tagBDSMUnspeakably Embarrassed

Unspeakably Embarrassed


Tonight started how any other evening at home would -- a shared bottle of wine, a movie, cuddling on the couch. After a long week, sometimes there is nothing more comforting than relaxing in your arms. You move in to kiss me, and I return your kiss hungrily. I shudder slightly in your arms as you gently bite my lower lip. In what seems like just moments, I'm undressed and your shirt is off. Kissing you ratchets up my arousal, your rough tongue possessing my mouth and imitating the acts I know are yet to come. You pull away and wait for me to meet your eyes, and when I do you silently inquire what I want. I know without words what you're asking; do we keep going as-is, or do we bring out the rope and let things get kinkier? I smile shyly and lower my eyes a bit, wondering why you even had to ask.

Sometimes, I feel like your eyes see too deeply. You're perceptive, and making eye contact is an intense experience. For example now, when you're sensing out my mood and we're trying to determine what direction our evening will go, I can feel you reading me. When I smile and indicate my desire to surrender to your bondage, your look gets even more heated. When you take control of the situation, you do so unassumingly, without fanfare and without pretense. It's a subtle shift, but with one glance I can feel the intensity escalate, and meeting your eyes suddenly feels like you're stripping me of more than just my clothing. I can almost hear the wheels in your head turning as you embrace the control I'm surrendering to you.

We move to the bedroom, and I stand still as you gather your slightly ominous black bag. You start pulling out rope, the jute, hemp, and nylon forming a unique but captivating display. You start by wrapping the slightly rougher jute around my chest, slowly dragging the fibers across the top of my breasts. Your fingers gently caress my skin as they follow the line of the rope. You somehow manage to move efficiently while still preserving a sensual air. You wrap rope below my breasts, moving to cop a feel and tease my nipples along the way. I can feel any leftover anxiety from the week ebbing away as arousal starts to course through my blood.

As you cinch the ropes in the center to entrap my breasts, you kiss my neck and nibble my ear. I can't help but shudder in response while my head lolls to the side. I realize my hands are still free and I reach up to drag you to kiss me more directly, my fingers tangling in your hair and teasing your neck. As our tongues dance, I feel you shifting. You break away and as I try to steady my breathing you push me down onto the bed. You roughly push me so I'm leaning against the headboard, and the sudden display of your strength melts me a bit inside and I can feel myself getting damper between my thighs.

You meet my eyes and pointedly glance at my clamped-together legs. I spread my knees and you grab my right leg. With more jute, you wrap and tie until my calf is tied to my thigh. You trace your fingers up my thigh and teasingly brush past my clit, the fleeting touch just enough to make me whimper in need. I start to move my hand, unconsciously going after my pleasure, but a sharp pinch to the side makes me meet your eyes. You give me a stern look and readjust so that you're sitting between my legs, blocking my access to my groin. You repeat the same motions from before, binding my left leg to match my right. You command me to play with my nipples as you step away for a second, staring and analyzing your work. I can feel your eyes running over my body, and the intimacy of the moment strikes me and makes me tremble.

You grab more rope and tie my ankles to the headboard, effectively tethering me in place. I'm trying to be gentle with my nipples since I'm already incredibly aroused, and you move back over to me and kiss me gently, then move to tease and kiss my neck. Your hands grab my wrists and pin them beside me and before I even realize what's happening I'm crying out as you suddenly bite my neck with an unbelievable amount of strength. I can feel your lips curl into a slight smirk as you feel me shudder from the pain. You know that I'm soaked even more than before -- your primal displays of dominance push all of my buttons and you know it.

You back away again and tie my wrists to my ankles. You wrap the rope over and over and over again, ensuring that I can't break free. In this position, my knees are now drawn relatively close to my chest whilst being pulled apart by ropes. I'm exposed and vulnerable, ensnared by the rope in ways that ensure I can't escape. You pull back and give me a second, silently daring me to get free. You raise your eyebrow as I struggle, satisfied by your work and amused that I keep trying. With every unsuccessful twist and squirm I get wetter as I realize the extent of my helplessness. I moan softly as I surrender into the rope, into your control.

I try to maintain some semblance of control over myself and steady my breathing, although I know it's barely working. I look at you with a mix of desire and trepidation, not sure what you have in store. I want to touch you, give you pleasure, but obviously I can't. I want you to fuck me right this second - almost as much as I want you to make me wait and beg for your cock. I don't know which side is going to win tonight, the sadist or the sensualist. Maybe both, but the anticipation sends shivers down my spine.

You reach into your pocket and pull out a ball gag. I'm sure my eyes must've widened since I never noticed the toy in your pocket. I'm taken by surprise, and I can feel my heart start to beat even faster. I'm staring at your hands and the inconspicuous gag as you move closer. When you're just in front of me you pull my chin up and force me to meet your eyes. I can see the slightest hint of uncertainty in your eyes, and I feel my heart soften. I try to communicate my mixed feelings without words; I'm willing, I'm turned on, I'm afraid, I'm anxious, but despite it all I want you to lock that gag in place.

You put a ball in my hand and whisper in my ear to drop it if it gets to be too much. Your thoughts on my safety and your tenderness reassure me. You wrap a hand in my hair and kiss me deeply. I return the kiss fully, trying to communicate my passion with my lips. We ravage one another's mouths for several minutes until I'm squirming against my binds and desperately wanting more. You pull back and, watching my eyes the whole time, buckle the gag into place. I taste the rubber on my mouth and bite down, trying to accustom myself to the feeling. You're watching me, measuring my reaction. The combination of the slight awkward discomfort and your gaze make me flush in embarrassment and I look away, unable to handle your piercing eyes.

You comb your fingers through my hair, pulling gently in a way that comforts and sends tingles down my spine. I feel your hands run up and down my arms, reassuring me and pulling me even more into the heat of the moment. I chance a glance back at your eyes and you're still watching my face, the heat in your stare palpable. I look down at your jeans and see the outline of your hard cock and I can't help myself from smiling around the gag as I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. You smirk and realize it's ok to move on.

Your hands move down my body, your fingers tracing light lines. When you reach my breasts you let your nails scratch the undersides roughly and I moan around the gag. I feel like every nerve in my body is over-sensitized and electrically responding to your touch. You start to manhandle my nipples, pulling and twisting them roughly. The rope has constricted my breasts just enough to make them even more sensitive than usual. Your fingers pluck and roll, and I try fruitlessly to move my body closer to yours and invite you to do more. I moan helplessly, unable to do anything else to communicate my want. I try to mumble a plea, but nothing comprehensible leaves my lips. Any time I close my eyes you pinch hard enough to make me cry out around the gag, forcing me to keep my full attention on you. The intimacy of watching you tease me, watching you as you see me completely vulnerable and desperate with need makes me cringe internally but makes me even wetter and more needy.

My moans and yelps from your ministrations have now led to my biggest fear. I can feel the first drops of drool dripping out of my mouth and down my face. I momentarily am awash with panic as I think of becoming a drooling mess in front of you. The moment shakes me, sending a shudder of humiliation through my body. You reach down and drag a finger through the drool, swirling it around my nipple before roughly grabbing my chin. You sternly command me to look in your eyes, twisting my nipple until I give in. You gaze at me fiercely, the desire heavy in your eyes turning me on even in the midst of my unspeakable embarrassment. I tremble helplessly as you kiss and bite my exposed lower lip. As you're kneeling between my tied-open legs, I can feel your hard cock against me, and your clear arousal sends even more shivers down my spine. I lean into you as much as possible, wishing desperately that I could bring you pleasure with my mouth, unable to even beg for the chance.

You move away and I moan around the gag, needy and wanting. My eyes follow your every motion as you unbuckle your belt and pull off the rest of your clothes. You speedily untie my wrists and untether my ankles from the bed. Before I can process the moment, my arms are pinned above my head as your throbbing cock thrusts inside my dripping cunt. I immediately start shuddering uncontrollably as my body is wracked with tiny climaxes. Every tremor and thrust makes me drool more, increasing my embarrassment and your desire, turning me on even more in a vicious cycle. Your hands move and one grabs my knee while the other fists into my hair, and I reach up to grab your shoulders as the pleasure escalates. Your cock moves in and out of my hungry pussy and I can't stop shaking, I can't stop climaxing. You move faster and I meet you thrust for thrust. Finally I can't handle it anymore and I scream around the gag, my nails digging in and raking down your back as I go to pieces and orgasm so hard I see stars. I feel you cumming inside me, your voice harsh as you reach your release.

We collapse, spent, both of us haphazardly untying my legs. I'm still shuddering as you remove the gag and toss it aside, pulling me into your arms.

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