tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnseen Succubus Ch. 01

Unseen Succubus Ch. 01


I had never been to a "haunted house" before, so I didn't really know what to expect. It seemed like one of the things that a man in his mid 20s ought to have done by now, so cynical though I was, I decided to give it a try. There was a fairly popular "halloween fair" not too far from where I lived, so I decided to give it a try.

My first experiences with the fair were less frightening than they were boring. I waited for over half an hour in a crowded line, which looped back on itself several dozen times with the aid of ropes and posts. During my wait in the line there was little to do but watch the people around me talking among themselves, look at the imposingly large sheet metal building that we were waiting to enter, and occasionally take a step or two forward as the line moved.

After an interminably long wait in the chilly autumn evening, I eventually reached the head of the line. I saw that my progress had been so slow because the moderators of the event were only allowing the public into the building in small groups, spaced out by several minutes each.

As I waited for my turn to enter, a haunted house employee loudly explained the various rules of the event. I half-listened to a fairly boring minute of shouting about flash photography, and not touching the "monsters" inside. I also noticed that traversing the large haunted house was expected to take 45 minutes or more. After this was done, the speaker ushered about ten of us into the building, including myself.

I had seen from the outside that the building was quite large, but from the inside it would have been impossible to tell. All that my neighbors and I could see was a narrow, twisting corridor made of what appeared to be black painted plywood. The light inside was barely enough to see by, and as we followed the turns of the corridor we were alternately plunged into complete darkness or blinded by unexpected light sources. I found this combined with the loud constant sound of "spooky" music and sound effects to be thoroughly disorienting.

The pattern of the design of the place became clear fairly quickly. The serpentine hallway kept weaving us around until we had no idea of where we were. After just enough of this to disorient us, we would find ourselves in a room or widened segment of hallway with some kind of exhibit. The exhibits themselves were amusing but tame, featuring things like wax dummies in replica torture equipment, or the like, and were not very frightening.

What was frightening were the people in various "scary" costumes who were forever jumping out from unexpected locations. Some would come from hidden doors and sneak up behind us, seeming to just appear behind us out of the darkness, often close enough to touch us and whisper or yell something menacing before vanishing. There seemed to be a network of hidden ways that they used to get around. Some would hide in shadows when we had just been blinded by a bright light, or would remain so still that we took them for dummies until they moved.

The costumes were many and varied. Sometimes they had something to do with the theme of the area, and sometimes they did not. In the first few minutes were were startled and accosted by zombies, pirates, men in blood-stained lab coats, and even one cowboy.

One actor in particular caught my attention, in the third or fourth room that we passed through. It was a medical-themed room, with corpses on gurneys and other obvious elements. One of our scares came from a small young woman, probably about 19 or 20, wearing pale makeup and a hospital gown. I suppose that she must have been a reasonable facsimile of a corpse or an ill patient, with her pale skin, limp hair and lurching motions, but I couldn't help but think that she would be very pretty in other circumstances. I found myself staring at her for a moment, even as another actor lurched out of the shadows to frighten the person behind me. To my great discomfort I found that she returned my gaze with an impassive and rather intense stare. She played the part well, because even though I looked away and moved on, she stared unblinkingly at me as I passed. The effect was quite unnerving, even though I saw a flicker of a smile on her face as I passed by her stationary form.

After a few minutes, I started to get into the spirit of it, trying to guess where the next scare would come from. It was good fun. Our small group had spread out a bit as we all traversed the path at our own speed, so there was nobody directly behind me when I entered a small room full of shelves with various rubber creatures in jars. Without warning the lights abruptly went dark. Even though I had been through the same situation half a dozen times before in the last few minutes, I still jumped and let out a yelp when I felt someone move behind me. I was prepared to revel in being startled in one of several now familiar fashions, but I was genuinely startled to feel a hand firmly grip one side of my bottom. At the same moment, soft lips brushed the lower tip of my ear and a soft female voice hissed quietly, in a voice that was at once inviting and threatening, "I'm going to get you, little boy..."

Of course, I jumped and let out a cry at this completely unexpected event. It took me only a moment to recover my equilibrium, but when I turned around I met only darkness and the quiet wooden thud of a wall segment falling back into place. Because of how the place was constructed, it wasn't even possible to tell which bit of wall had been the hinged hidden door, because everything was made out of panels of the same black painted wood.

I shivered, not from actual fear, but from startlement combined with the unexpected forceful sensuality of that brief encounter. I could only assume that some adventurous young woman had decided to have a bit of fun deviating from the script. After a moment's thought, I decided that I didn't mind, but actually found it a bit exciting, and continued on my way as soon as the lights turned on again.

The next section was a cheesy science-fiction themed room, with a Frankenstein's monster on a slab surrounded by archaic electronic equipment and more plastic things in jars. The only light in the room came from a "jacob's ladder" behind protective plastic. Every few seconds the power to the device was cut, meaning that the eyes of the guests passing through the room vainly struggled to adjust to alternating blinding light and pitch blackness.

As we entered the room, an "Igor" character lurched towards us, muttering to himself. He moved very little while the light was on, but must have scurried quickly in the moments of darkness, because when the light came back he was always in a different spot. Often where we least expected him, or showing up behind us to herd us through the room. As chance would have it, the disoriented wanderings of my group as we entered the unexpectedly open space left me in the front-most position before much time had passed.

Once I had gotten my bearings in the disorienting setting, I was startled to notice something out of place. Standing by the exit of the room was the same girl in the hospital gown that I had noticed earlier, or someone looking very like her. A moment after I noticed her, I saw that she was looking at me with the same intent stare, and expression that was mostly blank with a trace of a concealed smile. After this, I was certain that she was the one I had seen near the beginning of the haunted house.

I had only just realized this when the lights went out again. A ghost of her face lingered on my retinas, but when the lights crackled back into brightness, she was gone. I had to hand it to her; she knew how to play her role in the haunted house impressively well.

I only had a moment to ponder this, however, because after a few seconds the monster on the table sat up, making loud groaning sounds, and the room was quickly plunged into darkness.

I fumbled my way out of the door, running my hand along the rough wall to find my way in the pitch black corridor. After walking in a straight line for a couple of metres, still completely blind, the wall under my fingers ended abruptly. My momentum carried me for another step before I could stop and reach around the corner that I knew I had found. My guiding hand reached into nothingness for only a moment before bumping into something soft just as I came to a stop. I cried out in surprise as a hand gripped my wrist and held it in place against the softness it had just encountered. Almost immediately I recovered from my disorientation and realized that my hand was pressed against a small but shapely breast, beneath a layer of stiff fabric that could well be a hospital gown.

My unseen assailant must have worn little or nothing beneath the gown, because the warmth of her skin was apparent from the first moment I touched her, and I could feel her firm nipple pressing against the underside of my index finger. All of this I gathered from a moment's contact, because before I had a chance to react or speak, she spoke in the same theatrical whisper. "You can't escape me..." she hissed, still playing her campy but creepy character even as she clutched my hand against her soft, warm and very much living breast.

The suddenness of this all had left my heard racing, and I struggled for several seconds to think of a response. I was both aroused and genuinely startled, the latter all the more so because of the general air of fright, anticipation and disorientation in which I had spent the past half hour or so. The pounding of blood in my ears and intimate yet anonymous feel of soft female flesh against my awkwardly positioned hand frustrated my attempts to respond for several seconds. Just as it seemed I had regained the ability to form a sentence, she pulled away from me quickly. Her fingers ran down my wrist and along my own fingers quickly and then she was gone, disappearing again into blackness. I now felt certain that all of my unorthodox encounters had been the same girl.

After losing myself in thought for a few seconds I felt and heard a few other guests shuffling up behind me, so I started moving again. My experience of the next many minutes of the haunted house was heightened to a new intensity as I expected to see my unnamed seductress in every shadow, and around every turn. A few times I thought I might have glimpsed her, but I couldn't be sure. My veins tingled with adrenaline and my heart was pounding as if I had been running a marathon, even though I was only walking at a slow pace, meandering my way through rooms and hallways.

I knew the end of the long winding corridor couldn't be very far off, because my faintly glowing watch told me that I had been inside for almost three quarters of an hour, and I tried not to feel too disappointed as I felt my way through another pitch-black section of corridor. What else had I expected, after all? As I felt my way around a corner I told myself that I should be pleased that some young woman had targeted me for her strange style of exhibitionism, and enjoy the memory.

No sooner had I thought this than I felt a breeze of motion and heard a wooden partition slam back into place where I had just passed. I turned around and felt the familiar plywood blocking the path I had just taken. After a few seconds I heard the quiet talking and a few excited squeals of the patrons of my group pass by on the other side of the thin wooden barrier, and it dawned on me that I must have been sidetracked either "backstage" or onto an alternate path.

I was obviously not used to getting around in the dark, but it seems that actors in a haunted house had to learn the skill, because just as I stumbled forward into a wall I felt a female body press against my back and wrap her arms around my waist. This both steadied me and restrained me, holding me with a gentle force leaning one shoulder against the wall. I jumped in surprise, and could have broken free without much difficulty, but as a pair of soft lips brushed my ear, I found that I had no desire to struggle.

"Don't say a word, my delicious prey, or I'll eat your soul," the now familiar voice whispered in my ear. I was still in a state of frightened adrenaline rush from the last 40 minutes of constant surprise and confusion, and found myself completely at a loss as to how to deal with this new exciting but strange situation. Because of this, I had little trouble keeping still and silent, playing along and waiting to see where this mysterious seductress took the situation.

In spite of my efforts to hold still, I shivered slightly as her hot breath blew across my ear. In the pitch darkness, I could feel her body pressing against my back. The weight of her held my left shoulder against the wall, and I felt no urge to struggle in spite of the slight discomfort of the rough wood. With the sound of her breath in my ear, her left hand moved to firmly grip my hip while her right moved down over my stomach and over the front of my hips.

I shivered again, but this time in excitement as she ran her hand firmly over my crotch. My penis, which had been tingling with anticipation, stirred under her hand. She gripped my gradually growing erection through the fabric of my pants with a firm, possessive grip, rubbing it slowly.

I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out at first was a slow exhalation of breath. I could feel myself firming up at her touch, and started to speak quietly, "I..."

"Shhh!" she hissed harshly into my ear, silencing me. This was almost a relief, since I didn't really know what I had intended to say. "Be silent," she hissed, "or I will disappear." I nodded and bit my lip to suppress the urge to make a noise.

By this time I was firm and hard, and I felt the moistness of my own precome on my boxer shorts sliding against me as she rubbed me. I half expected her to run off into unlit and unknown passages at any time, so I closed my eyes and tried to give myself over to the sensation of her touch.

She did not disappear, however. Instead, she fumbled her fingers around my fly for a few moments before getting it open. I felt her hips press against my bottom as she reached in and extracted my erection from within my pants, exposing it to the slightly chilly air of the room and wrapping her fingers around it.

She whispered again, her familiar overly-dramatic hiss sounding slightly shaky, as if she was on slightly uncertain ground herself but trying to still play the part she had set for herself. "I am a succubus, come to take what is yours in the night." As she said this she ran her fingers along my shaft, exploring it. I found myself shaking slightly at the sheer sensuality and surreality of it all. I had truly never been in a situation even remotely like this before.

Her fingers came to my tip and found the gently flowing precome that her ministrations had produced. I heard a quiet intake of breath in my ear as she wet her fingertip and slowly spread it around the head of my cock. I gasped quietly, and only my position pressed between the wooden wall and this unknown female body let me keep my balance as she wrapped her hand around me and began to stroke slowly.

I did my best to keep still, but could not help but move my hips slightly to meet each of her strokes. Her fingers felt soft and delicate around my shaft, and with each of her slow caresses she spread a new drop of precome along the length of me, lubricating her skin and mine as they moved against each other.

Though she was trying to play a dispassionate and all-powerful role, I could feel her excitement in the heat of her cheek against my neck, and the increasing speed of her breath against my ear. Her right hand gripped my right hip and pulled me back against her as she pushed her hips against my backside. I felt her soft breasts pressing against my back, and yearned vainly to feel them in more detail.

My breathing sped up with excitement as I began to feel a tightness in my balls and a tingling in my shaking legs. I couldn't hold still any longer and began to thrust my hips against her hand, making each stroke of her fingers along the length of my now aching penis faster and deeper. She pressed her body against me, moving with me and moving her hand more quickly up and down my shaft. She whispered in my ear again, sounding distinctly breathless herself. "Yes, that's it... give me your seed, mortal!"

I couldn't hold back. I let out a quiet cry and arched my back as my world seemed to compress itself around the sensation. My entire universe only contained this soft yet firm unseen feminine hand, my hot swollen manhood, completely in her control, and the semen pouring out of me in waves of pleasure. My first jet of come shot out of me just as her embracing fingers were around my tip, and filled her hand. Not slowing for a moment, she spread my own seed along the entire length of me with her next strokes. The heat and the slipperiness of her hand vigorously fucking me drew me along into an intense climax that seemed to last forever.

Then, as was inevitable, the pleasure subsided to a dull glow. My breathing slowed, and her damp, slick grip on my cock slowed but did not loosen. Only now was I aware enough of the rest of my body to feel my legs shaking underneath me, and to feel her breasts heaving against my back as she breathed deeply and quickly. My mysterious succubus seemed to have found this whole affair almost as exciting as I had, even though I the one who had come.

She gently massaged my softening but still sensitive member while her other hand explored my chest playfully. I was still dazed and leaning heavily against the rough wooden wall when she whispered in my ear, "I have what I need for now, mortal man, but come back in a week's time. If you dare." Immediately I felt her lips close in a surprisingly sharp bite on my earlobe, jerking me from my post-orgasmic haze with a cry of pain. She quickly released me, wiping her messy hand on the side of my shirt in a gesture that felt both intimate and casually dismissive.

I started to protest, but before I could react in my still somewhat dazed state I heard her pull open the same door that had sidetracked me into this pitch black room. I felt her lips press quickly against my cheek, and then she shoved me out into the still dark hallway.

I didn't even have a moment to catch my breath, because I heard squeals and groaning monster sounds from just down the hallway, moving towards me. Flashing light from the themed room behind me flickered and partly illuminated the hallway where I stood. I hastily stuffed myself back into my pants and buttoned up my fly, just in time to avoid being caught if not with my pants down, then at least open.

I hardly noticed anything on the last few minutes of my walk through the haunted house corridor. My mind was full of jumbled images. The mystery of this woman who had singled me out for her unusual kink. Her face...assuming that the person I had seen really was the same person who had been my invisible and uncatchable lover. How much and yet how tantalizingly little I had gotten to actually experience of HER body.

As I stumbled out into the chill night air of the outdoors, the overhead exterior lights seemed blindingly bright compared to the darkness inside. The cold and the light and the crowds were shocking after the warm dark intimacy of the winding wooden hallways inside.

I had a conspicuous stain on my shirt, and an uncomfortable drying wetness in my pants. I felt used and a bit degraded. But at the same time I realized that I felt extremely desirable and still flushed with the exciting strangeness of it all.

I knew that in a week's time, as my strange shadow-hidden lover had bade me, I would be back. I would definitely be back.

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