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It was hot outside and we had nothing to do. We sat on the front porch in an old shack of a house. It was one story and looked to have been built sometime in the 1930s as deep in remote isolation as possible. Twenty years later the house had long since been without tenants; until about a month and a half ago when Jaymin and I discovered it and moved in. We had no money at the time, and what renovations we could afford were few and much needed. We had no idea who lived there before us or how long they had been gone. But it certainly seemed as if they weren't coming back, for which we didn't blame them. The shack was altogether lonely, even with the two of us there. Nothing except occasional cars on the dusty road half a mile away, visible by the brown-orange clouds. Interrupting the disturbing silence. The silence that only a shack in the middle of nowhere knows. And the loneliness was so oppressive, that neither Jaymin nor myself could stand more than a few minutes away from the company of the other.

Jaymin and I had sat in chairs next to one another after waking up late in the day, looking out into the oblivious blue sky. Before us, the sky was clear and empty and as desolate as the dirty sun-dried ground around us. I got up unceremoniously and Jaymin glanced away from the horizon of distant nothing to see what I was doing. I walked in front of him to the side railing of the porch and leaned against it with my forearms folded in front of me. From there I could see the sky behind the shack and the dismal overcast approaching. Another hot summer storm. This one was only going to be rain. No thunder, lightning, or any real winds. Disappointing.

I crossed in front of Jaymin again and sat back down, looking at the wooden chair that was broken in places but still sturdy. The heat from the minimal amount of physical exertion it took to move to the railing and back again flushed my face and an immediate sweat broke on my brow. Shadows were short and it was midday.

Once more the silence around us consumed the air, numbingly reaching into our inner ears until it was at last blessedly breached by the caw of a far-away crow. I looked over at Jaymin, utterly rugged with unwashed locks of thick brown hair falling around his head making him look beautiful and unclean. His face was browned even more than his natural tan by the midwestern sun and he wore old overalls with both straps hanging at his sides and off the chair. My eyes instinctively fluttered from eye to eye; noting the depth of brown, then to his sharp jawline, his well pronounced pecs, down his abs, and to the tuft of hair where the overalls barely covered his crotch. All in an instant I took in his full, dark beauty. My blonde hair was wet with sweat, lying in graceful waves that framed my face. My eyes hurt from the sunlight, but I knew Jaymin was now staring at the blue that showed through my squint.

"I wanna do you," he whispered to me with respect for the quiet. "Right now. Let's go inside."

The screen door swung lazily closed behind us and we walked into the bedroom. I pulled off the wet tank top I was wearing and unzipped my jeans. When I crawled on the bed, I saw him move over to the window to open it. No breeze came in to stir the stale air inside the dim room. With his hands on the bottom ledge he gazed out. I looked at him. His torso sprouted so masculine and hard and sculpted from the low-riding and clumsy wrinkles of his overalls. His head turned to me. The motion was softened greatly by his mass of brown hair through which he now ran his hand.

With little effort, he allowed the denim overalls to fall off his hips and to the floor where he casually stepped out of them. I was barely turned on and had come into the room with him only for something to do. We made love so often that it wasn't really something I got too excited about anymore. Even though his narrow hips and firm body were divinely erotic, he was mine and I had had him many times before. He felt the same way about me, I'm sure.

He crawled onto the bed where I sat naked without even bothering to pull down the covers. He came forward and my feet went between his legs. All the while, his face was careless. This was more like masturbating with another person than making love. He sat on my ankles for a moment, holding his unerect penis in his right hand and pumping it gently to encourage it. I could feel his cheeks on my feet, warm and plush and smooth.

I sat up, leaned forward, and took his cock in my hand and stroked it for him. As it became hard, Jaymin stared at my face with a blank expression backed by secret emotion, touched by me doing this for him. I had to learn to read his blank stares long ago by looking into his eyes alone, not his face which remained always soft and distant. By his eyes I could tell what kind of stare it was. Whether he was sad, in thought, or in this case, amused as if our sex had suddenly become something novel and quaint.

We both leaned back as he kissed me. I fell into the pillow and his body weight pressed against me. Hands were around my face and moving across various regions of my body. Fingers were in my hair, and his hips were grinding against my dick until it became hard. The only part that made the experience truly worthwhile was, aside from the orgasm that was always invariably intense with Jaymin, the kissing. He pulled off my lips and got to work.

With his hands on my hips, he easily pulled me down the bed further to him. He cleared his throat, either to prepare to say something or to just break the silence. As my legs were lifted his hands glided up the underside of my thighs to their resting places beneath my knees. Now exposing my hole to him. This orifice he adored, as if it were some other entity apart from myself. He inserted himself. I closed my eyes, feeling his palms on my legs as he held me down in place. The heat emanating from his erection that pushed deeper into my body was always enjoyable. That heat let me know, on a deeper level of consciousness I think, that what was entering me was alive. That it belonged to someone who wanted to put it in me. That was what made it sexy.

He pounded into my hole for a good ten minutes. At one point, he released my legs and lowered himself onto my body, hugging my chest and nestling his head in my neck so that his almost inaudible grunts could be heard in my left ear. Those grunts in the silent day gave me chill bumps. It was sensual. And it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up with pleasure.

His thrusting continued. I put a hand to my own cock and jacked off. It wasn't but another five minutes before I came; dribbled cum, not a ropey shot or even a substantial stream. The well had been dried by overusage lately. But the orgasm was, as ever, supernatural. For a blind moment undulating waves of pleasure swept through my flesh, pushing out the spirit so that I was floating above our bodies in bed. As I came back to my senses, I relaxed my muscles. Realizing that I had arched my back and rolled my eyes and head back, I opened my eyes and saw Jaymin looking into my face, still pleasuring himself with my hole. Which I appreciated and was glad I could do for him. I smirked despite myself and so did he.

"You're pretty when you're like this," he said in a husky voice, not referring to my physicality.

He laid back down upon me, snuggling with me as if the upper halves of our bodies were independent and unaware of the fucking that our lower halves were doing. His motions were no longer meant to give me as much pleasure as he could manage, but instead were simple and lazy, intended only to get himself off. I can remember our first several times in bed together. We both tried our best to impress the other, using all the tricks we knew. Until at last, we reached that point in our relationship where we ran out of those tricks and stopped trying so hard. That's when sex became sexy. It wasn't as spectacular or physically enjoyable as before, but it was real. Sexual. Sexy.

With his head and his soft hair at my cheek, I had looked out of the window at the sky while waiting for him to finish. The clouds had come in and there was a new overcast. My right hand swept lazily up and down Jaymin's warm back. I don't know how much time passed. I even thought Jaymin had fallen asleep until I realized I was still being penetrated. My mind wandered away, thinking about storms and rain and silent nowheres when suddenly, I was brought back by a hot and gooey feeling deep inside of me. I enjoyed it. It felt nice to have Jaymin shoot his seed in me. Almost as if we were trying to get pregnant. He fucked me for a moment longer, enjoying his orgasm. I felt his body shiver and tremble and I held him tightly to me, his heart pounding against the steady pace of my own. And then it was done.

His penis softened in my ass, submerged in his own semen inside of me. And we laid there. And I finally drifted so deep into daydreams, that I closed my eyes and fell asleep. After what seemed like a short but unknown stretch of time, my eyes reopened with the sound of rumbling thunder. Jaymin was awoke too, having fallen alseep in the same position his body collapsed in. He moved a little and his penis squirmed out of my hole just slightly.

I sighed. And there was the realization that it was raining. Warm drops that fell into the open window. And finally, with a broken voice Jaymin spoke with his breath still hot against my neck, "Michael..."

A moment passed where it seemed he searched for the reason he spoke in the first place. "I think I'm dying."

We didn't look at each other and my gaze still was turned toward the sky through the open window.

"Either that. Or. Uh... I think I may love you. I can't tell yet... But I can feel it."

He said nothing else after that, as if those words had been more physically taxing than making love. And then it was quiet save for the rain. And he pulled his cock out of me. And we laid there forever and ever until the storm was over.

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