tagGay MaleUnqualifiedly Datable Ch. 02

Unqualifiedly Datable Ch. 02


Sorry it took so long but this was just a scribbling of a story, I didn't think it would be so popular. So when I did get back to it I really didn't have the story completely planned out... that's why it took so long I had a writer's block. I plan on another chapter to this story and I hope you like it. ENJOY! –Ari


Shit, shit, shit, SHIIIT!! He saw me! In a gay bar! With hickeys all over my neck! Chris wasn't going to talk to me now! I wasn't going to be able to ever face him again. I sagged against the wall, resting my head in my hands, my fingers treaded through my hair.

I ran straight out of the bar once I had gotten over my shock. I ran out of there and down the street to the first alleyway I came to and hid in the dark. I started shaking thinking of what would come of this and sat down. Chris would tell others, it would spread, the team would kill me, and I'd be a laughing stock of the school. The thought that scared me the most... Chris would never look at me the way he used to. I wouldn't be able to hide either, I normally have a girlfriend to hide behind. Wow doesn't that just sound stupid? I mean here I am 200 pounds of muscle and I stand behind someone barely over 130 for protection. God the girls, they wouldn't even allow me to "date" them now, my life was ruined.

I was panicking, I know I was but hell, if Chris's reaction when he heard Danny and I talking on the phone was any indication on how he felt towards men screwing with other men, I had just lost my friend. He had apparently gotten some kind of dirt on me, probably from one of my weekend screws then came to investigate. I sighed, this couldn't get any worse.

Damn it, I left Danny in there too, now I would have to go back and get him. I sat there debating with myself on how I would be able to get back into that bar without being noticed and grab the little fairy and hit the road. Shit this couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse.

When I heard a sound I raised my head, a little too quickly, and slammed my head into the brick wall I was sitting against. "Fuck!" I wrapped my hands around the back of my throbbing head. Ouch.

"Jason?" SHIT! I knew that voice, I felt the blood drain from my face. SHIT. I didn't move. "Jason is that you?" He was walking up to me. I guess it can always get worse.

"No," I whispered, I don't think he heard me though. Banging my head into that wall must have seriously decreased the number of brain cells I had.

"Hey man, are you ok?" he sounded concerned and I nodded no.

I dared a peek at him and saw him there looking at me with worry etched into his face.

"Why did you leave?" he sat down next to me giving a comfortable space, nothing too far away, that showed he was concerned on the fact that he saw me in a gay bar.

I gulped and looked straight forward. "Are you going to tell everyone now?"

"Tell them what? That I saw you in a gay bar?" I heard him shifting a little, but I didn't dare look at him, I was just too frightened

I nodded reluctantly. And looked the other way, I focused on a mud puddle in the middle of the alley.

Then there was that long awkward silence. GOD DAMNIT. I over at him, he was watching me, and looked like he was deep in concentration. I looked back down at my shoes. I was getting uncomfortable and shifted a little, but it didn't help.

"Nah, that wouldn't be cool" when I looked up he was smiling a small smile. I was dumbfounded! I mean here he was cool with me. He was starting to fidget while sitting there. "Heck, you may just be a f-friend of a guy that's gay, that or a bouncer for the bar," Well I was there for Danny but I am also gay. Chris looked like he was making excuses for me though. He was watching me calculate everything that he had just said.

"Look, I don't know what you were doing there so it's none of my business, now is it?"

I smiled brightly, "No, no I guess it's not," he returned the smile and nodded. "So you won't tell anyone?"

"No, that wouldn't be cool," his face seemed to get tighter.

"Thanks, Chris. That really means a lot to me. If you ever need anythi-"

"JAAAAY?" Danny yelled loudly, he poked his head around the side of the building before he walked into the alley. "JAY!" his smile lit up his face and he bounced over to me. "Jay I was so worried about you when I didn't see you in the bar!" he said so fast that I barely caught it. He was looking me over, raising my arm in the air and prodding me checking for nonexistent wounds.

"I thought you would have learned by now to stay away from alley ways!" I said quickly.

"You were right here so I was safe," He stuck his tongue out at me and went about checking me, "now hold still let me make sure you aren't hurt-"

"I'm ok, I'm sorry I lef-OW!" Danny had poked the bump that was forming on the back of my skull from the collision with the wall earlier.

"Thought you said you were ok." He said standing back with his hands on his hips, his eyebrow cocked and looking as if he was daring me to say it again.

"It's just a bump" I said blushing when I realized that Chris was still there watching our exchange. Danny followed my gaze and turned to find Chris.

"I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?" Danny asked quietly as he blushed.

"No! I-I'm just a friend that goes to college with Jason. I'm Chris," He said as he shot his hand out towards Danny. Danny jumped, I noticed he then looked at me with a shocked realization across his face. I would have to ask him about that later.

"I'm Danny, nice to meet you," He shook Chris's hand, and started to check him out. Anger flared in me, irrational I know, Chris was not mine to get jealous over, and he was straight. "What are you going to school for?"

"Planning on being a Veterinarian," Chris smiled at Danny. Chris did not seem at all disturbed by him. It confused me with his earlier reaction when I was on the phone. I was staring off into space with my thoughts when Danny broke through them.

"Jay, come on lets go back, please?" Danny pleaded. I sighed and stood up.

"Alright sweet cheeks, what happened to what's-his-face?" I asked while dusting off my pants.

Danny frowned. "He got mad when I noticed that you were gone and that I wanted to look for you, so I left him, you know how I can't stand that possessive shit," Danny was waving his hand around as he talked about the guy and I found it funny and I had to laugh.

I noticed that Chris looked hurt when I turned around. "Hey what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," He said quickly. Did he just hate me or something, he was so nice to Danny but just dismissive towards me. What the hell!

"Alright, so let's go on back?" I turn back to Danny.

"YES!" Danny jumped in the air smiling excitedly, he then grabbed Chris's hand. "Chris you must dance with me please?"

He had given him the puppy eyes, that trick always worked on me. "I'm sorry, Danny, but I really have to be going, I have an assignment to do this weekend and I need to work on it, maybe another time," He then glanced towards me and his smile faltered. As he turned he waved and said, "I'll see you in class, Jason, oh you may want to wear something with a collar, you have a few dark hickeys" then he was gone.

I watched him leave, and heaved a sigh.

"Wanna tell me what's going on?" Danny asked with his eyebrow cocked up again. I ruffled up his hair screwing up the gelled up mess. He swatted it away again and glared making me laugh.

"Nothing to tell sweetheart," I tried smiling but I don't think it worked all too well.

He eyed me funny for a moment then relented, "...can I crash at your house?"

"I thought you wanted to go back?!" He was always doing these one eighties on me.

He shrugged as we headed towards my truck. "I'm ok; I thought you were going to get lucky, so I was trying to make an excuse for Chris to stay,"

"Chris is straight, Danny," I said with a sigh, my shoulders were slumped as we headed back to the truck.

"Is he the reason for your sour mood?" I quickly looked over at him, he was too damn perspective.

"Quit being nosy, you little fairy!" Danny smiled and pushed me in the side, unsuccessfully trying to make me fall on my ass.

"Alright home we go," He said bouncing up and down like the little fairy he was.

"Ok, on one condition, you dress up as a fairy for Halloween," I chuckled.

"I already have my Halloween costume planned out!"

"Oh? And what might I ask is that?" I unlocked the truck and I saw him smile mischievously.

"Your little boy toy!" He giggled and hopped into the truck.


I walked into class with a black polo shirt on, the collar popped to hide the hickeys as Chris had suggested. I noticed that Chris was already there, his head was down on his arms and he was facing the other way. I thought that it was strange Chris was always ready to pay attention in class, he never fell asleep. I walked up quietly and sat down at the table I shared with him. He didn't budge. I decided to wait until the professor came before I would wake him. If he was asleep in class then something must have happened, maybe he was uneasy around me and preferred to just ignore me.

That stung, I really wanted to at least stay friends with Chris, but maybe that wouldn't be a possibility.

The bell rung a few moments later and he still had not moved. The door burst open and the professor walked on in. I turned towards Chris and lifted my hand to nudge his shoulder but he was already sitting up and wide awake. He didn't look at me. Get used to it, I told myself. He must really feel uncomfortable with me if he didn't want to interact with me at all.

I sighed heavily and grabbed my report and notebook. I looked up at the board and tried to pay some attention to the lecture.

When the lecture was over Mr. Garner had everyone turn in their projects at the front of the classroom. I started putting all my things away when I heard someone say something to me.

I looked up and Chris was staring at me. "I'm sorry what was that?"

"I asked, how is Danny?"

"Oh, he's good," I smiled or tired.

"Was he the friend that was having a rough break up?" Chris asked me, he sounded hopeful.

"Uh yeah, he doesn't feel safe going alone into bars. He was beaten up once before and I... I was there to help him," I smirked a little.

"That is what you meant by him staying out of alleys?"

I nodded and stuffed my notebook back into my bag before swinging it over my shoulder.

"I'm sorry about the beginning of class, I wanted to talk to you but I wasn't sure what exactly to say to you. I hope that we can still be friends though, I don't want you to be uncomfortable around me, if you are though, I-I will understand,"

"Huh?! Why would I be uncomfortable around you?"

He had that tight smile on his face again, it made him look fragile "You haven't thought about why I was at that bar have you? I know you were there for your friend and you don't want people thinking that your are gay, that's all that you must have thought about though,"

I looked at him still not understanding. See? I am a dumb meat head jock.

He sighed and gave a hoarse chuckle "Jason, I'm gay,"

I know my jaw hit the floor. Why hadn't I thought about that?! "I can say that I didn't expect that," I stammered. "No, my best friend is gay, why would it matter to me?" I said quickly when I noticed his face fall. "Sorry, I just didn't think about that, but, no, we are cool, want to go to the café with me then we can head over to English class?"

"No, that's ok," he looked a little better now.

"Wait! Danny is wanting to go to the bar again this weekend, I always feel like the third wheel and all I end up doing is getting plastered, why don't you come? Besides you promised Danny a dance,"

Chris frowned slightly but smiled and nodded, "alright then, I can't let Danny down can I?"

I chuckled "No you can't he will pester the shit out of me if I don't drag you along with me,"

He agree. His smile got bigger, and then he waved as he left the room.

I went to the café and called Danny.

"Hello?" He croaked I figured the little nymph was still in bed.

"Hey we are going to the bar again this weekend," I paused a moment, "Why are you still in bed?"

"Up too late last night," He sighed.

"Uh huh, well Chris is coming with us," I stated.

"WHAT?!" I heard a clatter and pulled the phone away from my ear. "Sorry, dropped the phone, why is he coming with us?"

I sighed. "I will talk about it later, how about we have dinner at my place tonight?"

"Chinese! Lo Mien noodles," He demanded.

"Alright, around six?"

"Sounds good,"

"See you then sweetheart," I said before ending the call.


When I walked out of the bathroom of my apartment with a towel around my waist I thought I was fine. I felt something jerk at my hips and then my towel was gone.

"WHOA, YOU ARE HUNG!" Danny said surprised. "No wonder you are always so damned cocky,"

"Danny! Give me back my damn towel," I growled when I lunged for him, but he nimbly danced out of my reach.

He bounced out of my reach each time I tried to grab him, "No! This makes up for all the times you have messed up my hair that I spend so much time on!"

"Wanna play hard huh?" I smirked. He was standing up on my couch about to bounce off of it and around me.

He nodded, then bolted around me again, "Alright, I'll play hard," I walked on over to the couch and spread my legs wide and grasped my cock. Danny turned around and looked at me, his mouth dropped open when he saw me.

I grinned, and slowly started moving my hand up and down my cock and circling the head until it stood up from my body. I saw Danny lick his lips and take a step towards me. With my other hand I reach down and grabbed my balls slowly rolling them with my fingers. I moaned and looked up at Danny again. My eyes were half way closed and dreamy looking.

Danny was so into it he wasn't paying attention to anything but my cock, and as much as the little fairy hates to admit it, he hasn't had sex in a long time. When that happens he gets distracted really easily.

I started moaning and thrusting my hips into my hand wishing the world that it was Chris's hand or mouth on me or his ass. That thought alone made my cock jerk.

Danny finally walked in front of me and watched me play with myself. When he tried walking closer I put my foot up against his stomach. "nu-uh" I said slowly then looked back at my cock. I squeezed a bit harder and groaned out loud, I was starting to pant. Danny was riveted.

"Like what you see?" I husked, he nodded not taking his eyes off my cock. "Want it don't you?"

He nodded again and licked his lips.

"Come closer," I reached out my hand towards him. He looked me in the eye and then walked towards me more. His eyes were back on my cock and he didn't notice the grin that spread across my face. When he was close enough I launched up grabbed my towel and bolted to the bathroom. I slammed and locked the door behind me.

"JASON! YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!" He hollered at me.

"Mm, you are just too easy sweetheart, now I gotta finish up here and then I'll be out," I grinned. Then turned my attention back to my cock. Closing my eyes I grabbed my cock at the base.

Hands gripped my shaft and I moaned loudly his tongue licked up one side then down the other making me squirm. I heard his chuckle "You taste so good, Jason," His tongue made a slow circle around the head. I let my head rest against the wall, and I groaned loudly.

I faintly heard Danny cursing my name on the other side of the door but I ignored it.

His mouth encompassed the head of my cock and he started to suck on the head, driving me insane. He smirked at me and then took my shaft into his mouth taking half of length before stopping, I felt the back of this throat open up and he engulfed more of my aching cock

"Oh shit! Just like that,"

His hand came up between my legs and gently squeezed my ball sac. I groaned loudly again. His head started bobbing up and down on my cock and I couldn't help but thrust back into him. I grabbed the back of his head but I didn't pushing him. He was doing perfect on his own. His tongue slid down around my cock as he continued to suck.

He pulled back off my cock jerking me slowly.

"Jason, I want your cum, cum in my mouth, you taste so good," He was licking my cock like it was a Popsicle but he kept eye contact with me as he purred his desires to me. "I want you to fuck me Jay, long and hard, all night long"

His hands moved to my knees and slowly climbed up to my hips. He was still kneeling down in front of me but he licked his lips and I knew he had only just started with me. With a predatory shine in his eyes he started getting off the floor, his hands traveled up my back and his face became level with mine.

"Relax Jay, I'm gonna take good care of you," He grinned cheekily then kissed me with all he had.


"Sounds like a good idea." He whispered in my ear.

He straddled me, our chest together and his cock between both our stomachs. He reached behind himself and grabbed a hold of my cock. He positioned it right at the opening to his ass and then pushed down onto it until his body relented and allowed my cock to enter.

"JASON!" Chris would have hollered out if he was really there.

I spurted all over my chest groaning so loud I think the neighbors heard.

"JASON! The food's here," I heard Danny yell at me then cursing my name. I chuckled and grabbed the washcloth to clean myself up before going to get dressed and eat.


"Ok, I know you didn't just invite me over so I could steal your towel so that you could tease the shit out of me," Danny said just after swallowing his food. He looked up at me expectantly.

I grinned, that shit eating grin I have, "Don't know if I wanna tell you anymore," I stuffed some food in my mouth before saying "Can't trust ya,"

"How old are you?" He asked tilting his head slightly to the side. There he goes again doing those 180's. Talking about one thing then switching to another.

I swallowed my food and raised an eyebrow, "22, you know that already" I flunked 7th grade because of some family troubles.

"Well since you are 22, act your age and don't talk with your mouth full," He was smiling so I know he didn't mean it as an insult, he was just teasing me.

"Sorry," I muttered as my face started to tinge red. I wiped my mouth off and took a drink from my coke.

Danny was waiting patiently but I knew he was getting annoyed with me, I grinned. "Alright, you jerk, I know you are so hot for me but there has to be another reason you called me over to have dinner what is it?!" He said as he lay back onto the couch.

"Chris, I thought that he had found out that I was gay, you know?" I asked looking up at him. He nodded and looked at me expectantly, "Well I went to class and he was 'sleeping' which he never does, he was just nervous to talk to me, and didn't want to make me uncomfortable... well I didn't understand why I would have felt uncomfortable, then he just says he's gay," I was smiling brightly. I felt like such a moron, I was just so happy over it.

"Ok, and why does it matter if Chris comes with us or not?" He asked with one eyebrow raised again. He was staring at me intently, as I squirmed, feeling uncomfortable.

"I...I um....kind of...have a th-...thing for...him" I was blushing bright red as I muttered this. I wasn't used to expressing my feelings.

"I KNEW IT!!" Danny jumped up and shouted, startling me in the process. Danny pointed his finger at my face and added "I also knew Chris was gay too, you could have asked me about him,"

"Y-you k-knew?!" I stammered.

"Yup, I'm perspective, Jay," I was floored. He was sitting there grinning at me with a smug ass grin.

"How did you find out that I liked him?" I narrowed my eyes and watched him carefully.

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