tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnreported Attack: Avenged

Unreported Attack: Avenged


It had been a month since Aven's attack in the bathroom of a friend's house. Adam had been consistently worried about her since, and dropped in on her at least twice a week. Adam knew her to be strong, and he knew that most girls would crumble. Aven didn't. She did develop a paranoia in the bathroom however. She would look around before going in, and lock the door. Adam figured that if this was the worse of how she was affected by the incident, he was thankful

One afternoon Adam came over and Aven was sitting on the couch biting her lip thoughtfully and staring out. He came and sat down next to her, "What's wrong?" he inquired.

She sat staring for a moment. Then sighed heavily, "I saw Chris today. In the coffee shop, down on 17'th street. He licked his lips at me."

Adam gulped. His leg wanted to twitch. He waited for her breakdown.

"I'm gonna get him," she said, and turned to look at him, "I'm gonna make him pay for what he did to me."

"I dunno, Aven," Adam said.

"What'd ya mean you don't know?" Aven asked angrily.

"Is it really worth it?" he asked.

Aven raised her eyebrow at him and then smiled, "Oh, so worth it." Adam couldn't help but find himself a bit scared, "And your going to help me." she concluded.

Adam sighed, but when the image of her laying on the bathroom floor like that floating into his mind he turned to her and said, "I'm in. What'd ya got in mind?"


It was a hoppin' Saturday night party. Mike's house was packed and music blared, sending the vibrations of the bass through the mass of bodies. Adam came in and saw Chris flirting with a girl. He reached in his pocket and text messaged Aven's cell, "He's here!"

Aven was around the corner sitting on a stoop smoking a cigarette, when she felt her phone vibrate. The message made her smile. She staid there waiting for the message that would que her to go in.

As she took her last drag on her second cigarette, she got the message she wanted, "He's up there" she read. She threw the cigarette down, and walked to the house. Up the porch steps and stepped inside. Pushing through the people she climbed up the steps to the second floor and stopped at the bathroom door.

It was shut but she saw the light on and the shadow movement of feet through the crack at the bottom. They stopped at the door and door knob turned. She stanced herself and as the door swung open she kicked it back and it hit Chris between the eyes knocking him backwards. She stepped in and shut the door.

"God damn," he hissed holding his forehead. Aven smiled.

He looked up and saw her there, "What the fuck?" he asked bewildered.

He dropped his hands down and looked at her confused. Then a wicked smile crossed his lips, "You wanted more didn't you, ya little slut?"

Aven scowled, and Chris reached out for her. She backed away. He reached again in vain. He got angry, and went to hit her, but she moved. He then grabbed her and backed her into the wall. Aven didn't move. She let him kiss her down her down her neck and grope her breasts. She felt her shirt tear open and she still stood there as if dead.

"At least your willing this time," he whispered sadistically in her ear.

She grabbed him by the shoulders then, and kneed him square in the balls. He bent forward clutching his injured sack, and Aven grabbed him on the sides of his head and kneed him in the face. He fell to the ground moaning in pain. She came over and stomped and on his chest twice, then kneeled down her face brushing against his cheek and whispered into his ear, "I wouldn't be jumping no conclusions, yet."

She undid his belt and stripped it from his pants. Chris laid there gasping for breath as she rolled him on his stomach. His hands she tied behind his back with his belt. She stood and kicked him in his side. The she walked behind him and squatted over the back of his knees. Down, she pulled his jeans and boxers.

She dragged her finger nails over the naked flesh of his ass. He groaned in pain. She dragged a finger down his crack to his balls, and she plaid with them in her hand. Rolling them, and tugging slightly. She listened to his grunts mixed with painful groans. Then she stood up, and went to the tub and grabbed a shampoo bottle. She knelt beside him and with one hand spread his ass open, and the other she squeezed the gel from the bottle into his crack. She reached up on the table and grabbed a hair brush.

She dragged it down him to his tight hole. He withered and kicked and yelled for her to stop. He begged for forgiveness and mercy. She smiled a sadistic smile and then with no mercy at all, thrusted the handle inside his hole. He yelled out in pain, and she pulled it out.

"Oh, God, please Aven! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" he pleaded.

But as soon as he finished his words she thrusted it back inside him. He yelled out again. He withered and moaned and she left it there and straddled his back. His face was to the side, and a tear ran down his cheek.

She leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the forehead, "You're so pathetic," she told him.

And with that, Aven stood up and left. Downstairs Adam waited. He saw her come down and leave. He debated going upstairs, but didn't. He didn't understand completely what just happened, but he knew Aven was happy and that upstairs, Chris laid humiliated.


A week later Adam went to visit Aven. She sat on the couch biting her lip thoughtfully and staring out. He came and sat down next to her, "What's wrong?" he inquired.

"I saw Chris today. In the coffee shop, down on 17'th street." she answered.

Adam gulped. His leg wanted to twitch, "Oh?" he inquired.

She turned to him and smiled at him, "Yeah," she answered, "I licked my lips at him."

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