tagIncest/TabooUnseen Blessings

Unseen Blessings


This will be a long story I feel, as long as there is interest in it.

Incest, BDSM, are themes within.


I hated the summer camping trip with my family. Somehow my father always managed to pick the hottest week of the year to go. 95F degree days in the Cascade mountains of Oregon, were no fun. It became routine.

Wake up sweating in the tent. Go down to the lake to get wet and cool off. Read whatever book I had with me. Help cook. Go back down to the lake to cool off again. My fraternal twin sister loved the heat. She spent most her time fishing. She couldn't get a sunburn as easy as me. Her skin was much darker, and resistant.

So when a massive rainstorm hit our campsite I was elated. Dad had gone into town for soda and ice when it hit. I could read in my tent in cooler temperatures. The Willamette valley of Oregon normally doesn't get true thunderstorms. So when the sky opened up and began to dump an inch of rain per hour, it was highly unusual. My sister Tamara's tent was a cheap one, and it began to leak. She moved into my tent still wearing a bikini that left almost nothing to the imagination.

"Thomas, can I move all my stuff in here?" She asked and set down her sleeping bag. When she bent over, I could see both of her B cups perfectly.

"Only if you promise to stay quiet. I am trying to read." I answered.

"We can't play cards or something while it's pouring like this?" She asked. I thought about it. I was down for a card game.

"Sure, get the rest of your stuff. What is mom doing?" I asked.

"She is napping. I asked her about cards first and she nearly bit my head off." Tamara stated.

"Fine just me and you then. Rummy? Cribbage?" I asked.

"Cribbage," She said as she bent down to leave the tent, into the deluge. Her ass was very round. I found myself staring at it.

Tamara had always been small for her age. She was only 5 foot, and might have weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. She had the jet black hair of my mother, and her Native American skin. I had the brown hair of my father, and had his English pale skin. How we came out of the same womb in the same day looking so different was something we were still baffled by.

We had just graduated high school and we were debating college or taking up a trade like our father. He was an electrician.

For some reason I kept thinking about my sisters tits. They had light pink nipples and looked perfect. So when she bent down with her cooler in one hand and cards in the other I looked again. Damn! My cock twitched under my cargo shorts.

"Getting an eyeful Thomas?" Her smile was genuine.

"Your bikini top is too big for you. They are hard to miss." I looked down. She threw down the deck of cards and the cribbage board. I pulled the pegs out of the underside of it and opened the box of cards. "We playing for points or do you have money on you?" I asked.

Lets play for clothing. Take off your socks and shorts. That way we are even. Loser takes off their top first round. 5 rounds total." She explained. She opened the cooler, it was stuffed full of dad's beer.

"That doesn't work after 3 rounds one of us would be naked. What's the point?" I asked.

"If I lose, you could do stuff to me." She smiled with her evil grin. "Here have a beer it will make this more fun."

I took the beer from her, opened it and then began to deal.

"Oh, new rule. Every time there is a last point, or a "go", the person not scoring the point has to drink." Tamara added.

"This will get interesting." I said, then laughed.

Two games later I was naked. I kept my legs crossed covering my junk. We had each plowed through six beers each. She was feeling it. I still felt sober as I had been drinking almost daily since I was 16.

"Go out and get us some more beer from dad's cooler Thomas. I dare you!" She laughed and snorted. It was getting dark, and I lit a lantern. I could hear my mom snoring in a tent 10 feet away. The rain had slowed only somewhat.

"Not a problem Tam." I said. I got up and brushed. my cock against the side of my sisters head before I unzipped the door of my tent. I went out to the cooler naked in the dusky light and grabbed 6 beers from the ice water that kept my dad's beers cold.

I made my way back to the tent and as I was slipping in, I felt my ankles grabbed and I fell into the tent. Tamara had tripped me. I rolled from my front to my back as she climbed on top of me. She had taken off her bikini.

I didn't even have a second to protest before her lips were on mine. I would like to say that I tried to fight her off, but the truth is, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back.

We kissed for nearly 15 minutes, wrestling tongues. My hands wondered over her body. Her ass was perfect. I couldn't stop touching it. Her hands wondered as well. She grabbed my cock and put it at her entrance. With one little shove I was inside of my twin sister. She sat up and put her weight down on my cock, completely taking me into her.

At the moment I felt no guilt. I just was enjoying my sisters incredibly tight snatch. I grabbed her by the shoulders, and rolled her so I was on top. I slammed into her hard, my cock was begging to cum. I locked my lips to hers as I felt the cum roil from my balls and prostate. Four hard pushes later I lost my load inside of Tammy.

It didn't occur to me at first. I was panting, and trying to recover before I realized I had just laid a massive load in my own twin sister.

"Tammy, are you on the pill?" I asked.

"Why would I need birth control?" She asked.

"Because I am very fertile, and I just came in you." I explained quietly.

"Don't worry so much." She had a dreamy smile. She fell asleep.

I had two more beers and passed out next to Tamara, in her sleeping bag.

When I woke in the morning I felt Tamara's mouth on me. She was gently slurping on my stiffening cock. In minutes, I was raging hard. I pulled her up from deep in the sleeping bag and mounted her from behind.

Her cunt was super tight. I had meant to be quiet, For some reason, I couldn't. I was growling. Her smooth skin attracted my hands like magnets. I heard the zipper of my tent slide up. I was too far gone to stop. I busted my second nut into my sister as she moaned, and shivered from her orgasm.

" What the hell??? You two are fucking disgusting!" It was mom's voice. Tammy was hyperventilating, as was I, when we heard her leave. She zipped the flaps closed. It was morning already. We fell asleep in each others arms. Outside the storm raged on.

I woke up and pulled my naked sister off of me. It dawned on me that dad had never returned.

"Did you hear Dad pull up this morning?" I asked her. She shook her head with a worried look.

I put on some clothing and left the tent. The car was still missing. I could hear mom was sobbing in her tent. I opened her tent and crawled inside.

"I think we need to get a park ranger or a cop or something. Dad should have been back by last night." I told her. She looked me over, like she expected me to still be naked. She was sitting with her knees to her chest, slowly rocking back and forth. Outside the wind was howling.

She looked to have been crying for hours. Her eyes were puffy.

"Yeah, yeah we should." Was all she could say. I grabbed the emergency kit from the corner of her tent, and opened it. Inside was first aid supplies, some basic dehydrated food, and a flare gun. I grabbed the flare gun and left the tent. I walked out onto the dirt road 60 yards from our campsite and fired the gun into the air.

A bright red flare shot up into the gray sky. It hovered at the apex of it's flight for a couple seconds before it began to fall. It was burning bright and should have been able to be seen for at least 4 miles. I was certain someone had to have seen it.

I was right. Only 20 minutes later a U.S. Forestry truck pulled up near our campsite. The rain was beginning to slow.

"Howdy? Hello?' We heard a bawdy female voice. I crawled out of my mother's tent.

'Over here!" I waved toward the road. I could see the woman now. She was wearing khaki pants and a darker brown shirt.

I walked up to her.

"My father is missing. He was due back last night. He drove to Sweet Home for supplies." I explained.

"Was he driving a dark red four runner?" The large woman asked. 'She could probably out bench me,' I thought as I looked at her muscular frame. I was 5-10 and 170 pounds. She had me by 30 pounds easy, and was two inches shorter.

"Um yes..." I looked at her quizzically.

"Mr uh..."She began.

"Thomas Davis the third." I said in monotone.

"Mr Davis, your father was washed off the road by a flash flood. We pulled his truck and body out of the lake this morning." She said softly. My mother heard it as she was exiting her tent. She went into hysterics. I ran to her and held her as her heavy sobs racked her body. She collapsed into the mud even as I tried to hold her up.

I managed not to cry while we packed. Every thing we owned was soaked.

The sheriffs department gave us a ride home. My 34 year old mother seemed to have aged 20 years in 24 hours. She was a beautiful Lakota Sioux native with perfect skin, and straight black hair that brushed her behind when she walked. . Her 5-3 body seemed to have shrunk as well. It was strange to watch her mourn. She fought with my father constantly.

To say she had a fiery temper would be putting it mildly.

After the funeral, we all began to drink before bed nightly. Tamara began showing up in my room in the middle of the night. At first she would crawl into bed with her long t-shirt on, and just want to be held. After a week however we began to have sex.

We were good at being quiet about it. The affection that had grown between us was difficult to hide from our mother, but we were managing it. The night before she was supposed to go on a rafting trip with friends, we had gotten wasted with mom. Tamara went to bed first.

Mom and I stayed up and reminisced about dad. I was shitfaced when I went to bed last. I wasn't shocked when I saw my sister in my bed. I doubted I would be able to stay awake once I was horizontal, as I had gotten so shit-faced.

I crawled on top of her after taking off my clothes and began to kiss her. My cock was begging for relief within minutes. I nibbled at her neck and sucked on her ear lobes. She opened her legs for me, and I didn't hesitate. I slid into her wet, horny flower. We made love rather loudly for almost an hour.

We were too drunk to care about hiding it. She was too drunk to lie to me anymore. My cum filled her passage. As I lay on top of her in oxygen debt, she said something that caused my heart and breathing to stop.

"We are going to have a baby Thomas." She said with a smile in her voice.

We discussed how we were going to explain it, or what our other options were. She wanted to keep it, and she was going to tell everyone it was a one night stand.

"I love you Thomas, and I don't ever want another man other then you. I want us to be together forever!" She said with an intensity that told me she was being honest. I thought about it only briefly, and realized I felt the same way.

"I love you too Tamara. We need to move out from mom's house soon though, I mean if we are going to be a couple." I explained. She agreed. We discussed moving to a town where no one knew us, so we could pass as husband and wife. We knew of a friend that was ordained and could marry us in secret. We were excited about our future.

The next morning when I woke, Tamara was gone. I got dressed, and met my mother in the kitchen where she was drinking coffee, and reading her new romance novel.

"Morning!" I said in a chipper voice. I was in love and nothing could ruin this mood. My mother didn't reply. There was a whiskey bottle next to her coffee cup. She had already started drinking Irish coffee. I grabbed a cola from the fridge and went to get the paper from the door step.

The sun was out, and the day was going to be cold. My (fiancee?) sister might actually have a good day of weather in the rapids. I grabbed the paper and sat at the kitchen table. I sat in the seat my father used to sit in. Not on purpose, it just had more room to open the entire newspaper.

"You keep fucking your sister, and now you sit at the head of the table? You must think I'm an idiot." My mom said, never looking up from her book.

"Uh what???" I was screwed that she knew Tammy and I were fucking, but the head of the table thing, she was reading too deeply into. "I can switch seats mom if it bothers you!"

"No it's fine. You are the head of the family now." She said in the same way one would say..."No it's fine to burn that wood, the rest of the house already burned down."

I looked at her. She was wearing her black and white silk kimono. She didn't have any tears in her eyes. I decided I didn't want to argue with her, so I folded up the paper and left it on the kitchen table. I went upstairs and got dressed.

Once I was dressed I texted my sister.

"She knows." I said.

"Good. I don't like hiding from her."

"Have fun."

"I am. See you Monday. I love you."

"Love you too hon."

I went to the park with a buddy of mine, and played two rounds of disc golf. I won the first game: -2 to +3, and lost the second game +5 to -4. I didn't realize what I had been talking about till we got to the bar.

"What is going on, that you talk about your sister constantly now?" Drew asked me.

"She's in a bad way. Oh and I think she wants to leave town." I said. I changed the subject fast. "The Vikings re-signed that quarterback, you should be happy!" I smiled.

We talked into the late evening. I caught a cab leaving my car next to the bar. When I got home I went straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I turned on the TV. My mom was nowhere to be found. I assumed she had gone to bed early. It was 11pm so I went looking for movies on cable. I found a showing of "Deadpool" that was only 15 minutes in, and began to watch it.

I was on my third beer by the time the big showdown happened in the movie, at the end. I chugged it down and went to bed. I smiled when I laid down and could smell my sister on the pillow. I was drifting off to sleep when I heard my bedroom door open.

"You came home early?" I said. I was half awake and drunk. The silhouette nodded. I flipped back the covers and invited her in. She dove for my cock and began to suck me off.

"Oh baby you are getting really good at that. Oh..Oh. No hon, come on up here.' I didn't want to cum in her mouth. She slid up and I mounted her. She was wetter than normal. At least I think she was. I went at her for 20 minutes and blasted a massive load deep into her.

That was all I could do. I collapsed and passed out.

I was snuggled against her tight when I woke. She was grinding her ass into me. I opened my eyes and saw the head of jet black hair. I reached for her chin so I could kiss her lips. When the face turned it was not Tamara. It was my mother, Diane.

I froze. My dick went limp, and I could only stare.

Mom reached over and pulled me to her and planted a big kiss on me. Her tongue played in my mouth. My eyes couldn't close. I couldn't blink.

When her hand grabbed my cock, it got hard again quick. She climbed on top of me and put me inside of her. I felt like a victim, as my mother ground down on my hard cock. Her tits were right in my face. Her brown nipples just inches from my face. I lay there in shock for almost 3 minutes. It didn't stop her.

Something in my mind snapped, and I began to push into her. I grabbed a tit and put it in my mouth. I sucked on it frantically as I grabbed her ass and pounded into the cunt that I came from. I came inside of mom within just minutes. She stayed where she was and we kissed for 30 minutes.

Slowly I recovered and began to fuck her again. I flipped us over and made love to her missionary. Our lips never left each other. Again, I lost my much smaller load within just a few minutes. I nursed from my mothers tit. As we caught our breath.

"If you are going to commit incest, at least take care of me first" Mom said in a voice that was little more then a whisper.

"Are you going to remember this? How drunk are you.?" I asked.

"I'm sober. I don't need alcohol to make love, unlike my daughter" She pulled me to her and laid her head on my chest.

"She's pregnant. It's mine." I said plainly.

"Good. I wanted a grandchild. Maybe not at 34 or 35, but I wanted one." She kissed my left nipple.

"Mom you got pregnant with us at 15. Are we actually dad's kids?" I asked and was answered with a slap to my stomach.

"Yes. You are. My daddy made him marry me when I was found to be pregnant." She adjusted, and put her hand on my cock.

I lay there for awhile not saying anything. My mom played with my limp cock and occasionally kissed my lips or left nipple. I didn't know how to tell her. I just opened my mouth and let it fall out.

"I'm going to marry Tammy in secret." I said. My body tensed.

"You had better. Right after you marry me." I sat up, she pushed me back down and crawled on top of me. She put her face nose to nose with me.

"I'm not on birth control. I am most likely pregnant too." She smiled at me. I parroted the gesture although I was uncomfortable. I opened my mouth to speak, but she covered my mouth.

"If I am not pregnant, we are not going to stop fucking till I am. Understood?" She said. I nodded quickly.

"You were going to have Pat O'Hara marry you weren't you?" I nodded again. "Okay"

Mom rolled off the bed and left my bedroom. I watched her round butt walk out and found it to be perfect. I shook my head violently, in disbelief once she had left the room. I could hear her walking back already.

"Hey Genie, is your husband home?" Pause."Oh it's Diane Davis, yeah I just want to pay him for a wedding service." Pause. "Today if possible." Pause. "No it's just a quick thing, two witnesses, and nothing more needed." Long pause. My mom nodded and agreed to a couple things.

"For the records? Well it will be me, and Thomas." Pause. "Yeah he's well, and no I don't think it is too soon to get married. My husband has been dead for a couple months."

Long pause.

"Actually it's a special arrangement and you didn't have to insult me with the reciting of laws, that is why it's going to be discreet."

Short pause.

"Well you did insult me. So now it should be a bit cheaper." She rubbed her belly as she spoke. She wanted me to give her a baby badly.

"Thank you! See you in an hour." Mom pushed the end button, and crawled back into bed. My cock was rigid yet again.

This time we made love, slowly. I kissed every part of her body. Watching her on the phone as she moved around naked, had turned me on. She was slightly larger then my sister, and had bigger curves. We had just finished when the doorbell rang.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. I went to grab my sweat pants, but she yanked again. We walked to the living room. She opened the door and let Pat, his wife, and his friend in the house. We stood there stark naked.

"What besides the obvious is the special arrangement?" The 6-3 300 pound man with black curly hair and John Lennon glasses asked.

"This is my Master, and I am his slave."

"Yes, but it is your son." Pat reiterated.

"I gave you the money via square, just perform the ceremony."

"I do this under protest. If you get busted, let it be known I did not want to do this." Pat looked at his own wife and friend as they nodded.

"Well you will be back here in a couple days to marry me to my daughter, and to marry Thomas to his sister too." Mom smiled at him.

"That is highly irregular." Pat said.

"I have $1000 dollars that says it is just fine!!" She finally said. Pat nodded. He opened his book and began to speak in a deep baritone voice.

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