tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnplanned Vacation Ch. 05

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Sandra's Resort Welcome

Sandra responded to Clarissa's query about her readiness to meet the others with a surprising eagerness. She reflected honestly on what had gone on over the past hour or so and experienced only exhilaration. It occurred to her that making out with her two hostesses wasn't the most faithful thing that she had done, but Eric was aware that she had always wanted to be with a woman to see what it would be like. In several conversations, he had made it very clear that she should take advantage of any situation that would allow her to experiment in that way, if she were inclined. She couldn't wait to tell him all about it and hoped that he was having as thrilling a start to his vacation as she was. She definitely did want to meet the others.

She registered only mild apprehension; a level of anxiety that was no more intense than if she were waiting in a line-up for an amusement park ride. She felt as though Heidi, Zoe, and Clarissa were long time friends and she was shocked that she could have so much trust in strangers that she had known only a brief amount of time. She was almost desperate to find out what else this resort would throw at her.

Sandra replied, "That would be nice, but if we are meeting with others, maybe you should put your tops back on?" Heidi and Clarissa both laughed and busied themselves with re-clasping their tops. Meanwhile, Clarissa remarked to Heidi, "My, she's so modest on our behalves!"

In response to which, Heidi said, chuckling, "Yes, I don't think anyone has ever asked me to put more clothes on before, but I haven't been working here that long...".

Sandra objected, "Oh, I just thought that it would look funny to other people walking in if...".

Her top on again, Heidi hugged Sandra as she said, "Sandra, what we hope is that you can lose the concern for peoples' judgment." She pulled back with her hands on Sandra's waist, looking directly into her eyes, and continued, "If you want to take advantage of our resort, you'll really need to do exactly what makes you happy and not worry about what people think. You'll only get respect from everyone here for being brave enough to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You trust us, right? Nobody's going to hold anything against you here, but we'll be disappointed if you don't do something you want to do because you're afraid. I mean, don't you want to see us both topless? Does it matter that there will be others here? They will all be just as nice as us and they'll be just as glad that you're here."

Clarissa nodded and smiled at Heidi proudly as she made her speech. Sandra wasn't used to having her bravery questioned and it aroused her competitive spirit, which had always been unusually high. One of her tendencies was to rise to and exceed any challenge. She smirked, almost wickedly, and looked defiantly back at Heidi. She said, "You're right. It's annoying that I can't look at your nipples just because other people are around. Also, I don't like the idea that I can't see the rest of your bodies with that skirt on. Please take both your tops and skirt off. You can leave your panties on. Their pretty much see-through, anyway. Thanks for reminding me that I'm the guest of honour!"

Clarissa and Heidi both clapped their hands together and stripped down to their g-strings. Sandra nodded approvingly as they both twirled around with their arms outstretched. She inhaled deeply. As she exhaled, she sighed and shook her head, "Whew. You two are hot."

Clarissa replied, laughing confidently, "Yeah, we know. Now, ready?"

Sandra nodded, smiling, and Heidi and Clarissa each took one of her hands and pulled her up from the couch. Each of them guided her arm-in-arm around the couch and toward the front desk. The trio stopped at the far edge of the desk, furthest away from the front door. Clarissa said, "Ok, I'll be right back," as she walked around the desk and through a door at the other side of the desk from where Heidi and Sandra were still standing."

As she returned less than a minute later, she said, "The others are coming," and directed Heidi and Sandra to stand a few feet beyond the front desk. Clarissa stood on Sandra's left and Heidi stood on her right, facing the door. Her hostesses seemed excited. Either that or they were a bit cold, because they both had their hands clasped together and they both bobbed up and down from alternately bending each knee. They were smiling, so Sandra hoped that they were excited, rather than freezing from her obliging them to strip for her.

"No, don't worry, we aren't cold," Clarissa said. Sandra barely had enough time to consider whether Clarissa was reading her mind, when the door behind the desk opened and a tall and healthy-looking young Asian man walked directly toward Sandra. Once he reached her, he hugged her tightly and whispered a friendly welcome into her ear that sounded like, "I'm glad that you're here. Please let me know what I can do to make your stay pleasurable. I'm Kyle." As she had done with all of the other staff members that had embraced her, so far, Sandra hugged him tightly back. In this case, as he approached, she had the naughty scheme to take advantage of this opportunity to note what was going on in this beautiful man's crotch area. As he pressed against her, she was shocked to feel his fully-erect penis pressing against the entire length of her abdomen. She thought, "That was much more than I had bargained for...", as a familiar ache flared between her own legs and she felt a hot flush in her face.

Sandra said, breathlessly, into his shoulder, "It's nice to meet you, Kyle." She heard Heidi and Clarissa giggling to either side of her. Sandra and Kyle ended their embrace and he continued on take up space on the couch that Sandra had just vacated. Heidi turned and whispered into Sandra's ear, "The guys at the resort don't wear underwear in those shorts. Many of our female guests prefer it that way. It's just easier, right?"

Clarissa added, "Don't worry, Sandra. All resort staff are IMPECCABLY clean at all times when they come into contact with guests, like in every way imaginable. I won't explain that comment further, unless you want me to. We only get as dirty as guests want us to. Also, none of us are allowed any body hair if we are to be in contact with guests. So, that's probably more cleanliness than necessary, but it is one of our regulations. It's better to go overboard with cleanliness, am I right?"

"Absolutely," Sandra agreed.

Momentarily, a row of about 50 resort staff members emerged through the door in single-file and greeted Sandra essentially the same way that Kyle had done. Each one who came along made room for the next person in line by making their way to the seating area. They were an approximately equal proportion male and female group and all of them wore the resort uniform.

The women varied widely in hair length and colour, skin colour/ethnicity, height, and, well, curviness, Sandra decided was the best word; by which she meant butt-roundness and breast size. The men also varied somewhat in hair length and colour, skin colour/ethnicity, height, and shoulder-width. Sandra noted that Kyle wasn't the only man in the group who came to her in a state of arousal. All of them had some degree of erection in their shorts as they hugged her. Sandra thought that made sense and didn't take it all that personally. All of the staff members who emerged from the door met Heidi and Clarissa's gaze with an approving smile and took obvious delight in taking a careful visual scan of the two hostesses from top to bottom and back again. Sandra's ego gave her no other choice but to hope that she was contributing to whatever amount of lust members of the group were feeling, above their reaction to Sandra's two companions.

At precisely that moment, Heidi leaned over and said, "All of these people see us naked all the time. Obviously we're hot, but these people are turned on mainly because you're hot and you're new. Also, staff members are not permitted to have any sexual relations with one another. That's an important rule in addition to the ones you already know about. Staff members can't do anything sexual with one another, even if a guest asks them to, unless it occurs while one of the staff members is having sex with the guest. That means no genital-on-genital contact and no mouth on genital contact between staff members. In other words, quite sadly for them and us, we are almost completely off-limits to these guys."

A solid majority of the spots in the seating area were filled by the time the last staff member sat down. The group generated a fair amount of noise with all of them chatting. To Sandra, the mood seemed very positive. Although the conversations were impossible for her to understand with so many of them going on at once, the discussions were animated and the room was filled with laughter.

The last person to emerge from the door was Zoe. She greeted Sandra with a hug, as the others had and smiled sweetly, first at Heidi and then at Clarissa. Zoe stepped back and held Sandra's hands in her own. Looking her in the eye, she said, "Sandra, it's really nice to see these two out of uniform, for once, isn't it?! Impressive! Clearly, you're starting to warm up to us? Nice work, girls!"

At these comments, Sandra blushed slightly and Zoe reacted, "No blushing allowed, baby. You have the whole rest of the world to be ashamed of yourself. Save blushing and guilty feelings for out there. This resort is a sanctuary from all of that."

Sandra nodded, submissively. Zoe seemed to have some seniority at the resort. Her mannerisms suggested that Zoe was accustomed to being in a position of leadership. Sandra experienced a strong desire to maintain the young woman's approval, even though Sandra was probably more than 10 years older than Zoe. Zoe asked, "Are you ready for your Introduction? Would you like more tea, or something else perhaps? Do you need to use the bathroom?"

Sandra admitted, "Actually, I think that I am due for a bathroom break. More tea would be nice. I have a feeling it will help calm my nerves."

Zoe responded, "Certainly. Heidi can escort you to the bathroom and Clarissa will have some fresh tea brought over to your seat. Then, once you're settled, we will begin."

Heidi took Sandra by the arm and guided her around the staircases at the far side of the lobby from the front door. There, Sandra found two adjacent doors with signs indicating that they were male and female bathrooms, respectively. Heidi pushed open the door of the proper bathroom and held it long enough for Sandra to walk passed her.

As Sandra entered, she was struck by the extraordinary size of the room. There was a long marble counter to the left with more than a dozen sinks separated by wide spaces filled with soaps, bottles of perfume, make-up, and various other things that someone like Sandra might conceivably need during a trip to the ladies' room. The wall above the counter was entirely covered with wide, rectangular mirrors.

To Sandra's right, there was a sizeable seating area, with three sets of two overstuffed leather couches facing each other and flanked by two matching chairs on either side. Each set of furniture was arranged around and flanked by marble-topped tables. The two corners of the room opposite the counter; one nearest the entrance and one against the far wall, were also filled with two sets of four chairs arranged around a square table. These pieces were identical matches to the other chairs and tables in the room. Heidi remarked, "As you can see, space is rarely a problem here."

Despite all of these places to sit, Heidi hopped onto the counter just a few feet away from the entrance and sat there cross-legged. She informed Sandra, "Stalls are just through the door there," motioning toward the far end of the counter.

Sandra started walking in the direction of the stalls, but stopped after only a few steps when Heidi said, "Umm, Sandra? Before you go, there is our rule to consider." Sandra paused, facing the door at the end of the room, and then slowly turned around to face Heidi. She stared at Heidi, cutely pursing her lips and furrowing her brow.

"I won't be taking any clothes off. I'll just be pulling my underwear down," she explained.

Heidi elaborated, "Pulling down is taking off, even if you don't remove them entirely, a staff member needs to do it. You can decide whether one of us pulls them off partway or the whole way. Also, it doesn't need to be me. I could get another staff member to help you, if you want."

Sandra responded, somewhat apologetically, "Oh, no, I would be fine with you doing it. I guess it makes the most sense to have you take them off entirely here. Otherwise, it would be pretty difficult to walk to the stall with my panties around my ankles.

Also, it would be most sensible to save us the trouble of you needing to follow me into the stall to pull them down there." Heidi just sat, calmly nodding as Sandra reasoned things through for herself.

"Ok, well, now I really need to go, so...", she declared, as she made a kind of "so, how do we do this" gesture with her hands.

Heidi jumped down from the counter and walked just a few inches from where Sandra was standing. She asked, with a mock serious look on her face, "Ok, Sandra, do you want me to go searching around in that dress to find your panties would you prefer me to pull them off after you lift your skirt up to show me where to direct my finger holds?"

Sandra laughed and said, "Of course, I'm sorry," as she grabbed the front hem of her dress with her right hand and held it up at about belly button level, revealing her light and dark blue-striped thong panties with the word "PINK" written in pink letters across the front.

"Great!" Heidi said, kneeling to bring Sandra's panties to her eye level. Sandra looked down at Heidi and listened/watched her clear her throat and then gulp. She seemed a bit nervous. Heidi remarked, as though she was talking to the underwear in front of her, "I like these panties. Nice gift-wrapping choice."

Sandra chuckled and shifted her legs, anxiously, as she muttered a quiet, "Thanks." Heidi wrapped each of her thumbs around the string of material that held Sandra's panties up on her waist and, arms trembling, slowly pulled them down to the floor. Sandra alternately stepped back with each of her feet to free herself completely.

Heidi gently folded the panties and held them in one hand. She raised her eyes back in line with Sandra's crotch, again. She commented, "It's very adorable," clearly referring to Sandra's pussy. Continuing, she said, "Nice waxing. It looks so smooth."

Correcting her, Sandra said, "No, I just shave every morning in the shower, but thanks. I'm grateful that Eric thinks so. He seems to really like performing oral sex on me."

Heidi kissed the air just a few inches away from Sandra's labia and said, "Yes, I'm sure that he does. He's very lucky."

Sandra wiggled her butt back and forth, and replied, "Stop flirting with me, Heidi, I really need to use the bathroom."

"Well, let me give you my blessing," Heidi said, as she grasped each of Sandra's asscheeks with her hands and gently pressed her lips against the top edge of Sandra's pussy; directly where folds of skin kept Sandra's clitoris hidden from view. Sandra pulled her head back and closed her eyes and a deep-throated, "Ohhhh," emerged from her lips. Heidi squeezed Sandra's asscheeks and said, "I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself." Then, she let go and looked up at Sandra. She smirked and said, "Ok, I'll wait for you out here."

Sandra shook her head to regain her composure. She dropped her dress back into place, turned, and walked the considerable length of the counter and through the door at the far end of the room. She did her thing in the first of the many stalls that lined both sides of the room beyond the seating and powder area, and returned a few minutes later, discovering Heidi sitting crossed-legged on the counter, as before. Heidi still held Sandra's panties in her hands, and displayed them out in front of her as Sandra approach.

Sandra smiled and stopped at the sink nearest Heidi to wash her hands. She said with a smirk, "Thanks for minding those for me." Then, she walked around Heidi to dry her hands on the dryer mounted against the wall to the left of the counter. When Sandra turned around, Heidi asked, "Can I put these on for you?"

Sandra was, by now, past any modesty where Heidi was concerned. She replied, "Yes, please do, as she hiked her skirt up again and stepped out of her sandals."

Heidi hopped down and squatted in front of Sandra, holding the panties just above the floor. Sandra gently stepped into each side and Heidi slowly lifted them up into position. She remarked, sadly, "Good-bye, Sandra's pussy. Maybe I'll see you again sometime..."

"Thanks, sweetie; you can let go of them now," Sandra said, prompting Heidi to release her grasp. Heidi stood up and leaned against the counter, obviously flustered, and Sandra was surprised to observe, silently, that Heidi occasionally seemed just as uncomfortable as Sandra. In a concerned tone, Sandra inquired, "Heidi, does all of this make you uncomfortable?"

The question focused cleared Heidi's mind of the sexual images that were the true cause of her nervous reactions. She answered honestly, "No, it's not that I'm uncomfortable. Truthfully, seeing your pussy and touching you just makes me think of all of the things I'd love to do with you. I can't stop thinking about sliding my tongue all over you. In your pussy on your nipples and, I'm sorry if it offends you, but I have tried, unsuccessfully, not to think about licking your ass. I'm distracted by thinking about feeling your fingers inside of me or your tongue on my clitoris."

Sandra stared at Heidi, mustering only, "...oh...well, thanks for your honest answer to my question". Continuing, she said, "Also, thanks for making it impossible for me not to imagine what all of those things would feel like. Anybody, man or woman, would obviously be very lucky to fool around with you, if they enjoy fooling around with women, that is. Incidentally, it seems clear that I enjoy that, even though I haven't really done anything with women before today." Clearing her throat, she admitted with a tremble in her voice, "I really would love nothing more, right now, than to kiss and grope you until you scream. Of course, I'm married, so it would be wrong for me to do that."

Heidi made an expression as though she remembered something she had forgotten, and then she said, authoritatively, "Of course! Oh, my! No, you can't do anything like that with me, Sandra. Not now, at least. We learn on the first day, that a person can't do something like that behind their spouse's back. Maybe when you see Eric, you might find that he would not disapprove, but we can't possibly have any kind of sex together until then."

Sandra nodded and tried to sort out in her mind why the way Heidi agreed with her was so unusual. Unable to put her finger on precisely what was odd or significant about it, she shifted her attention to the various objects on the counter. She noticed that all of the beauty supplies she preferred were there, so she took the opportunity to touch up her hair and make-up. It had been a busy morning.

All the while, Heidi talked about how the resort staff receives a lot of information about guests' needs before they even know their names. In Heidi's words: "It's easier to prepare for guests like you that way. For example, you'll probably find all of the stuff you use everyday right here on this counter. I don't know how the resort's management knows these things; Clarissa tells me that guests are always surprised by all of the information we have. Also, we can read guests' minds fairly regularly, which just helps us make them more comfortable. Some guests find that unsettling when we tell them about that."

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