Untie Me


I keep struggling and pulling at the binds that keep me tied to the wall. I hate it when they are soft and not biting into my wrist. It only shows his point that he's been trying to make all night. The wall I sit against is covered with soft carpeting. Not rough and brittle like his 5 o'clock shadow. His stubble makes his strong jawline more masculine and to make him all that more manly he sports a cleft in his chin. He has solemn eyes but they sparkle brightly, the color as green as the inside of a fresh sliced kiwi. Along with his short cropped blond hair that should make him handsome and attractive but instead he has me locked up in this poorly lit room.

The exposed light bulb cast a weird light in the room and the deep red carpeting against the walls and floors create dark shadows in the corners where the light can't reach. Shadows that makes me feel unease. The bulb hangs crookedly high in the middle of the room. I can hardly see most of myself and my surroundings but I can tell there is no windows in this room. It is just me tied to a whore red carpet with pink satin ropes and my capture. He sits in the distance watching me with eyes that pierce through my clothing. From here I can see he has on a green t-shirt and a blue overall. I can't see much more with this poor lighting. I hope he has buttons on it and not a zipper. The longer it would take him to whip it out the better.

I instead am wearing a white top with a long white cotton skirt, when I left this morning I was told I look like an Angel. It was a lie. I may be covered but not wearing a bra under this top exposes my pink nipples and my thin cotton skirt really does little to hide the black thong I am wearing underneath. My shoes went missing when I was pulled into the van. They were black stilettos and expensive too. What the hell am I thinking? I need to get out...

"Stay back!" I screamed. I can't believe he is doing this to me. I want to cry but his approach stilled that thought. He comes closer and haunches before me. With a look that says stop struggling and give in. I don't want to give into him. He doesn't deserve me. After all he is just a poor commoner and I am daddy's princess. I am beautiful with black long curly hair and blue eyes. I love singing and playing the piano. I am a good girl and with a good reputation. For Christ sake, I am still a virgin and believe strongly in sex after marriage. But why does it have to be this way. He stretches his hand out towards my face and I pulled back. I want him to stay away but his cologne is intoxicating. I can smell it along with his sweat. He smells of masculinity and sex. My heart skipped a beat from the smell of him. His hands are warm against my cheek. He is moving his thumb back and forth brushing something away. I hadn't realize that I was crying but warm hands dried my tears quickly away.

"I love you..." he says with such meaning in his eyes but I don't believe him. He wouldn't have done this to me, if he did. His thumb slid along my cheek and towards my mouth and pushed past my lips touching my tongue. The act was so seductive but yet somber as I can taste the salt of my tears on his thumb. I want to be released so I began sucking on his thumb.

"No don't do that. I can't hold myself back from you." he whispered in a strained voice. It was so deep and low that it could have barley been heard.

"Do it...just do what you want with me and let it be over with!" I said with more tears sliding into my mouth.

I closed my eyes as he leaned in to kiss me. It wasn't an aggressive kiss. It was soft and purposeful. It was deep and seductive. Almost yielding and I nearly kissed him back. He felt my advances and pulled back. I must admit he is an attractive and handsome man. But he is a man. I can feel strength in his body as he slowly lean into my body. His chest heaves against my quivering breasts. Slowly he slid his hand down past my neck, along the side of my breast and towards my backside till he reached my feet. He grabs my skirt and hiked it up as far as he can. I struggle against him but I am to tired to give it my all. Instead I muttered to him, pleading for him to let me go and to not do this to me. He grabs my knees and pulls them vigorously apart . The force of the movement made me froze. I pushed harder into the soft carpeting. I turned my head away as he places his hands underneath and behind me against the wall. He leaned even more against me. That was when I felt the bulge against my belly. His overalls are buttoned but that was not what I was feeling. It was long and hard. It was being gyrated against my opening. I uttered a helpless moan. Which was answered by his own stifled in our kiss and more grinding against my crotch. I couldn't help it as the bulge open my vagina lips further and my spread legs made my thong stretched thin. I can feel bits of his overalls but more the bulge pressed firmly against my satin crotch. The sleek movements of his hips massage his length against my clit and opening. As I become wetter under his influences. I begin to feel his phallus pulse against my crotch. His tongue in my mouth took up the same rhythm and I was drowning in passion.

His actions was so raw and open. That it burned and making my body become sensitive. My senses became aware and alert. I was tuned into to his body and the feel of everything. The soft carpeting against my back and his warm body against my breast and belly. All of a sudden I wanted to feel more. "Your becoming wetter. I can feel it through my pants." he said into my mouth. Not wanting to break our kiss and the spell he was putting on me.

He grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply and sensuously. Our tongues doing a dance of swans. As we tried to wrap the other around our own. I began to buck and move against his hard on. I wanted to feel more of him on me. "Do you want me..." he asked softly. His voice is so deep and scruffy. Just like his appearance, but his eyes are so green. I really do like their color.

"No." I said feebly. He pushed himself hard against me and my breath was caught deep in my throat. I felt my legs quiver and tense as my crotch pulse with passion. He pushed again and I moaned more in my chest. My body relaxed when he started to move his hands on my body. Touching me but not on my sensitive areas. The back of my knees, my belly, my back, my soul, my heart. I was drifting into his caresses. They weren't touching me but they where courting something.

My body responded to his touch and as I close my eyes I whispered: "Please, touch me!"

"But I am touching you" he said looking into my eyes.

"No, you know where to touch me." I said finally. Breathing was getting harder for me. He kept looking at me. His eyes are so green!!

Finally, he kisses me with such passion that I leaned into him. My kisses answered his and they came from a yearning. A yearning that was burning my body where ever he touched. I was melting into him and only because of him. His presence was making me quiver with lust. I knew what I wanted and only he can give it to me. I wanted sex, his sex. His hands finally cupped my breast. His movements were slow and deliberate as they move slowly up and over my mounds. I looked at his hands touching my breast. His course hands rubbing my soft flesh through my once white top. His dirty hands sullying the whiteness of me and my top. I feel a spasm in my nest as he past his hands over my perk nipples. And when he began to lightly pinch them I softly cried out.

I couldn't look him in the eyes. I knew he was watching me because he stopped. If I look this time into eyes I would give up and give in. I was losing either way. The tug on my chin brought my face to his and he said again "I love you..."

I don't want his love, but he is making me feel good. His hand left my chin and found my wet thong. His hands massaging the thin material. In such a motion that I moved involuntarily against it. I can feel little electricity shoot up my leg. There is something inside of me that tightens and release each time he passes his hands over my sensitive and wet clit.

I want more. But I don't know what it is. I keep trying to breathe but it escapes my chest when he caress the right spot. "I want more.." I said pleadingly.

"But I don't know what it is." I said leaning into him. He looked at me with a mischievous smile.

"I know what you want but you would have to ask for it." he said devilishly.

"Please, is that the magic word?" I said hopefully.

"No! Say you want my dick to fuck you till you come." he said coming closer. I know what he is doing. He wants me to curse. My father abhors foul language. He once smacked my face for saying 'fiddle sticks'. He said it wasn't lady-like.

So when I said: "I want you to fuck me with your dick till I cum." I nearly did.

He rushed to open his overalls. As he was unbuttoning himself, I couldn't help myself and asked him to untie me. He did with ease. I reached out to his crotch and slowly unbutton the rest. He pulled his overalls over and off his shoulders. All the while looking at me and the way I watched him undress. I reached out my hands to touch his shoulders. They were strong and broad. He feels so manly and different to me. My fingers ran across his chest making his muscles ripple and tighten as I move them lower to his waist. I tug at his shirt and he helped me get it up and over his head.

Flinging it into the shadow of a corner. If anyone asked why it happened or why I did it. All I can think of was his eyes. They said so much in that moment as he looked at me. He kissed me some more before touching my legs, moving up to my waist and pulling my panties down over them.

He took the black laced thong to his mouth. He sniffed them before he tasted the crotch. I felt so embarrassed as he did this. But it only excites me more. He leaned his head to my crotch and began to lick me. I can feel his tongue against my privates. It was another new sensation for me. I grabbed his hair and pulled him encouragingly closer to my open legs. When he began to suck. My legs spasm and open wider allowing him to have more access to my love nest. He was licking and sucking my opening. My clit felt tensed and tight. I wanted to do something more but I was scared to give into it. The more he dug his tongue deeper into me the more I pushed him back. Till he raised his head and lifted me up from knees. I slid up the wall which tugged my top down, exposing my breasts. He looked at them momentarily. And then back into my eyes. I flushed red from his look. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. I ran my fingers through his hair. I tasted myself on his lips and it was sour but sensual. "Come into me." is all I can say from there on.

"I was planning to from ever since I started to work for your father." he said letting go one leg. He grabbed and rubbed his exposed member against my wet womanhood and thrust. I was shocked by the surprise more than the pain when he tore through my virginity. He was in me. His member, an appendix of his body was planted inside of my body. He waited until my breathing had a rhythm and I was beckoning him to move. He did with slow strokes. In he went to only pull out half way to slid in quicker back in. Each thrust was an engraving upon my body. As my body tighten to hold him still.

I hadn't realize I was making noise till he whispered in my ear: "Yeah, keep making that noise for me."

His thrust was meaningful and forceful but it felt godly inside of me. He grabbed my other leg to open my body to his thrust. His muscles became pronounced the more he thrust himself inside of my body. I felt fire and a torrent of derogative emotions. I felt guilt at loving the feel of him in me, shame for being exposed to a man and dirty for being fucked. I held on to him as he kept sliding himself into my snatch. I was lost to his efforts that when he spoke. I remembered there was more to him than his lower half.

"Hey, look at me. I want to see your face when you cum." he said. I looked at him confused but then I felt it. Something began deep inside till it exploded up and out of my body. I cried out. It was such an unexpected sensation. I felt my walls tighten and spasm around his phallus. Then he too shuddered with the same emotion. As his body jerked and spew out his lust into me.

"You came inside of me." I said bewildered.

"Yeah and it felt good." he replied. We kissed some more and we live happily ever after....

Or so I hope. I know it is all a fantasy each time I masturbate in front of him on top of my balcony. I go outside in the same get up and he would watch me. He would stop what he is doing in the yard as I would begin to touch myself and he would just look at me with those green eyes. I would hike my skirt up and expose my racy underwear underneath. His body would react and he would go behind the tree to watch me. I would stoop low and show him how I would stick my fingers deep inside my pussy and work myself to a frenzy, but never cumming. I always tell him that was reserved for him. I know he would jack off behind the tree till cum start running down its trunk instead of inside of me. I wish he would kidnapped me. And break me free from these binds that holds me bounded to my roll of being a good girl. I want to be his, his bad girl but he must first break his binds that holds him back from doing so. We are all tied by society's binds when it comes to life's pleasures. So why don't you untie yourself and give in to them. So untie me and come and get me.

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