatment must be tailored to individual guests, even when they visit us in groups. Other members of the resort staff are busy helping him get settled so that, as a couple, the two of you can enjoy your stay here to the fullest."

Sandra nodded her head, conveying understanding. She found these answers quite satisfactory and imminently sensible. Now, she knew that she had postponed going over her documents for long enough and she could feel an anxiety build up in her chest. Her two hosts seemed to sense this.

Heidi leaned forward and poured another cup of tea from the pot. "Here, Sandra, have some more tea," she said. Sandra thanked her and took a big gulp, drawing an involuntary, "Mmmm," from her lips. As before, her anxiety disappeared and, this time, an almost eagerness to share her documents with the two women replaced it. She felt strangely excited. It reminded her of the thrill she experienced as a teenager when she did something naughty, like lighting firecrackers with her friends or letting one of the boys from the neighbourhood feel around under her top or under her skirt. As a grown-up, it is rare to have those kinds of feelings, and Sandra was grateful for it. She was ready. She set the cup back on the tray.

"Ok, girls, here we go," she asserted as she reached for the folder on the table. She put the folder on her lap and opened it to the first page. She explained, "So, as you probably know, these are just details about us. That's all accurate."

Looking intently and pressed up against Sandra's shoulder, the girls both nodded. Sandra flipped the page. "Here are some more details about us that are true." Heidi and Clarissa's seemed to be trembling slightly as they nodded and Heidi muttered, somewhat breathlessly, "Ok, that's good....ummm, very...ummm...good."

Moving along, Sandra found herself staring at the first page of the booklet. She told them, "Well, obviously that's me there."

Clarissa exhaled, "So pretty...," as Heidi signalled agreement with a sensual, "Mmmm...hmmmm".

Heidi added, "You have such sexy eyes and your lips look so kissable!"

"Yes, and I love your short hair," continued Clarissa.

In Sandra, these reactions seemed to initiate an electrical impulse that bounced back and forth for several moments between her heart and her clitoris. Although the two girls were keeping her quite warm, she couldn't suppress a shiver.

Heidi responded, "Oh, no! You're cold." The two of them began softly rubbing her arms and legs, which were now covered in goose bumps.

Sandra appreciated their concern and used the opportunity to unleash a few more shivers, as the friction from their hands were helping smooth out her goose bumps. After about a minute, she said, "Oh, I'm ok. Thanks very much for your compliments. I guess it's time to turn the page?"

Heidi agreed, laughing, "Yes, definitely, since I can see your face in 3D, already!"

Sandra chuckled. She turned the page to the front- and rear-view images of her legs. Clarissa reacted, "Very nice. They're so smooth and toned. Beautiful!"

Heidi contributed, "Yes, they're fantastic," and she reinforced this opinion by reaching down and sliding her hand along Sandra's right calf. She smirked at Clarissa and added, "They're much better in person, I must say."

Clarissa squeezed Sandra's knee and casually declared, "Well, obviously."

Sandra grinned at them both, in turn, and inquired, chuckling, "Are you two done? I very much appreciate your admiration, so you can feel free to take as long as you need."

Clarissa giggled and responded, "No, I guess we're ready. Heidi?"

"Yes, I want to see more of your stuff. Let's move along," Heidi confirmed, grinning.

At that, Sandra flipped the page to the front- and side-view images of her bare breasts. Heidi reacted, "Oh my...". Meanwhile, Clarissa stared at the images intently, biting her lower lip. There was an awkward, silent pause filled only by Sandra alternately looking at each of her hostesses, who seemed momentarily paralyzed.

Clarissa whispered in a just audible voice, "They look kissable, too...".

Heidi contributed, "Ummmm........uh.......huh.", and then she nodded and wetted her lips.

"Yep, those are my boobs," Sandra asserted.

Clarissa looked down and held her breasts in her hands, pushing them together. She noted, "Your nipples are a lot like mine. Long, round ones." Glancing over at Heidi, she continued, "Heidi's are shorter and pointier than ours."

Sandra found herself staring a little too seriously at Clarissa's breasts as she held them up and had to take a deep breath. After a few moments, Clarissa abruptly let go of them and they dropped back into position, accompanied by a brief bounce. Once again, the world seemed to be moving in slow motion and Sandra felt Clarissa's hand squeeze her knee again. Clarissa said, "Sweetie, I've caught you staring, but you are very welcome to do it. Also, it's only fair since we are busy looking at a picture of yours."

Sandra blushed slightly and shook her head, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I was gawking at them, but they are terrific..."

Clarissa replied, "No, don't apologize. I'm glad that you like them."

Sandra nodded and glanced over at Heidi just in time to see her lightly pinching her left then her right nipple between her thumb and index finger. She looked over at the other two women and smiled.

Sandra was mesmerized again, this time by Heidi's chest, but her focus was broken by Clarissa, who stated, authoritatively, "Heidi is very proud of her little pointy nips." As confirmation, Sandra watched as Heidi brushed each nipple with her right hand, as though she was dusting them off. As she looked, she felt herself actually gulping.

Sandra stated, "In hindsight, looking over my documents really is much easier with you two topless. Shall we continue?"

Clarissa and Heidi simultaneously replied, "Ok!"

As she turned the page to the front-view image of her vagina, she actually heard her two hostesses gasp. Heidi blurted, "Yum! Shaved pussy..."

It was obvious that Clarissa had a bit more control over her emotions than Heidi. Nevertheless, she leaned in to get a closer look at the image and used her finger to trace the creases of Sandra's pussy with her finger. Sandra could feel both of their hearts pounding. She asked, "So, you both really like women, then?"

Clarissa looked over at Sandra and explained, "Of course, but no more than you do."

Sandra had been long aware of her unrequited attraction to beautiful women, but she was still surprised that these strange women were somehow aware of it. She supposed it wasn't that surprising, however, considering all of the other things they knew about her and Eric and how they lured them to this resort in the first place. She simply nodded and said, "Ok, that's fair. Yes, I can safely confirm that that is, indeed, my pussy."

Heidi said, "I love it. It's adorable. Eric must just love to pound that thing."

Laughing, Sandra confirmed, "Yes, he certainly does, among other things."

Sandra turned the page, revealing the naughty spread-legged perspectives of her vagina. She noticed Heidi's jaw drop and then Heidi exclaimed, "Clarissa! That is too hot! Am I seriously expected not to touch myself? My panties are already soaking wet. Sandra, you don't mind if I...ummm...pleasure myself, while I look at your pictures, do you?" Heidi gave Sandra a look of desperate pleading.

Clarissa responded a bit fiercely, "Heidi, you know the rules! You must control yourself. I'm sorry, Sandra, but this is Heidi's first check-in. She didn't really know what to expect and these images are more provocative than she anticipated. You can't really blame her for wanting to...well, you know...but it isn't allowed. It is a violation of the treatment."

Sandra nodded. She looked at Heidi with sincere compassion, since the thought of touching herself seemed like a fantastic idea. She noticed that there were actually tears forming in Heidi's eyes. She put her hand on Heidi's thigh to comfort her and said, "It's ok, Heidi. To be honest, all of this makes me want to rub my own pussy raw. Let's keep going. We can make it through this." Heidi closed her eyes and nodded, but the feel of Sandra's hand on her thigh didn't exactly help her regain composure.

Shortly thereafter, Heidi rubbed her eyes and smiled, "Yes, ok. I just didn't know it would be this difficult. I mean look at you!" She gestured, almost angrily, at the images.

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