tagLesbian SexUnresponsive Ch. 02

Unresponsive Ch. 02


Startled awake from my sleep, I lay blinking at the light in the room. It was really bright. Groaning as I twisted my eyes away from my accusing clock, I stretched out my legs and arms, grunting softly.

I then heard what woke me. The shower. She's in the shower.

I chewed on my lower lip, eyes rolling back at myself. I yanked the pillow over to cover my face, screaming into it. It was no use. I could see it, see her. I rose from my bed and went to the mirror, looking at my face, still flushed with sleep. I busied myself, combing my long straight hair with my fingers, but I kept wondering how far along in her shower she was.

I had watched her before. Once. Glancing at my closed door, I yet again chewed on my lip, hesitating.

I found myself walking down the hallway toward her room. The door was open, though I had closed it last night. Weird. Maybe she went for a run... or something. I could see the bathroom door through her dresser mirror, also open. I groaned softly.

The glass door of the shower was spattered with water and I could just see a blurry silhouette, but I knew the shape. I knew the soft swell of her small breasts and could see the rivulets of water trickling off her nipples. I could see the soapy mass slowly sliding down her thigh to her pointed toe.

Sighing softly, I grasped onto the door frame for support as I watched her raise a foot onto the tub edge and begin to shave her legs. My eyes drug along the bend of her back, her ass, my head tilting as if I could really see anything better. I felt that deep throb inside my pussy.

The phone rang. She jerked. I jumped; my eyes wide as she threw open the shower door and was standing looking straight at me, naked, dripping wet.

"I-I"... I stammered. "I'll get that" I ran across the room to answer the phone, my voice a little high when I picked it up. Some computerized voice started talking and I hang up, cursing the phone, and just staring at the receiver in my hand, realizing the shower was turned off and afraid to turn around.

I felt her behind me. I felt the heat of her. My head twisted to half look over my shoulder, and then I completely turned, starting to apologize. My parted lips paused when I looked at her, still naked, her hair wrapped up in the towel, half glaring at me. That glare didn't repel me. Sometimes I wondered if her anger at me was part of my attraction.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful," I whispered instead, eyes raking over her.

She wetted her lips, her gaze racing across the room as if to escape, even taking a step back until she felt her dresser edge and leaned back into it. Emblazoned by her still nakedness, I took a couple steps forward until my skin felt the heat from hers, my hand sliding in to touch her knee and fingers trailing up her thigh.

"You are," I say softly again, looking at her face, her lips. Oh, I wanted them.

"I told you I'm not interested in girls," she muttered, her leg twitching under my fingers.

I just smiled wryly, my full palm resting on her thigh now, squeezing a little. "I know what you told me... but your body..."

"That's just WHAT you do to me, not that you're a woman." She stopped; inhaling sharply then as my fingers had slid to the inside of her thigh and was working up her heat. My index finger finally pressed into wet lips, damp from the shower and something more slick.

"I mean, I would never... eat.... pussy," her words blurted out between soft grunts as my fingers tickled along her slit. She was gripping the dresser edge and squatting down so her thighs were parted for me. I leaned my face in close to hers, smelling her scent, already tasting her skin as I let my middle finger slide between her lips and nestle in the wet folds of her pussy, softly stroking.

"Mmm," I murmured, letting her continue her nervous talk. I didn't fucking care what she said.

"And I like cock. I like cock a lot," she groaned then as I had slid my middle finger inside her. My mouth was brushing against her neck, tongue flicking out to wet, to taste.

"Cock is nice," I murmured at her earlobe, teeth clasping it and biting in sharply as my finger slide deep inside and hooked to press at her upper wall.

She moaned deeply, her knees buckling as she gripped the desk with whitening fingers. My mouth parted to take more of her neck flesh inside, sucking it softly as my finger slowly pumped. Fuck, she was so wet. I pushed another inside her and was greeted with a sharp cry of pleasure.

I walked a couple steps closer to her, feeling her knee and thigh pressing between my legs. I pushed myself in until I met my hand at her crotch, the fingers slowly stroking in and out of her pussy, my mouth working a trail across her neck to the other side.

I felt her sliding weakly, so I slid my free arm about her waist, groaning as my tits crushed into hers, aching to rip up my tank top so I could feel her against my bare flesh, but not daring to risk it.

I arched my wrist and started pumping into her faster, curling my fingertips up to drag in those soft pillows of her upper cunt walls, my teeth biting into her neck hungrily. She cried out, her hands rushing up to my shoulder to push at me.

"No!" I hissed at her ear and shoved her back into the dresser, my mouth quickly covering hers, tongue pressing inside. I groaned, finally tasting her luscious mouth for the first time, my tongue sweeping as deep as I could, twirling around her own little muscle. My whole body was moving along with my hand now, whole torso moving up into her in a strong fucking motion.

The kiss was too much for her. She tore and pried her mouth away from me, her face torn in a grimace as her body was writhing at my fingers. Her hand rose and pushed at my face, pushing it away from her all the while her feet were coming up onto the dresser, parting her thighs wide.

I gritted my teeth angrily, wanting to bite her fucking fingers as I wedged a third finger inside her tight fucking cunt, furious, wanting to make her ache. My thumb swung up to press on her clit and I lunged forward with my arm, all my strength thrusting into her.

Her head swung back in a moan as her fingers slid into my mouth and the other arm swung around me, clutching madly as she raised her hips and bucked back against my hand. Her fingers slid up into my hair and I yelled out as my scalp stung fire when she yanked at my hair.

My teeth bit into her fingers as she clawed and clutched at me, starting to whimper madly. I knew she was close. I knew her body. I knew it so well. But, I had never fucked her. It was always my mouth, always gentle, tender, trying to lure her into me.

I pressed her into the dresser, my fingers sinking in deep and my thumb frigging madly at her clit. I grabbed her chin and MADE her look at me. Her brown eyes blew fire at me briefly before they glazed over and her body started to shudder, convulsing under me. I quickly put my mouth back on hers, wanting to feel that release move up her body.

She jerked and writhed wildly beneath me in orgasm. The dresser creaked and groaned in protest beneath us as we shook it and shifted it on the floor. Her body arched sharply as it reached the crest before her torso twisted away from me, breaking the kiss with a gasp. Then she went limp and groaned raggedly.

I was breathing hard, heart pounding in my chest. Her pussy muscles were still clutched so tightly around my fingers; I left them there a moment while I looked down at her heaving body. Her face was still turned away as she caught her breath. I finally tugged my fingers free from her and she groaned with ache.

"Jan," I whispered.

She looked at me. Her hand reached up to push hair from my face and then she pulled away.

"I need to go. Trish is expecting me," she said.

I slid away from her and watched her hop down from the dresser. I smiled to myself in satisfaction as I saw her twinge a little at the discomfort between her thighs. And I walked out of the room, fucking smug look on my face.

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