tagLoving WivesUntil Death Do Us Part

Until Death Do Us Part


John used the short length of pipe in his hand to slap the counter hard on both sides of Dee. The hits were hard enough to leave dents and scars in the counter top. Dee jumped and whimpered in fear at each sharp report that sounded like a gunshot.

"You lying, cheating bitch. You can't be satisfied fucking the whole damn neighborhood. You had to mess with my little brother too. I ought to bust your skull," he yelled as he slammed the pipe into the counter only inches from Dee's left elbow.

With her back to the kitchen counter she had nowhere to run from the big man towering over her. She cowered there for a second and then looked up into her husband's angry face. His face was livid. She had never seen him this mad.

All the other times he had beat her, his face had been red and angry but he had been icy calm on the inside. He was in a rage now, almost beyond thinking and almost completely out of control. She made a quick move to her left. He grabbed her by her hair and slung her into the corner where this counter met the next.

Dee's back was to him. Suddenly she was bent over the counter from the force of the blow he delivered to her back with his free hand. The block with the kitchen knives was right in front of her face. Her right hand shot out, grabbed the long narrow bladed filet knife, and returned to a position close to her breasts.

She held the blade flat on the counter so she wouldn't cut herself in case he hit her again. He slapped her on each side of the head instead.

"Turn around bitch, I want to see your face."

"No, you'll hurt me," Dee screamed.

John slapped her on each side of the head several times and yelled, "If you don't turn around it'll be twice as bad."

There was the sound of a siren turning into the short dead end street they lived on. John grabbed Dee's hair and yanked her up straight. "You called the fucking cops." It was a statement, not a question.

"No, no I didn't. When could I have? The lady next door must have done it, she was washing her dishes the same time I was," Dee pleaded. She heard the siren cut off suddenly.

"You lying bitch," John yelled as he dragged Dee down the counter so he could look out the window. Sure enough the busybody next door was at her kitchen window.

There was a knock on the front door. "Sheriff's Department," a loud male voice called out.

Dee screamed as long and as loud as she could. John released his hold on her hair and slapped her hard on the side of her face, spinning her sideways. The pain and shock of the slap cut the scream off sharply. Dee felt the warm trickle of blood at the corner of her lip and the coppery salty taste of blood was in her mouth.

"Open this door," the officer yelled from outside.

Dee screamed for help but it was cut off by a hard backhand that made her sag. She heard the crash as the officer kicked in the front door. She looked up into John's eyes and whispered, "Your little brother ain't that little, and he sure was better in bed than you ever were."

John yelled, "Bitch," and raised the pipe.

The pipe started forward but the knife in Dee's hand was faster. She drove it into his chest with the power of her arms and legs behind it. It entered low under his ribcage and went upward until the hilt and her hand touched his shirt.

Dee's eyes were locked on John's face the whole time. The total rage turned to surprise and shock, followed by disbelief. His eyes closed and he started to crumple. Dee watched, as he seemed to drop in slow motion. She felt the knife handle slip from her hands; it was suddenly sticky and slippery at the same time. She looked at the blood covering her hands, her eyes going wide.

Dee felt herself sagging and then someone was helping her to cross the room and sit down at the kitchen table. Slowly Dee turned her head to the right to find a sheriff's deputy on one knee next to her.

"I.... I.... I...." Dee stammered and then she burst into tears, her body racked by sobs and moaning groans as she leaned forward and put her forehead on the table. Hot tears flooded her eyes and ran through her eyebrows and across her forehead to her hairline.

Deputy Robert Phillips got up and went to check the man on the floor. He wasn't breathing and there was no pulse. He put in a radio call to the shift sergeant requesting the coroner and medical. After that he gave the dispatcher a short rundown on what had taken place.

A faint smile touched Dee's lips for a second as he finished his report. His last words had been to the effect that John's death had been self-defense. Everything was going to plan. She was free of her abusive husband at last and had his brother to console her, what else could she ask for.

John had been such an asshole and had controlled her life in every way. It had been beyond him to understand just how much she had really hated him. He would have never believed that she could have enough backbone to try and fight back, much less plan his murder and carry it out.

The beatings, the physical and mental abuse, the rapes of her body, mind and spirit, had all torn her down but underneath it all something had grown. Something that had in the end killed John and everything he had stood for. Love had been replaced by hate and hate by loathing and loathing by cold hard reason.

Yes, revenge was a dish best served cold because it was cold-blooded murder in the end.


Jerry, John's brother, was the first of the family to arrive. The coroner had already checked John's body and had it loaded. The EMT's had checked Dee out and cataloged her injuries. Some fresh bruises and a lot of old ones, plus the cut lip all added to her claim of abuse.

Dee had only caught a brief glimpse of Jerry before the sheriff's deputy had pulled him to the side for a long conversation. Dee prayed that Jerry wouldn't mention their affair. If he did, it probably wouldn't hurt anything but.... She didn't want any buts of any kind.

Dee sat at the kitchen table and let things happen around her. She was in shock she realized but wasn't sure if it was from killing John or the fact that everything had gone off flawlessly. She knew that a lot of it had been luck, like John changing out the pressure release pipe on the hot water heater and leaving the old pipe standing against the wall next to the door.

The easy part had been Jerry's cap on the chair in the bedroom and the used condom in the bathroom trash. John had no way of knowing that the condom was his. The one he had used three days ago to rape her ass. He had assumed that it belonged to his brother.

When she and Jerry had sex, she wouldn't let him use a condom. She wanted to feel him, to feel his skin rubbing in her most secret and treasured places. John had always worn a condom. It was his way of showing her how dirty he thought she was. She had never cheated on him but he called her a whore and a slut.

Jerry was probably her only friend in the world. The only contact that John hadn't severed. The only person she was allowed to speak to. She had marveled at how easily they had fallen in love, at how he had understood when she had finally told him how his brother had treated her.

He had wanted to confront John but she wouldn't let him. John would have beat him up and she wouldn't have had anyone then. John would have her completely cut off from the world and she wouldn't have been able to handle that. Jerry was her lifeline.

A hand on her shoulder brought Dee's head up. She hadn't even realized that she had laid it down. She looked at her hands and blinked. There wasn't any blood on them. Then she remembered the EMT washing them off in the bathroom sink. She looked around to see Jerry knelling next to her.

"Hey Sis, how are you doing?"

Dee looked around the room. They were alone in the dinning room. When had she moved to here? After the EMT washed her hands, a little voice in her head replied. She nodded to herself and looked back at Jerry.

"I'm not doing to well at all," she whispered as she felt tears welling up in her eyes. "I.... I.... Killed John."

"Yes, I know," Jerry whispered. "The sheriff's deputy told me all about it. You were protecting yourself. You didn't have a choice."

When Dee didn't say anything Jerry added, "I told the deputy what you had told me about the way he treated you. The deputy had already figured most of it out. He talked to your neighbor and her husband. They told him what they had heard and seen, and not just about this time either."

Dee turned back to the table, lowered her head back to her hands, and started to sob. She was so tired and wanted to go to bed. She wanted it all to go away. Everything but John being dead that is. That was as it should be.

She felt Jerry's hands on her shoulders rubbing at the knots in the muscles on each side of her neck. His hands felt so good that she moaned softly between sobs as the knots slowly loosened. She hadn't realized just how tense her body was. Her mind was in limbo but her body was as tight as a bowstring.

Dee was almost asleep when there was a loud wail from the direction of the living room. Dee sat up with a jerk as she recognized Rita's voice. Rita was her mother-in-law, John, and Jerry's mom. She was the woman who had allowed her husband to beat her for thirty years.

Rita had empowered John indirectly by allowing herself to be beaten. Between her and her husband, they had made John think that, that was the way a marriage was supposed to be. The funny thing was, Jerry seemed to go the opposite way, he was gentle and shy. Dee wondered if he had been abused in some way.

Her thoughts were cut off as she heard Rita yell, "What do you mean you're not arresting that bitch? She killed my son!"

Dee heard muted replies and several people trying to calm Rita down but she wasn't having any of it. She wanted Dee arrested and being beaten wasn't any excuse for her to kill John. When Jerry started to head that way, Dee grabbed his arm and shook her head sharply.

"Please! Please don't! Stay here with me," she whispered urgently. "I need you."

Jerry squatted by Dee's knee and whispered, "Yeah, but you don't need her in here on your case. I was going to try and get her to leave."

"Let them handle it. You don't need her mad at you either," Dee whispered and then she stood up as Rita yelled, "Throw that bitch in jail before I kill her myself."

Dee shrugged off Jerry's hand as she walked slowly and deliberately into the living room. Rita was struggling to get away from the Deputy Sheriff that had been the first to arrive. He had her around the waist and was trying to get her out the front door.

Rita saw Dee and yelled, "Bitch, I'm gong to kill you!"

Dee shook her head and sighed. "No, you're not. You're going home and let John's father beat the crap out of you, like always. That's where John learned it all, isn't it?" Dee said in a calm cutting voice.

"John's father never hit me in his life," Rita protested.

"Tell it to someone who doesn't know better. It takes one to know one and I can see the signs all over you. I've seen the bruises and the split lips. I've seen the sunglasses at night and on cloudy days. I've been there and now I'm free," Dee said coldly.

"You killed my son," Rita wailed.

"No, John killed himself a little at a time as he tried to kill me a piece at a time. Only this time he was going to kill me for real, only I got there first."

"You were all the time provoking him. It's your fault. He didn't call you a slut all the time without a good reason," Rita shot back.

"No, he called me a whore and a slut because I was more woman than he could handle and he knew it. He abused me sexually and raped me because that was the only way he could get it up. He used those words to tear me down, just like your husband uses them on you. You both taught him well," Dee said in a chilled whisper. "Now get the fuck out of my house and never come back."

Rita stood there with her mouth hanging open for a moment. She had never heard her daughter-in-law talk this way. She had always been quiet and shy, mousy was the word she was looking for. Rita's shock was enough for the deputy to get her turned and headed out the door.

"This isn't over!" Rita yelled as she went out the door.

"Yes it is!" Dee said in a calm emotionless voice. "It's over and done with."

As Rita was escorted down the sidewalk and to her car, Jerry came up behind Dee and put his arms around her waist. There was no one in the house but them. He hugged her tightly and kissed her hair.

Dee sighed and leaned back against him. "After they all leave, will you scrub my back for me?"

"Only if I can scrub all the rest of you also," Jerry whispered back.

"Yes, I want to feel clean and safe, and then I want to get very messy. I want you to make me feel alive and loved."

"I'll take the rest of the week off and stay with you," Jerry said softly. "We wouldn't want you to do anything rash in your depression over John's death, now would we."

"No, we wouldn't." Dee replied with a deep contented sigh.

"In a few weeks we'll check into John's affairs and see where you stand as far as the house and everything. There's a widows pension and benefit plus the insurance policy through the union and I think he had a second policy of his own. You should be in good shape financial," Jerry whispered.

"All that's probably in your mother's name." Dee replied.

"Nope. The union makes sure its stuff is in the wife's name. The personal one he had is in your name also. I know, I called and changed it shortly after he took it out. They thought I was him; it was easy. It's for a half million, which should make life easier."

"What!" Dee said with a start. She had never even thought about money or the future until now. Her hatred and loathing of John had been her only and complete focus.

What if the insurance company tried to say she killed him for the money. The deputy would be the answer to that. He was an eyewitness to what John had been going to do. Anyway they had to prove that she even knew about the policy. She hadn't even known about the widow's benefits.

"Why did you do that?" Dee asked.

"I wanted to make sure you would be all right if and when something happened to John. If you hadn't killed him, he would have probably had a heart attack sometime in the next few years. He was headed that way with his anger and the stress he put himself under." Jerry told her.

Dee moaned softly and felt lightheaded. "I need to lie down," she whispered as she swayed from side to side.

Jerry half carried her over to the couch and got her comfortable. He hurried outside to find the EMTs. According to a deputy they had already gone.

"I think she's in shock," Jerry said to the deputy.

"The best thing for her is sleep," the deputy told him and then asked, "Is anyone staying with her?"

Jerry nodded. "I am. I'm about the only person she has that she trusts."

The deputy nodded in reply and handed Jerry a card. "If she has any difficulty breathing or gets violently upset, give me a call. I can have an ambulance here quickly. Otherwise, let her rest, keep her warn, well fed and hydrated. Maybe some counseling in a few days. The battered woman's shelter would be the place to call."

Jerry nodded and took the card. "I loved my brother but what he did to Dee was wrong in so many ways. What my dad did and does to my mom is just as bad."

"You can file a complaint against your dad, you know," the deputy said softly.

Jerry shook his head. "My mom would deny it. You heard her inside."

The deputy nodded and sighed. "Your sister in law is one of the lucky ones. What happened was the hard way but she lived to get away from the abuse."

Jerry sighed. "Yeah, tell me about it. She is far stronger than I ever gave her credit for."

As Jerry walked toward the house, the officer said, "If your mother gives her any problem, have her call me. I'll put the fear of God in her."

Jerry nodded and waved over his shoulder.


Dee woke with a start on the couch. Bright sunlight was coming through the glass of the front door. She was dressed as she had been the night before and there was a blanket over her. Jerry was sprawled in the big overstuffed chair in the corner. She smiled at his slack sleeping face. He wasn't a Greek god or anything close but she loved his face. It was so peaceful most all the time.

The events from the night before where a whirling dervish in the far back of her mind and she shied away from releasing them again. She tossed the blanket back and sat up on the side of the couch. Her nose wrinkled as she caught a whiff of her own body odor. Fear and sweat were mixed with something else. It took her a moment but she finally realized it was excitement.

She started for the kitchen but turned down the hall instead. She could not make herself go in that room yet. It would release the memories and she was not ready for that. She ended up in the bathroom with her clothes on the floor and the door open. She stepped in the shower naked and turned on the water.

Dee adjusted the water for as hot as she could possible stand and then let it pound on her upper shoulders, neck, and back. Her hands roamed over her belly, breasts, and hips in a large circular pattern. Her mind was as fogged as the glass shower door. Everything felt so right for a change. There was no one yelling that she was using too much hot water.

She turned and let the stinging spray wash over her upper chest. She backed up a half step slowly. The stinging needles of water moving across her breasts, hips, and sex. A stream would hit one of her nipples or her clit directly and she would whimper softly. It felt slightly painful but gave her tingles of pleasure at the same time.

Dee moved back forward and moved her hips and body around. Suddenly, there was a stinging needle on both nipples and her clit. She groaned loudly as her body shivered deeply. She took a quick step to the side as her left hand came up to cover her right breast and her right hand moved down across her belly to cup her sex.

With a whimpering moan, Dee started to caress her breast and to move her hand on her sex. Her middle finger slipped between the folds of her sex. Her fingertip moved along the glassy smooth slippery bottom of her slit as the upper part of her finger teased her clit. Her hips twitched and jerked as pleasure shot out from her clit.

The click of the shower door made Dee jump and move her hands quickly. Jerry stepped inside as naked as she was. He went to his knees without a word and lifted her leg up over his shoulder as his lips found her clit. A minute or so later, Dee was yelling and flexing her hips hard, rubbing her sex on his face as his tongue burrowed deep into her pussy.

His nose rubbed her clit at the same time and she was coming long and hard on his face. She grabbed his head and ground her sex even hard against him. Flashing lights and exploding fireworks filled her mind to overflowing. Pleasure ran through her veins like there was no tomorrow. Pure pleasure with no pain attached.


Dee floated on a sea of endorphins. She was only vaguely aware of Jerry holding her up in his arms as he kissed and nibbled the junction of her neck and shoulder. The hot water was stinging her back just above her tailbone. She moaned softly and put her arms around his waist as she felt his hot hard dick pressed to her mound and lower belly. It drew her attention slowly as her inner muscles clamped down tightly on nothing repeatedly.

Taking her weight on her feet, Dee whimpered and lifted the leg on the opposite side from where Jerry was kissing. She came up on her toes but she still was not high enough to get the head of his dick even close to her vagina. She rubbed herself against his dick by flexing her hips as she pleaded, "Please, please, please."

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