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Unsuspecting Trophy


My day started off just like every other dull, boring day I have had since my divorce. Days filled with work, getting my youngest son out the door for his final days of the school year. *My oldest had gone with my ex after the divorce, deciding that I would no longer be willing to put up with a 20 year old bum hanging around "my" house. My youngest only had a few more months before he too graduated high school. Unlike his older brother, Tim actually had plans to get out and see the world. He had already been accepted to a nearby university, and was planning on attending soon after the summer break. I could hardly believe that they had grown up so differently. Jules was the brooding artistic type, while Tim had his feet planted more firmly on terra firma. He was pursuing an engineering career after working for a local firm on the weekends. Both had their own little quirks, but Tim seemed to be more in touch with how things worked, where-as, Jules was the spoiled one who thought the world owed him something for existing! Thanks to my ex's spoiling him all his life, he had no grasp of reality. The two of them were perfectly matched in their shared world of delusions.

She was an art consultant with the city, and her main job was to verify and purchase artwork for the town's "Better Image" society. What a bunch of rubbish! She was just a spoiled rich girl, who spent Daddy's money, and also had no real grasp of what reality was. She was now in her early forties, and had let both nature and child-bearing ruin the woman I had so desired all those years ago. Now more of a prude than any woman I have ever laid eyes on, she had put aside any cares for personal gratification, but instead wanted to be the center of attention for what she could do, and how she could impress everyone with her Daddy's money. A real bitch! Anything of the woman I had once known was long gone by the time the boys hit High School age, and we both agreed that the marriage was now just a sham. With her Daddy's money, she neither wanted, nor needed a husband that didn't see things her way, or still had, as she called them "gutter needs"!

Like I said, a real bitch.

I took my half of the settlement we had agreed to, and moved out. I found a small, but posh, condo a few miles from the construction outfit I did work for as a consultant. And for the first time in nearly thirty years, found I enjoyed the freedom of finally being alone. Tim used the closeness of his school to explain to his mother why he wanted to stay with me, instead of in the museum of a house she occupied with Jules. It was cool to know that at least one of the people in my life actually preferred my company! Although as a horny teenager, he rarely spent more than a few hours hanging out with his old man, it was cool to have him around. He was more like me than even he cared to admit, but even his mother knew when it came down to it, he was more my son, than he ever was hers!

I marveled at the amount of girls he brought by to "hang out" with, and wondered how long it would be, before some Dad was knocking on the door? Tim was a smart kid, and at eighteen, I tried not to pry too much into his private life. There had been more than enough of that bullshit living with the hag! We agreed that he could do whatever he wanted, within reason, so long as he knew what consequences would ensue if he "slipped up"! Tim swore to me that after seeing all the hell his mother had put me through over the years, he fully understood not rushing into anything. Besides, he wanted a career of his own and his own place, long before he settled down. Good thinking for a kid his age.

So, here I was, a newly divorced man in my early fifties trying to start over for the first time in a few decades, with no clue as to what my future had in store. Great! I had managed to retain some measure of my youth, by constantly riding a mountain bike (to relieve my stress levels). Not getting any tending to keep that at a fever pitch. Now I'll admit to "straying" from time to time with ladies who knew the cost of privacy; and for a price, kept it that way. But call girls, and one night stands weren't really my thing, and so they got fewer and farther between over the years. I had simply given up on any recognizable sex life. What was the point, if it would cost me everything I had?

Tim was off for Spring Break with a bunch of his buddies from school. I had gotten him a room near the beach and set him up with a fair sized bank account for the trip. His mother had nearly had apoplexy when she found this out. (Any little way I could get my digs in was a reason to smile), in my opinion. I finally had the place to myself and had no plans to change that while he was gone. Silence was something I had not had in years and it was something I looked forward to immensely! I bought a bottle of Patron, a few limes, and a small pizza. All things my ex would have given me a long speech over as to what it would do to me. I have to admit, had it not been for her constant bitching, I would probably be a six hundred pound alcoholic by now, but as it was, Tim and I could still wear the same shirts, and jackets, and even wore the same sized shoes. I was just shy of six foot- 235 lbs, while he was about six two, and about the same. But other than that, we were in about the same shape. Of course at fifty three, I could not claim to have the stamina the boy apparently had. The sounds coming from his room told me the boy had a real talent with the ladies! Good for him! Although I never remember seeing one around more than once or twice, again, "good for him"! Variety is the spice of life for a young man anyway! And with the exception of now solidly graying hair, and even whiter stubble, I could still pass for a man ten years younger when I cleaned up!

With the house empty and the third shot already warming my stomach, I decided to just relax and put on some tunes. I cranked up my version of music, late 70's/early 80's rock. Yeah I know, showing my age again. But I just wasn't into the thumping heavy metal, or pop tunes my son seemed to favor. I was just getting ready to hit my fourth shot when an old REO tune came on that put me in a better mood. Time for me to fly! Perfect! I grabbed my bass, plugged in to my amp, and attempted to keep up. I was just a plunker, but I had picked one up just because I could. I had really wanted to learn to play, even after the guy at the guitar center cracked up laughing when I told him as much. Oh well. I never said I'd be any good at it, but why shouldn't I still have dreams?

I was just finishing up when I heard the doorbell ring. WTF? Can't a guy get a break?

I trudged to the door wearing only my lounge pants, my son called them my "Dad Pajamas". "Fuck it", I thought, "Let whoever it is find out I don't give a rats ass about what I look like in my own house! I pulled open the door to find one of my son's girlfriends. She looked like she was in bad shape! "Hey Mr. K" she whispered. "I know Tim's at his place at the beach, but I really had nowhere else to go!"

Now Kelly was a stunning young lady, she would have been the reason for many a wet sheet in my younger days. She was about five foot two, with dark black hair that came down to nearly her ass. She always wore it in a braided ponytail, so it showed of her perfectly shaped body. I'd like to say she was a goddess (that would be in my opinion), but guys these days tended to look for more phony shapes. She worked out, obviously, from the muscular thighs, and small breasts she barely had. She had the face of an elf, she had big brown eyes, and a pouting tiny mouth. Kelly was a gymnast, she was trying out for her college team, in hopes of Olympic dreams, I had overheard! She was more timid around guys than most liked, so most guys would never notice this young mouse of a young lady. I had met her twice, when she had come over with a bunch of Tim's friends. She was so quiet, that I had barely even noticed her the first few hours she was there. She reminded me of those old depictions of fairies, or nymphs that used to show up in old books. She could seriously pass for a twelve year old girl, if not for something in her eyes that defined her as a woman.

"Hey Kelly", she pressed in close to the door, giving me a once over, and quickly smiling up at me. "Sure, come on in. I was just listening to some tunes and enjoying some libations!"

I turned down the tunes with the remote and headed to my bedroom to put on something a little more suitable for company. "Grab something from the fridge if you want, I'll be back in a few." I told her as I headed to get dressed.

As I hit the bedroom I thought, "Oh great, another fucked up night, dealing with drama!" It was as I looked into the mirror that I realized, my fly button was open, and I was sporting a rather obvious chub! WTF? I hadn't realized the thought of that tight little body of Kelly's had gotten me worked up that quick! I hope she hadn't seen anything! That would be all I need, being known as Tim's perverted Dad! Fuck!

I dressed quickly in my jeans and a white t-shirt, throwing cold water on my face, in hopes of getting myself composed before facing Kelly again. "Good one dumb-ass!" I said to my reflection. For some reason, I did a once over, checking my hair and teeth? Wtf was I thinking?

I made my way back to the living room and found Kelly sitting on the stool by my bass. She had laid her jacket on the floor and was sipping a shot of the Patron I had out. She looked up sheepishly and said, "I hope you don't mind, it was only a sip!"

Now I'm not one to condone underage drinking, but she looked like she could use the shot when she arrived.

"Nah, have at it." I said. "Just don't get any ideas about finishing it. That stuff will kick your ass!" We both cracked up laughing. She was apparently no stranger to drinking games!

Kelly tilted the glass back and slammed it back like a pro. She smiled and gave me the tequila shiver to show she understood just what she was doing. "Hmm I wondered? Maybe she wasn't as innocent as I had first thought?"

"What can I help you with Kel?" I asked taking the bottle from her and repeating her actions. This was now my fifth shot, and I was feeling no pain. I also could feel my dick warming up to the vision sitting before me.

Kelly smiled as I returned the tequila shiver. She visibly relaxed a little seeing I wouldn't scold her for drinking.

"I hate to intrude but, I called Tim and he said I could ask you about using his room for a couple days!" she muttered. "There was a fire in our apartment complex and the cops told us we had to find someplace to stay until we were allowed back in. And my parents are on vacation in Italy until the end of the month. I didn't want to, but you know how Tim is!" she looked at me and pouted.

I looked at her and immediately thought of all the things that were wrong with this idea, but my mouth said "Sure Kel, no problem!" At which point my cock also responded to the possibilities. I turned to head for the kitchen to cover up my reaction, and to put some space between me and this adorable young lady.

"Hey Mr. K, is it ok if I jump in the shower? My clothes stink like smoke, and I didn't have a chance to grab much before they booted us out!" She said showing me the tiny plastic bag she held by her side.

"Yeah sure Kel. There's towels in the closet by Tim's bathroom, and if you need anything, we can always go get you something tomorrow. But for tonight, there should be something in one of the closets you can use until then." I pointed her in the direction of his room. "Feel free to grab whatever you like!"

I watched as she made her way down the hall, her tight ass moved nicely in the jeans she had squeezed into. I couldn't help but wonder what she looked like under those clothes? "Jeez!" I thought to myself, "How the hell could I honestly be thinking about a kid her age in that way?"

I made myself busy rewarming the pizza, and trying desperately to get my raging cock under control. I did not want her thinking I was some kind of perv. The bulge I was sporting was not going away anytime soon though. "Dammit" I thought laughing at my present situation. I heard the water in the shower turn on and my liquored imagination went into overdrive!

Now I am by no means porn star material, but I do hit both sides and have hit bottom on more than a few occasions with the women I've been with over the years, if you get my meaning? But at fifty three, the idea of a gorgeous young thing like Kelly even thinking of me that way, was a fantasy of an old man! But hey, I was feeling no pain, and I could indulge my fantasies, in my own mind, if I wanted! Apparently I had done just that.

I was shocked out of my daydream by a giggle from the kitchen doorway. I turned to find Kelly standing there gawking at the, now raging hard-on tenting out my jeans painfully! She kept switching her eyes from mine to my obvious bulge.

"Mr.K." she giggled. "If I had to guess, were you thinking about me just now?" I just stood there like an idiot, not knowing what to do? I was caught, no denying that, and I had no other possible reason for what she was looking at.

"Umm, sorry Kelly, it's been a long time since I've had any contact with the fairer sex." I turned and made for the kitchen door. "You can't blame an old man for dreaming!" I snickered.

"Don't sweat it Mr. K!" she giggled. "I kind of like the fact that you think of me that way!" she said, still enjoying my embarrassment. It was only then that I noticed that she was just wearing one of my dress shirts, with the sleeves half rolled up, and a pair of socks. Her hair was also no longer in that drastic ponytail, and she looked much, much older than she had only moments before at my doorway.

"Holy shit Kelly!" I mumbled, trying not to rip out the front of my jeans at my discovery of her attire. "You are gorgeous, b-but far too young to be dressed like that around a stranger!" I was taking in every line of her tiny frame, backlit by the hallway light. Small, almost boyish figure, all in plain view for me to see. The shirt was nearly see through in that light. Needless to say, my rock hard cock agreed with my assessment.

"Mr. K it's ok, I'm twenty, not nine!" she giggled. "Besides, you look great too. All of my girlfriends agree you are the hottest Dad of all our friend's parents!" she smiled.

"Wh-what?" I mumbled, still trying to wrap my head around the vision in front of me. "You're twenty?"

"Yup" she giggled. "All grown up and everything Mr. K!" She was enjoying my discomfort now.

"St-still, you shouldn't be dressed like that around one of your friends parents Kel, what would people think?" I stammered.

"Geez, Mr. K!" she laughed. "Do you think I need to be worried about what people think of me? Most guys barely even see me!" she admitted shyly. "But if you want, I can return the shirt!" she started to undo the buttons down the front, obviously for the affect it was having on my cock!

I couldn't help but watch. Until somewhere in my addled brain a voice screamed at me to wake up! I walked over to her and held her arm, stopping her from going any further.

"Kelly, I appreciate the thought, but you are far too young for me; and a friend of Tim's. This wouldn't be right on so many levels!" I whispered hoarsely.

Kelly looked at me for a few seconds before she said, "Its ok Mr. K, no rush. I'll be here for a couple days, and I enjoy a challenge!" she cooed. She turned in the light of the hall, and I could see every curve of her body, and the small nubs of her tits standing out in the sheer fabric of my shirt. She was tiny, maybe B cups at most. But she had a knowing look in her eyes, of someone far older than the twenty year old I had let in my home less than an hour ago!

I finally got my composure, barely, and made my way back into the front room. Kelly was sitting on the sofa with her legs curled up under her. She munching happily on a slice of my pizza, and rocking back and forth to the sounds of Led Zeppelins "All of my love". I stared at the impish figure on the sofa and just shook my head. There was no way this little person could even begin to understand what it took to satisfy a man of my age! And who was I kidding thinking she really found me "hot", as she had put it.

"Um, Kelly" I stammered. "You're welcome to anything in the house. But I think we should talk about what just happened." I stuttered.

She looked over at me with an amused look of a woman far older. She put the pizza down, unfolded her legs from under her, giving me a glimpse of the treasure that was hidden beneath. I couldn't help but look. It had been years since I had seen any woman's pussy, beside that of my shrew of an ex-wife's! I was enjoying the view, even knowing how wrong it was to do so.

Kelly walked over to me, leaned up and planted a quick little kiss on my cheek, giggling and saying "When you're ready to admit you want me, I'll be here!" She literally skipped down the hall and disappeared into Tim's room, purposely staring back at me before she closed the door.

I felt the heat that tiny kiss felt like lava in my addled brain. The result was me standing there in awe of all the possibilities that awaited me, if I just admitted my own desires! Even my common sense angel was screaming at me to go after her! But instead, I put away everything, locked up the condo, and made my way to my bedroom. I was going to sleep this off, just so I didn't make a very big mistake, and blame it on booze!

As I drifted off, I wondered what the fuck I was doing here, alone. Too much Tequila, too long without the touch of a beautiful woman, and the thought of spending the rest of my life regretting a drunken mistake put me to sleep.


I had bought a waterbed for the condo when I moved in. Yeah I know, a relic of the 70's. What can I say, I rebel in my own little ways to growing up. The taste of my hangover was like that of a mouth full of paste. The dull thud in the middle of my head reminded me that, I wasn't the drinker I was back in the day! Geez, what was I thinking last night? The warmness of the waterbed and the slow rock of the semi-wave mattress reminded me that I really needed to piss, bad. I jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, when I heard a voice behind me say "Good morning sleepyhead!" My sphincter bunched up in a knot!

I spun around, only to find Kelly stretching out on the bed I had just left! My mind raced furiously trying to recall if I had had too much, and let things go too far last night? She still had on my shirt, and seemed unaffected by the fact that I was totally nude and with my mouth wide open. The urge in my bladder brought me back to reality as I sprinted for the toilet, before I pissed on my own floor!

After finishing my business, washing up, and grabbing a towel (my modesty now in full gear), I headed back into my bedroom. I was greeted by Kelly's bratty little smile, and a teasing wink.

"Oh, good morning Big Daddy!" She winked slyly. "Did you sleep well?" she said with that pouting mouth.

"B-b-big Daddy?" I stammered. "D-did we, um you know um uh do.....anything last night?" My brain tried desperately to remember. Everything after her little kiss goodnight seemed to be a blank. I was starting to get nervous. What the fuck had I done?

"Relax Mr. K "She giggled. "You're safe, for now! Nothing happened, I promise you. You did not "ravage me like the tramp I wanted to be last night!" she purred, using her fingers for air quotes "Tim's room smelled like ass and feet, and I tried to wake you up, but you were out cold. And your bed is so much warmer than his!" She cooed.

I gulped down hard. I stared at her like she was some kind of lunatic. "Are you crazy?" I yelled. "I damn near had a heart attack thinking of what I may have done to you! Are you trying to kill me?"

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