tagRomanceUntil Next Time

Until Next Time


"If I come through that door, there is no turning back - I am going to take you any way I want to..."

(three years earlier)

"I can't believe you are going to be in Buffalo the same weekend as me. That's awesome, we have to get together."

"The show is at 7:30 and it should be over by 10:00, so you should come by and I will set up a ticket for you."

And there you are. Wow, you look great. Seem taller than I remember. Heels. Black stockings. Tight skirt. Padded jacket. Silk blouse. Blonde curls. God I wish I had fucked you when we first met.

But you were 17, and I was only in town for a few days. Just didn't work out, but the attraction was electric. So glad that I kept in touch.

An embrace can communicate so much. Neither my arms nor my eyes will release you.

"Great to see you but I have to go and earn my keep. Enjoy the show and I will meet you afterwards."

The hotel bar. Your hands end up in mine as you open up about the growing distance between you and your husband. My friend is hurting and I can make her feel better - is as far as my thoughts will go. I'm taking you upstairs.

The door shuts behind us and clothes start slipping off. Your jacket slides to the floor, my hands spin your hips around, unzip your skirt and it drops leaving you exposed to my ravishment. My fingertips bend you over, presenting me that thick round white ass encased in black lace. My mouth nibbles and seeks out your pussy as I spread you.

With both my hands I trace each leg from ankle to crotch, drawing gasps when my fingers find the folds of your pussy. With only the slightest pressure the slickness yields as you open yourself to me. With two fingers inside you and my thumb lightly teasing your tight asshole, I grind my hand in circles as you push back, urging me deeper.

I stand to take in the image. What a sight - you bent over, elbows on your knees, with the line of your stockings leading to your hungry pussy impaling itself on my fingers.

I strike gold as I reach for a handful of thick blond hair and snap you upright. Your knees buckle and our eyes meet as yours roll back in your head. Catching you with an arm around your chest means your are pressed against my now raging cock.

"How did you know I like having my hair pulled?"

I guess your husband has been way too reserved. "Just seemed like fun" I whisper.

Looking over her shoulder and down her blouse to the black lace bra - full - makes me snap. Blouse and bra are torn from her shoulders with more than a hint of violence, legs kicked apart, panties snapped off, with two hands I push her forward. She lands tits down on the bed with her bach arched and her hips up, presenting me with her exquisite pussy.

"God I need to fuck you.". My cock is out and a couple of strokes confirm it is at full throttle. Something between a moan, a growl, and a scream escapes my lips as I step forward to impale that beautiful pussy.

Wait. Hold on. She's married. You shouldn't do this. You have always tried to be a stand up guy, and fucking other people's wives is not OK.

I exhale deeply and slide onto the bed beside you. You are panting, eyes wide, ready to be taken, pleading to be taken.

"I can't do this. I am so sorry. I want you with all my heart and soul but it would not be right."

I hold you as you melt into me and the tears start. I caress you and comfort you. We talk through the night, locked together, imagining and hoping of ways you can improve the relationship between you and your husband.

Should I be ashamed that as the sun rose I let you wrap your lips around my still hard cock and suck me so wonderfully until I came into your soft luscious mouth and you sighed contentedly as you swallowed my cum. Probably. Did it matter that I hadn't fucked you. Probably not. But I felt so close to you it was impossible to deny ourselves that pleasure...

(one year later)

Hanging up the phone from the conversation we just had I know a few things. You are in town. You are staying at the Marriott in room 613. You do not think we have to be careful seeing each other. You will be waiting for me at 7:00 tonight.

"If I come through that door, there is no turning back - I am going to take you any way I want to."

How was I to know that your relationship with your husband had changed dramatically in the past year. And that he was in the hotel room. Or that inside of ten minutes you would be on your knees as I was fucking your mouth while he watched, and that he and I would both fuck you every way we could dream up. But that is a story for another day..,

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