"Will you let me do that for you?" his husky voice pleaded.

Searching his brown eyes, she found nothing but the purest intentions. She smiled. "Alright, but you know how it embarasses me!"

He wrinkled his nose, mocking her, and tossed the covers to the floor. "There's nothing to be embarassed about," he winked. "You taste delicious."

She laughed at this. He had such a way of making her feel loved, completely at ease; above all things, he made her feel safe when she was with him.

"Relax," he implored as she felt his lips gently make contact with her sex.

Her head rested back into the softness of her oversized pillows, her thighs spread as far apart as they'd go by his large, masculine hands.

"Mmm," he grinned. "You really do taste delicious."

She arched her back and giggled. This man was divine. His tongue, his lips, his everything. Divine.

"Enough," she continued to laugh. Drawing ever closer to that point of no return, but never fully reaching her peak. "I need you...now! Inside me!"

He cocked his head and licked his lips. "Inside you?"

"Yes! NOW!" she demanded hungrily.

"Who am I to argue with a lady?" he laughed, crawling over her body.

She laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him into a slow, passionate kiss. As their tongues explored each other's familiarly warm mouths, his hardness rubbed gently against her soft folds and she felt herself squirming to make the contact more frequent.

"You want this, don't you?" he grinned.

"Don't make me beg," she beamed, kissing his lips and then pulling away quickly.

"Beg?" he smirked. "That would be...."

She wrapped her legs around his waist and drove him inside her with one quick movement. Her dark brown eyes filled with the sheer joy of the penetration, and she grinned into his equally gorgeous brown orbs.

"Mmm, yeah, that's what I like."

"Impatient, aren't we?" he teased as he grinded his length insider her, and withdrew with torturous slowness.

"Yes," she hissed in response, arching her back and force him into speeding his thrusts. "Fuck me, Joel!"

His pace increased, her hands driving his hips into her with ferocious speed. She found herself calling his name with wild abandon, his calls equaling her own in strength and frequency. Her eyes locked on his as they screamed together in unison.

Falling off her, he let out an exhausted sigh. "Well, that was fun!"

"I'll say," she panted.

Silence permeated the air of the couple's bedroom. She listened to Joel's steady, heavy breathing, feeling herself being gently lulled to sleep.

"OH FUCK," he suddenly rasped and turned to her.

"What, baby?" she asked with concern.

"We forgot....protection," he frowned.

Her brow creased. It was too late to care, really. No use in getting upset about it now.

"Well," Joel sighed. "I guess we'll just have to....Fuck again and redeem ourselves."

She shook her head and began giggling as he wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her body to his. He was excited again already, she noted. So perfect, she thought.

"Now," he cooed into her ear. "Let's try this again."

He let her rest comfortably back into the bed as he reached into their bedside table, searching longingly for protection. Up until tonight, they had been strict about protecting themselves, always keeping a healthy supply on-hand.

She watched as his long arms reached across the bed, his right hand traveling over various objects, speedily searching inside the drawer.

"What are you looking for?" came a familiar voice from the doorway.

"Ben?" she questioned, glaring at the intruder.

Her boyfriend shot up in bed, his eyes scanning the figure of his twin. "What the fuck are you doing in here?"

His twin's eyes narrowed. The pair exchanged glances at one another.

"Watching," he whispered softly.

She couldn't shake the thought of Ben watching them in silence. How? When?

Her eyes locked into his, so familiar, so warm. The brown gems of someone she loved with all her heart.

"Can I stay?" he smiled warmly.

Joel's eyes searched her own, and she nodded in agreement. What more could he see that he hadn't already?

"Good news," Joel grinned, trying to avert her attentions back to himself. His eyes gleamed as he held up a small blue packet for everyone to see. "I found one!"

Suddenly, Ben was standing over their bed. His eyes saddened, his look serious. "No," he pleaded, pushing the condom out of his twin's hand.

"Ben?" Joel questioned, confused.

Ben practically purred. "I want you to...inside her. I want to lick you off her. Taste you on her, Joel."

"Oh god," Joel moaned in response to his brother's perverse fantasy.

She simply inched closer to her boyfriend's hardened member, edging the tip slowly inside her warm folds. His dark chocolate eyes met her own, their delicious assurance filling her as his body penetrated her essence. They moved together as they had hundreds of times before; their bodies becoming one in the act of passion. She felt Joel's sturdy arms holding his body just above her own, heard his twins moans of approval from somewhere just off to the right. He was moaning as loud as his twin, identical groans and expletives filling the air til she no longer knew who was crying out.

"Oh, fuck," Joel exclaimed, pushing himself roughly inside her small body and collapsing atop her.

Her hands flew up to run through his baby-soft dark hair, her tongue darting out to lick a freckled shoulder. "Mmm, Joel," she cooed.

"Fuck," he hissed into her ear, turning to smile down into her equally chocolate eyes. "You are so beautiful!"

She smiled.

The bed shifted as Ben added his weight, crawling towards the pair grinning. "My turn," he growled, pushing Joel off her sweat-glistened body and ducking his head between her out-stretched thighs.

His tongue entered her quickly. His head driving forward to aid in his long, languid strokes inside her soft folds.

"Mmm," he moaned. "So salty-sweet, Little Brother. Delicious."

"Oh fuck," she moaned over his groans.

Joel watched in awe as his brother's tongue penetrated his girlfriend with torturous slowness, cleaning her insides of every last drop of his seed. So sexy.

"Fuck Ben," he hissed, climbing back onto the bed and reclining beside her shivering body. "That was...."

"Delicious?" his brother responded, raising up from the bottom of the bed and crawling towards Joel.


"Taste yourself, Joel," Ben whispered as his lips met Joel's in a passionate kiss.

She sat in awe as the twins began to embrace one another, their nude bodies melding perfectly together. Twins. Carbon copies of each other. Meant to be one.

"That's so fuckin sexy," she giggled as the brothers began to give her a show.

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