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Untitled #01


Shane came home from work early, something she never did. She was more a fan of overtime, which meant more money and more accomplishment, than skipping out at four. But she missed Kristin, and she wanted to steal back some of the illusive time she felt Jo had taken from her in the past few weeks. She unlocked the door and pushed it open with her elbow, calling out in a comically masculine voice "Honey, I'm home!" No answer.

The lights in the living room were off and Shane could hear the rumblings of the TV. She crept softly along the hallway, hoping to surprise her girl, but when she rounded the corner into the living room, she saw Kristen... and Jo. The little brat was strewn across the couch, Shane's couch, her long, firm legs exposed and her head in Kristen's, Shane's Kristen!, lap. Kristen was playing with Jo's cropped blonde hair and her fingers rested inches below Jo's luxurious, heavy breasts. And as usual, Jo wasn't wearing a bra. The two of them were caught in a fit of laughter at something on the screen (or maybe something in each other's faces?) and Kristen barely managed a, "Hi sweetie," as Shane stomped through the room, pausing purposefully in front of the TV screen, and stalked into the bedroom, snapping the door shut firmly as she went.

Kristin calmed down immediately. She hated to see Shane in a bad mood, and just by the tone of her voice, the sound of the door closing, she could tell it was her fault. She looked down at Jo, whose smile had melted into a worried frown, and looked at her own hand, resting at the edge of the thin white undershirt Jo was wearing. Fuck, Kristen, what are you doing. She motioned for Jo to sit up and followed Shane into the bedroom, leaving the door cracked as she entered.

"Sweetie, you're home early!" she said cheerfully. Shane had tossed her shoes against the dresser and was loosening her tie in an irritated manner.

"Yeah, well, little good it did me." She answered bitterly, "Just in time to catch the matinee of the Kristen and Jo show. Jesus, if I had come home a half hour earlier, maybe I could have seen you showering together."

"Baby, what are you talking about? You know I would never do that to you! Jo needs a place to stay. We were out all day looking for a job for her, and we were just taking a break. I'm not trying to cheat, I'm just-"

"Trying to help a friend, I know. But the truth is, Kristen, she's not my friend. And this apartment, well, this apartment is mine. My name's on the lease. And I want your friend out of my apartment."

"I can't fucking believe you, Shane!" Kristen retorted, "The girl doesn't have a home. And what family she had has abandoned her. I'd think you of all people would understand that. If she doesn't stay here, where the hell else is she gonna go?"

Shane, who had been pulling off her tie and button down shirt, now stood in sweats and a beater, and glared back at Kristen. "Don't you ever tell me what I should or shouldn't understand. You have no idea what my understanding is. And I'll tell you what, I don't know where Jo can go, but I can tell you where she's not going to go, and that's out with my girlfriend!"

Jo stood in the living room, packing up her few belongings quickly into her tattered knapsack. She didn't want to be in the way when this fight erupted into the living room. Somehow she knew it would end like this. Shane had good intentions, but she was very protective of Kristen, and she intimidated the hell out of Jo. Jo was just about to escape down the hallway when Kristen opened the door to the bedroom. "Jo," she cried, "where are you going?"

"Look, it's clear I shouldn't be here anymore Kristen. I can find somewhere else." Shane came out of the bedroom with an embarrassed look on her face and stood in the doorframe. "You've been so kind to me, I couldn't stand being a burden," Jo finished.

"No way," Kristen almost shouted. "Look you two, I know this is tough, but Jo, there is no way in hell I'm letting you go God knows where in the freezing cold. You're staying here, so take your coat off and make yourself fucking comfortable. And Shane, you know how important you are to me. I love you more than anything, baby. This is just something I need to do. And if you really love me back, you'll trust me, and you'll help me do it." Shane sighed and sat down on the couch.

"Jo, she's right, you can't go out in the cold. I didn't mean to say all that... I just got a little out of control. Please accept my apology and stay with us. It's no burden, really." She sighed again and let her head drop to her chest.

"Oh baby," Kristen cooed, and wrapped herself around Shane on the couch, one leg on either side of Shane's. She lifted Shane's chin and whispered, "You're my heart, you know that, right?" They kissed, and Shane wrapped her arms around Kristen's back. On the other side of the room, Jo, getting restless, was ready to bolt for the door. But Kristen saw her out of the corner of her eye, and, still staring right at Shane, she said, "Jo, don't leave. Come over here."

Jo shuffled over, wary of Shane, but she stayed locked in her stare with Kristen. When Jo was close enough, Kristen grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. Finally breaking her gaze with Shane, she turned to Jo. "I thought I told you to take that off," she said, pulling off Jo's wool coat and letting it slide onto a heap on the floor. She took Jo's hand and pulled her down on her knees, so the two of them were face to face. Kristen was in Shane's lap with Shane's hands on her waist, but she twisted around to face Jo. Kristen touched her face, held her neck, and kissed her. A silent breath escaped all of them, and Kristen looked at Jo and then Shane to register the looks on their faces. She leaned into Jo again and with her lips grazing Jo's ear, she whispered, "Now kiss her."

Jo hesitated. She didn't think she could do it. Despite the fact that Shane was incredibly attractive- tall, butch, and blonde with an upturned nose and sparkling green eyes- Jo was scared shitless of her commanding nature and her observant eye. She looked at Kristen for reassurance, and Kristen challenged her with her expression. So Jo looked Shane squarely in the face, leaned in, and touched her lips to Shane's.

Shane could hardly believe she was doing this. But then, she thought, she had been mentioning bringing another woman into bed with them for months. As she slipped her tongue into Jo's soft mouth, she heard Kristen's light laughter and felt her fingers slip through her hair. Jo pulled back, but before she could start to feel awkward, Kristen had pulled off her own shirt and was guiding Shane's fingers over her ribs, around her firm, round breasts, and onto her delicate pink nipples.

Kristen's long ash blonde hair fell in waves down her small back. With her hand on the back of Jo's neck, she pulled her close and murmured, "Let her show you how." She kissed Jo hard, and Jo wasn't exactly sure what she was supposed to see with her tongue down Kristen's throat, but she didn't really care. She tangled her fingers in Kristen's hair, and Kristen moaned into Jo's open mouth as Shane's lips met the soft skin of her breasts. Kristen slipped her hand under Jo's thin shirt, then thought better of it and pulled the whole thing off. "No, let me show you how," she mumbled, and her hands found Jo's soft, voluptuous breasts, bigger and heavier than her own.

Kristen kneaded the firm tissue and caressed the heavy curves. Her fingers circled around Jo's nipples, already hard from the chills that had come with the first kisses. Kristen laughed at this, and ran her nails over both of Jo's breasts and Jo took in a sharp breath as the sharpness hit her sensitive skin.

Jo tried to stay quiet, but jerked on Kristen's hair as she flicked, pinched, licked, bit, and caressed her chest until Jo thought she'd have to force Kristen to stop... or just moan for her to keep going. But Shane pulled Kristen away, kissing her neck, breathing in her ear, and Kristen tore off the wife beater and pulled Shane forward onto her. Kristen unclipped Shane's bra and pushed her playfully back against the couch, pressing her body against Shane's to kiss her.

Kristen slipped off Shane's lap and slid between her legs. She seemed to change her mind and jumped up, pulling Shane and Jo up with her. She walked to the door of the bedroom, and with another of those addictive laughs, she unzipped her tight jeans and slipped out of them. Her slight frame stood in silhouette against the light in the bed room, her round ass, small, firm breasts, and long, straight hair quivered in the light. She walked into the room and waited for the other two to follow.

Jo came through the door and smiled sheepishly, in her socks and a faded plaid skirt from her days in Catholic school. Kristen laid her down on the bed and knelt at her feet, pulling off her socks and then working her way slowly up Jo's legs with kisses and caresses until she was between her thighs, nibbling at the soft tissue only inches from her hips. She didn't move Jo's skirt, but pulled off her underwear and disappeared beneath it.

Jo felt Kristen's hot breath between her legs, but a creak in the floorboards let them both know that Shane had entered and was picking her way gingerly over to the bed. Kristen reappeared from between Jo's legs and pulled Shane to her. "Relax, baby, everything's fine."

She tugged at Shane's sweats, and Shane shrugged them off and kicked them out behind her. Kristen slid her fingers up the back of Shane's muscular calves, and over her strong thighs, and let her tongue flick between her legs, right over her clit, just once. This seemed to win Shane over.

"I need your help," Kristen whispered to her, and glanced up at Jo. The next thing Jo knew, Shane was kissing her, and she really never would have guessed that anyone could kiss so well. She felt the power in Shane's body through her arms and hands and fingers on her chest, and through her lips and tongue, which were confidently exploring Jo's mouth.

Shane felt Jo's body soften and submit to hers, which she loved. She nibbled Jo's flushed, full lips, and felt the softness of Jo's tongue following her lead. Jo felt Kristen's breath on her thighs again, and then underneath her skirt, on her lips. She moved her hands down to touch Kristen, but Shane grabbed her by the wrists and crossed her hands above her head. She kissed her again, and fondled her hard nipples, rolling them between her fingers and running her palms firmly over them. Kristen pushed Jo's legs up on the bed and opened them wider. She traced the lines of Jo's lips with her fingers, and then pulled them apart.

Jo could feel a thin jet of Kristen's breath directly on her clit, and she pressed her hips towards it, tightening her mouth on Shane's and groaning into the kiss. Then, ever so slowly, Kristen's tongue traced the same line her fingers had. She ran her tongue in the wetness between Jo's lips and over her clit, flicking it to one side as she went. Jo tried to move her hips onto Kristen's tongue, but Kristen had her ankles, so she put her hands in Shane's hair instead, and pulled her head closer, her tongue deeper, waiting for Kristen to touch her again. She did, after a few long moments, and this time she flicked her tongue hard over the tiny bump between Jo's legs, between her lips, and she didn't stop.

Kristen continued slowly, moving in tiny circles and then making quick figure eights. She went faster and faster until Jo had to pull Shane's mouth away from hers and put her head back to keep from screaming. She grabbed the soft ends of Shane's short tresses and pulled at her scalp. Kristen could feel Jo's thighs start to tremble, could feel her muscles flexing to take in the stimulation. So she stopped. Jo thought she might pull out all of Shane's hair, but Shane took her wrists firmly and removed them from her now tangled mop.

Kristen slid her body heavily over Jo's warm, glistening skin, and whispered into her ear, "If you want more, you're gonna have to ask." Jo stared back at her, unable to speak. "Ok, I'll do it." Kristen said. She put one leg on each side of Jo's chest and leaned over her. "I got hot from fucking you, so I want you to take this hand," she took Jo's hand and slipped it between her legs, "and come inside me."

Jo did it, not so slowly as Kristen had touched her, but slowly enough. When she pressed her fingers inside the tight, wet, warmth of Kristen's body, Kristen put her head back and allowed a sound to escape her parted lips. She slipped her fingers through Jo's smooth silky hair, and asked her, "What do you want? Do you want her to touch you?" Jo felt Shane's hands slide up the inside of her thighs, pressing out on her legs.

"Yes..." was all that Jo could manage.

"Then tell her!" Kristen pressed hard with her hips, forcing Jo deeper inside her.

"I want..." Jo whispered, "Shane, I want Shane to fuck me," she trailed off, but she already felt Shane's hands skillfully commanding her clit, her thighs, her hips. Her fingers slipped firmly over Jo's swollen clit again and again, and then slid inside her, thrusting into her as Jo thrust into Kristen. All of them were moaning together now, breathing together, and Jo could feel Kristen's noises through her fingers on Jo's sore scalp. Then she felt Shane's moans between her legs, through her skin. With Shane's fingers inside her and Shane's tongue running swiftly over that hard, wet knot of tissue, Jo's legs began to tremble, and her body quivered from Shane's touch.

Jo had to stop moving into Kristen so she could concentrate on that throbbing bit of skin under Shane's tongue. Kristen moved herself rhythmically on top of Jo, and stroked her hair, her face, whispering, "Good, Jo, let yourself come." And she did. At that moment, as if Kristen's telling her had made it happen, she let her body drown in the moment, with Shane inside her, her tongue torturing and pleasuring her, and Kristen on top of her, encouraging her screams.

She was exhausted. With her eyes closed, she felt Shane slide up next to her on the bed and kiss her on the forehead. "Not bad," Shane said. She felt Kristen's weight come off her body, felt her stroking her hair, her face, her chest. Kristen laid down on Shane and kissed her passionately. Jo opened her eyes to see the two of them looking at each other, they're legs entwined, Kristen rubbing herself up and down on Shane's sturdy thigh, her hand hidden between Shane's legs, stroking her softly. Shane turned Kristen over on her stomach, and rested just below her waist, with her hand on Kristen's lower back. She opened Kristen up with her fingers, and Kristen let out a hoarse moan as Shane came inside her. She pressed the headboard with her palms and Shane tore into her, softly at first, but harder and harder as Kristen yelled louder and more hoarsely.

Kristen beat the headboard with her palm as the pressure of Shane inside her sent sensation coursing through her body. She shouted and screamed, and as she quieted, Shane slowed and quieted too. Jo couldn't see what exactly had happened to indicate that Kristen was finished, but Shane seemed to have her lover timed out to a T. Kristen turned over and Shane wrapped her arms around her. They kissed, and Kristen turned over to meet Jo's gaze. She pulled her in tenderly and kissed her. "How're you doing?" she smiled.

"I'm awesome," said Jo, smiling back.

"What about you, baby?" Kristen turned to Shane, slipping her hand between Shane's legs, stroking her again. Kristen turned her attention on Shane then, biting her neck and breathing in her ear, the one thing that could make Shane break her silence. She worked her fingers back and forth in the wet, silky folds between Shane's legs, hearing her breathing speed up. Kristen felt Jo's warm body envelope her back, and Jo's arm move along hers right down to where her fingers were pulsing against Shane's flesh.

"Let me do it," Jo whispered in her ear. Kristen looked back at Jo and then glanced at Shane, who had her fingers tangled up in the spindles of the headboard and her head back. She was in a world of her own. Kristen moved her hand from under Jo's, and turned to face her. Sandwiched between these two women, she felt totally content. She could feel Jo's hand moving rhythmically on Shane's body, and she slid her hand between Jo's legs and stroked her gingerly with the same steady stroke.

Jo rolled on top of Kristen and lifted Shane's leg away from her body. She lowered her mouth between Shane's legs and began to suck her swollen clit, and Kristen had to admit, she was impressed at the moans Jo managed to draw from Shane's usually stoic throat.

Kristen kept stroking Jo, running over her clit faster and faster, and smiled as Jo's moans equaled Shane's. She could hear Shane getting closer and closer, and she could feel Jo's legs begin to tremble, her breath quicken. Just as Shane started to come, Kristen quickened her strokes over Jo's clitoris until her thighs clamped down on Kristen's hand and she parted from Shane's skin to moan. Shaking all over, Jo rolled off of Kristen and lay between the two women. Kristen lifted her head. "Shane, honey, you doin ok?" she asked. Shane turned toward Jo and ran her finger through Jo's hair, smiling. "I'm just fine sweetie," she said.


Kristen woke up from a doze a few minutes later. Jo's head was on Kristen's stomach, her eyes closed and her full lips parted. Her legs were strewn over Shane's, who lay with one hand above her, fingers laced in the headboard, and the other resting on Kristen's hair. Kristen stroked Jo's head, nuzzled down under Shane's hand, and closed her eyes again.

After a few seconds, Jo felt that Kristen had fallen back asleep and opened her eyes to gaze at the two of them. Jo felt like she was in a pile of good friends, the three women all entangled, good friends or lovers. Jo didn't really know which, but she knew it felt better than shivering on the pullout.

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