Unplanned Vacation Ch. 03


Sandra responded, "Well, yes, that's definitely me, but I never did those poses for a camera."

Heidi pointed out, "No, but you could."

"Yes, I suppose that's true," Sandra agreed.

Clarissa added, "I think that you are one of the hottest guests we've had here. I don't blame Heidi for coming close to losing it. It was probably unfair to make you her first check-in, with your sexy little body and your cute, shaved little pussy. I'm having trouble keeping it together, myself. Looking at you in those positions make me want to strap on a dildo and slide it into you until you scream. Incidentally, that would also be against the rules..."

Sandra found that last comment very distracting, but she shook her head and decided to move along, before Heidi exploded. She turned the page over and revealed the full-page image of her naked bottom. Clarissa and Heidi leaned forward, almost ravenously. Clarissa glanced over at Heidi, who had a growing look of distress on her face. Sandra broke the silence: "...and that would be my ass...".

Clarissa cleared her throat and remarked, "So hot...".

Heidi said, simply, "I love it...," and traced the curves of it on the page with two fingers.

Clarissa protested, mildly, "Heidi, you're blocking my view, sweetie."

Heidi smiled and pulled her hand away. Sandra joked, "You girls just let me know when your finished feasting on my ass."

They both giggled and Clarissa said, "Ok, we can go onto the next page, if Heidi's ready."

Heidi nodded and said, "Yep, I'm ready."

Sandra turned to the next page, which was covered in the full-bodied nudes that featured her in different body arrangements and prominently featured her ass cheeks, among others of her intimate parts, from three different angles.

Heidi responded immediately by grasping the edge of the page with her hand and exclaiming, "Really, Clarissa?! You can't be serious!"

She was clearly distraught and threw her head back against the couch, closing her eyes tightly. Her breathing was heavy. Clarissa and Sandra just stared at her, giving her a moment. Eventually, she pulled her legs into a cross-legged position and grabbed the hem of her skirt between her legs. She pulled the material down, pressing it hard between her legs. As she did so, she exhaled a low-pitched groan.

Sandra's mind flashed and she felt as though the skirt material was pressing down on her own pussy. She also perceived a searing ache between her legs. She found herself looking at Heidi, again, feeling horrible about the torment the little woman was going through.

As Heidi pressed her skirt down, Clarissa said, in a warning tone of voice, "Heidi...". This prompted Heidi to let go. She sighed deeply and opened her eyes.

Sandra felt bad for her, but was also a bit amused by the whole situation. She put a hand on Heidi's knee and said, mock reassuringly, "Don't worry, babe, you'll only need to look a my privates a little bit longer."

Heidi, closed her eyes again, trying to compose herself, and explained, emphatically, "No, you're pictures are so sexy. It's all I can do to hold back my drooling. It's just that it's so cruel that I can't touch myself. It's a violation, but I didn't think it would be this difficult. It is so very aggravating."

As Sandra listened to Heidi describe her torment, she couldn't help but think about how adorable Heidi was, with her little body and her quivering red lips that looked as though they were designed by the Bratz company. When Heidi stopped her mini-rant, an image invaded Sandra's mind, starring herself, leaning forward and kissing Heidi's cute lips. She closed her eyes to clear the image and when she opened them, she discovered that her lips actually were pressed against Heidi's. She heard Heidi say, "Mmmmm...", and Sandra felt Heidi wrap her arms around her neck and slide her tongue into Sandra's mouth. They spent more than a minute engaged in tongue explorations of each others' lips, mouth, and tongues and Sandra investigated Heidi's hair and back with her hands.

Eventually, the two women separated and Sandra muttered, "Oh, my...", staring into Heidi's eyes. Sandra then turned to look at Clarissa, who was smiling broadly. Again, her mind flashed and she imagined leaning over, brushing back Clarissa's hair, and pressing her lips against her neck. When she regained focus on reality, she found that her lips were attached to Clarissa's neck and that her hands were exploring the hostess's firm, smooth bare back. Clarissa turned her head down and her lips touched Sandra's. The feel of another soft pair of lips was irresistible to Sandra and, thus, began another enthusiastic kissing session, equal in passion to the one Sandra shared with Heidi. As the two women kissed, Sandra experienced the extra sensation of Heidi's hands gently exploring her upper thighs, just above the hemline of her sundress. Some moments went by and Sandra pulled back gently from her embrace with Clarissa. She placed her hand on Clarissa's chest and looked earnestly up into her eyes. Between pants, she said, "Oh, no, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing...".

Clarissa responded, quietly, "Don't apologize. You're beautiful. It was all we could do to keep from kissing you sooner." She lightly touched Sandra's cheek with her hand.

"I've never kissed a woman before...", Sandra said, almost behaving as though she was in shock.

Heidi chimed in, "But, did you like it?"

Sandra, starting to relax, turned in Heidi's direction and answered, "Yes, very much. It felt so good." She followed her statement with a long sigh.

Clarissa interrupted, asserting, "Ok, girls, I think we've gone as far as we need to into these documents. Now, it's time to tell you about the rules of the resort, so that you can decide whether you can follow them."

Sandra nodded and Clarissa continued, "First, we need to let you know that the whole point of this resort is for you and Eric to do exactly what you want, whatever it is that you want to do. That's why it's such a great reward for good behaviour. Still, it can't be a total free-for-all. There are a couple of rules that I'll let you know about now, so that you can check-in. Other ones you'll find out about later, when it actually makes sense to tell you about them. Does that make sense?"

Sandra nodded and Clarissa continued, "Ok, Rule #1 is actually for the staff, but you must agree for it to be any use at all. It states, simply, that a staff member of the resort must perform any action requested by a guest, unless it conflicts with a previous request by some other guest. Is that rule acceptable to you?"

Sandra wondered about whether that was a fair request from the staff members' point of view, but she let that go, for now. She said, "Yes, I can accept that."

Clarissa said, "Great! Rule #2 requires that no guest may cause serious physical harm to a staff member."

Sandra said, "That seems reasonable. I accept that rule."

"Ok, good," Clarissa replied, adding, "Rule #3 requires that no guest may be in a room without at least one other staff member also being present. The staff member must have a clear view of the guest's clothed or unclothed body."

Sandra reacted with some surprise to that rule, "Wow, ummmm, that is an odd one. I can think of some drawbacks to that, such as bathroom-related issues...".

Clarissa raised one eyebrow, "...but, can you accept it?"

Sandra thought about everything that Clarissa and Heidi had already seen of hers, so she reluctantly replied, "Oh, alright...sure, I accept that. It should be an interesting week, indeed...".

Clarissa responded, "Good! By the way, I was just curious about whether you'd agree before I told you that toilet-type interactions are exempt from this rule."

"It's a stress-relief to know that," said Sandra.

Clarrisa continued, "Rule #4 requires that no guest may remove any article of clothing. If a guest requires removal of an article of clothing, they must request its removal by a staff member."

Sandra exclaimed, "Wow! Wait, I don't think so, Clarissa. That's going too far."

Behind her, Sandra heard Heidi say, in a soft voice, "Really?" Sandra looked over at her other topless companion, who nonchalantly scanned the ceiling with her eyes and casually pulled bits of her skirt up toward her waist. Once again, Sandra actually felt herself gulp. She thought, "I'm such a cliché, right now."

Sandra closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she looked over at Clarissa and said, "Do we get to pick our...ummmm...escorts?"

"No, that's up to the resort, I'm afraid," Clarissa explained.

Sandra spent a few moments scanning over Clarissa's face and body and then turned and did the same scan of Heidi's. She closed her eyes for a minute, in deep reflection. Finally, she said, looking straight ahead and nodding, "On second thought, I guess I can live with that rule, after all."

Both Clarissa and Heidi clapped their hands, cheerfully. Clarissa declared, with a flourish, "That's all of the rules! You can consider yourself officially checked-in! Now, are you ready to meet the others?"

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