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Until You Return To Me


I'd been sitting here, rubbing my eyes with the pads of my fingers, tired from staring at the computer all evening. I had tried so hard to catch up on some of the backlogged email that I owed to friends. I really needed to get down to business and let my pen pals know I was still alive. Pen paling had been my major hobby for many years now, writing people from around the world. History and cultures had always intrigued me, and this was a great way to learn about others without the heavy cost of traveling.

My eyes blinked as I tried to focus on the monitor screen again. I was losing the battle fast of trying to stay awake a little bit longer...perhaps, I thought, if I could only get one more letter answered...to England...to Mark. A small curl dipped down to the middle of my forehead as I studied the words I'd recently typed. My lips pursed as I blew air up towards it, in an attempt to move it, rather than my having to lift a finger from the keyboard. It didn't work and I leaned back into my comfortable computer chair, sighing softly as my hand reached up and tucked the stray, dark brown curl with red highlights back in place with the rest of my hair.

I have curly hair, the same as my father had before he died in 1992 from a stroke. It had been the bane of my existence when I was young...never wanting to do what I felt it should. I had envied my friends when they would use curling irons and such...seemed like their locks always looked much better than mine did. But now people remarked how great I looked with my natural curls hanging loose down to my shoulders. I took a lot of pride in keeping my hair shiny and healthy looking...no split ends. It paid back in dividends...as it grew rapidly. My friends now envied me.

My fingers ran absently through the mass of curls as my mind went back to the time I first began writing Mark. My friend in Scotland had sent me an email address which contained a list of people from around the world that wished to correspond through the computer. The thought of meeting people like that online excited me and I prowled through the lists, searching for someone that might meet my needs.

After having gone through list after list, I found the name "Mark". A good name, I thought, and read further. Hmmm, from England...okay...and he was a pilot, flew helicopters there for some company. Sounded interesting. He was in his late 20's and I was 35 then. Not an exact match but close enough that we could find things in common to write. It said he liked cats. I had a tomcat that I adored and the dear thing would follow me from room to room, never letting me far from his sight. That decided it for me. I gave Mark a try.

Having quickly typed an introductory email, I clicked on SEND and waited for a reply. Mark answered promptly that same day and we got along fabulously. He sounded so sexy in his letters, I would often find myself fantasizing about what he looked like. Finally, I asked him for a picture and he sent one straight away. I couldn't believe my eyes...a Greek God! He was very tall, black hair with a slight wave to it and startling blue eyes. My heart raced. I sent him one of me in return and he told me that he found himself lost in my deeply set, dark brown eyes. He said there were untold mysteries there.

Emails proceeded to fly back and forth after that. We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other's written words. It wasn't very long before he mentioned that he'd be traveling to my part of the world, the States...Georgia...and asked if I would care to meet him. My heart fluttered at the mere idea of meeting this Englishman that could turn my loins to butter the moment I opened one of his letters. I wondered if he could manage even more in reality. I sent my reply in a one word answer..."Yes!" Mark let me know he would be at Hartsfield International Airport in a month, asked if I'd pick him up there. I couldn't wait, but would have to do so.

In the meantime I stayed busy. I put the final touches to the house, saw that the food he liked would be in the refrigerator and pantry and replenished my stock of romantic smelling candles. I'd always been such a fool for romance and hoped he was too.

Mark arrived the middle of October, my favorite time of the year when the North Georgia Mountains appeared to be in flames, so many Red Maples changing the color of their leaves...Oaks with their shades of yellow and gold. Georgia has warm days and cool, crisp nights at that time of the year. I just knew he'd love it here as I do. After a last long look in the full-length mirror on the bedroom door to make sure I looked my best, I hurried out the carport door to go pick him up at the airport. Hartsfield is in Atlanta and that city is notorious for its horrendous traffic. I didn't want to get stuck in a traffic jam and make him wait for me in that busy place, so I left a bit earlier than I normally would have.

I just prayed he'd like me when he saw me...not be disappointed. I'd dressed carefully but casually. My soft lavender silk blouse with a scooped neckline was tucked into a pair of white linen slacks that showed my ass off rather nicely, I thought. A pair of white sandals, but no hose, graced my feet. My ears were pierced and I had opals in them. A delicate gold chain hung around my neck. I wanted to keep it simple and rounded it off with a light touch of Opium perfume between my breasts. Men love that scent on me. They say it's sexy.

After parking the car, I strolled into the airport terminal and let my eyes adjust to the shadows inside. Mark had already found the front doors where he thought I'd be and recognized me the minute he spied me from the picture I'd sent him months ago. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I heard a masculine chuckle. "Well, hello there, Sarah!" Startled, I glanced backwards and laughed when I saw it was he. The photo he'd sent me didn't do justice to this man I was checking out. He had this wonderfully warm smile that extended to his eyes. Smiling back, I reached out and gave him a huge welcome hug. That wasn't an easy accomplishment as he stood around six feet tall and I was merely five feet. As I hugged him tightly and said hello, I heard him chortle under his breath, saying he always did love petite women. It was a good thing, as I didn't see me being able to grow taller any time soon.

We piled his luggage into my car and headed to my place. Our highways startled my English guest. In many sections of them, we were driving in eight lanes. "Damn, Sarah, I don't see how in this world you find your way around here! I'd get lost quickly!" I had to explain that he was in a large city where everyone needed a car to get from point A to point B; we don't have as good a transportation system as he has in his country. He shook his head in disbelief as he ran the fingers of his right hand through his hair and leaned back in his seat, watching the cars speed by.

My house is not much to speak of but I call it home. Many white Dogwood trees grace the front yard and it's pretty in the springtime. I'd left my windows open earlier so the house was cool when we entered. Having laid the luggage down on the kitchen's cream-colored ceramic tile floor, Mark glanced around and said, "I like the way you've decorated your place. It isn't too dissimilar from my own. I especially like the way you've used the shades of rose and cream in here. Makes it feel warm and comfortable for those who enter your doors." I was relieved to know he approved of my dwelling. I'd worked hard to make it that way.

We were both hungry by then so I quickly put together a light meal while Mark unpacked for the time he'd be here. I laid out our plates on the table along with tall glasses of sweetened iced tea, then pushed the hair out of my eyes with the fingers of my right hand. I was hungry for more than food and I suppose it showed in the glitter in my eyes. I knew he was exhausted from his long plane trip so I let him eat in peace. There would be time for what I craved when he was rested. Glancing up from my plate I noticed the difference in how Mark handled his fork and knife from the way I held mine. Europeans use their eating utensils in another manner from the way we Americans do and feel their own way is much more civilized. I was amused but kept it to myself.

After I'd rinsed the plates and loaded the dishwasher, we sat in the living room with him telling me all about his job as a pilot, flying helicopters. I was fascinated as I listened to him talk with that wonderfully soft, cultured English accent of his. His manner of speech is smooth and creamy, not the harsh, jarring type you might hear sometimes. Sitting there, I felt as if his words were wrapping themselves around me like a comforting cocoon. He had me mesmerized.

I sat on the couch with one leg pulled up, my arms encircling it, the fingers of my hands laced together, facing him. Mark's left hand reached out and touched my right cheek, then cradled it with his palm. His startling blue eyes looked deeply into my own dark brown ones. That one touch was all it took for my skin to come alive with wanting him. It must have been displayed in my eyes...the lust...as a slight devilish grin appeared on his handsome face. It would seem he had the same train of thought as I did.

His hand roamed to the nape of my neck and he pulled my head towards his own, his lips searching for mine. My eyelids shut softly as we began the first of many lingering kisses. As I audibly sighed, the fingers of my left hand lifted and caressed his right cheek, trailing across his cheekbone. Feeling the texture of his skin under my fingertips sent shivers scurrying down my spine. I craved this man. Oh, how I craved him... right then and there!

I leaned into his chest and my tongue slipped from between my teeth...traced the line of his lips. The flat of my tongue rasped across his sensual, full lips from one side to the other. I heard a low moan escape from his mouth as my small, white teeth tugged on the center of his lower lip, drew it into my warm, moist mouth, and nursed it as if it were another member of his body.

Mark lightly grasped both of my upper arms and held me away from him. As he looked intently into my eyes, he said, "Sarah, we're going to do this my way." I didn't know what 'my way' was but at that point I couldn't refuse him anything. I nodded in acceptance and he pulled me up off the couch to stand in front of him.

After he had tugged my silk blouse out of my linen slacks, Mark slipped his long, lean, tanned fingers under the hem, lifted it over my head, and laid it on the couch. I shook my head slightly to put my tresses back in order while he moved behind me, unzipped my pants, pushed them down over my rounded hips and slender thighs. As they fell past my satin smooth calves to my trim ankles, I stepped out of the slacks and kicked them aside with my left foot. He stepped back in front of me and quietly perused my petite body from head to toe, which caused me to blush, leaving a warm glow all over my skin. Mark laughed softly, knowing he'd embarrassed me with his attentiveness. He gave heed to the front clasp of my white lace bra, lifted it off my delicate shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor. Despite the warm air that surrounded us on that warm October day, I shivered. Goosebumps traveled along my skin as Mark removed the last article of clothing from my body...a pair of white silk bikini panties. I was laid bare for his close inspection.

My skin could feel his eyes as they pored over each and every inch. I yearned to be able to do the same to him...undress him. My right hand reached out to tug at his shirt but he moved backwards, telling me I was not allowed to touch him right then. My eyes blinked as I tried to understand this new event, but he asked me to trust him, and I did. On his own accord, he stripped off all his clothes in front of me, a white cotton sports shirt that buttoned up the front, light blue slacks with a navy blue leather belt and black loafers. Mark dropped them to the floor and allowed me to view him in all his glory, as he had arrived in this world 29 years ago. I marveled at his perfection, the long, strong limbs and the contoured chest with just enough hair on it to intrigue me, the flat stomach that I knew I'd love to caress. My heart raced faster as I thought what that body of his could do to mine. My breath quickened.

Mark motioned for me to stay where I was as he moved into the bedroom to get a couple things and returned with them in his hands. I peered into his palms to see strips of black silk there and inquired what use he planned for them. With a slight quirk to his grin, he asked if I still trusted him. "Yes," I replied. He sat me down on the edge of the couch, blindfolded me with one strip of silk and tied my wrists together in front of me with the other. Then he told me to get on my knees on the floor, that I'd not be allowed to speak or touch him in any way until he said I could. My mind raced, wondering what was in store for me.

The room was quiet except for the chirping of birds and the drone of bees coming from outside the opened windows. I could hear him padding around in his bare feet on my carpet. Suddenly I felt his presence at my back. He had knelt there and began breathing one half inch away from my skin. I could feel his warm breath as he moved up and down it...from side to side. Slowly he moved the hair away from the nape of my neck and breathed there, too. I moaned deep in my chest...excited by his sensual movements. Mark repeated this all over my body and then had me lean forward as he breathed on my ass cheeks and then between them. The covering of my body began to scream for an end to this madness...for the torture to cease. He leaned in even closer and blew warm air on my shaved pussy lips. I trembled. The tip of his tongue darted in between my swollen lips and bathed my clit. My petite frame shook from the intensity of wanting him to enter me with that hard shaft of his. Laughter bubbled from within his chest as he watched hot juice flow from my vagina...down onto my thighs. He dipped a finger into my hot cave, drenched it with my cum, lifted the finger to his mouth, and tasted the flavor of my lust for him. My back arched and I squirmed as he palmed my bare pussy with his hand, stroking it so that his index finger flicked my clit. Groaning loudly, I begged him to fuck me, but he didn't...not yet.

Mark was very much into Domination/Submissive role-playing. I'd never experienced it before but so far I liked it. The word "pain" was not in his vocabulary, but he loved the control of sex this way. I must admit it was exciting. I heard him walk back to face me and he told me to sit up. After having done so, he knelt on his knees and exhaled on each of my nipples. They puckered instantly! He lifted one breast with two of his fingers and maneuvered it to his lips, letting his tongue encircle the hard nub. The flat of his tongue teased the 3-inch saucer of each tit, leaving me panting, begging for more. His strong teeth clamped down first on one nipple and then on the other as he tugged on them. I gasped as the nerve endings that connected between my nipples and my dripping hot puss raged for more than he was giving me. I couldn't see what he was doing but the mystery of him surrounding me brought my sexual tension to a new height. Moisture glistened on my skin...I was on fire.

His hands lowered towards my belly as he played his sweet tune to the muscles there, making them writhe with each touch of his fingers. My head leaned back, my eyes closed. I was in ecstasy. A moan escaped my lips as he dipped the tip of his tongue into my navel. I could hear him breathing hard as he rubbed his smooth cheek against my pelvic area. I shifted my hips forward, hoping he'd move down to my soaking wet pussy. My body was so hot for the caress of his tongue, desiring it to engulf my mind where only heaven existed.

Mark entwined his fingers into my hands, which were still tied at the wrists, and helped me up from my kneeling position. He led me to the couch and instructed me to lie back. I did so. As I reposed my head against the throw pillows at one end of the sofa, Mark settled himself at my feet on the other end and moved my thighs apart, his hands but a whisper upon my soft skin. I groaned and moved restlessly under his expert touch. Suddenly I heard him move away from me again, only to return with something that sounded like clicking against glass. I inhaled sharply as Mark touched my nipples with an ice cube, causing them to get even harder than they already were. Ohhhh, that made me shiver from head to toe. The nerve endings in my hard, puckered nubs shot electric bolts straight down to my pussy, making me twist and turn under his spell. He whispered in my left ear..."Do you like this, Sarah? Nod your head if you would like more of the same." The rich brown curls on my head swayed slightly as I moved my head up and down, signifying my approval. I could almost see him smile in his pleasure at my consent.

The ice was moved up to my forehead, then down to the tip of my small, pert nose. The melting left a small rivulet of cool water to stream inside my barely parted mouth as Mark smoothed the cube across first the top and then across the fullness of my bottom pouting lip. My tongue darted hungrily out, trying to catch the coolness before it ran down my chin. That action was all for naught as the ice then traveled down with his fingers to my somewhat stubborn chin, to the hollow of my throat. Chills ran up and down my spine as my heart beat at a more rapid tempo. I wondered if it would leap out of my chest, it thumped so fast. I could sense my new lover incline forward as he placed his lips to the recently cooled spot on my throat. His teeth grazed lightly over my skin as he began to gently suck 'til the blood came to the surface, leaving a place for me to remember him later, if I viewed it in a mirror.

As my back bowed upwards, Mark inched the cube of ice down my sternum and back up across my sensitive breasts. Such joy! Such madness in each caress! My stomach muscles tightened as the ice encircled the indention from where I was born, water trickling down to the inside of my thighs. My whole body squirmed as my head thrashed from side to side. My fingers clinched tightly. I heard him chuckle under his breath. Mark knew he was taking me to places I'd never been before sexually. I could feel the hardness of his cock against my creamy thighs as the excitement built in him too. He knew he was a fine musician as he watched my body react to his playing my flesh like a favorite violin. Hot juice streamed from my steaming pussy, splattering my thighs, smelling of musk...of lust for him. I wanted him and wanted him badly to penetrate my dark, swollen hole with his hard shaft that boldly proclaimed him to be a man. But he whispered my name softly and said..."Not yet, Sarah...not yet. You need to learn patience." I moaned even louder this time and wriggled within his grasp. How much longer would he torment me this way, I wondered. I had never known such a longing to be taken by a man in my lifetime!

When my delicate lips were parted and the ice touched my swollen pearl, my entire body jerked and I came in a huge orgasm. I cried out his name as hot, white cum shot out and splashed Mark's face. He greedily lapped it up with his raspy tongue as I trembled and shook. By then my legs had turned to jelly, and I quivered as the spasms continued to rock my whole being from within.

Mark knew by our previous emails that I was multiple orgasmic, so he allowed me to reach my peak and then let my breathing slow down before he set about to bring me to an even higher level of sexual consciousness. I could hear him gather another piece of ice from the glass bowl on the coffee table near us when he instructed me to turn over to my stomach on the couch, to get on my knees again, facing away from him. He gently pushed my head down to my loosely bound wrists and placed my ass high. My thighs he shifted apart with his hands as he moved himself between my legs and sat back upon his haunches. With his left palm on my left ass cheek, he moved a piece of ice in small circles on my right cheek with his other hand. I shivered and gasped slightly, but the cold sensation against my hot skin was not unpleasant, instead it was arousing. I could feel the trail of cool water from the melting ice trickle down between my cheeks 'til it flowed over the flower of my fair sex. I couldn't stay still under his touch and my hips moved slightly...wanting to feel more of his caress. His fingers maneuvered the cold substance over my freshly shaved pussy and around my wanting vagina. I pressed my incredibly hot puss back against the hand that held the ice and Mark slipped what was left of the cold cube inside of me, holding it there, until the liquid flowed back into the center of his waiting palm. Shuddering, I felt my body and soul scream out for another release, for him to quickly penetrate me...I begged. I pleaded. He said ... "Yes".

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