tagIncest/TabooUnrequited Love for My Sister-In-Law

Unrequited Love for My Sister-In-Law


From the day I met her I was attracted to my sister-in-law. She and her sister, my wife, were polar opposites in so many ways. Mary, my wife, was hard working, practical, risk averse and cute as cute could be. Her sister, Rachel who was also a hard worker but was also was free spirited, a partier and prone to hop on the back of a Harley with a stranger and not be seen for days.

I married Mary because I loved her and still do. Our life has gone as I saw it. We've worked hard, raised a family, been involved in our community and done very well financially. Rachel's life has been filled with ups and downs, she moved from relationship to relationship, raised kids on her own and did her best. Most importantly, the care and affection I felt for her when we were young never waned.

I have always kept these feelings to myself and after 35 years of marriage it was beginning to eat me alive. To be clear, Rachel never showed any real interest in me but then one night a call from Rachel changed all that. Could Mary come over to her house? Rachel was crying and expressed that she was having a very bad day. Mary was still out of town on business so I offered to come down and be with Rachel. My intentions were pure as there had never been anything between us as far as I could tell. Hell after all these years I had known Rachel longer than any other woman in my life outside of Mary and Rachel was important to me.

When I arrived the back door was open. I walked in without knocking, as I often do, and found Rachel crying on her living room sofa. Her eyes were swelled and she covered her face in shame. I wrapped my arms around Rachel and hugged her in an effort to console her and assured her that whatever was troubling her, that I would never let any harm come to her. For the next fifteen minutes she wove a tremendous tale of woe. Problems at work, a relationship break-up, financial troubles and problems with her two sons...seeing her in this kind of pain made my heart ache for her. We talked though the problems, strategized some solutions and I could see the weight lifting off of Rachel the more we talked. As usual when we were together, the time flew by. I liked being near her no matter the reason and frankly over the years had found just about any reason to spend time near her whether individually or as part of a group.

I looked at my watch and realized that I needed to get home. I felt reassured that she was feeling better and she confirmed this was the case. And then it happened. I reached out to hug like I had done thousands of time over the years, but instead of hugging me as well, she placed her hands on my face, extended on her tip toes and kissed me firmly on the lips. I recoiled in shock, not because I didn't love it or want it but because it caught me so off guard. Although I pulled away, she continued the kiss and we fell back against the wall in her kitchen. The kiss was intense and passionate as I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. I had been dying of thirst for 35 years and in one instant my thirst was being quenched. The kissing continued but it was the hug that fed my hunger. I'm a red blooded man and had fantasized many, many times over the years about what being with Rachel would feel like but now that it was happening, it was the hug I wanted the most. To be in her embrace...to be held by her intimately.

We stumbled back through the living room and down a dimly lit hallway until we reached her bedroom. I was in a dreamlike state of mind by now. I kicked the door open gently with my foot as we plunged into her room, fully engaged in kissing and groping feverishly, hanging on to each other for dear life. We laid on her bed and kissed and made out like we were 16. It was amazing. We got slightly undressed but never made it to fully naked. We eagerly touched and explored during our time together that amazing evening but we never fucked. It was too precious a moment to hurry through and I realized that my real fantasy was simply to have time with her, to lay next to her, kissing and caressing, tasting and inhaling her intoxicating presence. Eventually I did have to return home...which I did slowly and with enormous guilt...but no regret...because Rachel is important to me...I've known her almost my whole life and I'll always love and cherish her even though I can never have her.

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