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Untimely Lust


Chapter 1 - Kasey's Part

Kasey giggled having almost fallen out of the taxi, luckily her boyfriend Christov was there to help her. They were just home from an amazing night out, of course she had a little too much to drink.

"Be careful Kase." Christov kept saying as he walked her to the door. Standing at the door in the moonlight she could barely focus on his finely chiselled chin but she smiled up at him before falling forward into his arms, it was supposed to be a kiss but at 6ft5 he was much taller than her and her tiptoes wouldn't really cooperate in the state she was in.

"Are you coming in ba - by?" She uttered with a slight hiccup. His subtle chuckle always made her smile but she couldn't quite understand why he was laughing at her.

"Not tonight Kase, I think you've had too much to drink plus you know I gotta work early tomorrow and I hate waking you when the alarm goes." He smiled before kissing her button nose whilst softly stroking her cheek.

"Alright Chris, I love you babe." She replied, giving him a kiss before waving him goodbye and opening her door.

"Anyone home yet?" She shouted as she stumbled through the door, dropping her keys on the side table. Kasey lived with her best friend Elea, they had grown up together and were more like sisters than friends but one thing she really couldn't stand was Elea's Boyfriend Lint. He was always around the house these days, she hated saying anything to Elea since it usually caused them to fight. Hearing silence she was quite grateful and went to grab a glass of water before bed.

"Oh its you!" A voice said, making Kasey jump as she stood at the cupboard getting a glass.

"What the hell? You scared the shit out of me Lint." Kasey stormed as she turned to see his ignorant frame stood in the kitchen doorway in just his boxers. She had to admit he had such a toned body, she could make out each muscle of his six pack but his personality was rotten to the core.

"Who did you think it was? You are one drunk dumb bitch tonight ain't ya?" He growled at her, looking her up and down in a way that creeped her out. She tried the best she could to hide herself but in the short tight low cut black mini-dress she was wearing it felt impossible. She wanted to be out of the kitchen as soon as she could so decided to take the water with her. Walking towards Lint she realised he wasn't going to move out of her way as easily as she hoped.

"Excuse me!" She uttered with her head facing down to the floor.

"Why would I wanna let you out? You got a great body K, why don't you show it off a bit more?" Lint asked roughly as he pushed a finger down her torso.

"Please let me past you Lint, I want to go to bed!" Her tone getting more irritated as she began to feel herself sobering slightly.

"I will move on one condition. Take your dress off, I wanna see those titties." Lint loomed towards her.

"What?" She had heard him but wasn't interested in responding, she stood back and weighed up her options.

"I said, take your dress off you deaf bitch!" His tone was angry now and he moved towards her, grabbing her wrist forcing her to put her glass down on the side before it fell.

"You slimy ass bastard, get away from me! ELEA!!!" She screamed for her friend and looked stunned as he began to laugh in her face.

"You stupid cow, Elea ain't here she has to work nights this week. Its just you and me for the next six hours. Now take your fucking dress off or I will do it for you I swear to god." He loomed over her, it wasn't that he was as tall as Christov but at 6ft1 he was still half a foot taller than her and much more powerful. Looking around him in panic she spotted a way to get past him. She charged at him and slid through his legs, it must sound like something out of the movies but she realised she had done it. Jumping to her feet she fled upstairs and into her room, locking the door behind her. She didn't look back, just curled up on her bed shaking. She could hear his feet banging on the stairs as he made his way up them, suddenly he was banging on her door.

"Well done Kasey, I am impressed. Even drunk you use your body in a good way. I will get you, one way or another I promise I will get you!" Lint laughed eerily as she heard him slam Elea's bedroom door.

Chapter 2 - Lint's Part

That bitch, how dare she blank me like that. She just thinks she is so special because she has Christov. It had been almost an hour since Kasey had run to her room, it was now time to get something out of her. Lifting the mattress from the bed, Lint picked up a key from the woodwork. He smiled to himself as he looked at the time, Elea was on night shift she wouldn't be back for ages, he knew getting a key cut for Kasey's room would come in useful sometime.

Tiptoeing across the hall he listened at the door for a few minutes. He could hear her breathing deeply like she always did when she was asleep. Slowly he placed the key in the lock and knocked out the key on the other side, luckily it fell onto the rug on the other side so not to cause too much noise. Unlocking the door he slowly opened it, he had oiled the hinge every morning this week when Kasey was in the shower just in case he needed to open it silently sometime. In fairness he had planned this moment for months, she was gorgeous with her tight ass, huge pert tits and legs that he wished would just wrap around his head. The room was being lit by the street lamp from outside so he could easily see what he was doing, Kasey was on the outside of the covers in just her underwear. Lint felt his cock harden in his boxers immediately, her pert tits cupped perfectly by her tight fitting bra. She was a DD cup easily and he couldn't wait to taste her.

Looking at her on the bed he licked his lips but he had to think carefully. What if she woke up whilst he played with her, that wouldn't be a good ending. Looking around the room he spotted her silk scarves and decided to tie her hands to the bed. Leaning on the bed he placed a hand at the far end of the headboard and tied it not to hurt her but tightly in place then he covered her eyes with another one. Sitting back he admired his work, she was open for him now. Smiling to himself he leaned forward and grabbed one of her tits, it felt so good in his hand so firm and yet still bouncy. His cock was causing his boxers to pitch a tent. Stepping off the bed and looking at Kasey's sleeping body he pulled down his shorts, his cock popping out and standing to full attention. Pushing his hand under her hot body he undone her bra, luckily it was one of those no arm strap bras as he hadn't thought of removing it before tying her up. As he pulled her bra away from her body he saw her glorious tits, kneeling over her he grabbed his cock and rubbed his throbbing head over her hardening nipples as his other hand began kneading and groping the other tit. She must have been so drunk, still sleeping deeply, not even stirring as he leant down to flick his tongue over her now hard pink nipple. Oh how good she looked lying there for him, inviting him to play with her body. Closing his lips around her nipple he began to suck on it, flicking it in his mouth at the same time and grinding his hips against her body his cock rubbing against her side. Cherishing the taste of her sensitive buds in his mouth, playing with each breast individually. Getting to his knees he straddled her chest as he felt her nipples brush his skin he leant forward and gripped her chin with a thumb to open her mouth, slipping his hot cock into her mouth now. As his hips thrust he could feel his head hitting the sides of her mouth, her breathing getting deeper as he slid it back her throat. He didn't want her to gag, just incase he woke her up but he wanted her to take as much as she could. He was so close to cumming now but he wanted to control it. Pulling out of her mouth leaving a saliva trail on her chin, he moved down between her legs. Pulling her thong down her long legs and off her body before his tongue positioned on her clit as he softly flicked it, sliding a finger inside her. She was so tight, he couldn't believe it. He hadn't had a chick this tight since High School, how good she would feel around his cock.

Licking and flicking her pussy he was enjoying the sweet taste he was getting from her. Even as she slept her body was accepting the pleasure. Speeding up he noticed her shuddering softly as she cum on his tongue, lapping up her juices he knew it was almost time. Kissing back up her body he licking and kissed her nipples again, shaking her to make sure she was still asleep. Pulling her legs open wide he slid his body between them, rubbing his head over her silky smooth pussy. It felt so warm but wet as he teased himself, running his cock over her glossy lips. Putting his head at her opening he braced himself for the anticipation before pushing his hips forward and sliding his thick hard cock inside her. He started slowly, just 2 inches being gripped tight by her hot pussy before pulling out again. Slowly he increased it to 4 inches, by the time his 8 inch cock was deep inside her he was almost at the height of climax. Calming himself he began to slowly grind against her body, his cock now feeling right at home as he pushed himself in and out of her wet hole. Lifting her legs and holding them around his waist as he began to fuck her harder. The bed now making a creaking noise as his thrusts became uncontrollable, his balls smacking hard against her ass with each thrust of his hips. Slowing, he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and hovered over her body with only his arms holding him up as he began once again to forcibly thrust his cock in and out of her. His tongue now invading her mouth like his cock was invading her pussy. He couldn't help but let out the groans as he slid into her, her walls holding him so tightly he knew he had to cum. He wasn't wearing a condom and had no idea if she was on the pill but before he had time to think his balls were emptying inside her. First it was 2 short shots of hot creamy cum escaping into her body but then another one spurted deep inside her, one more soft thrust and he was shaking with pleasure as his cum flooded her pussy. His shaking easing and the realisation of what he had done was coming back to him. Holding himself inside her for another minute as he got his breath back, pulling out of her he watched as his juice rushed out onto the bed. The thought hit him that she would find out if he didn't move fast. He pulled his boxers back on and grabbed her thong, mopping up what he could of his cum on the sheets before sliding it back up her legs onto her. The thought of her thong covered in his cum against her pussy was almost too much to take but he knew he had to make a quick exit now. Untying her hands and removing the blindfold he pulled the duvet over her and folded her bra on the table, hoping she didn't notice. Picking her key up and putting it next to her bed he hoped she wouldn't remember leaving it in the door as he slowly crept out and locked the door back behind him. Sliding into his girlfriends bed he smiled to himself with the thought of cumming in her.

Chapter 3 - The Conclusion

"Can you believe it Kase? I'm engaged!" Elea beamed at her best friend as she threw her diamond ring clad hand under Kasey's nose.

"That is so cool El, I am really happy for you!" She replied through somewhat gritted teeth, she still remembered what Lint was like the night she had been tipsy six months ago.

"Hey Gorgeous!" Lint cooed as he entered the room, sliding his arms around Elea's hips as he looked over and winked at Kasey who was sat by the kitchen window.

"I was just telling Kase about your proposal sweetie." Elea chirped turning to kiss Lint.

"Congratulations guys!" Kasey piped up in a hesitant manor that was lost on Elea.

"Thanks Kase, I best get to work. I will see you later for the anti-natal classes though alright? What a jerk Christov is, I never realised he would leave you, pregnant and jobless. We will help anyway that we can though, won't we Lint?" Elea said nudging Lint in the ribs.

"Yeah, Sure El. Anyway you want Kase." He smiled over at her before kissing his fiancée and waving her out the door.

Coming back to the kitchen he smiled at Kasey and sat down next to her, eyeing her pregnancy bump.

"Why do you do that? It creeps me out." Kasey said as she watched Lint grin and stare at her six month bump.

"Oh I like pregnant women!" Lint answered with a wink.

"You'll never get your hands on this one Lint, never would, never will!" Kasey grumbled before struggling to stand and walk to the kitchen sink.

"Bit late to tell me that Kasey." Lint uttered arrogantly as he walked up behind her, caressing her bump and leaning his chin on her shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing? Get off me. Contrary to what you think I do remember running away from you that night El was on late's. Don't make me tell her Lint." Kasey spat, trying to free herself but getting wedged between the sink and Lint's body.

"Go ahead K, tell her. In fact, I dare you to tell her! Triple dare even." His answer becoming muffled, as his mouth muzzled into her neck.

"Get off! Don't think I won't Lint. You are nothing to me, never will be." Kasey wriggled.

"That is no way to be talking to your baby daddy Kasey." Lint's hands were now roaming under her night dress, sliding up her bare thighs not letting her move away from the sink.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I never fucked you! STOP IT!!" She slapped his hand away from her thigh.

"It means I fucked you that night six months ago, surely you remember waking up to wet panties, no bra and I bet you had cum in your pussy for days." Lint breathlessly whispered close to her ear as he felt himself harden just at the thought.

"What??? How did you know.. What?" Kasey stuttered, now ignoring his hands roaming further up her body.

"I fucked you bitch, that is my baby you have growing inside you and right now I am going to fuck you again, right here!" His words hitting her hard, almost falling back on him it suddenly all made sense. How he had been so nice to her since she announced her pregnancy and the morning after their fight she remembered messy sheets but she thought she must have been with Chris and not remembered. When she was told the due date she thought she must have been with Chris but now, now she knew it wasn't his baby. Snapping her back to reality was Lint's finger sliding into her shaved pussy, his other hand on her milk filled breasts. Trying to shake him off was no good.

"Please Lint, Stop it!" She said turning her head sideways to face his.

"Just go with it Kase, you might like it. I know you're hormonal and horny. Let me help you with that second part." His finger fucking her harder as he spoke, making her groan and gasp.

"No, you are going to be my best friends husband. No one can know about the baby! Now please... GET OFF!" Her words were making him angry now.

"Maybe I should say this in a language you might understand. I am not asking you to fuck me K, I am telling you to and if you don't then maybe Elea would like to hear how you seduced me the night she was working and got yourself knocked up. Hmmm?" His angry tone changing to soft nibbles on her neck. Before she could let it all sink in and agree or disagree he had his pants unzipped and his cock rubbing up and down her ass.

"That's it, be a good girl now!" His words echoing around her head, his teeth now nibbling her earlobe as his arm holding her softly around her bump, pulling her hips towards him. Lifting her night dress over her head and thrown to the floor, his hands roaming her glowing body.

"Please don't hurt the baby!" Her words soft and broken.

"I won't!" Was all he could say before she felt him thrust into her tight pussy. There was no fore play which is what she was expecting, he was obviously just after something quick. His arm was around her bump still, protecting her from the sink as he thrust harder.

"Slide your ass out will ya, arch your back so I don't hurt you!" He asked softly as his cock pushed deeply into her as she obeyed his orders. His hands on her shoulders as his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, even after six months she was so tight around him. Her unintentional groans driving him crazy.

"Walk towards the fireplace in the living room and bend over again! I wanna see those tits bounce in the mirror." His words broken by breathlessness as he continued to fuck her. She obeyed him again and stood facing the mirror, watching his face as he violated her body again.

"Good girl! You are such a good ride baby, oh yeah take my cock." Lint said as he began to thrust his hips back and forth faster and faster. "Move your arms so I can see those titties bounce!"

Kasey positioned herself like he had asked and she could feel him throb inside her as he watched her tits. His hand reaching around and rubbing on her engorged clit, slow at first but speeding up like his thrusts.

"Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock!" His voice rough but really turning her on as she arched her back and let herself enjoy him. She could feel the pleasure building inside her, her body shuddered hard and the pussy muscles contracted around his hard cock as she was brought to a high level of pleasure, something she had never before experienced. Her body shaking hard as she cum all over him. It was obvious he couldn't take it anymore and his throbbing cock shot his hot cum deep inside her, his groans filling the air as his hips thrust hard once more making her take his load.

"Oh yes, such a hot little fuck!" Lint added as he stroked her hair with one hand and rubbed her tit with the other.

"I don't know what to say." Kasey quietly answered as Lint pulled his cock out of her pussy, standing back to admire his work. The cum leaking out down her thighs and legs, dripping onto the carpet.

"Mmmmhmmm baby you are such a good fuck. I will be wanting more of that pussy even after our baby is born." He said whilst spinning her around to face him, his hands on her bump rubbing it, kissing her hoping she was going to kiss him back. She did, her tongue was invading his mouth and caressing his tongue hungrily, pulling away he looked at her.

"You know I have always wanted you Kasey, you just wouldn't give me a second look." He added, kissing her soft lips once more as he felt her wrap her arms around him. He had lusted after her even at school, now he would have her whenever he wanted.

Moral of the story, you can have your cake and eat it!

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