Unseen Touches


The girl sat alone in her lawn chair, watching the fireworks go off over the lake. Her attention was caught by them for a good long time, and when she looked down she noticed the couple strolling along the beach in front of her. This didn't warrant much attention to begin with of course. She took a drink of her iced tea and continued watching the fireworks. The wooden balcony of her home overlooked the beach nicely and she was mostly hidden from prying eyes. She frequently went about nude on her balcony and it was no exception tonight.

She glanced again down at the beach, the bright moon and glittering display of pyrotechnics lit up the beach like the midday sun and she could see that the couple had laid down a blanket and were necking like two teenagers. Leslie felt a tinge of jealousy, it had been a long time since she had had someone to neck with. She wasn't old by any measure, just now pushing thirty, and not unattractive by any means either. Her breasts were still firm and perky and her waistline was the envy of most of the women she worked with, she just didn't feel that spark with anyone. And as a young divorcee it was a difficult thing to get back into the dating world.

Her eyes strayed back to the fireworks for a moment until movement brought her back to looking at the couple. The man had stood up, and was looking down at the girl. His hands grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. This revealed a well cut body, muscles in all the right places back lit by the beauty of the moon on the water, and causing Leslie to catch her breath. This was a truly beautiful man, hair flowing over his broad shoulders and muscles perfectly toned, his skin perfectly tanned, and from here she could just make out the chiseled angles of his face and the sly grin he gave his partner.

The girl laying down stood up, her bikini not much covering for her well tanned young body. Leslie watched as she untied the back straps and dropped the top down to the blanket at her feet. The mans eyes flashed with light in a way that actually caused Leslie to pause. It seemed unhuman for a moment, but she was to enthralled to care. She sat up a bit, knowing she wasn't completely hidden from them if they chose to look, but it was a nude beach, and she wasn't doing anything wrong. It might be a bit embarrassing to be caught watching these pretty young people, despite how her thighs seemed rather moist and her breathing was beginning to catch from the display of young flesh below.

Her hands strayed to the apex of her thighs as she watched them. She let out a slight moan as her fingers found the core of her pleasure and rubbed across it. Suddenly she was looking into the mans eyes, as though from down there he had heard her slight moan. His lips quirked in a smile and she shivered, her whole body suddenly tingling with lust. Her fingers continued to circle the nub of her clit as she watched him pull his date into his arms and kiss her, his eyes meeting Leslie's over the distance. Leslie's lips tingled as though she were the one being kissed.

She had a flash of fear but ignored it once again. She watched his hands travel over the young woman's back and she could feel those stroking hands on her own skin. His mouth found his partners neck and she felt the nip on the skin there. And she felt his hands go to her hips as she watched them go to the girls, pulling the strings on her bikini to let the bottoms fall down and exposing her bare and perfectly rounded ass for Leslie to see. She watched him reach down and stroke the top of his partners sex and she felt those fingers touch her as well. Her fingers nearly stopped rubbing when she realized it was as though two sets were touching her. She cried out her other hand flying to her mouth as every action he made on the younger girl was reflected on her body.

He turned the younger girl around and bent her over. He stood upright and dropped his shorts to the ground. His cock was hard, and easily visible from this distance was the gorgeous size of it. His fingers traveled along the young girls back and he slapped her ass. Leslie felt the sting of it and she cried out again. His grin widened and he repeated the action while meeting her eyes. The sting came harder this time, more definite and she realized this was not in her imagination this was real. She felt his fingers travel down the cleft of her ass and stroke through the back of her legs against the moisture of her arousal. Her whole body shuddered as he pushed those thick fingers inside her tight heat. She sat up and leaned against the balcony, feeling his fingers stretching her and her body thrusting back against him. Though her mind knew there was no one there she felt his breath on the back of her neck and his hands on her hips, fingers digging into them almost hard enough to bruise. His cock nudged against her entrance and then with no more preparation shoved into her cunt in one swift thrust. She cried out loud enough that she was sure everyone could hear her but she couldn't keep it in, he whole body responding to his thrusts and her mind telling her this was all a fantasy none of this could be happening. But she surely felt him inside her. And she knew this was reality, she was feeling this, every thrust, and so deep he hit her cervix and caused her to stutter, but she thrust back against him, while still looking down and meeting his eyes as he fucked his own partner on the beach below.

Her fingers flew across her clit as his ghostly cock plunged into her, hitting her just right, in a way she never knew she loved. Her body shone with sweat and her breathing heavy as she leaned on the railing being fucked from behind, her cunt so wet it felt like it was dripping as she felt those invisible hands trace over her neck and grab her hair. She met his eyes down on the beach for a moment and watched his hand move to his partners hair. Her head was yanked back forcefully and she felt those teeth at her neck, she felt them sharp and perfectly tangible and her body was rocked with his thrusts as she felt him break the skin. She cried out and came, hearing his cry against her neck and feeling the hot pulse of him going off inside her, she collapsed onto the wood of the deck.

She was nearly unconscious when she felt hands that were all to real carry her inside and up the stairs to her room. She felt a soft kiss from warm lips press against hers and heard his whisper.

"Just think about how fun it will be when I actually touch you." And then it was gone and she promptly found herself asleep.

She woke the next morning feeling strangely refreshed and drained at the same time. Her body felt pleasantly achey and it took her a moment to remember the strange events. As soon as she did she passed them off as a strange dream. She shook her head at her own imagination and felt a tinge of pain in her neck. She got up and glanced in the mirror, noting the two small wounds and the small trickle of dried blood. She screamed and ran downstairs and onto the balcony. The early morning sun beat down on the wood of her lounge chair. She noticed a small note sitting on the seat.

"Until Next Time...

Donovan. "

And she once again fainted dead away.

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